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The Doctrine of Abrogation and Quran Chronology

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As non-Muslims get better acquainted with Islam, so we need a better understanding of some of the core doctrines and dogmas of Islam.

In this essay I intend to present a summary of one very powerful and pervasive doctrine: that of “Abrogation” or “ Al Nasikh Wal Mansoukh”.

Let me start with an acknowledgement to “Julia” who provided the source for a part of what follows.

I would also refer the reader to this excellent article by David Bukay which links abrogation to Jihad in particular.


How Did Muhammad Make a Living?

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In this article, I try to answer the question: How did Muhammad make a living? What kind of work did he do after his prophetic call?


Muhammad and His Sahaba Were All Rapists

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In this article, I do not provide much analysis as the evidence from hadiths talks for itself. I provided evidence in an earlier posting, showing that Muhammad was a rapist. In this article, I extend on that evidence to show that Muhammad's male comrades, called Sahaba, were also rapist. I also show that Muhammad himself gave approvals to the rape actions of the Sahaba as acceptable practice.


'Hypocrites' According to the Koran

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The Koran has a lot to say about “hypocrites”. Muhammad and Allah are very troubled by both their existence and their activities. However the Koran is rather less forthcoming about the nature of the hypocrisy itself in many (though not all) cases. Thus, to find out the sort of attitudes and actions that cause the Koran to level the charge of hypocrisy against people we have to turn to other sources. Muslims have faced the similar problems in understanding many of the verses of the Koran. Consequently there are many commentaries (Tafseers) on the Koran which therefore address this and other problems. Muslim Authors (e.g. “H. Yahya”), though drawing on the same sources as I, seem to concentrate on the “characteristics” (all very bad) of the Hypocrites (to help Muslims identify them), rather than on what was the cause or nature of the “hypocrisy” in the first place.


Reflections on Muhammad’s Relations with Poets and Poetry

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For the Arabs before Muhammad, poetry assumed the front-seat in whatever they faced or suffered in life. Pagan Arabs used poetry in keeping records of their genealogy, their exploits, history of their wars, and their personal history. Poetry was a mirror that reflected their lives with all of its ups and downs. Also the Arabs used poetry to convey their wisdom and knowledge.

They divided their poetry in two styles, ''al manthur" and “al manzum”:

  1. al manthur: poetry that rhymes but has an unstructured style.
  2. al manzom : classical poetry with a rhymed structure. Arabs had great respect for and valued dearly classical poetry. Classical poetry had a great influence on people and their lives.

“al manthur” style of poetry had lesser value in their eyes due to its everyday use. It was more common. Their classical poetry was valued more because it was more structured and not everyone was able to master it.

Pagan Arab tribes used to take pride in talented poets that they produced. Other tribes praised that tribe for having such a talented person in their midst. When a child was born in the tribe, or a stallion was born, its poets acted as an armor for the tribe by keeping its pride and honor in record by composing great poetry. Other tribes would have to think twice before making the tribe of a great poet angry. This is due to their fear that that poet might say and write poetry against, or make fun of, them. This was no ordinary matter. The reputation of a tribe, whose name was muddied due to such poetry, needed years of mending. For the Arabs, rhythmic word was powerful. A great poet had a great status in his own tribe as well as the ones around them.


Was Prophet Muhammad an Assassin?

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In this article, I will investigate the question of whether Muhammad, the prophet of Islam, was an assassin. Many critics of Islam have called Prophet Muhammad an assassin, but Muslims and defenders of Islam have firmly rejected that accusation interpreting the stories of Muhammad’s assassinations in a way that suits their position. In this reexamination of the accusation of Muhammad being an assassin, I will rely mostly on Hadith narrations. As there are Muslims who rejects hadiths, I will devote a section in this article to examine the question: Can Hadiths be trusted? And the article will end with a substantive conclusion.


Qur’an: In Search of the Miracles

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In the modern era, the Qur’an came under scrutiny through multiplicity of venues. For example, since this so-called divine book has many historical errors and scientific errors, it came under criticisms of historians and scientists. Linguistically the Qur’an fares equally poorly. It has substantial Arabic grammatical flaws and devout Muslims were forced to try to amend or explain those.

For those who can read Arabic, please watch this video about simple grammatical errors as well as contradictions in Sura Taha, verse 63 and Sura Ma’eda, verse 69, and Sura Cow, verse 62 and Sura Hajj and Nisa’, verse 62:

To clarify, the above video shows simple grammatical errors in the Qur’an that any adult Arab who got elementary schooling can see. It shows the same grammatical rule in the Qur’an done in a correct grammatical way in one instance, and in a wrong grammatical way in another, thus showing a grammatical error and a contradiction in the Qur’an as to its Application of the grammatical rules.


Imran Firasat: My Expulsion from Spain Gets Closer as Police Initiates Procedure

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Yesterday I was stopped on the street by the police. As I have been on their radar, I am not sure if it was a routine random check or planned. They asked for my identification. I told them that my residence card has been taken away by the police, and showed them documents to prove that my appeal against the revocation of my refugee status is pending in the Supreme Court. I also explained to them that I will continue to be deemed a refugee until all my appeals are rejected.

Police officers told me that they do not care about my appeals. What they care is that I have no identification right now, and therefore, I am an illegal immigrant. I was arrested and taken to the police station. They initiated my expulsion procedure in a hurry and sent the file to the entire police and government database before my lawyer could intervene.


The Islamic Threat to Britain's Open Society

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Author Tufail Ahmad explains how London may look like Islamabad half a century down the line:

For several hundred years, people have thought of Britain as the epitome of modern civilisation and land of Enlightenment that gave rule of law, individual freedom and democracy to the world. In early decades of the 21st century, this image is being eroded, as pockets of Britain are being transformed into isolated enclaves, administered by Islamic clerics associated with different mosques and madrassas.

The Darul Uloom madrassa in the village of Chislehurst, modelled after India’s Darul Uloom Deoband, seeks to produce “an Islamic elite who will rule the Muslim world” — as reported by British Indian journalist Edna Fernandes, who also reported that music, drama and modern foreign languages are deemed un-Islamic and Shakespeare is seen as evil for dealing with subjects like love and revenge. Mufti Muhammad ibn Adam of Darul Iftaa, an Islamic institute in Leicester, delivers fatwas such as: driving a taxi is forbidden by Islam because it may entail taking passengers to a pub. Such fatwas impinge on individual freedom, a fundamental basis of modern societies.

Read rest of the article: Threats to Britain's Open Society


For the Love of Zaynab, Adoption Banned in Islam

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The holy prophet of Islam did many shameful things, which are well documented in authentic early Islamic sources, namely the Qur’an, Hadith, and Sira. I was aware of many of his shameful acts, not of fact that he even had married his son's wife. Not only that, through this process, Muhammad eliminated an age-old noble tradition of adoption, which the Arabs had been practicing before the advent of Islam.

A few years ago, my wife and I became adoptive parents. We adopted a few children from our locality, who needed a safe and loving home to grow up in. This was a decision in my life that I will never regret about. We became the family of those kids in unfortunate situation. They are now our kids; we have a multi-racial family with love for every one. They have a safe haven, and a conducive environment for grooming a good future.

This most satisfying event in my personal life also made me curious to research what Islam says about adoption. I was shocked by my finding. Please do not trust what Islamists of our day write about adoption, which are just lies or deceptions, designed to show Islam in a better light than it is. No Muslims will deny the following verses of the Qur’an:

Allah has not made for a man two hearts in his interior. And He has not made your wives whom you declare unlawful your mothers. And he has not made your adopted sons your [true] sons. That is [merely] your saying by your mouths, but Allah says the truth, and He guides to the [right] way. (Quran 33:4-5, Sahih International trs.)


An Assessment of Rageh Omaar’s BBC Series ‘The Ottomans: Europe’s Muslim Emperors’

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This was an interesting series which told me a few things I did not already know about a neglected subject. Overall, however, it is misleading. Omaar is clearly not an ignorant man. So the deception can only be intentional and consists largely of what he leaves out.

He shows us a historical reenactment in Sogut in Bithynia which was the centre of the Ottoman tribe by about 1300 and the “cradle” of the Ottoman Empire. He does not mention the indigenous population round about however, the Greek speaking, Christian majority and the misery which these Turkic speaking Muslim intruders inflicted on them. The Koran makes it clear that all good Muslims are obliged to make war on infidels wherever they are found (Sura 9) and that any plunder taken is the holy warrior’s just reward for chastising the enemies of Allah. This duty the Ottomans and other species of Turk, those of Danishmend etc. pursued with enthusiasm. Every year from the later 13th century, Turkish horsemen swept down the valleys of Western Asia Minor to destroy the harvest, slaughter the infidel Greek peasants, desecrate their churches and help themselves to any plunder that took their fancy. This last category would include the infidel women who, in Muslim eyes, were fair game. Robert Liddell, in his book “Byzantium and Istanbul” states: “Rape was so much a law of war that the canons forbade a husband to put away a wife who had been defiled by an enemy.” Muslim men in Britain who prey on “Kaffir” girls, i.e. non Muslim girls must be seen as a 21st century continuation of this Islamic tradition; infidel parents of infidel daughters please note. Some mealy mouthed individuals have frantically attempted to represent this activity as just part of the general decline in morals in this country and not associated with any religion or culture in particular. These are just Anglo-Saxon platitudes and betray these babblers’ lack of moral courage. We have seen that the British have not had the moral courage to help the Canadians celebrate the two hundredth anniversary of the defeat of the American invasion of their country during the War of 1812.


The Islamic Model of Loots or Spoils of war

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The dictionary defines loot as goods or objects pillaged at times of war, also called the “spoils of war”. Muhammad used to attack others and obtain loots. His share of the booty or loot was a 20% cut (called the “Khums” in Arabic). In this article, I discuss how Muhammad used to obtain this “holy” 20% share, and distribute the rest of the loot to his Muslim followers.

The Qur’an sanctifies obtaining wealth by attacking others

The Qur’an, the supposed “holy book” of Muslims, not a manual for gangsters, does have a Sura in it, called “Al Anfal”. “Al Anfal” literally translates as “Spoils of war”. The Sura came down as a “revelation” to Muhammad to give him divine guidance on how to distribute the plunder he obtained from the Quraish victorious Battle of Badr in 624 AD.


Islam and Lebanesization of Europe: Lessons from the Soviet Union

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The nations of the former Soviet Union experienced the grim consequences of social experiments on their own skin. Western Europe is next.

Marxist dogma suggests that "national question" should be resolved by

  1. "erasing national differences" and the affirmation of internationalism and
  2. the artificial implantation of language and culture of the carrier of the "progressive ideology".

According to Lenin, "international culture of the global labor movement" should be solely based on the great historic culture of Russia.


Safiyya and the Rape Charge against Muhammad

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Muslim apologists dispute the rape charge against Muhammad when it comes to his sex act with Safiyya bint Huyay. In this article, I quote from a Muslim apologist site and show that even quoting certain selected hadiths to defend Muhammad from the charge of rape of Safiyya does not work.


Evolution as Science vs the Intellectual Hypocrisy of Creation Theory

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(Updated: 2014)

evolutionFor thousands of years, scientists were searching for answer to the mystery of biological origin on our planet, because scientists could not quite accept incoherent religious folklore stories of “Creation Theory” fed by ancient Prophets. Then came the great genius, Charles R. Darwin, a naturalist, born in England on February 12, 1809. Charles Darwin gave us the revolutionary and most acceptable theory of creation, called the “Theory of Evolution”. Darwin explained his theory in his book “On the origin of species” in 1859, detailing the theory of evolution of the biological world by the process of variation, reproduction and natural selection.


Was Muhammad a Rapist?

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Many critics accuse Muhammad of being a rapist by citing certain sex incidents of his from the hadiths and Sira, but Muslims reject such accusations by claiming that those incidents do not qualify to be rape. In this article, I discuss the issue of Prophet Muhammad being a rapist. To keep the article brief, I will cite the cases of three women whom Muhammad had captured and used for sex.


Modifying My Belief

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Egypt Independent has published a testimony of former Muslim Brotherhood member and writer Osama Dorra of how he has resolved to desert Islam as religion from his life:

Osama-dorraI decided to deactivate my practice of Islam as a religion because the “cognitive dissonance” between some of its details and what I think is rational, just and logical has reached a limit that is beyond my comprehension.

I have resolved to reduce the status of Islam to a “cultural reference” that sets the tone for my morals, until I find another reference, or adopt it again as a religion.

The Arab Spring has shaken our confidence in what we were like before revolutions. It has become clear that the assumptions upon which we built our lives were not all sound, the institutions that led us were not all efficient or honest, and the people we thought highly of were not all worthy of that praise.


Bani Qurayza: Details of the Islamic Genocide of the Jews by Prophet Muhammad

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In this study, I will discuss the genocide of the Jewish tribe of Bani Qurayza by the prophet of Islam and the consequent moral implications. I will organize the flow of this study as follows:

1.     Prelude to a genocide: Bani Qainuqa

2.     Background on the Bani Qurayza incidents

3.     Muhammad attacks Bani Qurayza

4.     Who is Sa’d Bin Mu’ad?

5.     Bani Qurayza genocide


Death of Noble Abdullah bin Ubayy and the Extreme Meanness of Prophet Muhammad

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Curious readers of the Quran, Sunna and Sira know the extent of Muhammad’s terrorizing and horrific actions recorded by devout Muslim scholars themselves. Many such incidents were carried out by Muhammad himself; countless others on the behest of his orders. Many inhuman acts of Muhammad would fill readers with shame and sadness and make them wonder: Could a human be mean to such an extent? This article will narrate one among many such incidents that should make every human being shocked, saddened and ashamed of beastly personality of Muhammad. But for the cruel prince that Muhammad was, it is just one more feather in his cap.



Hey Germans! Muhammad Was a Big, Bad Wolf, Not a ‘Prophet of Peace’

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Germany Adds Lessons in Islam in Schools to Better Blend Its Melting Pot


Germany has a long history of creating fantastic fairytales. It was the Brothers Grimm, who catalogued such great fairytales as Snow White, Hansel and Gretel, Sleeping Beauty, Little Red Riding Hood and many more.

The elites of Germany have now embarked on the creation of two of the ever-greatest fairytales in history – that (1) Islam is a ‘religion of peace’, and (2) Muhammad was a ‘prophet of peace’.

Schools in Germany will now teach Islam to primary school students starting in the first grade to better integrate Muslims into German society.


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