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Welcome to Islam-Watch

Why the War in Afghanistan Cannot Be Won

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Because the war is not directed at discrediting and defeating the "real enemy", which is Islam...



Gandhi's Mindless Appeasement of Muslims and the Partition of India

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Gandhi's mindless appleasement of Muslims with complete disregard for the sufferings of Hindus did not only facilitated India's division in 1947, but also continues to afflict India....


"Samson Option": Israel's Choice in Absence of Choice?

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In showing weakness and stupidity to radical Islamists in the Middle East, the West encourages the Middle East predators, promotes the collapse of moderate Arab regimes and throws Israel into a dilemma: the Holocaust or the "Samson option".


Islam and the Dogs

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A nice illustration of Islam's dogs problem...


Islamic Menace in the Americas: The First Front

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The Triple Border region between Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay, visited by bin Laden in 1995, has become the first frontier of Islamic jihad in the Americas, where Muslims are heavily involved in organized crime syndicates, money-laundering and drug-trafficking, generating billions of dollars, part of which is spent on supporting Jihadist operations around the world...


Understanding the Muslim Mindset

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Diffusing the present dangerous confrontation between Islam and the West demands rational impartial and cool heads to untangle facts from myth, understand the Muslim mindset, and redress any grievances on either side.


Muhammad's 'Dead Hand' Behind Muslim Honor Killings

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Therefore, Muhammad is an "unindicted co-conspirator" in the ongoing Islamic honor-crimes against women in Islamic countries and communities around the world...


Malicious attack on Islam Watch

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There was a malicious attempt to disable our Website. As such the site was not infected. Some malicious codes were inserted that gave false alarm of virus/malware, leading to back-listing of the site by search engines.


Islamic Mafia in Bollywood to Glorify Hitler in Movie

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Mumbai-based Bollywood Film industry, hijacked by Islamic mafia headed by terrorist financier Dawood Ibrahim, is slated to make a movie glorifying Hitler...


Attack on British Labour MP Stephen Timms: Criminal Behavior or Jihadi Violence?

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A Muslim woman, pretending to meet up with UK Labour MP Stephen Timms, stabbed him. Politicians and media explained away the incident as common criminal behaviour. Had Islamic hatred of infidels had anything to do with it?


Sexual Perversity of the Muslim Mind

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Muslim men's sexual attitude is so perverse that they think they can even eye-rape women. While we can't probably ever comprehend how is that possible, but we can discern why they may entertain such perverse thinking...


Islam & Green Movement: Prince Charles' a Blithering Idiot

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Prince Charles told an audience at Oxford to follow Islamic 'spiritual principles' to protect the environment. Only a blithering idiot can say such a thing, given Islam has little regard for the environment (Muslim world taken no initiative to protect it either in recent years)...


Islamic Menace in the Americas: The First Jihad

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One may think that Latin America is largely devoid of Muslims and safe from their menace. It's not. Things are turning ugly there too. Here's the first in a series of article to depict the Islamic menace over there.


The Turkish Conundrum

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The AKP Islamists in Turkey, wearing a "moderate Islamic democratic" guise, have fooled the world big-time; their true color is unravelling slowly, the latest being the Flotilla campaign against Israel...


Flotilla Campaign: Turkey's Brinkmanship against Israel

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The Flotilla campaign was a well-calculated stunt by Turkey's Islamist regime, aimed at political windfall at home and its desire to cut all ties with the ever-hated Jewish state. And it has gone perfect for them.


Inside Iran's Sex Slave Industry

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The misogynistic Islamist Mullah regime of Iran are turning the women into sex-slaves...


Ahmadinejad's Brinkmanship: Mecca and Medina Suffer the Fate of Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

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A dangerous misstep by the Iranian madman Ahmadinejad may see the Islamic hate-centers of Mecca and Medina turned to ashes, probably unshering the end of Islam once and for all.


Child-Marriage and Pedophilia in Muslim Societies: Will It Come to an End?

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...there are some encouraging signs...


Stop Islamization of America: Say 'No' to Mosque at 9/11 Ground Zero

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The planned Mega-Mosque at the 9/11 Ground Zero will not only be a new Islamic hate-center, but is also a bold Islamist challenge to Islamize America. When politicians won't do anything but appeasement of vicious Islamists, citizens must moblize efforts to convince our friends, neighbors and fellow citizens to preserve America's freedom and democracy.


Trading of Child Sex-Slaves in the name of Marriage in Saudi Arabia

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The practice of child-marriage & pedophilia, set forth by Prophet Muhammad through his marrying little child Aisha, continues to be practiced in Islamic societies. Little Muslim girls continue to be victim of Islamic child-sex abuse, which goes in the name of marriage and often takes the form of trade.



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