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The Quiet Arab-Israeli Peace in Reality

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For the Arab governments, Israel in, Palestinians out in the quiet...


The Fellowship of the Minds!

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"I am convinced about the veracity of my opinions, but I do consider it likely that they may turn out to be incorrect. Likewise, I am convinced about the incorrectness of the views different from mine, but I do concede the possibility that they may turn out to be correct.” — Imam Shafa’i

(This attire has explicit language contents about God Al-Mighty and if found objectionable, then you should not read it with closed eyes but an open mind!)

A man with a glower and a long thick beard was leaving a convenience store when he suddenly felt dizzy and shortness of breath. He hurriedly reached for the wall and slid down against it, then blacked out… Sometime later he woke up and could see nothing, but he felt a distinctly eerie presence!


Via-Negativa: The Language of Religious Reasoning

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"It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it." – Aristotle

Many of us have a dim and distant memory of early childhood gaffes with words, of those occasions when you thought you had grasped the meaning of a word only to discover sometimes in a rather embarrassing way that you had got the wrong end of the stick and were using the word in an odd and different way. My wife recalls one such tricky occasion with her use of the word "stoned".


A Rebuttal to PBS Documentary ‘The Life of Mohammed’ (August 2013)

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The following comments are a rebuttal to the documentary aired nation-wide on PBS, which can be viewed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_RMQhmOcWAs. It was obvious to anyone who watched that show that the narrative was slanted to present Islam and its prophet as the champions of peace and brotherhood among all mankind. The few times that opposing views were introduced into the TV series, the narrator dismissed them as controversial or misunderstandings of Islam. Non-Muslims need to become aware of the extent to which Islamists distort their own history and sacred documents to make Islam appear to be something that stands in stark contrast to the violence and intolerance displayed by devout followers of Islam and Muhammad in the media every day.


The War on Syria - A Syrian's Perspectives

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What is happening in Syria is not a revolution against the Assad regime, it is an invasion of the country. From the beginning, the Islamist rebels were gathered from inside and outside the country and were generously financed, organized and armed by outside powers. Many of those rebels were not Syrians at all and know little about the country they want to destroy in order to 'liberate'. The invaders are outside powers, who used disillusioned Muslims of various nationalities to do the killing on their behalf. This is not a secret conspiracy, as the West’s intentions were obvious even before the rebellion started. America, Britain and France, once again have been the usual culprits. Their tools in the Middle East have been the same again: Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan and Turkey.


Free Syrian Army Fatwa: ‘No Killing Believer Lice in Muslim Beards’

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lice-muslim-beardThe Free Syrian Army, the Islamist freedom fighters who have been fighting dictator Bashar Al-Asad, declared a new fatwa about how to deal with the lice that inhabit the deep forest of the Momin’s beards. By all means, you can not disturb, let alone, kill them, for they are special lice sent forth by Allah swt? Raping women in fine, killing the kuffar (i.e. Christians of Syria) is great, chopping anyone who questions Allah into pieces is a must, and even eating the livers of dead opponents is fine. But for the sake of “Allah”, please do not disturb the lice in Momin’s Beards!


The Most Peaceful Verse

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“...whoever kills a person, it is as if he had killed all mankind. And whoever saves one it is as if he had saved all mankind... ”

This short article discusses verse 5:32 in the Quran, which Muslims commonly quote when debating critics of Islam. Muslim intellectuals and Imams, as well as Western apologists, often quote this verse as evidence to support their false claims that Islam is a religion of peace. The verse is anything but peaceful and shames, not only the Quran, but Islam in general and all those who quote it.


Allah: The Monster of the Universe

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Jake Neuman's new book, Allah: The Monster of the Universe, details a political program to defeat Islam, which he calls ‘New Enlightenment’. Quoting from his book:


Pity, Pretexts and Prerogatives: Islamists’ Tools for Eating into Our Culture

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America is a nation of immigrants. Our country is probably one of the most tolerant—racially, religiously and culturally—of any nation in the world. Our legal system reinforces this tolerance with laws against discrimination of any kind, and the worst epitaph that can be meted out to someone in this country is calling a racist or bigot. This is America, after all.

So how does the author justify making accusations against Islamists? Why have they become the exception to America’s general tolerance of just about all life-styles, cultures, and racial backgrounds?


Hats off to Egypt

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Egypt is making history again. The events taking place in that country are of extra ordinary significance. The events, which are big in themselves, got even bigger because they are happening in Egypt, which is the heart of the Middle East. With 84 millions, Egypt is by far the largest Arab country. It is also the cultural centre of the Arab world. In the last century, Egypt contributed more to the Arab culture than all the other countries put together. In addition, Egypt has always been a leading Islamic country because it is the home of Al Azhar which is the most prestigious Islamic institute. Also it is the birth place, and the power base, of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), the mother of all Islamic terrorist organizations.


How Egyptian President Morsi Dismantled Democracy

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Egyptian President Morsi was democratically elected on June, 2012. He garnered a thin majority with 50.7% of the vote, which represented only 25% of the Egyptian electorate. Once in power through democratic process, he took or tried to implement the following actions, seeking to dismantle democracy and solidify his absolute control of Egypt:


The Decreasing Freedom of Free Speech

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In this article British writer Jon MC and American commentator and writer Jake Neuman explore some issues surrounding free-speech at present (2013).

For those who wish to avoid reading the full article, a summary has been provided before the conclusions.

Universal Free speech

The UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) states in article 19:

“Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression, and to seek, receive and impart information through any media and regardless of frontiers.' UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, article 19. (1948)


About Mehdi Hassan's 'Is Islam a Religion of Peace?' Debate at Oxford

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I could not help writing this about a fellow named Mehdi Hassan. He is a blogger, an Al Jazeera journalist, and frequent guest in major media outlets, such as the BBC. Recently after the murder of British soldier Drummer Rigby on a London street by Jihadists, there was debate, hosted by Oxford Union, on the topic, “Is Islam a Religion of Peace?” Mehdi Hassan was one of the participants in favor of Islam.


A Good Reason to Leave Islam

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The history of religion is probably parallel to the history of man; they came to existence together and may disappear together. As humans became more sophisticated, they became more aware of their lack of understanding of life and death. That lack of understanding provided fertile grounds that nurtured gossips and theories of all kinds. With continued human development, people thought of those questions concerning life and death and probably each person formulated his/her own theories and interpretations. Most people were honest enough to keep their own ideas to themselves without forcing it on others because they knew they made it up. Others were not that honest and proposed their own imagination as true answers for those questions surrounding life and the after life. That was the origin of religion and those dishonest people became the guardians of religions; clergymen, priests, ministers, sheikhs etc, you name it.


To My Fellow Muslims with Love: Revealing Real Muhammad and Islam 5M - Fasting the Third Pillar of Islam: ‘Lailatul Qadr’ Mumbo Jumbo

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In the last two essays (Part 5K & 5L), we have seen lots of confusions about the date of ‘Lailatul Qadr’ or ‘The Night of Power’. The list of confusions is long and continues in this part.


  1. “…the Prophet came and addressed us and said, I was informed of (the date of the Night of Qadr) but I was caused to forget it; so search for it in the odd nights of the last ten nights of the month of Ramadan…” (Sahih Al-Bukhari 3:233, 235, 252 & 256)

Battle of Badr: Islam at Its Best

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On the 17th of Ramadan of every year, Muslims celebrate Islam’s most blessed and most important day – the battle of Badr, which took place two years after Hijra. From the Muslims’ point of view, the battle symbolized the victory of what is the right (Haq) against what is wrong (Batel), the oppressed against the oppressors, the Muslims against the Kuffar; in short it symbolized the victory of Islam against the enemies of Allah. The Muslim army won the battle and Mohammed emerged as a rising leader in Arabia that every tribe should fear and respect- or else.


To My Fellow Muslims with Love: Revealing Real Muhammad and Islam 5L - Fasting the Third Pillar of Islam: Lailatul Qadr – A Mambo Jumbo

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My dear Muslim brothers and sisters! In the last part of this article, we found that ‘Lailatul Qadr’ (‘The Night of Power’), i.e. the night on which angel Jibreel (Gabriel) brought Allah’s first revelation of Muhammad in the cave of Heera, thus bestowing Allah’s apostleship upon him, was forgotten by his entire Ummah – even Muhammad himself, his wife Khadijah, earliest coverts Ali, Zayd and Abu Bakr, and even angel Jibreel and Allah Himself. The most important night in Prophet’s life, the most important date in the relationship between Allah and Muhammad, the one night that is better than 1000 months, can be forgotten by Muhammad, the greatest man ever even in terms of memory, and even by Allah, the Creator of Universe. This says a lot about the very character of the Ummah of Islam.


Why Muhammad Was against Idol-worship?

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Muhammad was very impressed by Judaism. His Islam is an Arabized form of Judaism, which he imposed upon the Arabs. He adopted the idea of monotheistic God, ambulation, circumcision, fasting and prohibition of pig meat etc. from Judaism. Jewish Jehovah became his Allah. He also declared Jerusalem as Qibla of his prayers. He had even adopted Jewish Yom Kippur fasting, which he later discarded after discord arose with the Jews of Medina, and replaced it with fasting in Ramadan. He was highly impressed by Moses and adopted his tactic for establishing his kingdom. He was half Jewish in heart.


To My Fellow Muslims with Love: Revealing Real Muhammad and Islam 5K – Fasting the Third Pillar of Islam: ‘ITIKAAF’ Ridiculous

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Itikaaf is a ritual Muslims observe during the fasting month of Ramadan.


Dear Muslim brothers! While of most of us know what ITIKAAF is, but very few us know about its origin. Prior to Islam, ‘ITIKAAF’ was a practice among the Pagans of Mecca to retire for a stipulated period in the Kaaba temple away from their family in order to devote themselves in remembrance of, and prayer to, the Lord. Muhammad Islamized this practice in the hope of persuading the Pagans to join Islam. And Itikaaf has been observed by Muslim men for the past 14 hundred years as an Islamic ritual during the holy month of Ramadan. The following hadiths give clear evidence that Itikaaf was a ritual of Pagans in pre-Islamic days:

'Umar bin Al-Khattab said, "O Allah's Apostle! I vowed in the Pre-Islamic period to perform Itikaf in Al-Masjid-al-Haram for one night." The Prophet said, "Fulfill your vow." So, he performed Itikaf for one night. (Sahih Al-Bukhari 3:248 & 258-259)


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'Islamic Jihad' in Bangla
Aasma Riaz: "Thank you so much for your book "Islamic Jihad" and showing me the "Big Picture". For 7-8 days, I was glued to your book, absorbing so much information that I did not know existed. You have crisply covered so much in your book and quoted historical references extensively. I am just overwhelmed with different emotions after reading your book..., a priceless tome."

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