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The Ground Zero Megalomaniac

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‘Bridge builder’ Feisal Abdel Rauf of the Ground Zero mosque has been exposed not as a man of goodwill, but as a cunning and calculating stealth jihadist, who supports the creation of an Islamic State, ‘The Ummah’, right here in America.

Rauf gave an interview on June 20th, 2006 in which he spoke of his game plan for achieving an Islamic State without borders, which in his mind has previously existed and should have continued to exist, if not for Western interference in the last century. To prove his point he gave the example of the existence of Greeks and other minorities in Egypt and Turkey, which he cited as a sign of Islamic tolerance and its refusal to establish a nation state with a border. I wonder why that is? Could it be that the Islamic state does not want defined borders that might restrain its ferocious appetite to expand and conquer the infidel ‘dar Al harb’ states, who like defined borders?

 Imam Feisal Rauf interview

Let’s take a closer look at a few quotes from Rauf’s interview:

“9/11 was a watershed, was a major catalytic force in, in catalyzing the attention towards the issue of Islam, it’s presence in the West.”

Meaning that he sees 9/11 mainly as a major opportunity, a milestone in advancing Islam. In other words, he saw that the successful murder of 3,000 Americans is now facilitating the work of nice “moderate’ Imams like him in America.

“How America should really engage with them [Hamas]…Helping her [Madeline Albright] understand the role of religion. She supported a Jewish State in the Middle East; why not support an Islamic State?”

When Rauf learned that the interview is over, he opens up regarding his advocacy for Hamas and how he advised and influenced former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright with whom he claimed to have had constant contact. Rauf warns of the need to deal with Hamas lest we lose this organization to bad guys, like Syria or Iran, as if Hamas is not bad enough on its own. This is the same threat this ‘man of peace’ is warning America to never upset the Islamic street ‘or else’.

“We have designed our Cordoba Initiative to be designed, in other words, we have 5 major areas of our program. So we have foreign policy, is one area, you have communications is another area, you have education as the third area, for example, you have intra-Islamic issues is the fourth area, arts and culture is the fifth area.”

Why would Cordoba, which he claims to be "cultural center", have a "Foreign Policy" section that would develop "Strategy Action Plays"? What is he going to educate Americans of? Will he send Muslim coaches to American schools to teach sensitivity training to watch for the feelings of Muslims or might he demand to educate American kids how to pray to Allah?

“If the entertainment media, the news media, was broadcasted in print, describe and speak about the issues in a different way it can help change perceptions profoundly, because it’s the media, which helps shape perceptions to a great degree. So if we have strategic action plays, designed plays, in the area of foreign policy, in the area of healing the divide, and then you unpack and give up Israel. You then have to have your offensive coaching stuff, your offensive coach and defensive coach and your head coach, we have to have our Palestinian coach, etc.”

Rauf speaks here like a war strategist, who wants to use the media to shape perceptions to promote his strategic action plays in the area of foreign policy. Rauf and I both are of Egyptian origin and I think he is still dreaming of the good old days of the Egyptian media propaganda machine I lived under and participated in. Before moving to America I was a journalist and media censor in the Middle East News Agency. There is no other way to interpret what Rauf wants: to use the media the way the tyrants and dictators of the Middle East do; as a traditional Islamic tool of indoctrination, misinformation and propaganda. Watch how clever Rauf inserts words like “healing the divide” right before hitting us with “you unpack and give up Israel”.

“I am the head coach of this strategic initiative and the President of the United States, or the President of Malaysia, or the President of England, is like a player you want to bring in for particular plays. We look at it as American football, you want to gain yardage.”

Are we supposed to believe that these are normal words of a peaceful Sufi cleric? What is it that he wants to win in yardage, one yard at a time? These are clearly grandiose plans of a borderline delusional narcissist who admits he plans to manipulate US Foreign Policy, the president of the United States, the 'president' of England (someone please inform the Queen on that one!) whom he considers as just “players" in his grand scheme.

When he was asked whom does he considers the enemy, his answer was: “You have to make sure you are not pushed back, you have to make sure you have power on your side to be able to push the ball forward.”

Is this ‘community building’ or a war strategy?

Then Mr. Rauf spoke of his vision of the Islamic state:

“I don’t want a demographic Islamic State, it is not a part of our tradition and never was until recently.” He added “Egypt, Alexandria, had 400,000 Greeks” “We created the notion of demographic Nation State whereas before that they were all living together.”

Rauf has an illusion of an Islamic State that never was and never will be. For some reason I’m hearing John Lennon’s song ‘Imagine’ (there’s no countries… no borders etc).

Rauf’s true self, motives and objectives have been exposed in this interview. To him the hard Jihad of 9/11 was just a catalytic beginning that facilitated his form of stealth Jihad. Soften the American public with a huge explosive terror act that divides Americans and sends their heads spinning, then comes Rauf to save the day with his community bridge-building at Ground Zero. To him 9/11 was just a strategic move in an Islamic/Western chess game. With both violent and stealth jihad coordinating their efforts and by playing the old ‘good cop bad cop’ routine on the American psyche, Rauf aims at becoming the Muslim hero in America who will join those who want to break down America’s borders brick by brick until finally one day America is transformed into Sharia-compliant Islamic state.

Faisal Rauf is the typical double-faced Islamist who speaks from both sides of his mouth. Even his book has one ‘nice’ title in English to fool the West, while in Arabic it advocates Sharia from Ground Zero. While claiming that his mission is non-political, just community building, his interview not only exposed him but more importantly, exposed Islam’s goals and the fact that ‘moderate’ Islam works in perfect harmony and in conjunction with radical terrorists.

This man is dangerous, but what is more dangerous is our State Department who has been facilitating the agenda of a clearly megalomaniacal jihadist.

Nonie Darwish is the President FormerMuslimsUnited.org and the author of ‘Cruel and Usual Punishment’.

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Brother Rauf and Brother Barack...
written by duh_swami , September 20, 2010
Rauf is a typical sharia Muslim...He is just practicing his religion...American kufr are not going to let him (or others) practice the religion of sharia in the US...
The question of sharia has not been officially addressed, but at some time soon it will be because much of sharia is already illegal in the US, and will stay that way...
No matter what Obama and Rauf, want they will go down in flames trying to get it...
True Intentions of Imam Raul
written by Walter Sieruk , September 20, 2010
"The mosque is vital for establishing Muslims as sovereign over non-Islamic society. Buliding a mosque in a non-Islamic society or country symbolizes Islam's claim over that society os country, even with a non-Muslim majority." These are the words of Dr. Daniel Shayesteh, a former Muslim and Hezballlah member, from his book ISLAM:THE HOUSE I LEFT BEHIND p.99. The above can show the true intention of Imam Raul of the ground zero mosque. Also, the same author in a lecture last month said that the real message is "We have killed and have been victorious."
Is it too late?
written by Steve , September 21, 2010
Methinks Western Civilization is going down the tubes, just as other world civilizations have in the past. Now, unless something really significant happens to wake up the kuffars to the reality that we are in a literal war with Islam, that Islam is more than "just a religion" like all the other religions, then we are in deep trouble. Eventually, if we are to succeed it will take more than stopping the 9/11 mosque from being built. The time will come we will need to deal with all the other mosques across the US, Canada, and other Western nations. I foresee much civil unrest in the future, perhaps a civil war between the kuffars and the Muslims. As I see it our governments are weak, ignorant, and politically correct, our citizens (for the most part) are more interested in watching Monday Night football, Dancing with the Stars, or having a good time at the local beer hall, then responding to the advance of Sharia Law in our lands.
Duplicity and Imam Abdul Rauf
written by Sergei bourachaga , September 23, 2010
During the demonstrations opposing the 9/11 mosque project, Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf declared to the press that the mosque will be built to encourage “Inter-Faith Dialogue”, and it is not an act of defiance designed to undermine the pain inflicted by Islamic radicals on all those who lost loved ones in the destruction of the Twin Towers in New York City.
If Imam Abdul Rauf sincerely believes that Islam is a religion of “Peace & Tolerance” dedicated to dialogue, he should also head a project of building a church in the city of Mecca-Saudi Arabia. The Vatican, the seat of Catholic Power representing almost 1 billion Christians, showed Christian tolerance with deeds not words, by convincing the City of Rome in 1974 to donate (absolutely free) 32.000 squ.m of land in an area of Rome, less than 3 km away from St. Peter's Basilica known as “The Pope Diocese”, to build a mosque and an Islamic Cultural Centre to encourage “Inter-Faith Dialogue”. The inauguration of the mosque took place on June 21, 1995, and the mosque’s construction was financed by king Faisal of Saudi Arabia, head of the Saudi royal family, as well as Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques.
Isn’t it time for Imam Abdul Rauf to convince the Saudi King to lift the absolute ban imposed on building churches anywhere in the Kingdom, especially Mecca. If any person is interested on knowing why the ban does exist, he/she should consult the following link:
Aloke Kumar Nath
part 1 Moderate Imam, ?? what is moderation in islam??????????
written by Aloke Kumar Nath , September 25, 2010

Why do so called moderate muslims come to the defence of Islam?
and then defend it like it’s a harmless ideology, despite the clearly draconian, violent suras contained in the koran?

How can any true Muslim (moderate), elect to ignore certain parts of the Koran and Hadith, when this is contradictory to the teaching of Islam?

Why do muslims demand basic rights in western countries?
Yet these rights will never be considered reciprocal for non muslims in islamic countries? Why the Bias?

Why is it that Islamic teachings reject any human rights, women’s rights, minority rights, gay rights, civil liberties, banning cruel and unusual punishment, and freedom of expression?

Is it because according to their faith, the koran contains all human rights for the world and this is reflected in sharia law…

Reality is Islam is diametrically opposed to western secular foundations.
Islam is founded on the life of Mohammed, his actions and verbatim teachings.

Why should we accept AN IDEOLOGY LIKE ISLAM when we know it totally rejects and is opposed to our secular democratic systems?

Liberal minded people would be the first to go if Islamic law were established in any nation.
LOOK at Europe and the time bomb ticking away in their backyards.
Do not be fooled into thinking Islam is ok, so long as it’s distant and can’t interfere with our lifestyle.

Liberals who do live in Muslim countries, well, if they dare utter an anti Islam observation, they’re walking targets for attack.

Aloke Kumar Nath
part 2
written by Aloke Kumar Nath , September 25, 2010
Violence in Muslim countries does not represent isolated incidents or human behavior that is present in any society.
Violence in islamic countries is sanctioned approved and called upon in the Koran, their Allah gave these precious words to an angel who inturned gave them to Mohammed?

Mohammed established himself by been ruthlessly violent and abhorrent.

Muslims will argue that “Christian Crusaders killed many people a thousand years ago” or “the Bible talks about some harsh punishments too.”

This is a warped argument, The Holy Bible, is no comparison.
Christians are followers of Jesus.
The crusaders are not and were not prophets that founded a religion.

Mohammed was a prophet (so they say),
Jesus was a prophet.
If you are going to compare, compare the prophets.
I would rather a world of people following in the name of Jesus rather than mohammed.
Osam Bin Laden is following the footsteps of Mohammed, and llok at ground zero!!!

The bible does not say “kill Christians and Jews”, or “you can lie”,
the koran does, and Mohammed did.

The fact is that these arguments are not valid and warped. .

There is good and bad everywhere, yes, this is true. However, TODAY, in the REAL WORLD, radical Islam represents the greatest threat to peaceful civilization.

Most so-called “Christian” nations today are actually secular democracies that separate church and state. Muslim countries on the other hand are often zealously religious and fanatical theocracies, look at the middle east!!

Islam mixed with politics is a deadly combination, and it has been since Mohammed first rode around Arabia beheading people and forcing them to convert. Islamic nations have strict laws that oppress their own people under threat of violent retribution.
Treason or not?
written by David , September 28, 2010
Wow! Is it me, or was his entire "speech" treasonous and seditious? He basically laid out his (Islam's) plan to overthrow the US. He should be charged, stripped of his US citizenship, and sent packing. Unbelievable!
Religion should stay home
written by Bios , October 02, 2010
Religion will bring problems as long as it exists. No matter what religion, there will always be an extremist group inside them that considers the truth is theirs or that other religions are attacking them or that the world should adopt their "better" practices or that they should do whatever it takes to spread their beliefs, including join or die options.

Hakim, you sound like an extremist. Are you evangelical? As far as I'm concerned the bible is not holy and christians have done just as much damage to humanity as have extreme ideologies. Today? I'm not sure the christian talibans in the US are less of a danger than muslim fanatics.

If people emigrate they should be very aware of where they are going and be ready to integrate and adapt to their new homeland's values. Otherwise, they should stay where they are. If someone visits somebody else's home, they are expected to respect the rules of the host. It's as simple as that.
written by Anonymous , October 03, 2010
The sad thing to all of this is as Americans we are taught to be tolerant of other people's views, this is why we have freedom of speech and laws to protect us. However now it seems that some Americans are forgetting this.

In this day it feels that we are on a verge of yet another Holy War due to Al'Qaeda, not Islams or Muslims as a whole. Americans need to remember no matter what your religion or beliefs if you look at history there has always been wars due to one person 'forcing' their beliefs on others. A few good examples of this is the Crusades, the Herem, Jewish-Roman Wars, the list goes on.

Will there truly ever be an end to war? I honestly could not answer that question, no will I try or should anyone try, I can only hope that one day we as humans will learn to be more tolerant of each other and our different beliefs. The only way to truly become a peaceful world is to stop persecuting someone that thinks differently or believes differently.

There is so much bloodshed in the history of the human race that we all need to stop thinking that our own beliefs are better than someone else and work to find a way to get along.

Should a Islamic culture center be built near ground zero? I personally think it should be allowed as Islams we also attacked by Al'Qeada on 9/11.
written by Rob , October 09, 2010
Muslims killed tens of millions if not hundreds of millions of innocent kafirs (non-Muslims, and non-people of the book or people of the book who do not accept jizya) and almost all caliphs (their supreme leaders). Genocide is their way of life because they follow Sunna (the example of an illiterate warlord called Muhammad). Muhammad is called uswa hasana (the model of conduct) and al-insan al-kamil (the perfect man). All outrageous Muslim customs (e.g., terror, lying, beheading, rape, pedophilia, misogyny and illiteracy) originate in the Sunna. Arabs are the most illiterate people in the world because they are the most pure Muslims. There is only one non-violent Islamic sect: Universal Sufism. Ahmadiyyas and Ismailiyahs are somewhat non-violent. Saudi government bars their entrance to Mecca because, in the opinion of Saudi government, they are not violent enough to be true Muslims. The rest (about 98% of all Muslims) are hateful and violent. I believe that Islam will destroy our civilization unless a broad alliance of all kafirs (including agnostics, atheists, and gays) eradicates Islam.

The essence of science and Western civilization is having doubts and original ideas. Muslims have neither doubts nor original ideas. They are zombies. When their population is small, they are Meccan Muslims, so they are friendly and they have extremely large families. When their population is close to 50 percent they become Medina Muslims, so they are obsessed with killing their kafir (non-Muslim) neighbors. Having killed all the kafirs, they kill Muslims who are not perfect zombies.
written by Rob , October 09, 2010
It should have read "many caliphs".

For the brutal massacre of the tribe Bani quraisa by and under the command of our beloved Muhammad where is the reaction? How many people have been killed by the muslims all over the world. In Gujarat, while looting the Somnath temple, Muhammad Gajini massacred thousands of men, women, children and old people and he destroyed the temple also, after looting the treasures in it. A blood river ran on that day. Where is the reaction for that? How many such incidents in the History? Will the muslims read them? Even if they read it will not hurt their conscience as their allah has told via gabriel via muhammad that kafirs are to be killed by muslims. When muslims attack and kill it is their right, as mandated by quran and the problems arise only when kafirs retort.
Muslims think that others are inferior and should be ruled over by them with sharia. What they dont see is that the countries ruled by muslims are mad houses (with sharia) and are totally downtrodden where women are treated as chattel and badly abused. Why muslims dont see that women are their mothers, sisters and daughters also?
That lady (what is her name?) is really funny. She tells that islam embraces all religions. Is she serious or simply mocking at us? Has she read what Jesus has told? What Buddha preached? What Jain taught? Does she not know that these great people never preached violence? Buddha was a king, he had a palace, a kingdom, everything, a beautiful wife, a nice child and a happy life. He left all those things and his beloved family to seek the inner treasures and the meaning of life. Muhammad was a highwayman and a mass murderer. Please dont insult other religions by telling that Islam embraces all religion. Islam is not a religion, it is a dirty cult. It preaches violence and intimidates the kafirs.
Islam is a threat to the world peace.
It is a dirty cult.
written by Rob , October 09, 2010
All those who say that Islam is a peaceful religion are either liars or ignotant of the trutth of Islam”:

“Fight against those who believe not in Allah nor the last day nor forbid that which has been forbidden by Allah and his messenger and those who acknowledge not the religion of truth among the people of the scripture, until they pay jiziah with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.” Surah 9:29
“Fight them, until there is no persecution and the religion is God’s” Surah 193
“O ye who believe! Take not the Jews and the Christians for your friends and protectors. They are but friends and protectors to each other. And he amongst you that turns to them is on of them.” Surah 5:51 & 3:28
“Kill the mushrikeen (polytheists, Christians and non-Muslims), wherever you find them, and capture them and besiege them, and lie in wait for them in each and every ambush”. Surah 9:5
“O you who believe! Fight those of the disbelievers who are close to you, and let them find harshness in you; and know that Allah is with those who are believers.” Surah 9:123
“And fight them until there is no more fitnah (disbelief and worshipping of others along with Allah) and (all and every king of) worship is for Allah (alone).” Surah 2:193

Those are just a sample.

Also: Islam is divided into 2 houses
1-dar el salam, house of peace. This is amongst the Muslim
2- Dar El Harb, house of the war. This is war agianst the non-Muslims (the infidels).
written by Rainbowman , October 10, 2010
3 houses----Dar al Islam
Dar al Harb
Dar al Hudna
'Dar Al Hudna'
written by Rob , October 11, 2010
or the third house is where infidels agree to be extorted by the Jihadists in exchange for a temporary truce, subject to change at anytime.
written by Tom , November 01, 2010
To stop any further building of Mosques, all you have to do is bury a pig on the proposed site, as it is against Muslim law to build on tainted ground.....problem solved no more Mosques!

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