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Bangladesh: Barbarous Attack and Massacre of Indigenous Hill-People by Military Forces & Bengali Settlers

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The long-suffered indigenous non-Muslim Jumma people of hilly region of Southern Bangladesh recently came under new attack by Muslim settlers and the army, killing unknown number of indigenous villagers and burning their houses to ashes...


Famous Bollywood Stars to Renowned Politicians: The Victims of Islamic Love-Trap and Conversion to Islam

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A few instances of famous Indian Hindus, from Bollywood stars to leading politicians, who converted to Islam having fallen victim to Islamic love-trap or to practice polygamy...



Unusual Jihad

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Recent incidents of unusual Jihad---from killing bad Muslims as they pray in mosques to pedophilia Jihad---all following the examples set by the glorious prophet Muhammad...


America, Break Silence on Islam

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Americans must hear the truth about Islam continually until they are completely aware of its dangers. Sadly, our religious leaders dare not speak up fearing they would be accused of intolerance toward another religion. Our academia, the university professors, left or right, dare not, because, most likely, they would lose their salaries....


Creation of an international movement for Freedom, Equality & Secularism

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A Report on the International Women’s Day Conference in Gothenburg/Sweden on March 6 to comemmorate 8th March...


Darwin’s Theory of Evolution and Islam

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Islamists have launched a systematic, and rather successful, campaign against the irrefutable Theory of Evolution. This seminal theory, which now sits on monumental evidence, is not only needed to be proactively defended against Islamists' campaign to discredit it, but its successful defense can also play significant role in discrediting and defeating Islam...


The Desperation of Muslims in Islamic Countries

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A grim picture of Muslims' desperation in Pakistan and in the wider Islamic world, for that matter... but no help from Allah is forthcoming...


Tarek Fatah and the Myth of Moderate Islam

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How the likes of Tarek Fatah, in the guise of so-called secular and moderate Muslims, are hell-bent on hiding Islam's historical facts in order to advance Islam in the West, while discrediting, even endangering the lives, of the true critics of Islam...


Did Caliph Omar Order the Burning of Alexandria Library?

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Some modern historians, including Bernard Lewis, discredit the fact that Caliph Omar ordered the destruction of the great Alexandria Library as a 17-century Christian invention to scandalize Islam. But they ignore that fact that the original report comes from Muslim authors of the 11th century...


Hero Worship of Muhammad and the Denial of Human Rights and Freedom

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Hero worship of individuals, as occurs under fascistic and dictarorial regimes, also fosters a culture, where human rights and freedom are least regarded. It's no wonder that in countries where Muhammad, a fascistic dictator, is hero-worshipped, human rights and freedom are least valued...


Conversion to Islam: The One-way Street in Marriage between a Muslim and non-Muslim

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In marriages between Muslims and non-Muslims, conversion of the non-Muslim partner to Islam is a must, failing of which may lead to tragic consequences, from beheading to burning alive even in Hindu India (see below).


Muslims’ Sheep Mentality

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Humans are living information machines, receiving input from both external sources as well as the body, processing it in some fashion, and producing output: our thoughts and behavior. From the moment of birth, parents, siblings, and others play pivotal parts in supplying the input and influencing how it is processed.


The True Nature of Islam: Nonie Darwish versus Hassan Shibley

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Islamic apologist Hassan Shibly demands "Islam Has Nothing To Do With Terrorism" to which ex-Muslim Nonie Darwish writes a retort on the true nature of Islam...


Why a Hindu (or non-Muslim) Girl Must Think Thrice before Marrying a Muslim

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In my previous article, Why a Hindu (or a non-Muslim) Girl Must not Marry a Muslim, I have explained why it is not wise for Hindu girls to convert to Islam and marry Muslims. In this article, I outline a few unfortunate-to-tragic incidents of Hindu girls, who converted to Islam to marry their Muslim lovers, which will warrant thinking thrice for Hindu girls before converting and marrying Muslims...



Where Christianity Meets Islam

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Some points of similarities between the Islamic and Biblical Scriptures...


Violent, Hateful Misfits Get Attracted to Islam

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Islam's hateful and violent core is the perfect panacea for violent and criminal misfits, and that's why so many violent criminals are converting to Islam in the West.....


Wilders Speech to House of Lords: Will London Remain London or Become Londonistan?

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What will BBC broadcaste in forty years from now? Will it still be: "This is London" or "This is Londonistan"? Will it bring us hope or signal the values of Mecca and Medina?


Liberal Pacifism vs. Islamic Extremism

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How fascistic Islam is spreading its tentacles in the West for taking eventually taking it over, thanks to "naivete" of the pacifist liberals...


Misyar and Mut’ah (Nikah): The Temporary Marriages in Islam

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How two forms of temporary marriage, a vile and immoral Allah-sanctioned practice of Muhammad, are being practised by Muslims, both Shiites and Sunnis, today...


Slavery in Islam and Its Practice in Pakistan

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How Islam santified slavery and how it is being practised in Pakistan today....


Rape in Islam and Its Four Witnesses

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Ridiculous thinking and laws concerning rape in Islam...


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