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The Crusades: A Response to Islamic Aggression

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One of the most potent myths of our age is that the Crusades were little more than an unprovoked attack by a barbarous Europe against a quiescent and cultured Islamic world.


Islam's Apartheid

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Islam is a creed of apartheid, with women being its worst victim...



The Anachronism of Apostasy

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The concept of apostasy, today practised only by Muslims, is  shameful stain on the conscience of humanity...



"Heart and Cardiovascular System in the Quran and Hadeeth" and Intellectual, Ethical and Moral Bankruptcy of the International Journal of Cardiology

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A comprehensive rebuttal to claims about miraculous Islamic contributions to cardiology and medicine in the paper, The Heart and Cardiovascular System in the Quran and Hadeeth, published in the reputed International Journal of Cardiology.


Way to Stop Islam

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What critics of Islam recommend for fighting Islam effectively...


UK: Teacher Sacked for Protesting Muslim Hate Speech

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A Greek Cypriot public school teacher in Great Britain was fired from his job, allegedly because he made some comments about a Muslim girl's headscarf and the superiority of Christianity over Islam.


A new Kaaba in Iraq

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A sect of Shiite Muslims have built a new Kaaba in Iraq. Are more Kaabas on the way? Cracks in the so-called Islamic unity are obviously appearing.


Girl Buried Alive in Turkey: Honor Killing is about Islam

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Turkish police recovered the body of Medine Memi, a 16-year-old girl, who was buried alive by her father and grandfather in an "honor" killing carried out as punishment for talking to boys.


Why a Hindu (or a non-Muslim) Girl Must not Marry a Muslim

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Why well-meaning Hindu girls fall into trap of Muslim 'love jihad' to enter hellish married life under Islam, and why they should think twice before entering into marriage with Muslims...



Refutation of 'The heart and cardiovascular system in the Qur'an and Hadeeth'

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'The heart and cardiovascular system in the Qur'an and Hadeeth' or pure nonsense?


Reformist Islamist Edip Yuksel's Enemies of Peace

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Ali Sina, Abul Kasem, Robert Spencer, and Bill Warner et al. top the list alongside Bin Laden and Mulla Omar...


A Hindu Girl's Troublesome Marriage with a Muslim

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But with a good end: although the girl had to convert to Islam, reluctantly, to marry her love, the boy eventually left Islam....


Shazia Masih Rape & Killing: The Evil of Islam in Action

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In Pakistan, a 12-year-old minor Christian girl, employed as a slave-like maid by a leading lawyer, was raped & killed, while lawyer-colleagues of the culprit are demonstrating and threatening to kill anyone, who may help the Christian girl's case. What else can one expect from the barbaric religion of Muhammad?


90 Lashes for Carrying Cell Phone to School: How Shariah Law Deals with Modern Inventions?

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A 13 year-old girl in Saudi Arabia is given 90 lashes and 2-month jail-term for carrying her cell-phone to school, and how the Islamic world deals with modern inventions with Jahilia laws, although under the label of Sharia....


What happened to the site?

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Dear readers, you couldn't access the Islam-Watch Website for a couple of days, because it was messed up by a malicious spammer by sending some corrupting code through our "search feature". We had to do a major overhall of the site to come out of that hole. Hopefully, we have fixed the lacuna once and for all.

“Your God and My God” Theory!

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How Muslims, from Malaysia to Egypt, are disseminating and intensifying the 'exclusivist' and 'divisive' religious views and agendas, leading to conflicts and violence...


Islam Claims Everybody is Born a Muslim. Is It?

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It's the most ridiculous claim one could ever have made in history...


The Heart and Cardiovascular System in the Quran and Hadeeth: How Islamists Want to Fool the World!

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International Journal of Cardiology, a reputable medical science journal published by Elsevier publishing group, a leading name in scientific publication, is publishing a paper entitled, "The heart and cardiovascular system in the Qur'an and Hadeeth". One is left to wonder where this world is heading to...


Iran's Constitutional Hurdle

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A look into Iran's Islamic constitution and how it impedes Iran's democratic reform...


The Blackest Day for ‘Freedom of Speech’

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Banning Dutch MP Geert Wilders from entering the UK, and his deportation from the Heathrew Airport in February 2009, marked the darkest day for "freedom experssion" in modern history...


The Good Muslims, Part 3

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There is no such thing as a good Muslim. It's a contradiction in terms. There are good people who call themselves Muslims, but there are no good Muslims. Islam is a cruel and dangerous religion that pits Muslim against non-Muslim in an eternal battle. Muslims should be ashamed of their demented prophet and dump his cult of death.


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'Islamic Jihad' in Bangla
Aasma Riaz: "Thank you so much for your book "Islamic Jihad" and showing me the "Big Picture". For 7-8 days, I was glued to your book, absorbing so much information that I did not know existed. You have crisply covered so much in your book and quoted historical references extensively. I am just overwhelmed with different emotions after reading your book..., a priceless tome."

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