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Will America Survive Islamofascism?

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While fascistic Islam has penetrated "fortress America" with its proponents, adopting the "stealth jihad" strategy, even infiltrated the government, ours leaders, the useful idiots, glorifies Islam as a great religion of peace, thus, doing the work of the people of the sword, aka Islam...


How Islam Shaped the Medieval World?

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How Islam had a defining role in shaping the medieval world for what it stood for....


Turkey's Slide to Islamism: Past The Point of No Return

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Islamic apologists have long flaunted Turkey as a shining example of Islam's compatibility with secularism and democracy, but the current pro-Islam regime is slowly turning the country toward Islamic theocracy, which now stands at a point of no return...



Kidnapping of Hindu Girls for Raping or Conversion and Marriage to Muslims

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Following Islam's prophetic and historic tradition of capturing and enslaving non-Muslim women for rape, Muslims in West Bengal (India) and Bangladesh continue kidnapping Hindu girls (indeed, non-Muslim girls are victim of the same all over the Muslim world) for raping them or converting them to Islam, and marrying off to Muslims... Below are a few incidents.



The 'Real' Islam

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Islamists under various labels are trying to sell Islam to ignorant Western non-Muslims as a moderate, peaceful creed. But there is only one Islam, manifesting the life of Muhammad and commandments of the Quran, and there is nothing peaceful or moderate in it. This clever ploy of the taqiyah-tactician Islamists must be exposed, if we are fight Islam effectively...


Kidnapping and Forced Conversion of Aristocratic Hindu Princes during Muslim Rule in India

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It is well-known that Muslim invaders and rulers enslaved Hindus en masse and converted them to Islam to swell the Muslim population in India. There was another mode. Muslim rulers, given their large harems, used to have too many princesses, and found difficulty of getting suitable grooms from amongst Muslims to marry them off. So, they kidnapped and forcibly converted talented Hindu princes or aristocratic Hindu youngmen to marry off their daughters...



Understanding Circumcision or Genital Mutilation

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Circumcision, or for non-believers "genital mutilation", is one of the most ancient rituals still practised in some societies. Historical background of this old ritual, as to when, who, and why it started is not precisely known. The practice varies from region to region and from epoch to epoch in its total or partial removal of the foreskin/clitoris for both sexes.


Amil Imani: A light in the gathering darkness

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Amidst rising anti-Semitism and scapegoating of the Jews worldwide, and as the current Iranian Islamist regime prepares to annihilate Israel and cause another Holocaust of the Jews, Amil Imani, an Iranian, stands out as a conscientious supporter of the Jews and Israel.


Hiding Your Assets: The Surprising Origin of the Burka & Niqab

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The practice of acquiring beautiful wives of others by the Muslim ruling class, following Muhammad's example as he had acquired Zainab, the wife of his son-in-law (Zayd), had forced Muslims to introduce all-covering veils in order to conceal their women from the prying eyes of the predatory Islamic authorities, assumes the author....


The Scapegoating of Jews

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Almost everyone uses scapegoats. It is in our fabric. The word "scapegoat" has come to mean a person, often innocent, who is blamed and punished for the sins, crimes, or sufferings of others, generally as a way of distracting attention from the real causes. It is a potent human disposition to blame others for our failings.


Christian Burned Alive, Wife Raped, for Refusing to Convert to Islam: Emulating Islam’s Barbarous Prophet

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Muhammad, in following Allah's command, used to slaughter those, who refused to embrace Islam, and enslave and rape their women. This Sunnah, which has been in action throughout Islam's history to the present day, has been implemented again in Pakistan just recently...


Tarek Fatah and the Making of a Secular, Liberal Muslim

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Tarek Fatah claims he is a moderate-liberal Muslim of the "hardened secular" variety, but his antics in his recent tirade against Wafa Sultan, an ex-Muslim critic of Islam, proves that Muslims, of whatever variety they are, can't just fit in liberal-democratic societies....


Bangladesh: Barbarous Attack and Massacre of Indigenous Hill-People by Military Forces & Bengali Settlers

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The long-suffered indigenous non-Muslim Jumma people of hilly region of Southern Bangladesh recently came under new attack by Muslim settlers and the army, killing unknown number of indigenous villagers and burning their houses to ashes...


Famous Bollywood Stars to Renowned Politicians: The Victims of Islamic Love-Trap and Conversion to Islam

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A few instances of famous Indian Hindus, from Bollywood stars to leading politicians, who converted to Islam having fallen victim to Islamic love-trap or to practice polygamy...



Unusual Jihad

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Recent incidents of unusual Jihad---from killing bad Muslims as they pray in mosques to pedophilia Jihad---all following the examples set by the glorious prophet Muhammad...


America, Break Silence on Islam

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Americans must hear the truth about Islam continually until they are completely aware of its dangers. Sadly, our religious leaders dare not speak up fearing they would be accused of intolerance toward another religion. Our academia, the university professors, left or right, dare not, because, most likely, they would lose their salaries....


Creation of an international movement for Freedom, Equality & Secularism

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A Report on the International Women’s Day Conference in Gothenburg/Sweden on March 6 to comemmorate 8th March...


Darwin’s Theory of Evolution and Islam

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Islamists have launched a systematic, and rather successful, campaign against the irrefutable Theory of Evolution. This seminal theory, which now sits on monumental evidence, is not only needed to be proactively defended against Islamists' campaign to discredit it, but its successful defense can also play significant role in discrediting and defeating Islam...


The Desperation of Muslims in Islamic Countries

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A grim picture of Muslims' desperation in Pakistan and in the wider Islamic world, for that matter... but no help from Allah is forthcoming...


Tarek Fatah and the Myth of Moderate Islam

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How the likes of Tarek Fatah, in the guise of so-called secular and moderate Muslims, are hell-bent on hiding Islam's historical facts in order to advance Islam in the West, while discrediting, even endangering the lives, of the true critics of Islam...


Did Caliph Omar Order the Burning of Alexandria Library?

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Some modern historians, including Bernard Lewis, discredit the fact that Caliph Omar ordered the destruction of the great Alexandria Library as a 17-century Christian invention to scandalize Islam. But they ignore that fact that the original report comes from Muslim authors of the 11th century...


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