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Muslim and Proud! What Muslims are Proud of?

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It is common to find instances of a Muslim proclaiming either in person or on the internet that he is "Proud to be a Muslim". Every time I hear this statement, I never fail to wonder: What exactly are Muslims are so proud of?

Their women are enslaved and treated like children, their countries are third-world backwaters stagnated by an obviously out-dated religion, their youth is constantly angry, they are lacking in all fields of studies whether it be science, literature or discovery, illiteracy is extremely high, they have failed to reform Islam to make it a more acceptable religion  in a world much different from the 7th century, their countries have no freedom of speech or expression…

I can go on at length and possibly write a whole book on pervasive and serious problems, many of which are unique to Muslim communities and caused by Islam. Islamic countries’ crimes and problems are ignored and hidden, not dealt with because problems are not suppose to exist in an Islamic society. Muslims have developed a fetish for finding faults with the West as if that makes their own faults disappear.

Again, What is it that Muslims are so proud of?

Muslims follow a dead Arab who could not resist his sexual attraction to a child and ended up having sex with a 9 year old baby girl called Ayesha, as admitted by Ayesha herself in countless hadith. They follow a dead Arab who ordered people to be stoned to death, who ordered people’s hands and feet to be cut off over petty theft, who is responsible for the murder of thousands of non-Muslims. Muslims follow a complete fraud who taught hate and a divisive religion.

Again, What is it that Muslims are so proud of?

Give this madness up. Allah does not exist… Muhammad lied… everything is explained when you recognize that simple historical fact. All the countless failures of Islam start making sense. Islam is the noose that strangles the Muslims and prevents them from producing a modern country.

This article is not to ridicule or insult Muslims but to make them think about their circumstances and face reality. How long will Muslims live in denial and say these problems somehow do not exist. To improve, the first step is to acknowledge that there is a problem. This is why this article was written, so the Muslim reading it can acknowledge that there is a problem and start doing something about it. Instead of wasting time bowing down to the wall in their rooms, Muslims need to spend it solving the problems facing Muslim majority countries. Sorry Muslims, but following a dead warlord who had sex with a child is not something to be proud of, but something to be ashamed of.

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Proud to be a Mussie....
written by Brown Superman , June 25, 2011
Proud to be like their Freak , chief Terrorist Mo"...

Screwing 9 year old baby Ayesha,
Screwing Mother-like Khatty,
French-kissing Daughter Ftimah,
Screwing Daughter-In-Law Zainap,
Screwing Others' wives like Safiah,
Screwing Dead Aunt in the coffin,
Screwing slave girls,
Screwing animals like sheeps and donkeys,
Why are Muslim women proud?
written by John Sobieski , June 25, 2011
They get the short end of the stick and yet they strut about wearing their hijab, look at me! slave to allah! Brainwashed or stupid?
we leave them room to be proud
written by pipo , June 25, 2011
Muslims can feel proud because history telling and media covering of events is most of the time biased and unbalanced;


- Islamic slave trade. Now finally the first books on this subject see the light of day. While libraries full have been written
on the Atlantic slave trade.
- CRESADES (if I may introduce a new word) centuries of holy wars and conquests by muslims. The crusades were merely a
short lived reaction to this phenomenon.
- Connections between Nazism and Islam (a match made in hell) check out www.tellchildrenthetruth.com Now I won't
mention this again I promise.


- The scientific heyday in the Arab world of the 7th till 10th century has largely been attributed to Islam and even more
exclusively to Arab muslims. This is a falsehood; first of all, the momentum was already there when the Arabs began the
conquests and very likely it gained momentum when this part of the world became "united". Secondly many of the
contributors were not Arab muslims at all , they were Persian or Hindu, Byzantine, Jew or Mozarab.
So this scientific heyday, as far as it would not have happened without arab imperialism, was a side effect of this imperialism.
And often in history, imperialism has been a great boost for science and development.
But in the political correct West we refuse to give the phenomenon of imperialism credit for anything, so we give the credit
to muslims and Arabs and even more so if the two are combined.
Now this is a sad case of corruption in history telling.


- Apart from political motivated crimes the media hardly pay any attention to typical Islamic crimes like; Executions under Sharia law,
apostacy killings and hate crimes against unbelievers. You can find them on the Internet but not on any other media.
When I tell my friends about one of them there is most of the time unbelieve.

So we leave muslims enough room to be proud of themselves. Lets hope that Internet will eventually bring the big change.

written by d_sotta , June 25, 2011
Objection, Aziz,
Didn’t you heard about animal farm story? Has any member of a creamy layer of any society willfully lose their fortune? Then why to blame the Immams et al? Do you expect they will educate the lower mass to dig their own grave?

Didn’t you see in 1991, streets of the world had been replete with posters; - "Marxism is Truth, because it’s science” !!
If so called highly educated progressive revolutionaries could prove this, what’s wrong to muslims with sub-standard brain function?

written by The Great Buana , June 25, 2011
The islamic world is so behind because bookprinting was forbidden for more than 200 years by Bayezid II the ruler of the Osman Empire. Bookpriniting was also forbidden in Iran as well as in Turkestan, the only civilisation I know that had been using it during its buddhist age but abolished it after it converted to islam. What does this mean? So, a few days ago I was shopping in a supermarket and then a muslima asked me to read a price tag for her. There were so many things she wanted to know but - like so many muslims before - their rulers never took care wether she can understand anything or not. But how can we say that she is a muslim or a follower of any other religion or an atheists while she is illiterate? She cannot know what is written in the quran like many other muslims. In contrast, in Europe common people learnt to read the bible almost 400 years ago. This really makes a huge difference and even in China and Japan the situation looked similar. The islamic civilisation is the only one I know that kept their people in ignorance for such a long time. Why? Because Islam has something to hide of course. It is just to easy to understand that the quran cannot come from god because of all its obvious errors and inconsistencies.
Gang mentality
written by Freeman , June 25, 2011
When Muslims say "Muslim and proud", they actually feel proud to belong to the religion as the same way a teenager feels proud to belong in a gang. Its the whole gang mentality or the loyalty and pride a 7th century arab felt for his tribe.
Muslim Pride
written by Guy Macher , June 26, 2011
Muslim pride is like gay pride-- baseless. It is a pride anchored by no accomplishment or even refinement. Freeman is correct: it is the pride thugs feel for their gang.
I await the takiya expert's lies. Frankly, I surprised he hasn't already posted his mind-scat, if you will forgive the loose usage of the word mind.
Muslim pride....
written by Brown Superman , June 26, 2011
Muslims are proud they put their dick into pencil-sharpeners to remove nature's intent for protection.

Mussie women's clit are subjected to african barbaric tribal practice of scarring against nature's intent for rightful enjoyment of sex.

Mussies fast to abstain from food but whack to glory before the fast begins and eat again like pigs do, when breaking fast. Wonder why?

Mussies stink because they wash themselves only once in a week or two...... like the arabs do in the desert. Now wonder parfum is popular.

Mussies are sex maniacs and even poultry will do...... since Mo' helped himself with donkeys and mules.

Mussies are incestors because Mo' was bonking his close relatives including that 6 year old grandchild like wife number 2.

These are some of the matters that make Mussies proud of themselves.
Muslim Pride!!!
written by Reed Wilson , June 26, 2011
Dear pipo. You write "Muslims can feel proud because history telling and media covering of events is most of the time biased and unbalanced".

Muslims are not supposed to be proud as Quran explicitly condemns pride. It says:

•“Pay homage to God, and make none His compeer, and be good to your parents and relatives, the orphans and the needy and the neighbors who are your relatives, and the neighbors who are strangers, and the friend by your side, the traveler and your servants and subordinates. God does not surely love those who are proud and boastful” (4:36)

•“Do not hold men in contempt, and do not walk with hauteur on the earth. Verily God does not like the proud and boastful”. (31:18)

•“Lest you grieve for what you missed, or rejoice at what you received. God does not love the egoist and the braggart” (57:23)
written by nonbeliever , June 27, 2011
As per you,whatever the Muslims are doing is not Quranic. The the population of Muslims is not 1.5 billion+ but One(that's you). What do you call the 1.5billion+? Do you agree that religion has to end?
written by nonbeliever , June 27, 2011
correction: Do you agree that "that religion" has to end?
Good evening, Mr. Wilson
written by d_sotta , June 27, 2011
Hope you are well, glad to see you here. Sir, here is another reason I stand beside you, and thank you to give me the chance to do so. Mr. Reed. I unconditionally support you. You are right. Allah, or Mo thereby, (as we lack witness to the very exclusive and private intercourse of the Holy couple, and window of time has shut down for ever to strip us from any such chances ever, let us take it as Mo’s denotation) really didn't leave any scope for Muslims to be proud of in anyway. And why should he!! Did he know that his earnest devotees will have to engage in gentle discussion in internet with infidels in every way to prove him acceptable, instead of enjoying their death cry in fraud battles! Alas! What a terrible mistake of all knowing Allah’s! Shame!
To Dwito Sotta
written by Archpagan , June 27, 2011
Dwito Sotta- Dual Self- some sort of Dr. Jekyl and M.r Hyde- am I right? Carry on, pal
Is it?
written by d_sotta , June 27, 2011
Oh my dear Archpagan, are you became as dumb as your opponents by virtue of your long lasting fight?
written by Reed Wilson , June 27, 2011
Dwito Sotta. Hello! You write “Sir, here is another reason I stand beside you, and thank you to give me the chance to do so. Mr. Reed. I unconditionally support you”.

Thank you for the support. I don’t deserve that. Views are rarely mine.

You are a satirist. Do you write? You write Taengorian style. Are you from Bengal?
Aponar bari kothaiy?
written by d_sotta , June 27, 2011
Thanks Reed, I also guessed the same. But not so much. I guessed you from indian subcontinent. and not a male, rather a female. around 40 years lifetime with a few smiling faces in home. It's a surprise that you are somehow connected with bengal, one of the many and most affected part of Islamic tyrannical legacy. I wonder, seeing the abnormality and inner hollow of islam from so close range and being a highly educated cultured mind how can you play such a negative role here?
muslim pride?
written by pipo , June 27, 2011
mr. Wilson, I was never planning to be a proud muslim,

but I couldn't help noticing; bit troublesome relation there between .....(57:23) and the prophet's personality.

What are Muslims proud of?
written by Bob Trent , June 27, 2011
The charge of Mohammed marrying and having sex with a 9 year old girl keeps being thrown around. People forget that this was 1400 years ago when the legal age for females to marry in the "Christian" world was 10! The Talmud (Jewish legal encyclopedia and commentary) allowed a wool tampon to be used for contraception in married girls from age 10 to 11 as it was thought that before 10 they could not conceive and after 11 it was reasonably safe for them to get pregnant.
Today we have different standards and should not apply them to societies 1400+ years ago.
written by duh_swami , June 27, 2011
You support Reed, you support evil...Do you support evil Sotta?
To Dwito Sotta
written by Archpagan , June 27, 2011
To me, Reed does not exist. He is just an internet ghost. He appears to maintain regular contact with his 'Burman da'.
written by Reed Wilson , June 28, 2011
Dwito Sotta. " I guessed you from Indian subcontinent. and not a male, rather a female".

We share same globe. I have friends in both Bengals. Not ghosts of internet. Mrs. Wilson is a female.

"I wonder, seeing the abnormality and inner hollow of Islam from so close range and being a highly educated cultured mind how can you play such a negative role here?

Yes it is not possible. I am flattered.
Bob Trent
written by fineliving56 , June 28, 2011
What you said it partially true... at that time, marrying 9 years is a normal thing to do. But you are forgetting that Muhammad was SUPPOSED to be *prophet* a rule model for all people to fallow. Quran was/is SUPPOSED to be the ultimate LAW for ALL TIMES for all people to Obey …

do you see the difference?.
written by Reed Wilson , June 28, 2011
pipo. "but I couldn't help noticing; bit troublesome relation there between .....(57:23) and the prophet's personality".

You can always reject that prophet having t'some relation with 57:23.
What muslims can be proud of
written by The Great Buana , June 28, 2011
Muslims can be proud to belong to the only religions that gives them a written permission to beat their wifes. No other major religion has such features.
written by d_sotta , June 28, 2011
He appears to maintain regular contact with his 'Burman da'. - Can't understand.

duh_swami, no one supports evil overtly. Everyone supports good. That differs is the notion. Whereas you might think of living with all in peace is good, your friend reed might think of living with infidels and unbelievers’ is evil, living with believers’ only is good. You have to understand my dear.

Red, Yes it is not possible. I am flattered
Bob Trent
written by pipo , June 28, 2011
and what about the "Banu Qurayza" and "Khaybar" atrocities. According to Karen Arnstrong this was "normal behavior" for a man in Muhammed's position in the 7th century. She insists that he had not much choice.
But we are talking about a prophet here (in power) apparently unable to choose between moral and immoral. Where is the logic??

written by Reed Wilson. , June 29, 2011
pipo. "and what about the "Banu Qurayza" and "Khaybar" atrocities".

Who are B Qurayza and how you know them?
Dwito Sotta
written by Duh_swami , June 29, 2011
duh_swami, no one supports evil overtly. Everyone supports good.

Uh huh... There are a lot of people in prison who didn't hear your childish definitions...

Evil is not a matter of opinion...Evil happens and it stands on its own without qualifiers...
If I want to kill you because you are a simplistic juvenile, would that be 'good'?
If my law says to amputate your limbs or crucify you, or kill you for warring with me, would you consider it good? Does the mouse being tortured and eaten by the cat, think that the cat is good?...The God of the Bible takes a dim view of those who call evil good and good evil...

You sound like a very young man short on experience...You are posting to experienced adults here who are always on alert for bull sht...You must do better than presenting value judgement's or tu quequo...
To Reed Wilson
written by Archpagan , June 29, 2011
'Who are B Qurayza and how you know them?'.
Put that question to your brethren-in-faith, then come-up with their answer.
Proud ?
written by Walter Sieruk , June 29, 2011
That a good question what can a Muslim be proud of ? The only thing the poor Muslims people are is deluded by a false prophet. Jesus gave a prediction and warning about the coming of such men as Muhammad. For Jesus said "Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are raving wolves." Matthew 7:15. [KJV]
written by d_sotta , June 29, 2011
I regret duh swami. I'm a little boy, forgive me please. And will you pl take a moral class to cats, (including the big ones)! It will help me a lot to carry out with my new love affairs with Mrs. Willson.
written by d_sotta , June 29, 2011
You are seeking answer from Reed! Have you ever got any until now?
written by d_sotta , June 29, 2011
Sorry, it was addressed to Archpagan
written by Reed Wilson. , June 29, 2011
pipo. You sound like a very young man short on experience...You are posting to experienced adults here who are always on alert for bull sht...However some experienced adults are not mature.

Dwito...Love is in the air...
written by Duh_swami , June 29, 2011
It will help me a lot to carry out with my new love affairs with Mrs. Willson.

Uh huh...Wilson is spelled with one L ...But I we won't hold that against young love...You will make a lovely couple...I'm sure Allah will be proud...
Reed hyperventilates
written by duh_swami , June 29, 2011
However some experienced adults are not mature.

You got that right, yourself and Malman are prime examples...But don't worry, someone named Dwito loves you...
To Bob Trent
written by Archpagan , June 29, 2011
Remember, Muslims consider Mo to be an ideal man who should be followed for all time to come. So, if your logic is to be accepted, human society should remain stagnant at 7th Century CE. All other people modernize their societal norms, laws an customs. But, Muslims including our Reed and Malem want Koranic law, which is law of the Arabian desert in the 7th century. Looting caravans was quite fair in the Arabian desert. Now Muslims look upon non-Muslims as a caravan in the desert.
written by malem , June 29, 2011
Duh did I hear you, the lad who professes to watch Popeye and speak with your dog for vital data try and discern what is and what is not mature??? That is an absolute riot Hahaha.
the joke is really you
written by bundypig , June 29, 2011
following an archaic ideology that allows you to do unspeakable things to others.
why don't you just go and beat your meat, not your wives.
Malman the thugee
written by Duh_swami , June 29, 2011
I think I hear your mother calling you...must be time for cookies and milk...
mr. Wilson
written by pipo , June 30, 2011
So I guess...... while studying islam one developes an alertness for bullcrap. If only that was true for everyone.
written by bundypig , June 30, 2011
he leaves himself wide open, doesn't take a PhD to figure this cu*t out.
He talks a lot, lets have a look at him, we'll see him on his knees with his finger up some poor fools arse, like the pearly boys he's waiting for in that *paradise* he is waiting on.
What kinda paradise is it that is just like the world we live in?
You judge yourself at your final breath and thats that (IMHO)
written by Eddie , July 09, 2011
Look...lets just leave them alone in their stupidity...they are destroying thenselves from within, and in time they will just vanish from the world altogether...poof...good ridence...but when you beat up on them this way you martarize them, and give them more power...just leave them alone and poof...no more Islam!!!
Where do you live Eddie?
written by Duh_swami , July 10, 2011
What if they won't leave you alone Eddie? What do you do then?
What happens to an infection if you leave it alone?
Wise up Eddie...
written by Dwito , July 10, 2011
Eddie, for last 1400 years Islam was left alone, as you wish, what do you see now? Do you like to let the drug mafias alone with their business?
Eddie, what is your religion?
written by Malem , July 11, 2011
You stated "But, Muslims including our Reed and Malem want Koranic law," I have never stated or supported such action. I follow certain principles that are part of my religion, upbringing and local society. These are not time bound and unable to sustain hundreds/thousands of years. Not stealing, treating your parents with respect, taking care of the poor, are those principles limited to the 7th century CE? I would say they are just as applicable now as they were then. There are also principles that deal with morality and civil behavior, unfortunately Bundy has not read any of them, one just has to read his above vulgar laden post to prove that point.
Is it your logic to be a Muslim, Malem?
written by Dwito , July 12, 2011
Good logic Malem, you did not support or stated those action. You only took what is presentable in open forum/s. did you forsook those principles? if so Malem tell us, how? can you take some part of the Quran and abort the rest? You follow certain principles. that you could. But what takes you to Quran to follow them? Can't you do that without Quran? Do you think those who are not Koranic, don't follow those principles? That are practiced by the people of that time, as well as all times and all part of the world in general, and Mo (better say NAKED Mo, as he has nothing of himself but stolen garments from the society), JUST NOTED THOSE TO MAKE HIM ACCEPTABLE to common mass?
Why Muslim should be proud...A non muslims perspective
written by Ankur Deokar , July 12, 2011
Even as a non-Musmim, I can give a number of reasons why Muslims feel proud of their religion. Let me try to enlist:

1. It is one of the youngest religion, which spread like wildfire in all direction and has become one of the two major religions of the world.

2. It has had a glorious past, which is unparallel to any religion. NO other religion can boast of three great empires during the same period.

3. It had been the most progressive religion under which science and art flourished in all disciplines.

4. It gave the rights to women and slaves which were unthinkable in any other contemporary religion.

5. This religion can be found in almost every country and you will find the suimilarity in religious practices in each country. Their faith in their religion and the prophet is praiseworthy.

6. Followers of no other religion are as particular to follow the rituals as followers of Islam.

7. Islamic countries have been facing tremendous challenges and poverty for a very long time. Even then their faith is undeterred. That is quite praiseworthy.
written by Dwito , July 12, 2011
Dear Ankur, How long have you studied Islam and how long are you here too?
to Ankur Deokar
written by pipo , July 13, 2011
Let me try to answer your list;

1. No other religion has a history of forced conversion like Islam has. Conversion by force started in 622 and it never stopped.

2. No other religion can boast that it started of with so much violence.

3. Islamic science leaned very much on the achievements of others and at the end of the 10th century it collapsed and never recovered.

4. This claim is so ridiculous that I prefer not to comment on it.

5. You can find Christians, Bhudists, and Atheists in almost every country on Earth except where Islamofacism is preventing them from spreading and practicing their believes openly.

6. Followers of no other religion lack so much self-criticism.

7. Their faith is being fed rather than challenged by their backwardness.
written by Malem , July 13, 2011
what you are trying to refer to is Sharia, and that is not Quran. Quite different.

Duh asked a question earlier but I lost what post it was in, about courts. You have a choice in some Islamic countries to go to the Government court as well as Islamic court. I have used only the first, the other is mainly ruled by Sharia and is different in all different places. It is better if you have an issue that is not suited for government court to go to see your Imam, much better resolution. Oh by the way I do like milk and cookies, rather Laban and Barazai !
Evasion - Malman style
written by Dwito , July 14, 2011
My dear Malem, I put the question before your sense and conscience, and not before your Islamic knowledge!

However, what is the identity of Sharia, sir?
I will use this statement whenever I hear anybody use the statement......
written by NurulH , July 14, 2011
Reed says "Muslims are not supposed to be proud as Quran explicitly condemns pride"

Good one........now I can use this statement as use directly by a devoted muslim against another muslim.....LOL
written by Malem , July 15, 2011
Sharia is Sharia, man made writings developed to control people. NOT part of the Quran and specifically banned by the Quran. Who is evading, I have hard time keeping up with the silly questions sometimes. Just do you own homework and read the Quran and the answers you will have for yourself.
written by Wanker Deokar , July 18, 2011
"Ankur Deokar" is an Indian Muslim writing under a Hindu pseudonym, perhaps that of a Hindu classmate, neighbour or colleague.

written by Malem , July 18, 2011
Your name says it all, you are a dick.
written by Dwito , July 21, 2011
Sharia is Sharia, manmade writings developed to control people. NOT part of the Quran and specifically banned by the Quran. Who is evading (,) (?) I have hard time(s) keeping up with (the) silly questions sometimes. Just do you(r) own homework(,) (and) read the Quran and the answers you will have for yourself.

Sharia is Sharia, manmade writings developed to control people. NOT part of the Quran and specifically banned by the Quran.
Did you ever raise this to any platform demanding Islamic Sharia court anywhere, sir?

Who is evading? – Well, I do.
I do evade from raising question why you bring sharia to my question upon valuation of your personal human judgments.
I do evade from raising question whether Qur’an or Qurans is/are also manmade writing/s developed to establish one man’s empire and then many cruel narcissists paradise ever since.
I do evade from asking, what made you think I didn’t read Quran, and whether it’s because of my absence in verse wars.
I also evade from raising question whether this type of impatience reflects psychological delusion and establishes your inability in a serious discussion board.
I do evade from raising question whether you are a MBBS doctor of any govt. recognized institution or from alternative medicine club. (Your construction of sentence makes me think this, sir.)

written by Dwito , July 21, 2011
I shall rather like to concentrate on this -
Just do you(r) own homework (,) (and) read the Quran and the answers you will have for yourself
What the answers will I have for myself? What will I understand? What is new in it to understand? What is good? To read that fat vulgar pornography (soft version) filled with sex, violence, deception, treachery, lie and allurement to an immature adolescent lucid dream? EVERY EVERY’THING that is explicitly condemned in my culture and education? I’m not an insane lunatic to resort to that psychedelic daydream, and nightmare as well!
That’s what I had nearly two decades ago, when I get a Quran in vernacular language. And to my utmost stupidity, I engaged in an argumentative discussion with one of my, the then colleague, who was in the same class of mine, but of different stream. I met the same Taqiya – ‘the only right Quran is only in Arabian language’, I definitely tried to counter with the Muslim editor’s reference and the publishers, and also I argued, where a single derogatory remark on Islam or its prophet ignites fireworks from Muslim community then how come they tolerate a forged copy of their lone religious book? It only ended up with some unpleasant atmosphere. Thereafter I decided to stop arguing on verse refs. Because I know it will yield nothing but that stagnant and statutory denial – “THAT IS NOT THE RIGHT QURAN’’. If not at least become fatal to me!
Therefore, may I request you sir, admitting my inability to understand the goods in Quran; will you pl. narrate me those ‘goods’ available in it, in gist? The CONDITION is only ONE - Those “goods” must be UNIQUE to the Quran and must NOT exist outside Quran in that time!

Will you please agree, sir? I’m waiting for your reply.
Look at yourselves First...!!!
written by Proud Perfect , October 01, 2011
Are not you a Motherf****r ? Did not you f**k your little sisters ? open your eyes and see the reality WHO ARE MUSLIMS and who the f**king hell are you ? we muslims have ruled over you THOUSAND YEARS, we can rule again and WE WILL RULE AGAIN...!!!
Proud and Imperfect
written by Mozlem , October 01, 2011
Mulims are Bigots, retards, camel f****r, pedophiles who move around with their heads in their arses.
proud of what
written by sahani , October 19, 2011
Beautifully written thought provoking. Hope you will write a big piece for all the muslism and Others ' How the world will look like when are a Muslims'
Will these muslims will like to live in that world.
Today they don't realize but when all are muslim when i think of that I want to be dead before that and never reborn.
That world will be a horrible world .
. No Joy , No place for enjoyment Nothing will be created and all that is created is already destroyed.
No books , no TV no museam no songs no music and so on. It will be gost town.
To Malem, concerning Shari'a
written by Yibel , October 19, 2011
Sharia means Law of Ah. It is the rules laid down in the Qur'an! Yes, it is manmade laws written in the Qur'an by the author(s) and developed to control people. Every society needs rules to govern the people. The ones in the Qur'an, however, were the rules of conduct in 7th century Arabia that Muslims believe were told to someone named Qutham who titled himself Muhammad (meaning Highly Praised One) by means of a spirit creature he called Jibril and supposedly sent by a god he called ar-Rahman and later Allah. But these laws are all written in the Qur'an and, therefore, can never be changed, so every Muslim is stuck forever in the 7th century which is why Muslim countries are so backward.
written by sahani , October 24, 2011
Why world have not understood after 1400 yrs.how to deal with islam Only way to live with islam is isolate them. Give them an island and ship all there. They are like oil don't mix with water. World will be much safer if they are isolated.
What are Muslims proud of? Part 1
written by Yibel , October 24, 2011
Written by pipo: "but I couldn't help noticing; bit troublesome relation there between .....(57:23) and the prophet's personality." How right you are!!!

According to the unholy Qur'an,
Muhammad is Allah's perfect man (Qur'an 33:21, 68:4)
To follow his example, we need a clue,
So what, pray tell, would Muhammad do...?

Marry a 6 year-old child and have sex with her when she is 9? YES! Hadith
Advocate beheading? YES! Qur'an
Kill people in order to steal their property? YES! Qur'an and Hadith
Torture people? YES! Qur'an and Hadith
Require women to cover their entire bodies and faces? YES! Qur'an & Hadith
Befriend Christians and Jews? Absolutely NOT! Qur'an
Own slaves? YES! Qur'an & Hadith
Attack innocent people to obtain slaves and booty? YES!!! Qur'an & Ahadith
Marry his own daughter-in-law? YES! Qur'an
Approve of prostitution? YES! Qur'an & Hadith
Gluttonize? YES! Ibn Ishaq
Wife-beating? YES! Qur'an & Hadith
Hit his own wife? YES! Hadith
Kill prisoners of war? YES! Hadith
Advocate suicide attacks? YES! Qur'an & Hadith
Kill apostates? YES! Qur'an & Hadith
Tell sick persons to heal them-selves by drinking camel urine? YES! Hadith
Beat children who don’t pray? YES! Hadith
Have boys as young as 13-years-old beheaded? YES! Hadith
Have eleven wives? (at one time) YES! Hadith
Approve of Sex with Minors? YES! Qur'an
Enslave women and children? YES! Hadith & Ibn Ishaq
Stone adulterers to death? YES! Hadith
What are Muslims proud of? Part 2
written by Yibel , October 24, 2011
Torture a man out of greed? YES! Ibn Ishaq
Consider men and women equal partners? Absolutely NOT! Qur'an & Hadith
Steal, lie and cheat? YES! Qur'an & Hadith
Kill someone for insulting him? YES! Qur'an & Hadith
Preach love for people of all religions? HELL NO! Qur'an & Hadith
Extort money from other religions? YES! Qur'an & Hadith
Keep women as sex slaves? YES! Qur'an
Force conversions to Islam? YES! Qur'an & Hadith
Commit acts of terror? YES! Qur'an & Hadith
Kill a woman? YES! Biographers
Capture a woman and rape her? YES! Hadith
Encourage the rape of women in front of their husbands? YES! Hadith (Abu Dawud: 2150)

And here are Mozlem’s additions:

Commit incest YES! Hadith (suck daughters tongue and kiss her between breasts)
Marry 1 year old YES! Hadith
Commit sodomy YES! Hadith
Curse other religions YES! Quran
Push Non-Muslims off the path YES! Hadith
Deny Science YES! Quran and Hadith
Black magic YES! Quran and Hadith
Racists YES! Quran and Hadith
Homosexuality YES! Quran and Hadith
Genital Mutilation YES! Hadith

As Malem has said: Just do you own homework and read the Quran and the answers you will have for yourself. There are 149 Verses of the Sword and 164 Jihad passages. Not to mention all the unscientific "facts" and unhistorical nonsense tales.

So much to enjoy! And remember this, according to good ol' Allah (al-Ah) himself (speaking through Muhammad, of course):
Muhammad (piss be upon him) is the most "beautiful pattern of conduct" and "example" for mankind to follow! (Qur'an 33:21), and is the most "exalted standard of character" (Qur'an 68:4).
Not a bit humble of character either!
Rational conversation
written by Muslim & Proud , December 06, 2011
What exactly is it that you dislike about Muslims?
written by Malem , December 06, 2011
You are wrong, as usual, the Koran prohibits anything other than what it contains concerning Islam. That means the garbage called Sharia is jsut that garbage. It is not the words of Allah as given to the holy prophet but rather a way to try and control the religion by man made means. If you actually read the Koran you would know this, maybe you should ask Duh's dog to read it for you, Duh says he reads well
Muslim & Proud
written by Dwito , December 07, 2011
What especial is there that a non-muslim would like Muslims exactly?
Duhs dog reads Quran
written by Mozlem , December 07, 2011
Malman its so true that Quran is only meant for dogs. Duhs dog for one and you said it......
What about the Banu Qurayzah? part 1
written by Yibel , December 10, 2011
By reading the Qur'an, ahadith and historical accounts (written by famous Muslim and non-Muslim historians) of Islam with a neutral mind-set, we can easily discover myriads of evidences which are the testament to the fact that unlike any other world’s organized religions, Islam is an Arab political and
imperialistic ideology propagated by the sword beginning with the Jewish tribe, the Bani Qurayzah.

The massacre of Bani Qurayzah, and the enjoyment of the great catch of “female booty” overnight was the first major occasion of celebration and festivity for the Muslim Ummah.

Muhammad ordered the beheading of all Quraiza adult men (about 900), and the distribution of all their belongings, including their women and children:

According to Al-Tabari VIII:38:

“The Messenger of Allah commanded that all of the Jewish men and boys who had reached puberty should be beheaded. Then the Prophet divided the wealth, wives, and children of the Banu Qurayza Jews among the Muslims.”

The Qur'an mentions this incident briefly in two ayas (33:26-27):

"Many ye slew, and many ye made prisoners, And Allah gave you their lands, their houses, and their goods and women, and of a land which ye had not frequented (before). And Allah has power over all things."
The fate of the Banu Qurayzah? part 2
written by Yibel , December 10, 2011
The jubilant Muslims of Madinah gathered to watch the colorful beheading
spectacle, and the anticipated booty distribution. A trench was dug in the market-place and several men were in charge of disrobing the Jewish male prisoners for checking the growth of pubic-hair. Those having pubic-hair were marked for beheading, and the rest were sent to the enslavement camp... Sunan Abu-Dawud Book 38, Number 4390.

Their clothes were salvaged for booty and Muhammad supervised the massacre logistics, while many sahabas, including Ali, Abu Bakr, Umar and Hamza, conducted the beheadings ...The ceremonial beheading was inaugurated by the prophet himself by cutting the head of the Qurayzah chief, Kab Bin Asad, with loud takbirs (i.e. Allah u Akbar) to commence the festivity.

As blood gushed from the infidel’s throat, men and women shouted Allah u Akbar, and sang songs praising Allah and Mohammad...

Muhammad took his 20% cut, and the remaining booty was distributed by a lottery system among the jihadis and Muhammad took Rayhana d. Amr b. Khunafa for himself. That was the happiest night for many bachelor Muslims, who were having a woman for the first time, thanks to their prophet. Many shared their booty with other bachelor friends, who could not get a woman themselves in the draw.

The next morning, our prophet noticed that many young jihadis had not showed up for the fajar prayers. Staying awake all night to have fun was not a good excuse for missing the compulsory salat. He ordered the huts of all those, who had not showed up for prayer, burned down while they slept in it after a fun night.

Bukhari V1:B11:N626:

“The Prophet said, “burn all those who had not left their houses for the prayer, burning them alive inside their homes."
Show me the money! Part 3 of the Banu Qurayzah Razziah
written by Yibel , December 10, 2011
Never seen before were so many naked jihadis running out of burning huts with their beards and pubics on fire. Burning and killing bad Muslims is a very
special sunnah and is followed by good Muslims even today!

The Prophet’s one-fifth share of the Qurayzah booty was one of his biggest loot. It included over a hundred women. He kept the best looking younger ones for his personal use, and also distributed some of them for the use of his friends and relatives. The History of Tabari, vol 8, pge 29-30:

"From his share of captive women, prophet gave his son-in-law, Ali a slave girl, Raytah bt Hilal, to enjoy her at his will. He also presented Uthman b. Affan, his son-in-law, another slave girl, Zainab b. Hayan, and bestowed another girl (name unknown) to his father in-law Omar Ibn Khattab. Omar gave that girl to his son Abdullah. Most of Prophet’s other elite companions received slave girls as gifts.

The remainder were sent to Najd to be sold for purchasing arms and horses with the proceed [Tabari VIII:39]:

"Then the Messenger of Allah sent Sa’d bin Zayd with some of the Qurayzah captives to Najd, and in exchange for them he purchased horses and arms.

Let the war games begin! It's all about the loot!!!

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