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Facebook Jihad? Is Facebook Caving in to Islamists?

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Facebook is asking for government-certified ID of Dr. Ali Sina, editor of faithfreedom.org, to let him use the site. Are they, in cahoot with Jihadis, after Dr. Sina's blood?





facebook cencors anti-islam sites

Unless you are a Martian or a chimp living in the bushes, cut off from all the news, you must know by now that Islam is waging jihad against mankind and the goal of the Islamists is to take over the world.

The threat that humanity if facing does not however come from a bunch of rag headed Muslim terrorists. It comes from the enemy within. The enemy within is the fifth column. They live among us but they take the side of our enemy. History is full of tales of great empires falling to the enemy because of the fifth column within them.

I joined Facebook and invited the thousands of people in my address book to join too. My goal was of course to spread the message of faithfreedom.org and to build a network of support.

However, with no warning and no explanation Facebook deactivated my account. When I enquired, they said they wanted to make sure I am who I claim to be. I assured them that I am and showed them my site. Then they asked me something that surprised me. They asked me to email them a government certified copy of my ID.

Now, I know for certainty that Facebook is not asking all the millions of people using their site for a government certified ID. So why they are asking me something they usually don’t ask anyone else? Why they need this information?

I know that Islamists are hard at work trying to find me and of course they don’t want just to have a coffee with me. Search “ali sina” and “death threat” in Google and you’ll see there is no dearth of people who love to spill my blood. This bizarre demand from Facebook sounds very suspicious. Is Facebook penetrated by Islamists? If so, are those who speak against Islam on Facebook safe? Remember that people in Facebook can easily see your IP. If you live in an Islamic country and you want to express your freedom of speech, are you safe doing so on Facebook? You may not be even safe if you live in Europe. Europe has already caved in to Islam.

If the integrity of Facebook is compromised, is anyone safe? There are many political activists in Iran, China and other dictatorial countries that use Facebook to communicate and plan their activities. Are they safe?

People running the Facebook, whoever they may be, have the power over our lives. They know our identity and our IP addresses.

There are too many complaints against Facebook censoring people who speak against Islam. Obama and the leftist fascist agenda. Search “Facebook censorship” in Google and you’ll find no less than 20,000 results. The complaints are made by those who speak against Islam and by the conservatives.

Isn’t it funny that someone can run as the president of  the US without showing his birth certificate or any ID for that matter and Facebook is asking me to provide a government certified ID to use their site? Something smells fishy.

Has Facebook become a fifth column? Have Islamists penetrated this company and are spying on people? We know that the owener of Facebook is an Obama supporter. It is expected for him to surround himself with people like those surrounding Obama – a bunch of marxists and Islamists. Or is it all due to misunderstanding, mismanagement and blunder that the Facebook will rectify ASAP? We shall know the truth one way or another.

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written by Reed Wilson , May 23, 2010
Asking for government certified ID from Dr.Ali Sina, editor of faithfreedom.org, from Facebook is too much of cautiousness.
One may call it discrimination also. People perforce bearing so many encroachments of basic rights in the name of security reasons.

One hopes and wishes that this is temporary and short lived scene.
Facebook loses face...
written by duh_swami , May 23, 2010
Facebook...who cares...is Facebook important or something? Demanding Sina show them ID just means that Facebook is drowning in delusions about it own self importance...In this case I agree with Reed Wilson...
the real mistake is comes from the western dhimmis
written by maggy , May 23, 2010
All my best thoughts for you Dr.Ali Sina, we are going quicly to the islamisation of the west.
the big mistake came from the west, these idiots dhimmis who open their doors to these muslims to come and settle in the west. the price will be very high to pay for this mistake, and they start aleardy to pay.
Facebook is Jihad recruitment and propaganda tool...
written by MA Khan , May 23, 2010
Read it here and see it too: "Jihadis convert YouTube into terror recruiting tool" (http://wnd.com/index.php?fa=PA...eId=156961).

One wonder where this world is heading to...
written by duh_swami , May 23, 2010
One wonder where this world is heading to...

That's a great question...The kufr conspiracy people think America is headed for a concentration camp, after Obama's private army subdues the population...
Since the idea that he is a Muslim is gaining in popularity, even the Russians think so, and he has already said the the US is a Muslim country, and declared in his book that when push came to shove, he would back Islam...On top of that the worlds kufr money and power establishment have caused financial chao's, resulting in riots...So we have Muslim riots, leftist riots, financial riots, and riot riots...What is this world coming to? I don't know, but someone said don't buy stocks, buy gold, silver, canned beans and ammo...When this becomes good advice, we should know we are in big trouble...

Ethnic Muslims.
written by Reed Wilson , May 23, 2010
Do you think these "Ethnic Muslims" are Muslims in true sense? Are they Muslims who will kill Reed Wilson for following Quran?

I am sure Allah is not happy with them. I know Allah. He should not be happy with them. And Allah tells how they would be dealt with.

Pity ... pity ....
written by ha ha ha ..... , May 23, 2010
Still so many people, the Moslem, cheated by this man Mohammad. I'm very grateful that there's people like Mr. Ali Sina who open our eyes to the dark side of Islam. It is not a religion from the One True God, but a cult made by Mohammad, the prophet of Satan. ha ha ha .....
written by duh_swami , May 23, 2010
Muslims who will kill Reed Wilson for following Quran?

No Reed, not for that...but you already know why you could be killed...
Your version of Islam, that I call Wilsonism, should only be whispered or not talked about at all if you are in hostile country or surroundings...here is the problem Reed...The minute you take your beliefs outside your group, you become a target...This is the reason that the Pope is always in danger and a recent Pope was shot...They are taking their message outside their group...
The Pope would be in danger from Muslims anyway, they always are, but taking things outside the group increases the risk...Islam needs to be always on the defensive because they continually take the message of Allah outside the group seeking expansion...But Mohammad realized that the best defense is a strong offense and so they attack 8:39/2:193...This is called jihad...A risky business...
Dhimmis at work
written by tanstaafl jw , May 23, 2010
I don't suppose that your library card will suffice.
Use Islamic way
written by Abu Taleb , May 23, 2010
Why don't we use the Islamic way? CAIR for example will be so easy to sue people in court, so perhaps we can take Facebook and others to court for discrimination action.
this is really scary....maybe islam will takeover th world after all
written by this is really scary....maybe islam will takeover th world after all , May 24, 2010
this is really scary....maybe islam will takeover th world after all.
written by Balam , May 24, 2010
It is scary to provide I.D to these people .Mohammadan Hussein Obama is turning America into a TOTALITARIAN Muslim state.The sooner ,he is kicked out of the White House ,the better it would be ,for America.The Americans should learn a lesson for future:NEVER EVER TRUST A MUSLIM IN THE WHITE HOUSE.Hussein Obama is like a black ADDER in the White House.
Proof of identity?
written by jd , May 24, 2010
Seems posting the article above should prove that you are the person who holds the key to this site under the name Ali Sina. Beyond that they should not require any further issue with things like "protecting your identity".

Somebody could choose to join facebook with your name and trash it. So I can see a legitimate concern on their part. Holding the keys to this site and identifying yourself on facebook as such should be sufficient for them to nail it down to your being a specific Ali Sina.

Going further than that is boorish.

(And I STILL have no intentions of joining facebook. And if I did I'd post a "go away" page with no real information at all. Why should I feel the whole world is entitled to learn what I had for breakfast today?)

written by duh_swami , May 24, 2010
Why should I feel the whole world is entitled to learn what I had for breakfast today?)

Because inquiring minds want to know...What you had for breakfast is a question on everyone's mind...

I don't think Sina holds any keys to this site...It has a combination lock, and only a few know the right numbers...

I agree with you about Facebook...I stay away from it because it has bugs that jump...
2 ha.ha..ha
written by Machmoed , May 25, 2010
It is not a religion from the One True God.

Wich religion is?
written by Fred , May 25, 2010
I posted some articles from faithfreedom.and because of that my account was disabled by facebook.
written by duh_swami , May 25, 2010
I posted some articles from faithfreedom.and because of that my account was disabled by facebook.

See what I mean about bugs that jump...
written by Tom Muckian , May 27, 2010
Islam will not take over the world. Muhammed read the Bible and saw that it promises a renewed world with Jesus at the head of world government. He came up with his imagined alternative. It won't happen his way.
written by Panthera , January 17, 2011
I believe It is not beyond the realm of possibility that there is a strong bias against any one who speaks against Obama or radical Islam. My face book acct was deleted after strongly denouncing Sharia law here in the US, then a ultimatum if I wanted my acct reinstated they wanted my ID. Radical Islam & sharia is incompatible with our constitution & freedom, that is why they are striving to destroy our constitution.
the greatest ali sina
written by rad , January 27, 2011
Maybe we all still do not know the greatness of Ali Sina, read this article so that we are more familiar with Ali Sina;
belive o not islam is true religion.
written by ummu , February 22, 2011
y u all are afried of??? if islam is a danger to this world. who is going to get into danger??? right
everyone loves their religion if he o she has strong faith towards religion. If u think it’s only islam. Then don’t u think islam is true religion?
written by ummu , February 22, 2011
islam is taken all over the world. alhamdulilah

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