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The Iranian Nuclear "Blitzkrieg"

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The question is not whether Iran will get a nuclear weapon; it is about where and against whom they will use it.


Prophet Muhammad’s Holy Tradition Inspires Muslims Worldwide to Engage in Child-Marriage & Pedophilia

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Nigerian Senator Ahmed Sani Yerima being one such prophet-inspired pedophile, who justified his marrying a 13-year-old Egyptian girl recently by referring to 52-year-old Muhammad's marrying of Aisha, aged 6.


Fear the Enemies Within!

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Talking about the fear of Islam-apologist elites of the West...


The Crux of Islam’s Civilizational War

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Islam, by the commands of Allah and the Prophet, is engaged in a perpetual battle with Western civilization, which can end only with Islam's total defeat or complete victory.



Prophet Muhammad’s Assassination of Khayber Jewish Leader Sallam Ibn Abu’l-Huqayq

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Muhammad annihilated those, who were critical of him and his doctrines. The not-so-well-known story of the murder of Sallam Ibn Abu’l-Huqayq, a Jewish leader of Khayber, is one amongst many.


Deadly Islamic Deobandi Movement Spreading Tentacles Across America

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The radical Deobandi movement, an ultra-conservative manifestation of Islam, is spreading throughout the United States without capturing the attention of major media outlines. Sheikh Riyadh ul Haq, one of the movement’s most influential preachers, has voiced his support for al-Qaeda and the Taliban, and his hatred of all Western values.


Taqiya & Jihad: The Duality of Islamic Doctrine

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Taqiya and Jihad are the two most important concepts of duality of Islamic Doctrines. For all unbelievers and kafirs, it is a must to understand the doctrines of Islam and the inconceivably horrible atrocities committed in its name.



Why Sa'd Ibn Mu'ad Ordered the Massacre of Bani Qurayza

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To have Muhammad's intention concerning Bani Qurayza fulfilled...


The Chapter Sura Fil (Elephant) of the Quran Written Long Before the Advent of Islam

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Why the story contained in Sura al-Fil of the Qura could not be historically true, which Muhammad likely copied from pagan poetry, and why this story turns Allah into a supporter of idolatry...


How to Become a Profitable Da’ee (Muslim Preacher)

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Your are a Muslim and speak good English, but worried of making a living? Well, here's your "key" to riches by becoming a successful Islamic preacher.


Islamic ‘Justice’ Continues in the Muslim world: Pak Taliban Chops Hands of Three

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Open house to render barbaric Islamic justice by the Taliban in Pakistan continues and widens...


Was Badr a Battle or Muhammad's Highway Robbery

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The skirmiss between Muhammad's army and his Meccan opponents is seem as the most glorious battle in Islam. In reality, it does not qualify to be a battle at all, but a treacherous highway robbery by desert decoits.


The Way to Defeat Islam

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Is just to laugh it off... Humor is our greatest weapon against Islam for preserving our freedom and way of life...



May 20th: Everyone Draw Muhammad Day

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After Comedy Central censored depiction of Muhammad in a South Park episode, after death-threat from a Muslim group, RevolutionMuslim.org, Seattle cartoonist Molly Norris launched "Everybody Draw Muhammad Day" to defend one's right to free expression and to challenge the boundaries of political correctness. But...


Islam is the Problem

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Islam is the problem for us infidels, and the only way to assure safety of ourself and our future generations is to physically separate ourself from Muslims, although a good few, who go by the Muslim label, have to suffer...



Islamic Circle of North America Tirelessly Oppose Extremism & Violent Ideology by Teaching Violent Jihad against Infidels

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When five associates of the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) were arrested in Pakistan for joining Jihad, ICNA was quick to distance itself, saying "Extremism has no place in Islam, and ICNA works tirelessly to oppose extremist and violent ideology." But ICNA's reading list include materials of al-Banna, al-Qaradawi and Maududi, who propagate violent Jihad against infidels for establishing global Islamic rule...


A Muslim Insider's Chilling Warning: How Muslims are Building Secret Army for Takeover of Germany Aided by Over-tolerance

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Some Germans are already trying to be good toward Muslims, hoping to avoid persecution when a most-likely Muslim takeover takes place. But make no mistake: Islamists know no tolerance, but only subservience. They know no gratitude or appreciation for services rendered, but only the ruthless pursuit of power, warns the author.


Muhammad and His Quran: Blood and Lies at the Root of Islam (E-Book)

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Mohammad Asghar's fine book, "Muhammad and His Quran: Blood and Lies at the Root of Islam", is being released for free downloading. It's unfortunate that such a fine piece of work did not get a publisher (for fear of angering Muslims), which would have helped wider circulation of the essential, invaluable manuscript. [link corrected]


Uniform Civil Code Alone Can Liberate Muslim Women of India from the Curse of Islamic Polygamy and Easy Divorce

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Only if the Indian Government stops Muslim appeasement and implements the secular civil-code uniformly upon all its citizens, irrespective of religious groups, would liberate its Muslim women from the oppression of harsh anti-women Islamic laws...



Reply to an Atheist by a Slap from an Islamic Scholar!

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I came across this via an email from an old Muslim friend. He still has hopes of me changing my kafir ways…? He wants to make me understand that Islam is the truest religion and he is trying to convince me by sending this proof!



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