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The Myth of Islamic Purity, Part 2

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Muslims love to claim that Islam is a religion of purity and the one and only perfect religion on earth. We ex-Muslims know better and are not afraid to speak the terrible truth about Muhammad and his Islam. This series of articles will make it obvious that such claims of Islamic purity are purely laughable and utter nonsense.



Obama to Debate Ahmadinejad?

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President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad recently challenged Barack Obama to a televised debate, "to see who has the best solutions for the world's problems." And what should be on the table for items of debate in such a face off...


Bangladesh & Pakistan: Where Minorities Fear to Walk

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In today's Bangladesh and Pakistan, you have constant persecution of non-Muslim minorities, while minority Muslim communities are also being killed in the name of radical Sunni Islam in Pakistan. Therefore, Ahmadiyya Muslims, Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, Shia Muslims, Sikhs, and others face daily persecution and hatred in Bangladesh and Pakistan.


Impossible for the US Government to Stop the Ground Zero Mosque

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In a democartic and capitalist system, the government can do nothing to stop a project like the Ground Zero Mosque at 9/11 attack site...


The Islam I Left Behind

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I left Islam behind, because that’s where it belongs—behind in the dustbin of history. I summon Muslims to cast off this baseless, harmful, misguiding belief.


Appeasement Emboldens Muslims in the U.K.

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Anjem Choudary's hate-preaching to Muslims' insulting the British troops --- all result of Muslim appeasement...


Members of Pakistan's National & Provincial Assemblies Produced Fake Degrees

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Half of the members of Islamic Pakistan's National and Provincial Assembly hold fake degrees, and they are not ashamed of it...


Taliban Genocide of Hazara Muslims

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Taliban does not commit atrocities against the infidels alone, but also against non-Sunni Muslim sects, whom they consider heretics. The Hazara Shiite Muslims of Afghanistan are one of their major victim...


A Billion Muslims Consider Muhammad a Prophet, That's a Miracle

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In history, many warlords and leaders robbed, killed and raped, and committed genocides, but they were all condemned and declared evil criminals like Genghis Khan, Hitler and Polpot. Mo was the only warlord, who did all that and is still declared a perfect human being. He was arguably not only the most violent man, who ever lived, but he was also a nutcase, who did such strange and abnormal things that if done by anyone else will  land him in a nut-house. Yet a billion Muslims consider him a role model for humanity. Now that is a real miracle.


The Islamic Republic is NOT Iran

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Because unlike the mass-murderer, oppressive Islamofascist regime of the Islamic Republic, the Iranian people greatly cherish freedom and liberty...


Fatima Leaves Islam

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...there's too much wrong in Islam to even begin to justify the little good it contains. So Fatimah, her brother and two friends -- all from Pakistan -- have left Islam....


Pakistan and Islam

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Just why I left Islam and why the Pakistani state should be dismantled...


Is Great Britain Sleepwalking into an Islamic State?

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Indeed so and it is happening fast with facilitation by all Muslim-appeasing mainstream politicians, who are hungry for Muslim votes for staying in power...


Prophetic Traits of Allah's Apostle

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A list of moral traits of Prophet Muhammad... Fitting for an Apostle of God indeed...


Altruistic Prophets: Islam and Mormon Similarities

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A list of similarities between Muhammad and Mormon prophet Joseph Smith, and their religious doctrines... Quite striking...



Epidemic of Acid-Attack on Women in Pakistan

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A sample of horror stories of acid-attacks on women in Pakistan...


The Palestine Myth

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An Arab Islamic Palestine or Palestinian people is a myth. Historically, Palestine meant the Jewish 'Holy Land' and Palestinian stood for 'Jews of the Holy Land'... So the current understanding of Palestine and Palestinians is a myth at best and hijacking of what belonged to others at worst.


Islamic Barbarism: Disfiguring Women by Acid Attack, Part 2

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Destruction or disfigurement of the facial beauty of a woman, the natural gift she is endowed with, is a horrible crime, worse than murder. So, the acts of throwing acid, intended to deface a girl, should be condemned as a worst kind of criminal act and the perpetrators must be dealt with exemplary punishments.


Non-Jihadi Muslims are Kafirs Who Must Be Killed

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The Prophet killed bad Muslims, who had refused to join his jihadi war. Our good Muslim brothers in Pakistan are emulating this Sunna...


Islamic State of Pakistan, the World-champion in Viewing Pornographic Sites

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While the world's greatest sport and entertainment even, the Soccer World Cup, was going on, Pakistan quietly achieved a 'World Champion' title---it is in watching porn on the internet.


Islam Must Be Stopped in America

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Islam has spawned many sects that are master practitioners of the art of double standards. As far as Muslims are concerned, what is good for Muslims is not good for the non-Muslims; and what is bad for Muslims is good for non-Muslims.


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