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Halal, Haram and Negis in Islam

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Islamic concepts of halal, haram and negis are mere rituals of the particular conditions and environment of pre-Islamic primitive Arabia society, which continue to afflict our society.

If you randomly walk in a Muslim district in the West, especially in Western Europe, you will certainly find somewhere, at least in one corner, an Islamic butchery with the word “halal” written on its shop-window. For meat-products, the word “halal” is a badge of Islamic quality.

Muslims believe that since blood is not ritually a pure substance, slaughter is necessary to inhibit the thorough draining of all of the animal’s blood. Furthermore, the verse “Bismillah al Rahman Al Rahim”, in the name of Allah the Beneficent the Merciful, is necessary to render the meat halal or lawful to eat.

The word halal refers, here, to meat prepared from animals sacrificed in line with Islamic dietary laws. Jewish and Islamic religions demand that slaughter is carried out with a cut to the neck or throat, rather than the more widespread method of stunning with a bolt into the head before slaughter.

Generally, halal means anything permissible under Islamic law, in contrast to haram, that which is forbidden. This includes behaviour, speech, dress, conduct. The term halal is also used to judge the right of sexuality after marriage, even temporarily marriage that is a Shiite tradition called “Sigheh”, which is blamed by other sects of Islam as a “legalised” prostitution. Vaginal intercourse or rape of his own female slave, a married woman whose husband has been killed by Muslim invaders, and a non-Muslim prisoner of war, is halal. In this light, many political female prisoners of the Islamic Republic of Iran, who were considered “non-Muslims”, and were “legally” raped by their guards before being executed.

In an extended sense, halal means fairness of business dealing or other types of transaction or activity. Therefore, it represents values that are held in high regard by Muslims. It contains standards for social norms, morals, foods and other services that meet Islamic regulations. Needless to mention, in Islamic countries, these are the only available standards for Muslims and non-Muslim minorities alike.

Slaughter is an old tradition of Jewish and Islamic clan society. As a matter of best practice, the killed animal is supposed to be distributed among the members of the clan right after being slaughtered, so that each family can often have fresh meat to eat. Like many other traditions, this one was also taken over by Islam.

Slaughter reminds us of an old instinct of pre-historical hominoid, to which a prey must be killed by the hunter -- the instinct can be still seen by a great number of beasts of prey. In another perspective, we see a characteristic disposition of this instinct beyond Islamic laws (Sharia), where beheading cutting off limbs of the accused resemble to those routine rituals, where blood of the accused is figuratively considered as halal and the executer does a good deed, a “halal” job.

Halal bloodshed can be also a reason for honour killing in the Islamic societies. Honour killing is committed by male family members against female family members, who are perceived to have brought dishonour upon the family. A female can be targeted by her family for a variety of reasons, including refusing to enter into an arranged marriage, having sex outside marriage, or even being the victim of a sexual assault.

Halal has nothing to do with prophylactic, hygienic, precautions or medical meaning. To better understand halal, we must see what its opposite term “haram” means. Haram has roots in revulsion, an old instinct of evolution. Revulsion is a sense of loathing without any logical reason or clear explanation. As an instinct, it was a necessary reaction for early human beings, when exposed to an unknown food, unknown object, or an unconventional situation.

Object of revulsion is culturally conditioned. It means whatever is repulsive for the members of a given society do not necessarily provoke the same revulsion for others. In a historical sense, terms like halal and harm are nothing but the instinctive reflections, which were integrated into Islam. In many cases, Islamic commandments and rituals are not only the traditional reflections of desert dwellers of pre-Islamic Arabia, but also based on the Prophet Muhammad’s habits, his sexual preferences, his favourite things, and his dietary habits.

Since sexuality is taboo in Islam, sexual organs, vaginal secretion and sperm are considered as “negis” (loathing and impure). Therefore, they should not be touched; if unintentionally touched, ceremonial washing and rituals must be done. Not only urine and excrement of human and carnivores, but also blood and any slimy substance secreted by a mucous membrane of the body have more or less a similar sense of negis. Needless to mention, all these secreted or mucous substances, regardless of their odour and colour, belong to healthy function of our body.

Not only non-Muslims, ethnic groups, slaves and women, but even animals in Islam are not freed from this discrimination. Dogs and pigs are the most negis animals. Term of “negis” characterises their absolute and unchangeable impurity. Pork meat and alcoholic drinks are absolutely haram. Dog as a “negis” animal can never be proper pet in a Muslim house. Touching a dog, especially a dog’s saliva, requires ritually hygienic procedure to get the hand clean -- if a dog eats from a dish, the dish must be ceremonially washed seven times, the first time with sand. Dog, despite all its uses in many ways and its irrefutable faith in his master, is discriminated as a negis creature.

While Marriage of Muslim men with women of the Book (Muslims, Christians and Jews), based on Islamic rituals, can be permitted, marriage between Muslim women and non-Muslim men are considered haram. As a patriarchal religion, Islam granted privileges only to Muslim men. Muslim women are not allowed to marry men outside of Islam (unless the non-Muslim partners convert to Islam). No marriage is permitted between Muslims and “Mushriks” (atheists, polytheists, other members of belief systems which are considered by Muslims negis). The Koran says, “A believing slave woman is better than a mushrik woman”!

As mentioned, terms like halal, haram, and negis are not more than rituals of particular conditions and environment. These terms have no logic and scientific credentials at all. They are only the legacy of per-Islamic values of the Arabian clan-society, which continue to afflict our today’s society.

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These terms Don't make sense
written by dmu , April 14, 2010
The distinction doesn't make any sense....
There is nothing scientific about these things as islamists claim...
They are just age old beliefs of people who didn't know the functions of these things...
halal haram list
written by proudest_kafir , April 15, 2010
Some where there is a list for moslems only.Halal haram list!
Pick your nose with left hand halal and right hand haram!
Wipe you arse after crapping with 3/ 5 stones halal and 4 or 6 stones haram!
Farting while facing mecca halal and farting facing
Let a woman lead the prayer in front haram.
Have an erection during prayer? haram, praying after sex? haram, halal if you did wuddu!
The ridiculousness of this list is matched only by the stupidity of the moslems.
halal,haram and nijis
written by balam , April 15, 2010
Islam is a diabolical Arabian cult based on ignorance,intolerance and insanity.Wine is forbidden in this world but in Jannat promised by Mohammad to Muslims ,there would be lakes of wine to enjoy along with 72 houries and pearly young boys for sodomy.Can any sane person believe all that?The brain of Muslims has been planted by Allah between their legs.No wonder they are backward,lazy and dream of Jannat all the time and look for any oppertunity to kill the Kaffar to get there.They never realise that they have been duped by a smart Illiterate Arab.It is strange that robbery,rape ,murder and paedophillia are halal because Mohammad practiced them,being a perfect human being.These were all pagan practices and Islam itself is a Pagan Cult introduced by a pagan pervert prophet of Allah .It has no relationship with the God of Judeo-Christian faith who is Holy.
written by duh_swami , April 15, 2010
but also blood and any slimy substance secreted by a mucous membrane of the body have more or less a similar sense of negis.

Well, we know this standard did not apply to Mohammad...He frequently spit on peoples wounds...His spit was not najis, but therapeutic...
Modern science knows that the mouth is the dirtiest part of the body...sometimes because of what go's in it, and sometimes what comes out of it...Besides food and liquids that can be contaminated, most people are breathing, sometimes at by the mouth...All kinds of air born microbes and contaminates are going into the hole...That's why it's dirty...But not so with Mohammad...His mouth was so clean that his spit was sterile, and had healing qualities...No other Prophet in history had this ability, that's why there is no record of Abraham spitting on anyone...Even Jesus did not spit to heal...Allah, in his book 'The Quran' avoids the subject of spitting...but this did not deter Mohammad from freely distributing his spit...You can read about it in the hadith...
Bloodless meat...
written by duh_swami , April 15, 2010
If your religion frowns on eating blood, then you should become a vegetarian...There is zero way to eat a blood free piece of meat...This apples to Muslims, Jews, and some Christians...'Abstain from blood' (acts 15:29)...But do any of these three actually 'abstain from blood'? Nope, not unless they are vegetarians...So how much blood is it alright to eat? A lot? A little? Minute amounts? Stop tricking yourself...Allah is watching, he's writing down names and addresses, he will know who has been eating blood and who has not...Muslims should become vegetarians immediately and beg Allah's forgiveness for past indiscretions...
Islam-Ultimate Religion
written by Truth Detector , April 15, 2010
Yes, Islam is the ultimate religion if you want to die young.

Islam is the ultimate religion if you enjoy torturing little girls as their clitoris is chopped off.

Islam is the ultimate religion if you wish to legally participate in sadism.

Islam is the ultimate religion if girls want their clitoris chopped off.

Islam is the ultimate religion if little girls wish to be forced to "marry" depraved Muslim male sex perverts.

Islam is the ultimate religion if little girls wish to get legally raped by depraved Muslim male sex perverts.

Islam is the ultimate religion if women want to be stoned to death.

Islam is the ultimate religion if petty thieves want to have their hands, feet, chopped off, and their eyes gouged out.

Islam is the ultimate religion if apostates want to be murdered for leaving the Islamic Crime Syndicate.

Islam is the ultimate religion if women wish to remain as second class citizens and perpetually subjugated to Muslim Male Neanderthals.

Islam is the ultimate religion if you wish to participate legally in crime.

Islam is the ultimate religion if you wish to legally have your own private whorehouse. "Marrying" several so-called wives constitutes a whorehouse.

Islam is the ultimate religion if you believe in adultery. Polygamy equals legalized adultery.

Islam is the ultimate religion if wives want to remain subjugated and be legally beaten by their husbands since they're inferior and second class.

Islam is the ultimate religion if you believe in Honor Killing.

Islam is the ultimate religion if you believe that homosexuals should be hanged by the neck until dead on account of their orientation.

Islam is the ultimate religion if you don't believe in freedom of speech, in freedom of religion, in freedom of the press.

Islam is the ultimate religion if you wish to participate in Islamic criminal activity.

Najis but halal
written by Abu Taleb , April 15, 2010
Women are najis, if you touch them after a wash before a prayer, then you should wash again, otherwise your prayer is useless and won't give you a reward. The kafir women especially are super najis because not only they are women, but they are also kafir.

But those women, including the super najis kafir women are halal. So, Islam allows najis things to be consumed.

What kind of logic is that?
Abu Taleb
written by duh_swami , April 15, 2010
Women are najis, if you touch them after a wash before a prayer, then you should wash again, otherwise your prayer is useless and won't give you a reward.

No wonder Allah has given me no rewards...I keep forgetting to wash after I touch a woman...
written by miriam , April 15, 2010
I advise everyone who reads this site to not becouse it is entirely false and the authurs are uneducated people trying to destroy the very core of islamic beleif. I advise all th readers to turn to a more reliable place to receive info concerning islam such as islamic scholars or those who have been educated in the many reliogens. AND WOMEN ARE NOT NAJIS IN ISLAM people like you are islam treats women in so much recpect no other reliogen can compare. islam protects and recpects women. Mothers are supposed to be the most recpected of gods creations.
written by trish , April 15, 2010
I suggest you keep reading this site because you will get an necessary education.
I first read the koran and then listened to your people preach,and that taught me not to trust them at all. They are stupid people and the koran is a ridiculous book
Miriam,,,What Islamic Paradise do you live in?
written by duh_swami , April 15, 2010
uneducated people trying to destroy the very core of islamic beleif.

That sounds good Miriam, but can you tell me, just what is the core of Islamic belief?
And I thought Allah and Mohammad made Islam clear and easy to understand...Why do I need an Islamic scholar to explain it to me?
I can plainly see how Islam treats women/and children...The examples are numerous and come from every corner of the Ummah...From stoning to the vaginal bleeding to death of child brides in Yemen...brutally raped by their protective husbands...And then those pesty 'honor killings'...yes Islam is swell with it's core beliefs...like a passing woman or dog ruins a prayer...
miriam you are only fooling yourself
written by Kohi , April 15, 2010
"AND WOMEN ARE NOT NAJIS IN ISLAM people like you are islam treats women in so much recpect no other reliogen can compare"

Child brides and I mean 9 year olds?,honor killings, not to mention the acid in the face if you do not give enough dowery WE ALL SEE how GREAT YOU animals love woman. Feel free to beat your woman for no reason! Compare THIS you SAY?
to miriam
written by vbv , April 16, 2010
You deluded fool! Islam gives nothing to women - it treats women just as slaves,child-bearing machines. Women in pure islamic society cannot even get educated ,like in Afghanistan under the talibans or Saudi Arabia. Women are not worth half that of men in islam . In a rape case women have to get four male witnesses to prove her getting raped or violated ,or else she is branded immoral or an aldultress and either given 200 lashes in public or simply stoned to death. A man can marry four women - see women are just like cattle in islam,she cannot divorce and only man has the right to divorce. Non-muslim women can be enslaved ,sexually abused ,traded and humiliated ,and all this is "halaal" in your rotten cult islam. Women in most islamic countries do not even have the right to vote or stand for any public office. Islam is a stone-age barbaric cult of the arabs only to promote arab supremacy - and you know arabs are the worst lecher in the history of humanity!
women are awra
written by proudest_kafir , April 16, 2010
Women in islam are nothing but vagina which has to be covered from view by other males and a vagina which is ready to receive the husband any time any where.You are indeed an imbecile unintelligent muslimah. The rapist rascal was indeed right.Women have low iQ
to Miriam
written by ConcernedAussie , April 16, 2010
Miriam, I am a Christian from Iraq (Assyrian) and my people have been called najis for centuries. I would like to ask you what kind of religion that is supposed to be from a loving God would compel a person to call another najis just because they were Christian? You should really look deeply into your religion and try to see past the lies. Islam is religion made by a man for his own selfish and perverted needs. It does nothing but promote hatred, genocide, and the enslavement of women.
Najis is not for everyone
written by duh_swami , April 16, 2010

Najis is not so bad...All kufr are najis, I have been najis as long as I can remember...
I don't think Islamic women are najis, but apparently the Prophet did. Or worse than that Allah...If it's Allah you are out of luck, but if it was just a strange quirk in Mohammads personality, you may overcome it...
written by Reed Wilson , April 17, 2010
To ConcernedAussie.

In the entire Quran the word Najis has appeared only once and that was used for mushrikeen, the people who associate partners with God. See 9:28 in Quran.
To the author
written by Wagamama , April 18, 2010
Jahanshah Rashidian, the concepts of halal and haram in islam are taken directly from Jewish scriptures and NOT from pre-islamic Arab societies. Halal in Islam is Kosher in Judaism. You say "Jewish and Islamic religions demand that slaughter is carried out with a cut to the neck or throat".... but then you mention these halal-haram concepts are from pre-islamic Arab-clan society. Please correct the mistake: these concepts, including circumcision, are borrowed from Judaism!
written by Reed Wilson , April 19, 2010
To wagmama. Halal and Haram are not only in eating drinking. Whatever is forbidden is Haram according to all the messages of God.

For eating/drinking only four things are forbidden in Quran. They are, carrion, blood, swine flesh, and that which is dedicated to anybody other than Alllah and the strangled and killed by horns. Please see Quran 5:3.

I have reasons to presume that all the above cited things are forbidden in other scriptures also.
so many lies
written by someone , September 25, 2010
I am surprised that non-muslims think they know more than muslims do about islam. Muslims actually learn about their religion, while non-muslims read the lies of other non-muslims and believe them.

When you make up lies and we tell you that they are wrong, why don't you believe us? We muslims know more about our religion than you do. Stop spreading lies. If you want to get some real facts, why don't you get them from reliable sources, and not the lies of other non-muslims.

To those of you who think that women don't have respect in islam: guess what, I'm a muslim woman and I am respected just as much as male muslims are. I didn't have my clitoris chopped off, I haven't been sexually abused, I haven't been considered najis, and I HAVE NOT been second-class or less worthy than men.
written by TheFriendlyArab , October 03, 2010
If anyone wants to know if something is haram (muslim or non-muslim), look in the Quran (in a language you understand). If it's haram, it is definitely stated so somewhere in the Quran. I'm not sure but I think that if something is not stated as being haram in the Quran, then it is permissible (please corrrect me if I'm wrong). That being said, is there any verse in the Quran that prohibits the drawing/ painting/ sculpting, etc. of a person (including cartoons like anime), animal, or an imaginary creature that has the physical characteristics of either?
written by Mmd , October 09, 2010
Do we know something about islam?

How do we going to know who knows and who's not. All you do is shouting against the wind. The purest religion? You eally made me laugh, not the laughs that Duh Swami creates but it is humoristic. Did you guys ever read the sources of islam? I bet you never did. Just recently a muslim started to brag about the mesenger and how pure islam is. When i asked him if he ever read the sira by ibn ishaac, he asked me who ibn ishaac is. You see, this kind of muslims are the worst. They really think they know, but in fact they are yahil (ignorant) like the arabs before and after the assumed messenger. If there was nothing in origin exept Allah, then who made the jinn/angel/iblies/satan become satan? This shows that allah/God created evil. Why? because he created everything including evil. If you say no, it's because iblies didn't prostrate to adam and therefor he became evil, then is my question, who made iblies not bow to Adam.....yep...it was Allah. So actually evil is created by God/Allah and there for Allah/God is not only good but also evil.....just like humans.

There is no such thing as pure religion. As you know tawaaf is paganistic. Like many enlightened people told before.....read the sources yourself and quit lying to people who know much more about islam. Shame on yourself for lying (maybe becausee of ignorance). If you think you a chance to win a discussion about islam, you're more than welcome. You would me the 10.000 th person who's going to be sent home. Don't lie about written facts in the sources of islam. Muhammad did rape women and gave women just for sexual pleasure to his men. He did captured innocent people and sold them to gain wealth for weaponry etc. He gave orders to kill everyone who didn't believe him etc. Just read the G*D**** sources. Why is it so hard to read it yourself. Are you afraid of what you might find? I bet you do!

written by Mmd , October 09, 2010
I just love it, when you respond to Muslims who arrogantly assert that opponents of Islam are ignorant of Islam. When they themselves most probably are the ignorant and misled ones.

By now, thanks to many brilliant ex-Muslims, the Islamic holy teachings in Quran and Hadiths are getting better known to ever more people. It is the same with the most influential schools of thought in Sunny Islam; Hanbali, Hanafi, Maliki, Safi. And the Shiite leading theologians are known ever better too.

And these texts do NOT belong only to Muslims but to all mankind. And no longer can it be arrogantly assumed by Muslims and Islam-apologists that it is Muslims who are the only ones who have the right or best explanations of them.

The situation has arisen that multitudes of Muslims are now being beaten in knowledge of Quran, Hadiths, Islamic schools of thought by ex-Muslims and Islam-critics. And increasingly by the many Kafirs informed well and often by them.

It has been shown that multitudes of Muslims have not read their holy texts at all, or only in parts. That they have been slavishly following what their Imams told them. That these Imams very probably just cherrypicked and used what they liked in the holy texts. Then ignored what they could not use. And also that they added some stories and morals they could use, but NOT of Islamic origine.

As time goes on, Muslims must learn to live with this new situation and engage in dialogue with their very knowledgeable and logical opponents. Ignoring or discarding them as ignorant and just hating is no longer an option for many Muslims.

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