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Nabuwat of Muhammad: Myth or Reality?

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The claim of Muhammad's Nabuwat or prophecy, that he used to talked to angel Gabriel to communicate with Allah (God), is the core-piller, the foundation, of Islam. But there are way too many reasons, deduced from the Quran, Sirah and hadiths, to doubt that claim. No wonder why great thinkers Ibn Sina, al-Farabi, and ar-Razi et al. never believed in it.

Nabuwat or the prophecy of Muhammad is one of the pillars, indeed, the foundation, of Islam. It a requisite for every Muslim to believe in the prophecy of Muhammad, namely Muhammad-al-Rassul Allah (i.e. Muhammad is the messenger of Allah).

Information on Muhammad’s life are deduced from the Koran, the "Sirah" (biography of the Prophet), and some parts of the “Hadiths” (prophetic sayings and deeds), which are considered as "Sahih" (reliable). However, these give us sufficient information to pass a general judgment on the prophet of Islam and his alleged prophecy.

Nothing will be wrong if we suppose that Muhammad was a person with all social and cultural norms of his time. However, almost 100 "surahs" (chapters) of the Koran attempt to confirm the claim of Nabuwat; and as if all these surahs were not enough, Islamic scholars have additionally narrated different sayings over different periods and circumstances to endorse the belief on Nabuwat, but his prophecy has never been proven or unquestionably accepted by some famous scholars like Ibn Sina, al-Farabi, and ar-Razi et al.

Before the alleged Nabuwat, according to many resources, Muhammad was a reliable caravan-businessman (Muhammad al-Amin), working for his elderly wealthy wife, Khadijah, as her caravan leader. Later on, as a self-appointed prophet in Mecca, he showed a messiah attitude sage, a poetic man with peculiar but harmless personality traits. After 10 years of prophetic career, he was forced to leave his hometown, Mecca. And his migration, known as "Hijrat", to Medina in 622 had a far-reaching impact upon Islamic as well as world history. Like several alleged prophets of his time, his claim and fame of prophecy could've faded out right after his death in Mecca in the desert sands of Arabia; even the subcontinent of Arabia, let alone the whole world, would not know anything about him. But that was not be—thanks to the Hijrat.

In Medina, he declared that God had sent him to guide mankind till the Day of Judgment, and turned Medina into his military enclave for realizing his so-called prophetic ambition through the force of arms. As a ‘prophet of swords’ of Allah, he suddenly turned to realizing his very personal ambitions; and he misused the alleged divine commands, supposedly from Allah, and the existing traditional norms of society to that end. He even went so far to violate ethical norms of his own religion to achieve his whims. As such, he had the privilege of having more wives than was permitted under his own Islamic law. He even had the controversial right to marry his daughter-in-law, Zainab, deemed as incest in Arab social ethics; and he forced his adopted son, Zaid, to divorce her so that he could marry her. As a husband, he had the advantage to arbitrarily treat his wives as he liked.

In his financial exploits, he allowed himself the right to rob caravans (for which other robbers would have been beheaded), or to impose humiliating "Jizya" (taxes) on "Dhimmis" (subjugated Christian and Jewish minorities living in Islam-ruled lands). He ordered the confiscation of lands and properties from "Dhimmis", his enemies, as he wished. He openly claimed that, "the spoils of war, including the widows of killed enemies, were made lawful unto me". He gave orders to murder many “infidels”.

According to Ali Dashti, who wanted to be an Islamic scholar but apostatised after reading about Muhammad’s life, while Muhammad surrounded Mecca in 630, a compromise of capitulation was achieved: Muhammad accepted a peaceful capitulation of Mecca in exchange for a general amnesty for the population, though excluding certain individuals like Ibn Abdullah, who was one of Muhammad's early companions and wrote down manuscripts of the Koran for him. He apostatised and fled Medina as Muhammad tried to kill him for having divulged the man-made origin of the Koran. Upon the capitulation of Mecca, he was ordered to be executed, but was saved by the lobbying of his foster brother Uthman, the prophet’s son-in-law.

Although Muhammad accepted the peace treaty, on his return from Mecca to Medina, he attacked a group of Bedouins en route and so the treaty was voided. Apologetic historians claim that people of Mecca received Muhammad with opened arms, as did the Persians to escape tyranny of the “despotic” Sassanids. Many similar sayings by scholars like those of Ali Dashti leave us evidences at hand to raise a simple but taboo question to how such a person could have divine communication, let alone receive Nabuwat from God.

Two dynasties of Islamic Golden Age, namely the Umayyads and Abbasids, established an Islamic empire containing a vast part of the-then known world, thanks to their jihadi swordsmen. Iran was one of their first preys, fallen during Caliph Omar, and it continued to be occupied under Othman, Ali, and several more caliphs. Massacred, enslaved, and long humiliated, Iran continued to be officially occupied by Muslims for two centuries, before falling into the hands of Iranian Muslim dynasties.

Today, thanks to political Islam, Iranians are living under the rule of an Islamic regime. After the current acts of stoning, misogynistic crimes, amputation, religious persecution and many other barbaric acts, all committed by the name of Islam, the people of Iran are becoming increasingly curious to find out the real version of Islam, and especially the historical process that turned Iran Islamic. The people of Iran, as the 14-century-long victims of Islam, have now right to cast serious doubts on anything related to Islam, including its core pillar, the Nabuwat of Muhammad. Today an increasing section of Iranians cast doubt, or do not believe, in Muhammad’s Nabuwat.

Was Muhammad’s “alleged” first rendezvous with Gabriel, the God's angel, at Mount Hira near Mecca all about a fictitious tale?

Iranians are in a situation to ask themselves such timely questions.

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written by vbv , September 21, 2009
The concept of prophet is a big fraud. One man claims to be a 'chosen' emissary of a particular 'god' and demands absolute obeissance to all his diktats. It is just political manevouring under the garb of a religion/faith in some supernatural spook which actually doesn't exist. Take the "god" of the Bible or Quran : this "god" is a male tyrant, he demands absolute and unquestioned servitude, he keeps threatening his adherents with dire consequences if they don't fall in line, propogates hate of all other faiths/believers/non-believers. Infact this monotheistic 'god' is a megalomaniac monster , cruel barbarian, a merciless despot and an extreme narcissist. Prophets come out of this terrible background only to further their own interests ,secure power and pelf without any responsiblity terrorising ordinary gullible people taken in by all this falsehoods. Get rid of religion, more specifically the intolerant monotheistic cults from the deserts ,the world would be far more peacful ,saner and prosperous. After all ,great ,economically prosperous civilisations pre-existed these horrible monotheistic cults. You have evidence of Ancient Egyptians,Romans,Greeks,China,India,Mesopotamia,Assyria
ns,etc. against the barbarianism of islam and medevial christianity of witch-hunting and burning of 'heretics' tied to stakes.
Nabuwat of Mohammad
written by balam , September 21, 2009
Mohammad claimed that the angel of God appeared to him in the cave at mount Hira and asked him to read.Three times the angel Gabriel,coming supposedly from God ,askked Mohammad to read.To which Mohammad replied three times that he could not read.Now the question arises that if that angel was from God then the God should have known that Mohammad was illitertate or Mohammad was lying.The actual fact is that Mohammad was an accomlished liar.He lied and deceived people through out his life.All this houris in Islamic paradise,with lakes of wine and young boys to sodomise is nothing but figment of immagination of Mohammad.He himself enjoyed all these persuits on this earth but promised his adherents in next life.Best of luck to Muslims.It will be eternal fire waiting for them instead.
written by JohanM , September 21, 2009
Persians for centuries are known for their civilization and empire building. They lost their empire to the Arab barbaric nomads in the 7th century but they never lost their pride of being persians. Despite the total loss of their land and religion to the Arabian barbarians they still clung to their language, literature, history and culture. Under duress they adopted Islam but yet they were labled as Mawali by the Arabians and discriminated against and were subjected to the jiziya. There is a common belief that jiziya was extracted only from the Non-Muslim dhimmis, infact jiziya was extracted from the Non Arab Muslims (Mawalis) during the Arabian Caliphates in Persia.

Iranians, despite being almost 100% muslim, are still very proud people of their pre-islamic past. They take pride being the decendents of the Cyrus the great and very well aware of the achievements of their ancestors.

I hope that persians will show the light of truth to entire muslim world by rejecting the Mullahism and coming out of the Islam in droves.
man i wish i cud fool ppl abt me being a prophet
written by man i wish i cud fool ppl abt , September 21, 2009

man i wish i cud make ppl belive i am a real prophet.

720 virgins,oceans of wine,and grapes the size of watermelon.

wine,babes,food covered....and yes the libido of 1000 men for my followers.

yes now i am set to be a real prophet.

and yes i can use a flying bed to go everywhere
instead of a flying 1/2 horese-1/2 woman.

written by cjk , September 21, 2009
While mohammed made quite a profit in stolen goods, he was no prophet, at least not of Abraham's God. To those with an open mind and spiritual eye the true prophecies of The Bible continue and will continue to be fulfilled. The fact that we are living in the end times of this world is clear to all believers especially due to the existence of Israel. Even the wicked religion of mohammed had it's place foretold millennia ago by the servants of The Most High.
written by to vbv , September 21, 2009
You stated that God does not exist.Infact monotheistic is monster.Please vbv do not interfere in Abrahamic religions.We will sort it out ouerselve.You are not only worship idles even snakes,cows,and probably every creaction on this planet.Do you want the people should worship your Deavies.?(Idlefemale)
why anyone want to be a prophet?
written by shr , September 21, 2009
why anyone want to be a prophet? that puzzling me...in islam being a prophet is very difficcult responsibilty. you MUST fasting every 2 days ( david fasting), you MUST wakeup every night at 3 AM in the morning for praying, and atleast 4 hours standing every night which is very hard ( trust me i try it....smilies/smiley.gif ) you MUST do all kind of sunnah and warn people of their mistake even if they dont like being warn. almost none prophet is rich, all poor because their reward is not from this world but after.

having more wives is blessing?? you kidding me ? watch BIG LOVE movie from HBO. then you might had a clue how diificult that was. add that with the requirement to be FAIR with money and time to EVERYONE of them. its just an emergency door. so use it properly.

bottomline is, "with great power comes great responsibility" its not like your priest that do exactly the opposite what being preach ( well... most do,i think, sorry for generalisation )
to - tovbv
written by vbv , September 22, 2009
That is the biggest joke - asking me not to interfere in 'Abrahamic faiths' and "we will sort it out ourself". Well ,some sorting out you are doing with wars and turmoils and increasing terrorism and intolerance?
True ,we worship mother nature like snakes,cows,trees,etc. All of them are useful in this world and we depend on them. Ask any herpetologist , he/she will tell you that snakes are the most effective controllers of the rodent population,which no amount of pesticide can achieve. Snakes are as much our fellow beings as any other living species on this planet. So also cows,oxes,donkeys,lions,tigers,wolves,birds,bees,etc. You talk of idol worship - so what? You are also worshipping idols. Christians prtray Jesus on a cross, muslims the crescent moon with a star and the black stone in Kaba, christians also use images of Mary, their so-called saints like St.Francis Xavier,St.Joseph,St,John,etc. They supplicate before these idols. What makes you monotheists more rational or sane??? Who is your 'God'?
What do you worship? Some imaginery spook who doesn't exist except in tyhe minds of deluded idiots,charlatans who call themselves 'prophets' and claim to hear voices in their scheming but deluded heads, issuing threats to subvert intellience,commonsense and the basic inquisitive nature of humans and also using the rotten caveat of 'blaspheme' to subjugate people into unquestioning submission with threat of torture,dispossession and death. There have been more deaths ,wars and violation of human rights by the followers of montheistic cults than any other and history is replete with instances of these wars ,massacres, tortures,subjugations committed by these monotheists , and communists ,which is also like a monotheistic cult can rival you.

Today the only sane voices are those of Sam Harris,Richard Dakins,Christopher Hitchens,Daennet,Carl Sagan,Steven Weinberger,Jonathan Miller,Bertrand Russel,Ayn Rand,etc. But for these sane voices , the world is filled with morons,madcaps of religious zealots of monotheistic cults and crooks like George Bush ,who ,fortunately,is no more in office.
written by a guest , September 22, 2009
. . . I'm not muslim . . But ur words proved that islam is perfect religion
True Christianity
written by cjk , September 22, 2009
True Christians do not pray to anything other than God Almighty. Anyone who prays to a crucifix doesn't know the scriptures and only think they are a Christian.
written by vbv , September 23, 2009
The monotheistic 'god' is like a petulant 2 year old in mentality but very cruel ,sadistic,selfish ,a male chauvinistic pig ,he wants to hog all the limelight, he likes to be exclusive, he is ignorant about much of his own"creation"(he was not aware of anything beyond the middle-east), an extreme narcissist,he wants everyone to fear and supplicate before him, he wants undivided attention and loyalty , he doles out paradise to his zombified cronies and a very fiery and barbarica "hell" to anyone who does not bow to his diktats...... Infact, he is just a miserable lonely despot of a spook , a super-egoistic bastard, a lonely spook in the vast empty spacess with an extremely bad attitude. Can such a spook ever exist except in the minds of selfish, scheming , power-hungry charlatans who call themselves "prophets" , a supposed agent for this megalomaniacal bastard! Such crude inventions are a sure passport for backwardness,cruelty,barbarity, death to progress and civilisations. Especially the islamic Allah who despises art,music and human endeavour to the core.

Wake up! Wake ,you "god" fixated zombies and and leave that misery to enter the folds of rationality and humanism,non-theism and civilisation!
Muhammed the \"prophet\"
written by Geowyn , September 23, 2009
I am still waiting to hear of one single prophecy made by the so-called prophet Muhammed
I\'m not a muslim, but.
written by spiritofcharlemagne , September 24, 2009
You ARE a muslim pathetically attempting to defend your "religion" by telling lies.
Almighty God
written by cjk , September 25, 2009
The greatest modern civilizations which have reached the highest enlightenment are all based on the Judeo-Christian foundation and just because jealous and envious people detest that FACT doesn't change that FACT.
written by cjk , September 25, 2009
Don't you know that he made a lotta profits through the sale of slaves. A great profit indeed!

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