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It's All in the Interpretation

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How Islamists twist facts to present horrors of Islam as benign...

This article first published in Politcal Islam.

Recently, a Jewish friend found out that in the Koran, Sura 1:7, those who make Allah angry are the Jews:

1:7 The path of those that You favor; not the path of those who anger You [the Jews] nor the path of those who go astray [the Christians].

He asked a Muslim about this. The Muslim immediately took the Meccan interpretation and explained that although it did refer to the Jews, it also included all those who anger Allah by rejecting Mohammed. Therefore, Jews should not take it personally.

The Muslim added that Koran: said good things about Jews:

3:113 Yet they (Jews) are not all alike. There are among the People of the Book some upright men who all night long recite the revelations of God and worship Him; who believe in God and the Last Day; who enjoin justice and forbid evil and vie with each other in good works. These are righteous men: whatever good they do, its reward shall not be denied them. God well knows the righteous.

But a verse of the Koran he did not quote was:

5:57 Believers, do not seek the friendship of the kafirs and those who were given the Book before you [Jews], who have made of your religion a jest and a diversion. Have fear of God, if you are true believers.

The Muslim went further and said that those who take the hateful view of Jews as being the only ones that anger Allah need to be re-educated and listen to the proper authorities.

Well, happy day. Muslims have no reason to hate Jews. Right? The "good" verse proves it. This type of thinking works if, and only if, you have a truth system in which only one side of a contradiction can be true (unitary logic). But Islam uses a dualistic logic system that is established by the Koran.

There are basically two Korans-the early Meccan Koran and the later Medinan Koran. The Koran is so filled with contradictory verses that there is a rule about interpreting the contradictions. The rule is called abrogation. Abrogation says that the later verse is the better or stronger verse. But the first verse is still true-it came from Allah and all of the Koran is perfect and true. Hence, contradictory statements can both be true. This is dualism.

So according to the dualism of Islam, the Jews are good and Jews are the enemies of Allah. Which is it? It is both.

When Mohammed was weak, the Koran was moderate; when Mohammed was strong the Koran was violent. It is the same with Islam. When Islam is politically weak, it is moderate. When Islam is strong, it is violent. Islam is a process. It is shape-shifting and changes when it needs to change according to the situation.

Now, let us deal with the statement: listen to the proper authorities. Who are the proper authorities? There is only one authority on Islam, Mohammed. There is no pope or ruling council that dictates the "real" Islam. Islam is the Koran and the Sunna (Mohammed's perfect pattern of all Muslims that is found in the Sira and the Hadith). Every Muslim can interpret these as he wishes, including the scholars, who are all over the map. Why? Dualism gives Islamic scholars a broad playing field. Dualism means that you can never nail down only one view.

In order to have clarity in a dualistic system, we must use a statistical count. Here is one example: the Koran written in Medina (the later Koran) is 10.2% anti-Jew. As a measure, Mein Kampf is 6.8% anti-Jew. So the Medinan Koran is more anti-Jew than Mein Kampf.

Here are more examples:

5:64 The Jews say: 'God's hand is chained.' May their own hands be chained! May they be cursed for what they say! By no means. His hands are both outstretched: He bestows as He will.
2:65 You have heard of those of you that broke the Sabbath. We said to them [Jews]: 'You shall be changed into detested apes.'

Enough about the Koran. Here is the iron rule of Islam: anyone who only uses Koran verses to discuss Islam is either a deceiver or ignorant. Islam is not just the Koran, but it is the Koran and the Sunna. The Koran is only 16% of the total textual doctrine of Islam. The Sunna is 84% of the total authority. This is why leaving out the Sunnah is deceptive.

The Sunna shows that in the beginning in Mecca, Mohammed portrayed himself as the last in the line of prophets of the Jewish tradition. Gabriel, the angel who delivered the Koran, was said to be the same angel who spoke to the Jewish prophets.

Then when he went to Medina, the Jews told Mohammed he was not a prophet of their linage. (There were no rabbis in Mecca.) He annihilated the Jews of Medina down to the last man. One day he sat beside his 12-year-old wife as 800 Jewish men were beheaded. The Jewish women were enslaved and the children were adopted and raised as Muslims. (An ironic note: the Jews of Arabia had a rare genetic disease. Today this disease is found in Sephardic Jews and the Arabs of Saudi Arabia.)

Then Mohammed attacked the Jews of Khaybar who were about 100 miles away. He defeated them, tortured their chief to death to get him to reveal where their money was hidden, and took all of their land and goods. The jihadists raped the women. The Jews were then made dhimmis and compelled to give the jizyah tax (50%) to Mohammed. Khaybar was put under Islamic rule, (Sharia law).*

When Mohammed was on his deathbed, he cursed the Jews and Christians to be driven from Arabia. So, how many Jews are in Arabia today? None. This is the Sunna of Mohammed.

The Hadith is filled with Jew hatred. Here is just one example:

Bukhari 4:55:547 Mohammed: "If it were not for the Jews meat would not rot. If not for Eve, wives would never disobey their husbands."

Back to the common statement: it all depends upon the interpretation. When it advances Islam, Jews are good. When it advances Islam, Jews are hated. So, when Muslims talk to you about the Koran, remember duality. There is always a verse from the Koran that negates the good verse. And remember the Sunna, for you do not know Islam until you know Mohammed.

* Andrew Bostom's brilliant work, The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism, documents Islamic Jew hatred for over 800 pages.

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good one
written by GOO ONE , August 04, 2009

muzzie r double and triple talkers,they r worst than animals.

all world must unite to fight the death based anti humanity judaism based islam.

when i say judaism it angers christians and jews,but they forget that muhamed took his inspiration from torah,talmud etc,and shariat is copy of sanme,so islam is actually judaism inspired.
It\'s All in the Interpretation
written by Shafee al-Zindig , August 04, 2009
Bukhari 4:55:547 Mohammed: "If it were not for the Jews, meat would not rot. If not for Eve, wives would never disobey their husbands."

This article is spot on! This above quote of Muhammad says it all about his vile creation Islam - blame all the problems of the world on Jews and women. Oppressing them is just a part of Jihad.

As Bill Warner says - it's all in the re-interpretation by Muslims of commonly understood words. To Muslims, real oppression doesn't mean living under the tyranny of Islam. It actually means living in a world where Islam does not rule supreme. Therefore fanatical Muslims can only be happy and content when they are the ones doing all the oppressing.
Quran is a dirty, facist and illogical book
written by Rustom , August 04, 2009
The muslims say that there is no compulsion in there religion, but if any intelligent, humanity loving person does apostate, then quran says Kill him. Double standards...
Western world is the only hope, they should start de-islamisation of the muslims living in there country and then force dictators of muslim countries to apostate otherwise stop the giving of money to them.
Muslims should be treated like mental patient, as they are suffering from the most dreaded disease islam and needs help to get out of the mental bondage.
They would thank others after they realize what a dangerous cult they were following till now.
Quraan is the ever lasting miracle from God to cha
written by Dan Akroid , August 04, 2009
You are very ignorant racist and bigot. It shows how uneducated and closed minded to express such views.

As a matter of fact, Christianity and Paganistic and Satanic practice and nothing to do with God. Christianity is created by man and dictated by Satan.

The Roman Empire found that it will benefit their world dominance and subjugation of other cultures with the use of forced mass hypnosis using a created religion. The Roman Empire adopted the teaching of Jesus (Eesaa) and based it on their practice of the Greek Mythology where God Zeus is the Lord, and Hercules is Jesus.

After the Fall of the Roman Empire, two new factions were created as the Greek Eastern Orthodox and the Western Roman Catholics from which the British revolute against the Catholic Church and created the Pro-Test-ants and the German followed their path to create the Lutheran named after Martin Luther.

Other newer factions are created for money making and controlling people.

The first bible was written based on lies and fabrication after 380 years after Jesus left, and it was fabricated by a drunken and womanizer sinner who used the “Thalmod:The Old Testament’ ( The second Jewish Bible written by man and used the Teaching of King Hammo Rabbi ) as his reference to write the fabricated book filled with lies from and added other things as it continued to amuse him and the Roman Emperor back then.

I hope that mankind could open up their eyes and admit that the Quraan is the ever lasting miracle from God to challenge Mankind and their ignorance.
Quran is Satan\'s Miracle
written by To Dan , August 04, 2009
Only a mentally sick heavily indoctrinated person can say Quran is good. Its the worst thing to happen to the manking. It started in the worst place Arabia by an illiterate thug Muhammed, who was more interested in power, women and loot. Indoctrinated the thugs like him and killed the inyelligent critics, then like Genghis Khan his followers created a bloody empire. Muhammed and his many caliphs were killed. The raped women were not strong otherwise best would have been, if they would have killed muhammed by dagger and closed his chapter.
Unfortunately muslims are 1 biilion plus and creating disharmony in this world. So much money is wasted in feeding the millions of poor muslims who constitute some 600 million. The muslim men think that doing sex and bringing a truck load of children is ok and let kaffir through UN feed them. 90 % of the muslim women are just sex slaves.
Islam is directly from hell and satan has guided it perfectly.
written by JohanM , August 04, 2009
Same goes with the Al-Islam... Quran is fabricated from the Jewish and Christian books. Allah was the Moon God of the Arabian Pagans and Mohammed is the last prophet. Quran was compiled 20-30 years after the death of Prophet Mohammed. Quran is just a fraction of the overall Islamic texts. Real Islam is nowhere found in the Quran the real Islam is combinations of the Quran, various collections of Hadiths, Autobiography of Prophet Mohammed, Tafsirs and Sharia Laws. Islam has varoius schools of thoughts i.e. Salafi, Hanbali, Shafi'i, Maliki. All these school of thoughts are further devided. All these school of thoughts were developed over the centuries after the death of Prophet Mohammed and were the creators were humans only. Islam has more then 70 various sects and sub-sects and the most unfortunate part is that every sect claims that they are the real Islam and other are astrayed people. Hadiths (which has the real Islam) were collected by various Islamic scholars 250-300 years after the death of Mohammed. Islam is the only religion where every sect claims that they are the true Islam and other sects are un-islamic and hell bound. In this modern era of science and technology Islam is the only religion which trying to put its foot not only in the mouth of other religionist but to its own co-religionists too. Every another day one hears a news about the suicide attacks on the mosques by none else but another follower of the religion of "peace". Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Saudi-Arabia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sudan are littered with the ruined Mosques which were blown by none else but "True" Muslims only.

You have mentioned that other religions are fabricated by the men. Could you please answer that which Islamic sect is the true Islam and not created for making money and controlling the people and which are fabricated by men to make money and control the people? I guess all "Authentic Islam Labels" can not be true something must be fabricated by the men. Would like to hear your answer.

Your ignorance about the humans and humanity is crystal clear when you have adressed other commentators RACIST. Can you please tell me is Islam a Race? Is Chrisnity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Sikkhism and various other religious traditions are different RACE. Dear sir, Islam or any other religion have nothing to do with the race so please educate yourself first and then adress the people.
To Dan Akroid
written by kmgy , August 04, 2009
You have a very distorted version of history with regards to Christianity.
written by vbv , August 05, 2009
Talking of interpretations , you must watch the so-called 'Peace TV' floated by that crackpot Dr.Zakir Naik.Not only do they misinterpret the shit book 'Quran',but also misinterpret and misrepresent other scriptures from the jews,christians,hindus,budhists,etc to show them in poor light and show 'quran' in better light. It is the innate nature of all proselytising cults like islam and christianity to misonterpret and misrepresent other scriptures to show how superior they are to fraudulently claim more followers,denigrate and desecrate other religions and cultures. Both these cults are cancerous and take humanity to backwardness,superstitions,and bigotry. It is hightime both these cultsare dumped inthe dustbin of history to ensure peace,progress and well-being of humanity.
Islam is the worst religion of world
written by Avitosh Rakshe , August 05, 2009
I cannot believe how so many people in modern society can believe in Islam? A religion where everything right from head, hair, penis etc belongs to Allah and for every step there is so called prayer or Dua. If you cough you have dua, if you have sex say a prayer. In India Chameleon are killed in thousands just becoz it is written in Islam. Children are taught to hate Hindus. They are taught to bring a Hindu girl and convert her to Islam.
muslims in India openly support Pakistan just becoz Muslims live there. If India loses cricket match vs. Pakistan the Muslim localities celeberate victory by burstling crackers and distributing sweets. Islam is the worst religion and islamic values and customs are stupid. How can Mohammed be called a true prophet, one who raped umpteen number of women cannot be Prophet he should be called coward. Did Jesus rape someone? No. He was a true son of God. This world will be happy only when Islam and Islamic values are defeated.
All communities should come together and target these bastards. If a wild animal threatens your family you should tame it. Come on lets finish these cowards.
To vbv et al
written by kmgy , August 05, 2009
I challenge you and other similar minded (Christianity-is-evil-mentality) people to have an open mind and visit www.beyondtoday.tv. USA, Europe,Canada, Australia, and New Zealand are countries where majority of the population are Christians and these countries are NOT backward nor superstitious, rather being enlightened (secular as you call them) and freedom-loving people (the product of Christian faith)are practicing tolerance. These countries are the most progressive and prosperous countries in the whole world. Try to save some money and visit these countries and see for yourself.
written by hasbrains , August 05, 2009
Secularism is not the product of christianity, its the product of enlightened thinkers whose goal was to keep religion out of government. The only thing you can claim as christianity is the backwardness of western civilization until the fall of the even more backwards islamic empire. All these empires had pockets of sanity - dont attribute them to religion.
Prayer for the Prophet
written by Ha ha ha ..... , August 06, 2009
All other religion leaders, like Confucius, Sidharta Gautama, Jesus Christ and so on, do not needany prayer from their followers. Nobody in Conficianism pray for Confucius, nobody in Buddhism, pray for Sidharta Gautama, noboy in Christian pray for Jesus Christ. But in Islam, followers pray for Mohammad. A prophet which should pray for his followers, is prayed by his followers. They said that if a followers pray for Mohammad, then Mohammad will pray for him in the judgement Day. Moslem and Christian both believes that Jesus will be the Judge on the Judgement Day. Why anybody should ask Mohammad to pray for him, on the Judgement Day, meanwhile he can pray directly to Jesus? Like from Chicago to New York, you take a round trip first to Alaska. If there is a billion Moslem in the World, how can Mohammad pray for such a lot people? he is no God, only a warlord with a reliigion of his own. Why oh why the Moslems cannot think this simple logic? Are their brains has been damaged by Islam teaching? Ha ha ha .....
Talking of interpretations , you must watch the so-called 'Peace TV' floated by that crackpot Dr.Zakir Naik.Not only do they misinterpret the shit book 'Quran',but also misinterpret and misrepresent other scriptures from the jews,christians,hindus,budhists,etc to show them in poor light and show 'quran' in better light. It is the innate nature of all proselytising cults like islam and christianity to misonterpret and misrepresent other scriptures to show how superior they are to fraudulently claim more followers,denigrate and desecrate other religions and cultures. Both these cults are cancerous and take humanity to backwardness,superstitions,and bigotry. It is hightime both these cultsare dumped inthe dustbin of history to ensure peace,progress and well-being of humanity.
To hasbrains
written by kmgy , August 06, 2009
Your allegation that Western civilization is backward, one is inclined to ask, what is your definition of backwardness? Have you visited these Western countries, namely USA, Europe,Australia, Canada, and New Zealand? Have you studied their statistics, from GNP to literacy? Did it not come to your mind that majority of the politicians of these countries are Christians and being enlightened people (the end result of the Christian faith) allowed other faiths to exercise their beliefs including Islam? These enlightened people purposely separate church and state to prevent one domination in getting the upper hand in politics? The politicians to handle the affairs of the State and the religious leaders to attend to the spiritual needs of the people. One is temporal and material the other is spiritual and eternal.
To kmgy
written by vbv , August 07, 2009
Western civilisations are 'developed' because they were redeemed by pagan philosophers of ancient Greece and Rome. Otherwise they would have been as retrograde as muslims,believing every word of the Bible to be the 'truth' and all else be destroyed or put down. It is the advancement of science and secular values that has helped the west to progress and become prosperous ,not the stupidities of the Bible or the Quran. If the words of Bible/Quran were to prevail there would be no progress in medicine or science and technology. People would think H1N1 or swine flu,or plague would be regarded as the work of "satan" and what not. Any disbeliever/'heretic' would be tortured and burned tied to a stake: christian history is replete with such instances. Therefore do not attribute modern civilisation to christianity ,but to secular values. History has shown that many a great thinkers had sacrificed their lives or suffered under orthodox christian rule ,like Galileo or Edward Bruno ,or scores of lesser known people. All religions are barriers to progress ,but christianity and islam are the worst offenders as both are exclusivist and proselytising cults!
To vbv
written by kmgy , August 08, 2009
What you've posting repeatedly is past history of the Dark Ages. Time to wake up from your deep slumber and free yourself from the recurring nightmare of the Dark Ages.
To kmgy
written by vbv , August 09, 2009
Well ,it will be dark ages again if christianity gets the upperhand in modern society. In the USA barely 15% of the population are atheists/agnostics and they are looked down upon. Bush senior even said that atheists cannot be patriotic 'americans'! Nearly 80% in the USA believe in the Biblical stories of "creation" that this world/universe is aroround 6,000 years old! They believe in Adam and Eve caper, the fairy tale of Noah,Abraham,Moses more than science and the real Natural History!

Allow christian more space they will definitely take us all to "Dark Ages". In its pristine form ,the bigotry of christianity and islam is indistinguishable!
written by jena_bush , August 10, 2009
tell me how the renaissance, the enlightenment, the industrial revolution flourished..? was this despite Christianity? as you put it, Christianity will put us back in the Dark ages.. being the dominant religion until today, why has humanity managed to undergo "revolutions" ?? see what you're saying is Christianity is a backward and anti-progress religion.. wow we must STILL be in the dark ages now coz the Christians are still in charge whether you like it or not!
To jena_bush - so
written by vbv , August 11, 2009
The West has progressed only when the grip of the christian church loosened. Otherwise it would have been back to burning of 'heretics' ,the Earth is the centre of the 'universe' encapsulated in seven 'heavenly' spheres.... Hahahahaha! You should read Dante's "Divine Comedy" and you can have a good laugh- you need not go into the inanities of the Bible ,as Dante has gone way ahead with his description of "Hell","Purgatory" and "Paradise". All he has done is exposed his personal prejudices and 'religious' bigotry by consigning the ancients and his 'enemies to "Hell" and his christian cumps to "Paradise". All this in a long and poetic form a jumble of stupidities. Could Europe have progressed with the mentality of the likes of Dante Aliegheri or the pioneering efforts of scientists and philosophers inspired by pagan Greeks and Romans???
to vbv
written by Bonnie , August 15, 2009
Quit hiding! Too much truth about your precious Quran here? What to say - what to do? No one is telling any lies about Quran? How can you answer the truth? How can you recover the bull you pass off for worship of the Lord Most High. Believe it, the Most High is on to you. Allah is a dust mite.
Abe chute avitosh rakshe....................
written by Sagar , August 16, 2010
Abe chute avitosh rakshe ... Takale... Haramkhor...sale...apna takala sambhal pahale...
sale tu konse cast se hai ye to tuze pata hai kya......

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