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Fifty Shades of Black and Blue

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This month a rather kinky movie was released – “Fifty Shades of Grey” – about a businessman, Christian Grey, and his sadism/bondage obsession. His target was Anastasia Steele, who was required to sign a contract consenting to allowing Grey have complete control over her life, including fulfilling any of his sexual desires and fantasies. While the plot is from a three-part book series that sold over 100 million copies in 52 languages, viewers will be disappointed by the movie rendition. The sexual fantasies have been reduced basically to “distinctly unpleasant whipping,” according to the L.A. Times review. The success of the book, and probably the movie as well, is apparently because a lot of women like to escape into a sadistic and masochistic imaginary world.

It’s unlikely the film will appeal to Muslim women, however. They get enough of that in the real world. Their “contract” was a marriage to someone they didn’t know – unless he happened to be a cousin – which was sealed with an exchange of money between her male “guardian” and the groom per Sharia Law. It gets worse.


ISIS: A Taste of Seventh Century Muhammad

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At the beginning of the 20th century, we had Muslim thinkers whose ideas are wreaking havoc nowadays all over the world. I am thinking of Maududi of Pakistan and Sayyid Qutb of Egypt. We can witness their thought handiworks in our days. Pakistan is currently a failed state. It harbors terrorists. Osama bin Ladin evaded capture by US troops for a long time in Pakistan. Zawahiri, 2nd in command to Al- Qaeda, is probably living somewhere in Pakistan as I write those lines.


The Author of the Quran is a Cameleer, Part 2

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Part 1 of this article dealt with the greed of Muhammad and his Sahaba, values of animals comparatively with human beings, especially with Muslim women, and the extent of Muhammad’s plunders etc. In Part 2, we will try to understand the similarities between camels and Muslims, and camels and Muhammad, as well as proofs that the author of the Quran is a cameleer etc.



Sura Like It

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Introductory Notes

Growing up in a Muslim country, one is more likely than not to hear Muslims talk about how miraculous the Qur’an is. Its Arabic language is just “amazing” and “superior” in a way that no human in the past, the present, and the future can write such a text. True Muslims take that to heart. However, when one delves into the concept of the superior language of the Qur’an, one quickly finds out that there are no defining criteria that in fact show the superiority of the Qur’an’s language.

In this article, I will show the reader that even with the absence of standards, one can still create verses that are equal linguistically and morally to the Qur’an. One can also create verses that are superior to the Qur’anic verse.


Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi – The Man of the Year 2014

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al baghdadi2014 has been a historical year for Islam – a year of the normalization of Islamic evil and disastrous year for freedom.

And the Man of The Year for 2014 is unequivocally the ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, although the Time magazine offered it to the Indian Prime Minister Norendra Modi.

Adolf Hitler, who won the Man Of The Year in 1938, declared: “If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.”

Hitler’s 1000-year Reich lasted only 12 years, during which he conquered 25 countries and murdering some 21 million people. It has since become history.

Baghdadi's ISIS, in a spectacular show of force in 2014, conquered large parts of Syria and Iraq, and in the process has rationalized pure evil as normal and made it an integral part of everyday life certainly in the territory under its control. In reality, Baghdadi's ISIS simply has replicated the barbarism of Muhammad at the founding of Islam in 7th century Arabia – his mass-murders, beheadings, slavery, rapings as recorded in the Sunna – and also sanctioned in the holy Quran.


About the Rise of Atheism in the Arab World

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There are indications that atheism is on the rise in the Arab world. This rise is alarming enough to force many Arabic TV channels to admit it and discuss it in several shows, which is very unusual in media that normally highlights the spread, not the recession of Islam. The spread of atheism across the Arab world is an extraordinary development to say the least, considering that the process of Islamic radicalisation has been going strong, fast and unopposed for decades.

Obviously, the scale of the ‘problem’ is different from one country to another. Interestingly, Saudi Arabia seems to be the country affected most with 5% of the population(1) identified as atheists! That is in the country where Sharia is meticulously implemented and considered by many Islamists as the model to emulate.


Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman in an F-16

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ISIS is intent on dredging up the most horrific manifestations of Islamic terror imaginable. Their latest outrage is to burn a Jordanian Muslim pilot, Lt. Moath al-Kasasbeh, alive in a cage. Even within the Muslim world, there are limits to barbarism. Jordan has responded by stepping up their aerial attacks against ISIS. The UAE has dispatched a squadron of F-16s (12-24 aircraft) to Jordan for coordinated bombing of ISIS targets. (Thanks to NBC News for these screenshots.)


The Author of the Quran Is A Cameleer, Part 1

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We are living in the age of fast-food; everything we want instantly. Nobody has the time and interest to read, analyze & scrutiny religious scriptures, regardless of all religions. But we do have time to re-schedule our important work for the sake of attending prayers. Since we discuss Islam in this website, it is our obligation to our Muslim readers that they should not read the contents of our articles with surface interest and forget it later on, but to scrutiny it in depth with the references given for each quote, by surfing the internet. Islamic websites never give any reference to their water downed quotes fearing that it may stimulate the readers to surf more on that subject, which will lead them to the actual devastating parts of their scriptures.


The Muslim Question: Why Publish Things That Hurt the Sentiments of Muslims?

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A moderate Muslim this week penned a defense of the terrorists, who murdered ten reporters and two others at the offices of satirical publication, Charlie Hebdo in Paris:

It is known to all that radicals and fanatics cannot stomach any jokes or cartoons about the prophet Muhammad, so why do it? There are thousands of other topics and cartoons that can be produced that would not hurt the sentiments of Muslims.

Western civilization has advanced far greater than the Muslim-majority regions of the world in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia, because they embraced the Enlightenment. It didn’t happen immediately, but ultimately people realized that reason and inquiry were powerful tools to improve their lot in life – both physically and spiritually. It was a shock to the established Roman Church when Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses to the door of the All Saints Church in Wittenberg (Holy Roman Empire) in 1517, but the Roman Church reformed, and a whole new era of religious inquiry and study of the sacred texts emerged. These events led Europe out of the Dark Ages.


Jihad Terrorism in Paris: “We Have Avenged the Prophet Muhammad. We Killed Charlie Hebdo.”

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The horrendous Muslim attack at the offices of Charlie Hebdo in Paris that murdered 12 including the Chief editor Stéphane Charbonnier and wounded 11 is a historical event in Europe. The brave people at Charlie Hebdo, who survived the first Islamic Jihadi fire-bombing attack in November 2011 for drawing cartoons of Prophet Muhammad, refused to submit to Islamic intimidation and threat to their life and decided to stand for freedom. Chief editor Charbonnier then said, “I'm not affraid of retaliation... I would prefer to die standing than living on my knees.” They stood their ground and died—like true martyrs impaled on the swords of Islam—standing tall on their feet in the defence of freedom.


Al Kindi’s Dirty Dozen of Islamic Absurdities

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Twelve centuries ago there was a “Golden Age” in the Islamic world where people of different views could actually make their arguments about religion without fear of retribution, much less assassination. Sometimes these differing views were communicated to the Caliph al-Ma’mum, who considered them with rapt attention. He also set up the House of Wisdom in Baghdad which promoted free inquiry. Sadly, this moment of open inquiry lasted only 34 years, barely one generation, before the doors to Islamic inquiry (ijtihad) were forever closed.

One of the most compelling debates that emerged from this short breath of oxygen was a dialogue between the Arab Christian Abd al-Masih Al Kindi, a member of the Caliphate court, and the Muslim Abd-Allah al-Hashimy (both pseudonyms). This exchange was known as the Apology (risala) of Al Kindi. An abridged English translation was produced by the Scottish Orientalist Sir William Muir in 1887. (See: http://www3.nd.edu/~reynolds/nehc20624/al-kindi.pdf)


From Broken Hill to Martin Place: A Tale of Two Jihad Assaults in Australia a Century Apart

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From the author's Website:

From Broken Hill to Martin Place: Individual Jihad Comes to Australia, 1915 to 2015

Alma Cowie, killed in Broken Hill 1915, and Katrina Dawson, killed in Sydney 2014

Australia Jihad victims: Alma Cowie (1915); Katrina Dawson (2014)

One hundred years ago today, a lethal jihad attack was staged against New Year’s Day picnickers in Broken Hill, Australia. This attack and the recent Martin Place siege, events separated by almost exactly a century, show striking similarities.

For Australians, the anxious question about the Martin Place attack, which has grabbed the attention of everyone, is whether this atrocity is but a harbinger of a further series of deadly attacks on Australian soil, or whether it will pass into memory as an exceptional one-off event, much as the 1915 New Year’s Day massacre in Broken Hill did.

Alma Cowie, killed in Broken Hill 1915, and Katrina Dawson, killed in Sydney 2014

On New Year’s Day, 1915, two Muslim men, Bashda Mahommed Gool and Mullah Abdullah, shot and killed four people and wounded several others before finally being killed by police. They had both come to Australia more than a decade previously.


Freedom for Now: The Story of My Detention and Persecution in Spain

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imran-firasat-family-childrenIn 2012, Spain revoked my refugee status and subsequently issued an expulsion order only because I produced a documentary on Prophet Muhammad's life. After my ultimate appeal for the restoration of my refugee status was rejected by the Spanish Supreme Court in June 2014, I left Spain and went to Norway and sought asylum there. But the land of the Nobel Peace Prize and supposed champion of defending human rights acted in cowardly manner, hurriedly sending me back to Spain showing absolute disregard toward my appeal for protection.

On 28 July 2014, Spanish authorities detained me on my arrival back in Spain for extraditing to Indonesia over a false and religiously-motivated criminal charge, which was fabricated for taking me to an Islamic country to shut my mouth forever and punish me for revealing the unsavory facts about Islam and Prophet Muhammad. It should be noted that in 2010, while living with my wife in Indonesian, Indonesian police detained me for my criticism of Islam published in the Internet and deported me to Spain in July that year. Then, in an incredible manner, they implicated in me in a murder case, conducted investigation and trials, and convicted and sentenced me to 20-year imprisonment – all within 7 days – without ever informing me of the charges and without giving me any opportunity to defend my innocence.


Self-Radicalized or Self-Islamized Muslims?

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Thousands of radical Western-living Muslims are pouring into Syria and Iraq to join the barbaric Islamic State (ISIS) Jihadi group. Many more Western Muslims are trying to commit ISIS-inspired terrorist attacks in the West. It should be noted that ISIS have urged Western Muslims to kill infidels living around them and poison their food.

While Islamic apologists and the Western politicians and media would want to paint the Islamic State as extreme perversion of the peaceful religion of Islam with minuscule support among Muslims, the Jihadist group have found willing audience among Muslims both in the East and the West. In the Netherlands, surveys have found 65% Moroccan-origin and 80% Turkish Muslims have support for ISIS, while 69% French Muslims support the ISIS Jihadists. Support for ISIS among Muslims in other Western countries, such as Britain, Germany and Belgium, remains strong. And somewhat surprisingly, In the West, ISIS Finds Women Eager to Enlist to its barbaric Jihadist cause. In sum, as far as the West is concerned, the Generation Jihad Is Here.


Egyptian Atheist Ahmad Harqan: ISIS Is Doing What Muhammad Did

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Amazing courage shown by ex-Muslim Human Rights Activist, Ahmad Harqan!


Spain: Fate of Ex-Muslim Critic of Islam Hangs in Balance

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The Supreme Court's ruling is eerily similar to an international blasphemy law being promoted by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, a bloc of 57 Muslim countries dedicated to implementing a worldwide ban on "negative stereotyping of Islam."

Firasat's lawyers say that they have presented the court with irrefutable evidence that the charges against Firasat were fabricated by Indonesian authorities, but that this evidence has been ignored by a judiciary that is under political pressure from the Spanish government to get rid of Firasat once and for all.

"Even if Indonesians do not punish me for death, how will I be protected from Muslims who consider me a blasphemer and an apostate? Will I be able to get a fair trial when the judges, prosecution, fake witnesses and lawyers, everybody will be a Muslim?" — Imran Firasat

Firasat said it was never his intention to provoke the Spanish government, but that he felt it was his duty to "warn of the dangers of not understanding or stopping what is known as Jihad."


Taqqiya of Mike Ghouse: 'Quran Is Not for Muslims'

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MikeGhouseAl-Taqiyya is an Islamic doctrine of deceiving non-Muslims in the interest of Islam, which is well-articulated in the Quran (3:28, 16:106) and the Sunna (Sahih Bukhari 7:71:662, 4:52:147, 4:53:408). Mike Ghouse is a US-based Muslim, who has mastered the art of al-Taqiyya extremely well. He frequently appears on TV to put a Happy Face on the murderous ideology of Islam to deceive non-Muslims, and has also written a guidebook on Islam to that end, titled “Quran is Not For Muslims”.

To introduce his guidebook to Western readers, Ghouse wrote an article in the Huffington Post. The article starts by stating: “First of all, God is not the God of Muslims and no where he claims that in Quran.


Letter to Norway – Land of the Nobel Peace Prize: 'Thank You for Sending Me to Torture and Death'

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Dear Norway,

In June 2014, I made long and perilous journey passing through five countries to reach your territory. Fleeing from years of persecution in Spain and risk of being sent to my death in an Islamic country, I came to you asking for help, hoping that you—the land of Nobel Peace Prize—will offer me refuge, and mitigate my sufferings that I suffered in Spain during the past few years for expressing my critical views about Islam.

But I was disappointed. I feel cheated by you. On July 8, I appeared in a police station in Oslo and told every about myself with full honesty, including about an Interpol Red Notice against me for extraditing to the Islamic country of Indonesia, where I will be killed for criticizing Islam. I was interviewed and treated well by the police and was sent to a refugee camp as an asylum seeker.

I stayed in the camp for 8 days. Then on July 16, I was arrested by the police as if I was a criminal gangster, not an asylum seeker. I was imprisoned for 12 days before sending back to Spain.


The Losing Battle of Imran Firasat: Spain Decides to Send Him to His Death

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imran-firasat-family-childrenWe have recently reported that the Spanish government seemed resolved to extradite Imran Firasat to Indonesia, and a hearing to that effort was to be held on 16 October 2014.

We are belatedly informed that the judges gave the verdict to the hearing on 28 October, giving a green signal to the Government's request to extradite him.

It should be mentioned that Indonesia is seeking Imran Firasat's extradition through Interpol on a murder accusation. A few years ago, a Madrid court held a hearing to the extradition request and the Indonesian authorities were invited to present their evidence to the murder charge. Despite repeated calls, the Indonesian authorities never showed up to present their evidence and the judge eventually rejected the extradition request.


Gross Injustice to Equate Islamic Terrorists with the Victims of Mental Illness?

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Two separate terrorist attacks by two Muslim individuals in Canada that murdered two soldiers struck terror into the hearts of the Ottawans and the Canadians nationwide. And the political and media elites as usual embrked on the campaign that these killers were maligning the “peaceful” religion of Islam.

The National Post ran the headline, “Its Been A Tough Week For Canadian Moslems”, stating that it was not Islam but a violent quest for power that motivated these two Muslims to carry out those terrorist attacks, ignoring the fact that the sacred texts of Islam are laden with endless violence-inciting commands and exhortations.

Likewise, Justin Trudeau, leader of the opposition Liberal Party, called those attacks an “aberration of your faith... distorted ideological propaganda posing as religion.”


Teaching Islam without Warning Labels Is Like Storing Draino in a Sugar Bowl

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islam - drano in sugar-bowlParents across the nation are discovering that their children’s classes about Islam are infused with dangerous religious dogma. Specifically, students are being told that “the one true god is Allah,” and that “all people must submit to Allah”. Students are also required to learn the “Five Pillars of Islam”. The corresponding ideological tenants of other major world religions are not being taught. Already, several middle school and high school textbooks have been banned for their very biased content. Examples include Prentice-Hall’s “Medieval and Early Modern Times” published by Pearson and “History Alive! The Medieval World and Beyond” published by Teachers’ Curriculum Institute.

This preferential treatment of Islam is exactly what the Constitution’s First Amendment was addressing when the government was “to make no law respecting an establishment of religion.” Students see the schools and teachers as speaking with authority when they state that the one true god is Allah. The teaching of Islam must be tempered warnings to enable students to reflect on whether Islam is truly a “religion of peace” and whether the pillars of Islam are in fact admirable. Dogma should not trump critical thinking in a school environment.


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About the book || Reviews by: Steven Simpson | Abul Kasem | Prof Sami Alrabaa | Ibn Kammuna


'Islamic Jihad' in Bangla
Aasma Riaz: "Thank you so much for your book "Islamic Jihad" and showing me the "Big Picture". For 7-8 days, I was glued to your book, absorbing so much information that I did not know existed. You have crisply covered so much in your book and quoted historical references extensively. I am just overwhelmed with different emotions after reading your book..., a priceless tome."

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