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Europe’s Dark Age and Islam’s Golden Age: Two Facets of The Same Fiction?

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Popular history books tell us that Euruope's Dark Ages (8-10th century) was Islam's Golden Age --- a Golden Age without any hard facts...

According to the history books, the Early Middle Ages, the period stretching roughly from the first quarter of the seventh century to the first quarter of the tenth, was a crucial time for Europe and the Middle East. For Europe, this was the very darkest phase of the so-called Dark Ages, an era during which the light of Classical Civilization was finally extinguished. However, for the Middle East, which from about 635 onwards became Muslim, it was a very different story. The next three centuries, far from constituting a “Dark Age”, became a veritable Golden Age. This was to be the high point of Islamic civilization: three centuries during which the Islamdom led the world in science, philosophy, wealth and culture. As Europe floundered in poverty and darkness, with cities abandoned and violence everywhere, Muslim rulers such as Harun al-Rashid and Al-Mamum presided over a flourishing and enlightened urban civilization.

That, at least, is the story told in all the textbooks. But proper examination of facts suggests that this is mostly, if not completely, a myth. In reality, neither the European Dark Age nor the Islamic Golden Age has any basis in fact: These are little more than two facets of a single fictitious historical narrative, a narrative which has however been around for many centuries; one that derives from the written histories of early Islam and of Europe. Until the nineteenth century, no-one had any real reason to question this version of events. After all, the Islamic world, at least by the beginning of the eleventh century, did seem to be far ahead of Europe. Did we not get our numeral system (“Arabic numerals”) from the Arabs, as well as algebra, alcohol, and a host of other techniques and technologies? All the evidence seemed to indicate that the Muslim world was, in the centuries preceding the eleventh, advanced and sophisticated, while Europe was mired in a primitive barbarism.

But this view has now faced a serious challenge: For, in the twentieth century, a whole new body of evidence became available to historians; evidence unavailable to previous generations of scholars: The evidence of archaeology. And what archaeology tells us has been devastating to the traditional view.

By the mid-twentieth century, archaeologists had begun to put together a fairly comprehensive picture of the archaeology of Europe and the Near East. Indeed, several areas of the Near East, such as Egypt, Palestine and Iraq, were and remain among the most thoroughly excavated regions of the earth.

Medievalists had, of course, been very interested in throwing light on the somewhat romantic though apparently fabulously wealthy and cultured Islamic world of the seventh, eighth and ninth centuries. Strange and wonderful tales were told of this epoch, though all agreed it was an age of high civilization. This was the age of the Omayyad and Abbasid Caliphs; the romantic epoch of Scheherazade and Harun Al-Rashid, the fabulously opulent Caliph of Baghdad, who is said to have donned the disguise of a commoner and wandered by night through the dimly-lit streets of the metropolis—a city of reputedly a million people. This epoch, and this alone, is said to have marked the age of Islam’s cultural ascendancy. Consider the following description from an English historian of eighth-tenth century Cordoba, typical of the genre: “In Spain … the foundation of Umayyad power ushers in an era of unequalled splendour, which reaches its height in the early part of the tenth century. The great university of Cordova is thronged with students … while the city itself excites the wonder of visitors from Germany and France. The banks of the Guadalquivir are covered with luxurious villas, and born of the ruler’s caprice rises the famous Palace of the Flower, a fantastic city of delights” (H. St. L. B. Moss, The Birth of the Middle Ages; 395-814, Oxford University Press, 1935, p. 172). All agree that, in later years, from the late eleventh century onwards, the Islamic world began to fall rapidly behind the West.

On the word of the written histories, then, archaeologists expected to find, from Spain to eastern Iran, a flourishing and vibrant culture. An Islamic world of enormous cities endowed with all the wealth of antiquity and the plunder gathered in the Muslim wars of conquest. They hoped to find palaces, public baths, universities and mosques; all richly decorated with marble, ceramic and carved stone.

In fact, they found nothing of the sort.

The archaeological non-appearance of the Islamic Golden Age is surely one of the most remarkable discoveries to come to light in the past century. It has not achieved the sensational headlines we might expect, for the simple reason that a non-discovery is of much less interest to the public than a discovery. Then again, as archaeologists searched in vain through site after site, they imagined they had just been unlucky; that with the next day’s dig, the fabulous palaces and baths would be uncovered. And this has been the pattern now for a hundred years. In fact, the entire Islamic world is a virtual blank for roughly three centuries.

Normally, we find one or two finds attributed to the seventh century, then nothing for three centuries, then a resumption of archaeological material in the mid- or late-tenth century. Take, for example Egypt, the largest and most populous Islamic country during the Early Middle Ages. The Muslim conquest of the country occurred in 638 or 639, and we should expect the invaders to have begun, almost immediately, using the wealth of the land to begin building numerous and splendid places of worship, but apparently they didn’t. Only two mosques in the whole of Egypt, both in Cairo, are said to date from before the eleventh century: the Amr ibn al-As (641) and the Ahmad ibn Tulun (878). However, the latter building has many features found only in mosques of the eleventh century, so its date of 878 is disputed. Thus, in Egypt, we have a single place of worship, the mosque of Amr ibn al-As, dating from the mid-seventh century, then nothing for another three-and-a-half centuries. Why, in an enormous country with up to, perhaps, five million inhabitants, should the Muslims wait over 300 years before building themselves places of worship?

And it is the same throughout the Islamic world. No matter where we go, from Spain to Iran, there is virtually nothing between circa 650 and 950. Spain, as we have seen, is supposed to have witnessed a flowering of Islamic culture and civilization in the two centuries after the Arab conquest of 711; and the city of Cordoba is said to have grown to a sophisticated metropolis of half-a-million people or more. We recall the description of a flourishing and vastly opulent metropolis painted by the writer quoted above. Yet the same author admitted that “Little remains of the architecture of this period.” Little indeed! As a matter of fact, the only Muslim structure in the whole of Spain dating from before the eleventh century is the so-called Mosque of Cordoba; yet even this, strictly-speaking, is not an Islamic construction: It was originally the Visigothic Cathedral of Saint Vincent, which was converted, supposedly in the days of Abd er-Rahman I, to a mosque. Yet the Islamic features that exist could equally belong to the time of Abd er-Rahman III (latter tenth century), whom we know did conversion work on the Cathedral, adding a minaret and a new façade (Louis Bertrand, The History of Spain, p. 54). Most of the Islamic features in the building actually come after Abd er-Rahman III, and there is no secure way of dating anything in it to the eighth century.

The poverty of visible Islamic remains is normally explained by the proposition that the Christians destroyed the Muslim monuments after the city’s re-conquest. But this solution is inherently a suspect. Granted the Christians might have destroyed all the mosques, though even that seems unlikely, but they certainly would not have destroyed opulent palaces, baths, fortifications, etc. Yet none of these—none, at least, ascribed to the eighth to early tenth centuries—has survived. And even granting that, such a universal and pointless destruction did take place, we have to assume that at least under the ground, we would find an abundance of Arab foundations, as well as artifacts, tools, pottery etc. Indeed, in a city of half-a-million people, as Cordoba of the eight, ninth and tenth centuries is said to have been—the archaeologist would expect to find—a superabundance of such things. They should be popping out of the ground with almost every shovel-full of dirt.Now Cordoba has been extensively excavated over the past seventy years or so, often specifically to search for Arab/Moorish remains. What then has been found?

According to the prestigious Oxford Archaeological Guide, the city has revealed, after exhaustive excavations: (a) The south-western portion of the city wall, which was “presumably” of the ninth century; (b) A small bath-complex, of the 9th/10th century; and (c) A “part” of the Umayyad (8-9th century) mosque (The Oxford Archaeological Guide, Collins, 1998). This is all that can be discovered from two-and-a-half centuries of the history of a city of supposedly half-a-million people. And the rest of Spain, which has been investigated with equal vigor, can deliver little else. The foundations of a small house here and a few fragments of pottery there, usually of doubtful date and often described as “presumably” of ninth century or such like.

The sheer poverty of these remains makes it clear that the fabulously wealthy Cordoba of the eighth, ninth and early tenth centuries is a myth; and the elusive nature of all materials from these three centuries, in every part of the Islamic world, makes us wonder whether the rise of Islam has been somehow misdated: For the first real mark left (in archaeological terms) by Islam in Spain is dated to the mid-tenth century, to the time of Abd er-Rahman III, whose life bears many striking comparisons with his namesake and supposed ancestor Abd er-Rahman I, of the eighth century.

Again, there are strange and striking parallels between the major events of Islamic history of the seventh and eighth centuries on the one hand and of the tenth and eleventh centuries on the other. Thus, for example, the Christian Reconquista in Spain is supposed to have commenced around 720, with the victory of Don Pelayo at Covadonga; but the real Reconquista began three hundred years later with the victories of Sancho of Navarre around 1020. Similarly, the Islamic invasion of northern India supposedly commenced around 710-720 with the victories of Muhammed bin Qasim, though the “real” Islamic conquest of the region began with the victories of Mahmud of Ghazni, roughly between 1010 and 1020. Yet again, the impact of Islam on Europe seems not have been felt until the late tenth and eleventh centuries, though commonsense would suggest that it should have been felt three hundred years earlier. Henri Pirenne, for example, was criticized by Alfons Dopsch for suggesting that Islam terminated Classical Civilization in Europe in the seventh century by its blockade of the Mediterranean. Thus, said Dopsch, Europe should have become “Medieval” by the late seventh century. Yet many of the characteristics of medieval society, such as the rise of feudalism and castle-building, said Dopsch, only appear in the late tenth century. And obviously Islamic ideas, such as Holy War, were only copied by the Europeans in the eleventh century.

What then does all this mean?

The lack of Muslim archaeology from before the tenth and eleventh centuries (with the exception of two or three monuments such as the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem and the Amr ibn al-As mosque in Cairo, usually of the mid-seventh century), would indicate that the rise of Islam has been misdated, and that some form of error has crept into the chronology. But error or not, the fact that, virtually nothing from before the mid-tenth century has been found, means that Islam was not a flourishing, opulent and cultured civilization whilst Europe was mired in the Dark Ages. By the late tenth century, Europe was experiencing her own “renaissance”, with a flowering of “Romanesque” art and architecture, much of it strongly reminiscent of the Late Classical work of the Merovingian and Visigothic period.

The meaning of this archaeological “dark age”, of central importance to our understanding of European and Islamic history, will be discussed more fully in a subsequent article.

The above article summarizes arguments found in John O’Neill’s Holy Warriors: Islam and the Demise of Classical Civilization (Felibri Publications).

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Islam\'s Golden Age
written by Shafee al-Zindig , August 22, 2009
Quote from this excellent article
"An Islamic world of enormous cities endowed with all the wealth of antiquity and the plunder gathered in the Muslim wars of conquest."

Now we all know why this period of history was called the Golden Age of Islam. This was because of the piles of ill-gotten gold from looted temples and churches, booty from the conquered and Jjizya (tribute) from infidels.

When the source dried up after they killed the Golden Goose, so did this Golden Age come to an end.
Golden Age of Islam
written by Anti Clot , August 22, 2009
The Golden Age of Islam was always exaggerated. There was a House of Knowledge in Bagdad, which performed some studies with the help of jewish, christian and other foreing scholars and translators. But while the Persians already had a similar institution, this was not even an equivalent to a single modern university. And while the Califate of Bagdad had the big adventure to be located between all advanced civilisations such as Byzanz, India and China, they failed to make use of it on the long term. Last but not least it must be pointed out that the so-called Golden Age of Islam was ruled by the (no more existing) Mutazilite School of Islam which teached that the quran was man-made and that rationalism and science are even more important. This school was overturned by the same orthodox islam that is ruling today and in particular by Ibn Taimiyya who is favoured by most modern islamists, if not all of them, as well as by Saudi Wahhabists and Salafists, Talibans and many terrorists. The intellectual holocaust caused by Ibn Taimiyya rules the muslim wordl until today. According to this teachings the quran is above any rationalism and science, above any physical evidence and until today the muslim world is suffering from ignorance, illiteracy and superstition. Here we can clearly see the root of islamic backwardness! It is islam itself that always fought against science and progress!
Invention Of Islamists
written by Truth Detector , August 22, 2009
The only invention of Islamists is the SUICIDE BOMBER, and Muslims are the only people who become suicide bombers because they are the stupidists people on earth.

Hey Muslim, if it's true that Islamists were so great, why were they so stupid to lose that "greatness"? Did you know that if it's true that Islamists had a GOLDEN AGE, they would be that much more ahead than everyone else today? Why is it that all 57 Islamic countries are backward, Third World Countries?

Muslims, did you know that there are no redeemable passages in Satan's Bible? You call it the Qur'an. If you can show me one, JUST ONE, redeemable passage in Satan's Bible, I will not call it Satan's Bible anymore. Okay, show me.

Hey Muslim, did you know that there isn't a lesson on MORALITY, JUSTICE, OR LOVE OF NEIGHBOR IN SATAN'S BIBLE. YOU CALL IT THE QUR'AN. YES, NOT EVEN ONE! Okay, show me just one. I dare you.
Suicide Vest
written by Mary , August 22, 2009
Tihe Tamil Tigers invented the suicide vest or belt according to Wikipedia. Are the Tamils Muslim?
Tamil Religions
written by Mary , August 22, 2009
I answered my own question. The Sri Lankan Tamils are majority Hindu minority Christian (Wikipedia).
Invention of Suicide Bombing
written by Shafee al-Zindig , August 23, 2009
The reality is that suicide-bombing was invented by the Khomeini regime in Iran during the Iran-Iraq War that raged between them from 1980 to 1988. During battles young Iranians were encouraged by the moolas to strap bombs to their bodies and hurl themselves at the tanks of their fellow Muslim Iraqis. This successful strategy was then introduced by the Iranians to their Lebanese terrorist protégés the Hezbollah in April 1983 and used there with deadly effect against their fellow Lebanese, the United Nations peacekeeping forces and the Israelis.

The Tamil Tigers were trained in suicide-bombings in Lebanon by Hezbollah in December the same year and this deadly tactic was then used in Sri Lanka by them in the following years until they were finally crushed this year by the Sri Lankan army.

Jewish Diaspora coincides with buildup
written by Pat , August 23, 2009
The tenth century is cited as the time of Jewish diaspora. How much of European advancement was really the result of the Jewish immigration?
The "golden age" of Islam was nothing more than Arab invaders living off their plunder. They didn't move into other countries to build them up, only to strip them of their wealth. Our "Arabic" numbers really came from India, courtesy of Islamic invaders. At the time of the Islamic conquest, the advanced civilizations were primarily in Asia. We in the West have Islamic barbarians to thank for our own advancement. Columbus might never have set out across the Atlantic if the Turks and Islamic tribes didn't block the land routes to India and China.
written by David , August 24, 2009
The 'Dark Ages' of Europe happened to correspond with Islamic aggression around the rest of the world. Islam was already through Spain and knocking on the doors of Paris during this time. But muslims want the West to apoligize for the 'crimes' of the Crusades. muslims invaded and took spoils of war, slaves, and converted churches into mosques and charged the jizya- hence the riches and advancements in technology, which then stagnated when Europe had enough and threw them back where they belong.
islam has spread predominantly through violence ever since that moron muhammad came out of the desert sunstroke. don't believe me? ask the Zoroastrians about it. oh yeah- you can't, because muslims slaughtered them wholesale (peaceful religion, mind you).
in afghanistan the people there prided themselves on the fact that they all 'memorized the koran (they used the word 'memorize,' possibly not understanding what it really means). however, tell them of a verse in the koran, and they will not believe it. since most of the country is illiterate (as with pakistan as well) there are no checks and balances as regarding what the mullahs are teaching. the religion is fluid and easily adaptable to any situation that the mullahs want to happen.
give me a break. and it has been this way for centuries.
written by AbduShaytan , August 24, 2009
this is the same old Muslim myth that the Islamic golden age saved Europe from the dark ages. what utter garbage almost all of these great Islamic scientific developments came straight from the Byzantines and Persians who the Muslims had just subjugated. The primitive Arabs new nothing about science, they were primitive nomads.

they just appropriated their knowledge from the Persians and Byzantines. Why were most of these great Islamic scientists Persians?
written by Ibn Rushd , August 24, 2009
It would be interesting to compare those who memorize something that they don't understand to those who do understand. Would repeating gibberish make it easier to remember than knowing what it means and reflecting on grammar, topics, etc?
written by Ibn Rushd , August 24, 2009
It would be interesting to compare the memorization of those who don't understand the language to those who do. Would repeating gibberish help in memorization better than understanding it since you would be reflection on the grammar, topics, etc?
written by Ibn Rushd , August 24, 2009
The original message didn't appear, so I retyped again, and then both showed up. :x
Islamaphobic nonsense!
written by saladin , August 24, 2009
what a load of racist drivel.Face the facts,islam is the fastest growing religion on earth.
While dalits and christians are burnt at the stake in India,westerners are flocking to the bright green banner of Islam.
written by David , August 25, 2009
Islam is not a race.
nonsense indeed
written by infidel_hottie , August 25, 2009
Yes viruses have a propensity to spread pandemically.. just like Islam.. some people are immune though..
written by San , August 25, 2009
I read the book.
While it is a very interesting read it falls exceptionally short of a proper scholarly investigation of the topic. As such, at best it presents a very nice theory for someone else to do the actual research to prove. If someone ever does that research I would be quite interested in reading the results.
Islamwatch-keep watching kafirs
written by saladin , August 25, 2009
I must say,this is without doubt,the most disgusting and sinister site i have had the misfortune to encounter.
The attempt to rewrite the glorious history of Islamic civillization is futile.
infidel-hottie(probably not hot),did you know that the fastest growing group of western European converts to Islam(good choice),are white,educated,middle class women?
Pause for thought before spilling your filthy bile!
white,educated,middle class women?
written by David , August 25, 2009
then your religion's practice of deception works well, my friend.
i still find it so funny that muslims, when put into a situation where they cannot answer a question about islam without contradicting islam, get violent.
like i said before, muslim, be careful. there is a huge reason why judeo-christian nations are so powerful, and muslim nations are pathetic and rely on others for what they want. dont believe me? figures. muslims will never contradict islam, even when they are proven wrong.
written by David , August 26, 2009
Infidel hotties are hot.
written by a.tayyab , August 26, 2009
it tells me that muslims don't even have brains to invent
the suicide vest to go to heaven and get virgins;they
need hindu,christian,etc. to show them the way.
written by Saladin , August 26, 2009
There is nothing violent in my posts.Don`t try to attribute violence to Islam.especially when Europeans and their master(usa),are busy slaughtering men,women and children in the millions,or don`t muslim lives count in your fanatical islamophobic minds?

You have proved nothing about Islam,save for what is already embedded in your sick and distorted minds.
The rantings,sorry, writings of a few select appostates,christian fundamentalists and zionists pseudo scholars amounts to naught,when compared to the volumious histories of Islamic civillization.

surely you will have to up your game,if you are to convince anyone,let alone muslims,as to the true nature of AL ISALAM.

Ramadan Karim,brother/sisters and otherwise.
written by Excalibur , August 26, 2009
Silly muslim saladin , WHO cares if muslims believe the truth? You are a deluded lot , a cult that worships DEATH . You fear truth , as you are afraid to investigate with eyes wide open , YOUR OWN PROPHET. Look ANYWHERE around the globe , wherever there are muslims there is killing , it's either muslims killing themselves fighting over secetarian nonsense , or muslims killing Hindus , Buddhists or Christians .

It is not important what muslims believe , they are lost and will remain lost , what really matters is that the rest of the 6 billion people on this planet are made aware of you .
READ what your own Bukari and Muslima have wriiten about your prophet , read how your Q'uran was contrived from faulty memory , and how it condemns ALL who are not muslim , and the deluded followers find their license to slaughter , rape , and pillage .

Islam will never prevail , for you now provoke the world with your barbaric behavior , soon you will feel the backlash .
written by Excalibur , August 26, 2009
Oh , and BTW saladin , no one need "attribute violence to islam " THE PROOF OF YOUR VIOLENT NATURE FLOODS THE NEWS OF THE WORLD EVERY SINGLE DAY ...and most muslims killed in this world are killed by none other than MUSLIMS THEMSELVES .
written by Saladin , August 27, 2009
Excalibur- your rantings are like your name, mythical fantasy.
Millions of Arabs,Africans,Asians,first nations have died at the hands of successive yankee/euro governments.Fact!

From SE Asia(Vietnam,Cambodia,Laos),to Africa(Rwanda,Congo,Angola,Mozambique etc),South and Central America,to Indonesia,Phillipines.
written by a guest , August 27, 2009
The truth about your religion is not "ranting " saladin . For you portray yourselves as "the eternal victims " as you go about your barbaric slaughters around the globe .
And wehat I find as absolutely remarkable [and sickening ] is the practice of muslims to perpetrate these slaughters , then blame the victims , most of whom are not even known by their murderers , strangers slaughtered for a deranged ideology .
How stupid and ignorant you must think the world , to assume you can lie about these things and decieve the many , that you are a religion of peace !
NOTHING could be further from the truth ! Look around you ! Muslims are burning christians in Pakistan , murdering them in Nigeria , murderinjg the m in Iraq , muslims are killing Buddhists in Thailand , persecting Bahais in Iran , murdering Hindus in India and Kashmir , you slaughter Christians in the Phillippines and persecute and kill them in Indonesia , in Yemen you have driven out the jews , as well as in Iraq and Iran , in Lebanon -muslims slaughtered in 10,000 Christians in the early 1980's , you killed each other in the millions during the Iran Iraq War , you killed 2million Shia in East Pakistan, at the hands of the West Pakistani Sunnis in 1970 during the India pakistan War , Saddam A MUSLIM slaughtered over 500.00 Shia , in his own country , Syria's Assad Sr. slaughtered 10,000 of his own country men over upholding his regime , do yourember Black September ? How many Palestinians wewre killed by the Jordanians ? MORE THAN THE ISREALIS HAVE KILLED TO DATE !
In Morrocco muslims have slaughtered over 50,000 MUSLIMS , in the past 15 years , using tactics your own "alleged religion " forbids - night attacks while people are sleeping , wiping out whole villages , men woman and children .
What about the TWO MILLION ARMENIANS , MUSLIM TURKS SLAUGHTERED-at the beginning of the last century , what about the Kurds that Iran , Turkey and Iraq have been killing for the past several decades ???

man , I dont even have to mention the heinous cowardly acts of 9/11 , 7/11 or Madrid , ALL done by MUSLIMS , what abhout BALI ? AGAIN slaughter perpetrated by muslims !!
And in Iraq , watch as muslim blows up muslim ...WHO WILL YOU BLAME once the U.S. pulls out ? For the sectarian killing will go on .
No my deluded fellow , MUSLIMS HAVE IN FACT KILLED MORE MUSLIMS , than you allege the kafir have done ...far far more .
And in the Sudan MUSLIMS COMMIT GENOCIDE , as racism is their motive , and iin Somalia MORE UTTER CHAOS ,MAYHEM and MURDER .

WHO are you trying to fool saladin ??? The world is wise to you , and more are learning everyday , and MUSLIMS themselves are responsible for the real perceptions , for they are not figments of the imagination , nor is it ..to coin your word "islamophobia " it is nothing less than ISLAM-AWARENESS .
written by a guest , August 27, 2009
Smarten ' up saladin , it indeed is later than you think
written by Excalibur , August 27, 2009
sorry saladin , those last two posts were me Excalibur , I neglected typing in my name ....as if it even makes a difference ...you in fact do get the message .
No probs excalibur
written by Saladin , August 28, 2009
Listen man, I feel ya!

However,if you were as compassionate and humane,as you purport to be,it seems strange that you have totally ommited from your monologue,the atrocities,genocides and crimes of the west over the last 200 years.

Nothing about trans atlantic slavery(40-100 million dead),zero on the genocide of the Americas,(100million)naught on US invasion and colonisation of the Phillipines(1-2million dead),zilch on the genocide of SE Asia(2 million in vietnam,1 million each in Cambodia,Laos,bearing in mind the people are still dying from yankee ordinance and agent orange).I could go on and on and on,but it is unlikely to move such a person as you.

So it`s evident that you have chosen to discard the litany of crimes by the west,in order to further your abstruse agenda.Which is propaganda/incitement against muslims(as was against communists),in order to further imperialist/capitalist goals.
written by Excalibur , August 28, 2009
Lets forget ancient history saladin , although THAST does you a great favor , for there NEVER was a "golden age of Islam " , for islam was spread by the swored and left history littered with piles iof dead bodies .
Lets stick to the here and now , ya know RECENT TIMES when men are considered to be civilised , where muslims STILL LIVE IN THE 6th century , atleast 13,000 recorded attacks on people throughout the world , and THAT just since 9/11--killing maiming and persecuting different people throughout the world ...ALL DONE BY MUSLIMS . Pick up your news paper , ANYDAY -ANY COUNTRY , and you will read of the carnage wrought by "the religion of peace " .
Will you deny trhat your own Q'uran calls for world domination , and if not by persuasion then ultimately by the sword ? Do you vthink no one can READ ! Do you think no one can HEAR what your clerics are saying , preaching and inciting ? Do you think no one can SEE the bloodshed ???
Muslims are not peacefull in ANYTHING they do .

If someone criticizes the prophet , you riot and kill , while on the other hand muslims denigrate the other two religions as a matter of practice .

Only from the pit of utrter ignorance , can you assume that your deeds are hidden or misrepresented ! Or the pit of utter DECEPTION , SUCH AS TAQIYYA , which is practiced widely by muslims , for the axiom , "the end justifies the mewans " is your cunard .
I have no pity for people who refuse to see their own folly .

No you cannot move "a person like me " , and that is because I am informed and not lazy , I am outraged and not scared , I will stand rather than cower and appease .
Yours is a cult of religious supremacism , intolerance , theocratic tyranny and absolutism , you are in fact ANTI-THETICAL TO CIVILIZATION .
Everything muslims rail against , they themselves commit daily with the utmost of arrogance contempt and HYPOCRISY .
Indeed though many muslims can recite their Q'ran from memory , the same does not even understand the language and words they have committed to their memory , they are in fact FORBIDDEN to reach their own conclusions even had they actaully understood the words . They are admonished to have imams for interpretation , and none of THEM agree with one another .
In the west we have recognized our wrongs and have righted them as a matter of moral imperative .
As when disasters occur throughout the world IT IS THE WEST THAT COMES TO THE AID OF THE VICTIMS , whilst the rich arab nations do nothinbg in the way of corporeal aid , but only sit around decrying yet more persecution . As I said , you have made yourselves the "eternal victims " and not without cause , for this delusion provides the rationale and justification for your dismally bad behavior .
You are in no position to pontificate to bthe west , me , or ANYONE ELSE on the morality of ANYONES ACTIONS , your history is filled with bloodshed , from it's inception to this very day as we speak .

You with your honor killings , female mutilation , abuse of women , unjust courts , corrupt officials , virtue police, haters of jews , holocaust deniers and homicidal fanatics .... you are in no position to preach .
Lets forget history eh..how conveniant!
written by Saladin , August 28, 2009
Excalibur,ok lets put history to one side.I`ll give you a break,after all it`s the holy month and I`m feeling charitable,even towards the likes of you.

You claim Islam seeks world domination,but I beg to differ.Have you read or even heard of PROJECT FOR A NEW AMERICAN CENTURY,otherwise known as PNAC?No,I didn`t think so(it`s not on your"must read" list, given out in your local megachurch).Anyhow,if you read PNAC, you will see it clearly sets out a blueprint toward US domination over the whole of humanity.There`s no ambiguity,doubt or vagueness in what PNAC means.

It was authored by an assortment of war criminals,profiteers,militarists,and neocon zionists.you know,the usual suspects,Chenney,Rumsfeld,wolfowitz,scooter Libby etc.
They all wanted US/Europe to launch wars of aggression to secure US position in the world.The middle east was just a starter.You see the western capitalist model is in terminal decline,it cannot be saved without permanent war against humanity.

What the PNACers called for, was a catalyzing event,a new pearl harbour,to galvanize the us people to support aggression and genocide.A few years later we 9-11,and as they say...the rest history.
written by Excalibur , August 28, 2009
Another TYPICAL MUSLIM FANTASY . 19 MUSLIMS committed the heinous act on 9/11 . EVERYONE OF THEM MUSLIMS ....NO ZIONISTS , NO JEWS , NOR WAS IT BUSH WITH A PLOT TO MAKE MUSLIMS LOOK BAD ...IT WAS PURE RELIGIOSLY INSPIRED HATRED AND ANIMOUS MIXED WITH A PHONY DELUDED PROMISE OF PARADISE FOR THESE 19 DREGGS OF HUMANITY ....THESE 19 subhuman pieces of religious fantics ....islamic religious fanatics , spurred on by the like of Bin Laden and the with the support of the deranged and perverted Taliban regime .

Do not come before me with your irrational excuses , and do not attempt to blame the victims as is the motis operandi of just about all slaughters perpetrated by muslims .

Do not regurgitate your chilkdish and ignoirant conspiracy theories meant only to coveer up islams ingrained barbarism and savagry .

All f you , and I mean every last one of you muslims , knows damn well who committed 9/11 and why , just as the London Bombings , the Kobar Towers , the 1993 bombing of the WTC , the Madrid Bombings , Bali Bombings , and Mumbay , ALL , ALL , committed by muslims and muslims alone .

Do not talk to me as if I were a brainless child , without intelligence and ability to grasp facts .

These are ALL acts committed by Muslims , I know it , YOU know it , and the world knows it ....just as THE UMMA KNOWS IT .


I was in Chittagong when the West Pakistani Sunnis slaughtered almost 2 million East pakistani Shia and Hindus , I saw the bodies and smelt the rotting flesh , the odor of spilt blood fiolled my nostrils as I watched the ravens feast on their manmade plentifull bounty .

I know full well what you muslims are capable of , and MUSLIMS THEMSELVES UNLEASHED THE DOGS OF WAR ON 9/11 ....NO ONE ELSE .... you can hold on to your fantasy and take it with you to the grave , just as I will take the TRUTH of it with me to mine .
Muslims , and IDIOTS are the only people on the Earth who believe 9/11 was not committed by muslims .

So save your delusions ,and ludicrous conspiracy theories , they are all poor attempts to hide your guilt , and cover up your barbarism ,WHILE SCREAMING TO THE WORLD , WITH THREATENING SWORD IN HAND ......that you are a "religion of peace " .

And BTW , you did not deny the ultimate goal of world subjugation to islam , which is in case you have forgotten , is " The Goal of the Prophet " .
christian terrorist
written by wanrizm , August 29, 2009
Christian terrorist killed more than 5 million innocent life in iraq and afganisthan,where is wmd in iraq? why israel is holding all WMD . who brought down terrorist americans buidings.
who every day killing countles muslims at paletine?.
war of terror is being called war on terror.
few muslims uprising against christian and jewish terrorism being called terrorist.
usa and europe being terrorist hub of sex,porn,calling theself as civilised community what does it means?
Muslims are victims of jewish , chritian, and hindu terrorism
written by wanrizm , August 29, 2009
henius criminals are are christians and jewisgh criminals of USA and europe israel killing the peoples who do not have self defence.
28 terrorist chritians countires joined and attcked iraq
after ward 12 years of sactions by terrorist USA .After all military power vanished attacking innocent peoples is henies crime of christians.
all you mentioned is manipulation of facts by christians by media to grow their false and criminal religion.
christianity is sin of world .
eurpeans learnt to numbers cutures , papers,civilization only from muslims.
terrorist can not uphold civilization that why heniesly killed millions of muslims all over europe and converetd them as sinners (christians)
read history educate yourself. most intolerable,spead by false hood, money, deceptions, lies, crime is christianity
To saladin
written by kmgy , August 29, 2009
"I must say,this is without doubt,the most disgusting and sinister site i have had the misfortune to encounter."--

Or it could be a turning point in your life for the better. Read all the articles of this website with an open mind.
written by Excalibur , August 29, 2009
You attack our city -NY , we destroy your country -Afghanistan==you getting that message ?

Start a war and you get war , and calling youyrselves "poor defensless muslims " is just another part of your lieing ways .

Muslims start wars and when they get their asses kicked , which they so richly deserve , they then start whining and become "the eternal victims " .

You reap what you sow muslim , you all should have learned that by now .
Just because yoiu are a backwards people , doesnt mean you can kill and slaughter without consequence .

BTW go check the REAL figures of muslim casualties in Iraq , not yuour B.S.propaganda . Most of the muslims killed in Iraq have been killed by MUSLIMS >

The world knows you are all liars , so stop wasting your time with your propaganda and B.S.

For all your backpeddling , I still haven't heard you deny Bali , Mumbai , Madrid , London or 9/11 ...and that is because you can't , so dont try .

And please , don't preach to me about sex or porn in the west , you muslims have got it topped , tell a girl you want to marry her three times and you now have license to rape , and when its over ,. say you divorce her three times ...man what a religion eh ? You rape without consequence , and not only that , you get religious approval ...and if the woman is an infidel , you dont even have to bother with all your phony formalities.

And because this is Ramadan , what will you do Eid ?
Non muslim and muslim womewn alike are warned i n Egypt , that rape is quyite likely at the end of ramadan .

And lets not forget the marrying of 9 and ten year old girls , the female circumcision practced by you deranged muslims .

If anyone wants to know what a muslim world will look like , one only look back at the Taliban Regime , where laughing in public is forbidden , music is forbidden , shaving your beard is forbidden , women are beaten if their veils should fall loose , and the virtue police are spying on everyone ...Allah's little helpers , ready to pounce and punish all offenders ..... You people can all go to hell ...and most of you will wind up there anyway , for when you live a life filled with hatred of others , cruelty towards others , and rape and murder , hell will surely be your reward .
You think you will live such a life , and face no consequences in the after life ?

Then you are crazier than I thought .
written by David , August 29, 2009
May God bless you, wherever you go. May Jesus Christ give you peace and confort.
written by Excalibur , August 30, 2009
oh ........and WHO is doing the killing in Pakistan ?

You know , the bombs tearing muslims to little bits and pieces ?
WHO is doing that saladin and wanrizn ?

Christians ?? Budhists ?? Jews ?? Hindus ?

Are these kafir , somehow forcing these muslim moron serial killers to strap on their bomb vests and blow themselves up along with innocent strangers they dont even know ? Fellow muslims ....men women and childre ???



Zionists ?????

Who is killing christians in Pakistan ?

the Americans ????

Take your pills and settle down!
written by Saladin , August 30, 2009
You must be frothing at the mouth.Was that a sermon from your megachurch?
Even the FBI say there is no evidence to link Osama to 9-11.While on the other hand there is solid evidence that Osama was a paid CIA operative.
These are facts which you are unable to come to terms with.
The terrorist training camps you speak of,were funded by the US taxpayer and operated by the CIA.
The US is killing innocent muslim men,women and children in their millions.Just like it killed millions of Vietnamese,Cambodians and Laosians in years gone by.Or are you gonna lay that one on muslims too?
written by Excalibur , August 30, 2009
Embrace your delusion saladin , and know well that your own words make you a lieing fool . That's right Osama was a paid CIA operative , in the Soviet/Afghanistan War . Half-truths are STILL lies Saladin , but Taqiyya is part of a muslims life .

As for your fantasy of who committed 9/11 ? Go out and try to buy some smart pills .

Every last one of you muslims know it was Bin laden the cowardly dog who orchestrated the 9/11 attack, and you all know damn well it was Muslims who committed the COWARDLY ACTS in LONDON , BALI , MADRID , and 13,000 other attacks since 9/11 throughout the world .

Yours is nothing more than a CULT OF BACKWARD BARBARIANS, and that is all you ever were, and all you ever will be .

Pick up todays news and note how many muslims have been blown up by your religiously deluded Sahadis seeking paradise .

How many this day saladin , and what ? No zionists or Americans or Israelis around to be accused of the slaughters ......JUST MUSLIMS , and it will be the same tomorrow ,as it has been in the days before , and as it will continue ....MUSLIMS SLAUGHTERING INNOCENTS , AND OTHER MUSLIMS .
written by Excalibur , August 30, 2009
....and "mega-church " saladin ? you think one has to be a christian , or a church member to recognize islam for what it is ?

there is no , sermon , nor propaganda required to see the obvious .

It is YOUR sermons , YOUR behavior , YOUR actions , YOUR arrogant denialls ,YOUR BASELESS ACCUSATIONS and BLAME SHIFTING......the actions of muslims themselves , that has gottren them in the position they find themselves , reviled by civilised men and percieved as the barbarians they are /
You now admit Osama was one of your guys!
written by Saladin , August 30, 2009
Look how foolish you are.First you accuse us of being responsible for 9-11,then you admit your chief suspect is a CIA operative.
As for muslims killing muslims,who flys the B_1 bombers carpet bombing Afghanistan.And what about the pilotless drones wreaking death and destruction on afpak women and children,are those remotly controlled from Mecca eh?
Wake up and smell the coffee,you`ve been praying to the devil all along.
written by Excalibur , August 30, 2009
THAT RIGHT , I ACCUSE YOU of b9/11 , Madrid , bali , Beslan , London , Armenia , MUMBAI ,the Phillipines , Southern Thailand , christians being murdered in Pakistan and Iraq , muslims being slaughtered in Morroco , Algeria , and the Sudan , chaos in Somalia , Kasmir , the 1993 WTC Attack , the Kobar Towersa , the USS Cole , the slaughter of 10,000 chrstians in Lebanon , your murder and persecution of jews , WHO BY YOUR OWN Q'URAN CALLS MONKEYS AND PIGS .

And yes Bin Laden WAS the recipient of CIA aid in the fight against the Soviets in Afghanistan , and that is where the relationship ended ....and THAT is a FACT that you know also . Just like you know Bin laden was the dog responsible foir 9/11 with the aid and assistance of thye deranged perverts of the taliban Regime ..

If Bush wasn't an Idiot who diverted resources attacking the most prolific killers of MUSLIMS , Saddam Hussein, and concentrated on Afghanistan , thyen we wouldn't be discussing Afghanistan at all . As far as the resulting consequences of the Taliban aiding and abeting muslim fanatics ? Well you had bettrer discuss those consequence with the taliban , and the moron muslim fanatics in Pakistan who created them .

As for the drone s ? Get used to them , what better way to wipeout islamic barbarians wiythout risking American Blood .

And from your quarter several years later and millions of lives later .....STILL no outright condemnation of Bin laden from the "religion of peace " ...only rubbish like what leaves your mouth , lies and accusations based in Taqiyya ...the muslim art of LIEING for the sake of the Umma .

As for WHO I pray to ? You have no idea who I pray to .

All I DO KNOW is that if there is a God , He is CERTAINLY NOT THE ONE you muslims worship , you've made an infallable god of your prophet , you practice IDOLOTRY .

You are nothing more than intolerant , cruel , belligerant and barbaric religious supremacists .

Your "religious cult " is a scourge upon the Earth .A FACT which you muslims willingly and viciously prove , by your actions and your words ...EVERY SINGLE DAY .

Free men despise you , reasonable men look away from you in disgust , compassionate men find it difficut to look upon your deeds , spiritual men read your Q'uran and see nothing but hatred , vengeance and murder .

YOU are the one who had better "wake up " .

However , whether muslims wake up or not , one thing they had better learn and learn well ....THAT islam WILL NEVER PREVAIL , for there about 5.5 billion non-muslims on this planet who will have something to say about your deranged cult , and soon you will hear from them .

And aside from muslims , I've met NONE who have anything good to say about islam , other than the mindless idiots and dhimmis who fear you .
I can feel you trembling as you type!
written by Saladin , August 31, 2009
What drives Islamophobes is fear,an all consuming fear.Which drives them on to hate muslims with a vengence.
Islam is thriving,while the west is in terminal decline,they cannot even reproduce themselves.

You are slowly fading away,into the dustbin of history.Humanity has rejected you capitalist,white supremacist,christian fundamentalist clap trap.

Look around you fool,Islam is flourishing,even in the heart of the beast(the west).
written by Excalibur , August 31, 2009
You got it all wrong , and thats because your parents and leaders have used your head like a toilet , and have filled it with a cesspool of lies , delusions , and above all that patrented muslim practice oif Taqiyya.

LOL....fear you , you have a pretty high opinion of yourself eh saladin ?

Oh I 'm sure your fellow muslims fear islam , especially the women and children , whom you trswatr as property and abuse and disposae of them at your pleasure .

NOT EVEN IN THE ANIMAL KINGDOM DOES A MOTHER ENCOURAGE HER YOUNG TO DIE , like the muslims mothers who are actually proud of their sons and daughters who homicide bomb innocent strangers , and their families and freinds make them heros , such is your deranged cult .

Fear you ? Not on your life muslim , for alone and face to face , man to man you are the greatest of cowards ,for your method of attack is by surprise , from behind , and in the dark , all the methods your phony cult allegedly forbids .

But what's another lie to a cult based in LIES and MURDER ?

Your cult is so great that anyone who tries to leave is KILLED , abd that is confirmed in your Q'uran , so GREAT IS YOUR FEAR THAT YOU KILL THOSE WHO ABANDON YOUR CULT .
Fear you ???? Keep dreaming , and as for any spread of your religion , that illusion is yours , as the only western converts you get are ion prison , and thats just about the caliber of your members ...CRIMINALS .


No you will not prevail , because your sick cult is fast .approaching a point when the world will be fed up with your bullshit , and that is evident as each day you kill more of each other than any kufar .
Soon the world will start pushing back , and your sick cultr will be sent packing , bach to the backwards third world countriesa yuou came from , and which you deserve . Muslims have no place amongst civilised free men , you are barbarians , steeped in ignorance and superstition .

So go ahead , make your accusations , coming from muslims they are meaningless ,. i am neither fundamentalist nor supremacist , as you think only abnormal people are the ones against you , and that is another mistake you ignorant people make , but what could be expected from muslims who think anyone let alone jews could be descended from mokys and pigs .....NOW THATS RACISM and SUPREMACISM ....and IT IS WRITTEN IN YOUR QURAN AND SPOKEWN BY YOUR PROPHET ....need I say more as to DEFINING YOU ?

You are enemies of civilisation , enemies of freedom , INDEED enemies of mankind , a veritable blight on the planet .

Enjoy your deluded illusion , your moment in the sun as it were . And know full well , only idiots fear you [ and of course ...other muslims ] .

Thyere are only two possibilities in your future , you will makke war wiyth the world and the cworld will crush you , or you will kill each other and do the world a favor ....but you will not in any way large or small prevail .
written by Excalibur , August 31, 2009
...as for the fundamentalist christians , and supremacists ?

LOL...."enemy of my enemy is my freind " , if they are against you , then they are not the enemy . lol, SO WHAT IF IT IS FOR THE WRONG REASONS .

As for the rest , YOU will win them over to my side by your own behavior , for by your nature and actions , will you and your fellow muslims convince them that you indeed are their enemy , as each and every day , you convince more of the people in the world just what a perverted and barbaric cult you are .

As for the criminals in prison and usefull idiots who "revert "to your sick cult ? You can have them all ....for they will go down with you .

p.s . do not include your cult as "humanity "
written by Saladin , September 01, 2009
I knew you were a stinking,slimey piece of white supremacist filth.

Like I said,we are thriving.
written by Excalibur , September 01, 2009
LOL....it is YOUR CULT OF FANATICS who believe themselves better than the rest of the human race , it is your cult whose own jurisprudence dicftates to always rule in favor of the muslim , in disputes between muslim and non-muslim , it is your cult who denigrates and insults all other religions , it is your cult who says [lol and believes ] that jews are descended from apes and pigs .

It is YOUR CULT whose jihad is for the "Goal of the Prophet " ....which is world subjugation to islam .

IT IS YOUR CULT ,WHO WILL GIVE ALL NON_MUSLIMS " AN INVITATION TO REVERT " and if they dont you will be gracious by allowing them to live as dhimmis , subordinate to you superior muslims ....ahh , but only for a btime , and if they still refuse to revert you will kill them .
IT IS YOUR CULT , whgich did not exist before your prophet , claims that you were the religion of Adam , and Moses , and Abraham , and that your book , the Q'ran is superior to all other , because all others are corrupted by infidels .


Yea , you are thriving , like vmaggots on a carcass , and when it is consumed , the maggots will dry up and die . Like all parasites .

Yea , I see how you are "thriving " 95 killed in Afghanistan , by suicide bombers , and everyday in Iraq , schools burned in Afghhanistan to prevent your women from beducating themselves , and you throw acid in littlle girls faces to discourage any other girls from attending school .Hamas killing their own people, Hamas killing another of your sick demented fundamentalist cults and their leader in Gaza , beating women of Gaza who will not wear hijab , Pakistani muslims blowing up everyone , and burning christians todeath , as well as burning their churches and villages .......yea ...I see how you're thriving , like an infection of a wound .... LOOK OUT saladin , the world has PENICILLIN >
written by Excalibur , September 01, 2009
in addition to being supremacist , your cult is perverted , as this interview with a top advisor to Ahmadinejab the Shiite leader of Iran exposes depravity ::

Asked if a confession obtained "by applying psychological, emotional and physical pressure" was "valid and considered credible according to Islam," Mesbah-Yazdi replied: "Getting a confession from any person who is against the Velayat-e Faqih ("Guardianship of the Islamic Jurists", or the regime of Iran's mullahs) is permissible under any condition." The ayatollah gave the identical answer when asked about confessions obtained through drugging the prisoner with opiates or addictive substances.

"Can an interrogator rape the prisoner in order to obtain a confession?" was the follow-up question posed to the Islamic cleric.

Mesbah-Yazdi answered: "The necessary precaution is for the interrogator to perform a ritual washing first and say prayers while raping the prisoner. If the prisoner is female, it is permissible to rape through the vagina or anus. It is better not to have a witness present. If it is a male prisoner, then it's acceptable for someone else to watch while the rape is committed."

This reply, and reports of the rape of teen male prisoners in Iranian jails, may have prompted the following question: "Is the rape of men and young boys considered sodomy?"
One aspect of these permitted rapes troubled certain questioners.

Ayatollah Mesbah-Yazdi: "No, because it is not consensual. Of course, if the prisoner is aroused and enjoys the rape, then caution must be taken not to repeat the rape."

A related issue, in the eyes of the questioners, was the rape of virgin female prisoners. In this instance, Mesbah-Yazdi went beyond the permissibility issue and described the Allah-sanctioned rewards accorded the rapist-in-the-name-of-Islam:

"If the judgment for the [female] prisoner is execution, then rape before execution brings the interrogator a spiritual reward equivalent to making the mandated Haj pilgrimage [to Mecca], but if there is no execution decreed, then the reward would be equivalent to making a pilgrimage to [the Shi'ite holy city of] Karbala."

written by Excalibur , September 01, 2009
sick ,sick people . And saladin you call me what ? a supremacist ???

Why ? Becuase I know about islam ? the truth about islam ?
re: Tamil Religions
written by JohanM , September 01, 2009
I answered my own question. The Sri Lankan Tamils are majority Hindu minority Christian (Wikipedia).

Mary please read the link..
Open up your eyes. I hope you are refering to this wikipedia or again as muslims do this is not "True Wikipedia"

Muslims are habitual blatant liars......
written by JohanM , September 01, 2009
Do not you know that this is the month of Ramadhan Karim and you are fasting. You muslims talk a lot that how pious we become during the month of Ramadhan and we do not bring bad thoughts or language. But still you are doing all that.... R U contradicting you so called Islamic teachings or these teachings are just deception for others.....

There was a blog in this site where it was stated that please be aware of the Muslims during the Ramadhan because they become more monstrous while fasting.... Sorry to say but you are proving that blog right

Millions .......... most misused word by the musli
written by JohanM , September 01, 2009
Muslims liberally use the word millions when they want to show themselves victims.... Millions are killed in IRAQ, Millions are killed in Kashmir, Millions are killed in China, Millions are killed in Afghanistan........

Why millions why not billions or trillions..... O just wait within few years they will start harping Billions or Trillions without knowing what is the meaning of those terms.....

Come on..... do you know what is the meaning or millions...... Please come out with some figure not the vague millions...........
written by JohanM , September 01, 2009
Islam might be flourishing in the heart of the Beast (west). True.... Islam can flourish in the heart of the Beasts..

But Islam is rotting in its own backyard (islamic world). That is more important.. Look around you Saladin.. How much it has rotten in its home turf.. Muslims are killing, raping, kidnapping among themselves. Muslims are blowing their own Mosques with full of devotees inside. Muslims are tearing down their own heritage and dargahs and Majars of the Sufi Saints in various parts of Islamic worlds (please do not tell me you do not know this). Muslims are depriving the rights to their own brothers in the faith by declaring each other non-muslims (shia, sunni, ahmedi, bahai etc. they all claim themselve true and others false).

You yourself might abuse west or any other free country but if you and your family members get any chance to come out of your own Islamic paradise (Islamic countries) then you will be first in the line of Visa because you yourself would like to come out of the shithole. Because you are more aware of the reality of Islamic world then us.
written by JohanM , September 01, 2009
I knew you were a stinking,slimey piece of white supremacist filth.

Like I said,we are thriving.

Saladin.... It is the holy month of Ramadhan Kareem. Have you forgotton...... Where are your "Islamic Teachings" which you people boast a lot but not practice...

Huh silly me.... expecting too much
written by JohanM , September 02, 2009

28 terrorist chritians countires joined and attcked iraq

Can you please list the 28 terrorist christian countries.

I can list a few terrorist Islamic Countries who joined and attack Iraq.

Bangladesh, Egypt, Morocco, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, United Arab Emirate. These terrorist countries attacked Iraq in Gulf War. Which terrorist Islamic country you belong to. Though your english suggests that you are from Pakistan.
written by Excalibur , September 02, 2009
habitual liars ? Indeed ....it is called Taqiyya , arabic for "shielding the heart " ...which allows muslims to smile at you on the street , while in their heart they are seething with hatred against you . If it serves the purpose of the good of the Umma [ body of islam] it's ok .

religious approval for LIEING AND DECIEVING .

This is why they knowingly and purposefully lie about 9/11 ....and even blame the victims for acts like Beslan .
Islamic Beasts
written by kmgy , September 02, 2009
Raping of helpless male and female prisoners in Islamic Iran is so disgusting to say the least. These vicious and predatory Islamic beasts do not qualify to be called humans.
Excalibur-you really are a pathetic individual!
written by Saladin , September 02, 2009
Here you go again,ranting and raving.You know your a foul mouthed"WHITE SUPREMACIST",stand up and be proud,your certainly loud.

Can any of the Islamophobes tell me why their obsessed with sex,I mean really obsessed?
"Women,little girls,boys,men,sodomy rape",is all you ever here from these miscreants.

What alot of tosh you posted about a "supposed Iranian cleric",clearly your getting your homo-erotic deviancy mixed up on here.Typical yankee degenerate.

Look you grand wizard,you can`t prove jack about rapes in Iran.All you can do is reproduce gay porn scripts(does it arouse you klansman?).While I can conclusively and irrefutably prove that it is you,and your apostles of the devil(US stormtroopers),that are the worlds worse fiends.

How?you might ask.Two simple revealing words.

written by EXCALIBUR , September 02, 2009
Abu Graib ? Oh my muslims captives were OMIGOSH !!! Humiliated !!! How terrible .

Tell me muslim , how many captive Amereican soldiers survived their capture by you muslims ???

How werew thery treated ? If in fact they did survive .

Do you njeed me to answer for you ?
You TORTURED , KILLED ,and then MUTILATED THEIR BODIES , you unholy savages .

Muslims should be GRATEFULL that we do not do to muslim captives what you animals due to western captives .

And you WHO is obsessed with sex ? JUST LOOK AT YOURSELVES , everything concerning muslim women in ISLAM , is based on muslim mens uncontrollable urges being made the fault and responsibility of your women , that is why you cover them up and mutilate their genitals , with clitoral circumscicion .
That is why you beat them if they walk the street unaccompanied , why you kill and beat them for going to school for an education , and get away with rape and honor killings ....WHO THE HELL ARE YOU KIDDING ?????


Justr ask Egyptian women what goes on when Ramadan ends with Eid .....and even the police turn their heads when the rapes begin .....your are the sex crazed BRUTAL BARBARIANS .

I would wager that over HALF of muslim women , if they could [without riosking death ] would leave you perverts to rot in your perverted countreies with your perverted cult , and RUN to the west where they could live as free human beings , insatead livuing like sex slaves on a leash .

I fact one of your degenerate clerics made Fatwa that FOPD MAY BE WITHELD FROM A WIFE , FOR THE SAKE OF SEXUAL SATISFACTION .

written by EXCALIBUR , September 02, 2009
The more people learn about you , the more they will revile you .
written by Excalibur , September 02, 2009
and just look at what you do to your own :

By Sayed Salahuddin

KABUL (Reuters) - Lal Mohammad, a 40-year-old Afghan farmer, was one of millions of people who defied Taliban threats against voters and set out to cast his ballot in this month's presidential election. But he soon regretted his defiance.

Fighters ambushed Mohammad as he was walking to a polling station and cut off part of his nose and his ears.

The Taliban vowed to disrupt the Aug. 20 vote, threatening reprisals against voters and staging scores of rocket attacks and several bombings across the country on election day.

The threats and violence failed to stop the election from taking place, but they do seem to have hurt turnout in some areas, especially the Taliban heartland in the south.

Mohammad, speaking haltingly in a hospital in the capital, Kabul, described how militants stopped and searched him while he was on his way to a polling booth.

They beat him with the butt of an assault rifle after they found his voting card.

Then they took out a knife.

"I saw one reaching my nose with a knife. I asked him to stop, but it was useless," Mohammad said.

Still sex,sex and more sex eh!
written by Saladin , September 03, 2009
Excalibur,do you derive sexual pleasure from this sick website?

Again it`s all,rape,sodomy,female genetalia,clitoris,etc etc.

Pray tell,how will you convince any normal person,as to the "dangers of Islam"? No decent person with morals,will be able to listen to such depravity. Only the most sadistic and deviant minds can stomach such filth.Surely you must leave your megachurch with an extra leg every sunday.

Why bother with the yankee propaganda,about "elections"?The Afghans have already cast their ballots,signed with yankee stormtrooper blood.
written by Excalibur , September 03, 2009
Oh are we getting angry saladin ? I merely recount the truth about your cult . Your sexual perversions and attitudes are self evident , and cannot be hidden , no matter how much you engage your common practice of taqiyya , and LIE .
You muslims must really think the rest of the world stupid , no ? But it is you muslims who are stupid in thinking you can behave as the way you do, before the world , and then so arrogantly attempt to deny it , and try to turn the table on your accuser .

And as far as the Afghans are concerned , I would not waste another drop of brave Americanm soldiers lood on any of them , for when we leave they will revert back to the tribal beasts that they have always been and always will be - take closer look at them saladin , they are blowing each other up , abusing their women , burning girls schools , throwing acid in the face of schoolgirls to discourage their education ....Afghans are not worth spilling any more blood , they do not want freedom , they want to victimize all who do not think like them ....

The US should walk away , and let them devour themselves in their religious savagry .

And I do INDEED accuse you of all that I have said , because I know it to be true , and so do you , thaty bis what majkes you such despicable liars .

And hears a newsflash genius , I attend no "megachurch " nor do I need to hear a sermon to know the truth about islam , it is , as I said SELF-EVIDENT , for you have left a long trail of blood and slaughter down through history , and continuye as we speak . You have imprinted on the collective memory of the people whom you have victimized down through the ages , and they KNOW YOU AS I DO .
Therefore I need not "convince " anyone , you yourself , in your daily behavior will do the convincing .....or do you begin to believe your own propaganda ?

You think you are really fooling anyone ? Perhaps ,the dreggs in prisons you convert , but then again , they are not normal people ,. they couldn't be , for they revert to your cult .
That is what muslims have done , and still do ...that is believe their own B.S.
\"It is cruel to mock the afflicted\"
written by Saladin , September 04, 2009
This is turning into something like animal cruelty,mocking the mentally handicapped and tormenting the criminally insane.

With every punch of your keyboard,you further condem yourself.

"Newsflash",the yankee stormtroopers are not occupying Afghanistan out of a misplaced alturism.No,they are there,like everywhere else the occupy(800+ installations worldwide),purely for self interested empire.

Yankee blood is not as precious as they would have you believe.Blacks,Latino`and white trash make up the majority of the cannon fodder in the US Army.That is why the US will stay the course in Afghanistan,they can always rely on some bible thumping redkneck megachurch preacher,to convince the mentally challenged yanks,that to lay a pipeline from the Caspian to the Persian gulf,"is gooooods wiiiil".
written by Excalibur , September 04, 2009
The US troops are in Afganistan for ONE reason and One reason only saladin .

And you KNOW what that is , save your parroted rhetoric .


For in fact , if 19 muslim fanatics seeking "paradise " by an act of suicide coupled with mass murder , had not commited this heinous and cowardly act , and had they not been , aided ,assisted , encouraged , approved and based in Afghanistan ......then there would be NOT ONE US Soldier there , and you would be left to your usuall behvior ....killing each other , and abusing your women .

The blood of US soldiers , need not be precious to you , for YOU and your fellow CULTISTS are IRRELEVANT as it regards to honor , truth , bravery and respect , INDEED humanity .

Neither , You nor your lot ,possess any of these , and are therefore unworthy of consideration nor opinion .

What you think is meaningless , absurd , and IRRELEVANT to me .

What IS relevant to me , is that people know the truth about you and your cult , and I need not teach them , but merely , point in your direction , so that they may observe and thus learn .
You will teach them all they need to know , I simply implore them to take notice , and once done, they will see with eyes wide open .

Condemn myself ? BEFORE WHOM ??? YOU ??

I welcome it , for if I found favor with you , even in any small thing , then THAT would indicate that I am not by any means normal .
Have you been taking bromide in your coffee?
written by Saladin , September 06, 2009
At least your libido has dampened.It was getting kinda creepy engaging with a sexual obsessive.

Keep sending your trailer trash to die in the sands of Afghanistan.Sooner or later your gonna have to withdraw,like vietnam.

Oh,and give one in the eye to your megachurch,megamouth preacher.

ramadan karim y`all!
written by Excalibur , September 06, 2009
iIt seems that YOU , saladin , are the one obsessed regarding the issues I brought up , exposing your lot as mistreaters , abuser and even mutilatoirs of your women .
These issues are REAL , and your women are in all truth , the VICTIMS .

You express a deranged adolescent manner of expressing yourself refarding the sexxual abuse by which you oppress your women .

Honor killing , female circumscision , indeed overall abuse and mistreatment of women in islam are ALL ,SELF-EVIDENT .
One need not attend a sermon , or as your childish accusations claim , get sexually aroused at a sermom . For this is merely a reflection of how your opwn mind works , for this is what you parents have taught you ....that women are property tyo be kept as dogs on a leash .

One can only conclude by your repetition of such a deviation , that you yourself experience sexual arousal at your sermons , anfd that is no surprise , as your sermons usually are comprised of demeaning others , blaming them for your own perversions , and their elimination , as the solution to your many problems .
Unsurprisingly , you have not addressed or refutede my accusations on the treatment of women in islam , and that is becuase youi cant , as I said before these things are swelf evident wherever muslims reside , even in western nations , with civilised societies , you bring your backwards , and perverted ideology and practices with you , as honor killings , random rape , and female mutilation and oppresive subservience, are on the rise in muslim populations in these countries.

You cannot hide or deny this , so you're only counter-argument is your juvenile accusations , or the common practice of LIEING , otherwise known as TAQIYYA , a practice of lieing out of religious necessity .

As for your remark on Afghanistan and the brave Americans who risk their lives for savages and barbarians , let me remind you AGAIN as , your memory is short -neither you nor your cohorts are worthy of criticising these young men , and when they do pull out of AFGHANISTAN , the Afghanis will return like a dog returns to its vomit , to their barbaric ways , as the taliban regime was a testament to the world of the insanity and depravity of what muslim regimes operate under .

Again saladin , YOU know why they are there , and that is the only reason they went there ....your "religion of peace " Taliban regime , thought it God's will that they embrace Bin Laden , allow his presence their , allow him to launch attacks from their soil and eventually facilitate him and his dogs to commit an act of homicidal suicide in my country .

Lie all you want about it , I know it's true , as does the rest of the world , and Al Quedas actions before and after 9/11 only serve to confirm my accusations .

Muslims have no place in FREE SOCIETIES , you all need to go back to where you came from so you can live as the barbarians that you are , without attempting to pollute other societies with your deranged ideology , left to killing each other over sectarianism , and treating your women as slaves .

Those who wish to live FREE , are welcome , the rest of you can go to the hell you make for yourselves in your own backwards lands .
Ah I see,go back home eh?
written by Saladin , September 06, 2009
I knew I`d draw it out of you eventually,like puss from an infected wound,you spring forth with your racist drivel.

Let me guess,you were a member of the aryan nation right?Paid your monthly subs to the national vanguard too,I suppose.

Have you got a white dog named jim crow,by any chance?

Why do you always repeat the same verbal diarrea.It`s like whistling in the wind,whose listening?

It must be really frustrating knowing the "truth",as your twisted and perverted mind see` it,while nobody takes you chumps seriously.

This site and your megachurch,is your only solace.I just hope you don`t do something silly,and harm others as well as yourself,I pity you,for you know not what ye do!
written by Excalibur , September 06, 2009
that what they beat into your head saladin ? you use the same terms over and over - "mega-church " "racist " .....but you can never refute what I say ?

I mean any such "devout " muslim as you consider yourself to be , IF YOU HAD THE TRUTH ON YOUR SIDE , could surely and easily refute what I say with confidence .

But all you seem capable of doing is namecalling , casting ludicrous and childish aspersions .... DENY ANY OF THE FACTS ABOUT YOUR CULT WHICH I ENUMERATE .

To recognize a religious supremacist cult for what it is , to learn of its ultimate goals and put them under your nose , is not being a racist . To identify the nature of the cruelty you subject your women to , is not racist . To bring into the light of day , your long history of slaughter , the absolute intolerance of islam towards all others , and the true nature of jihad , its purpoae and ultimate goal ...is NOT racist .

First off you should learn the meaning of the word "racist " before you attempt to use it .

Your cult is NOT a race , it is nothing more than a CULT incorporating several races and nationalities ...so how can I be a racist genius ?

And LOOK who's making accusations of Aryans ? That's awfull funny coming from as muslim who is taught to hate jews from childhood , from a muslim who is taught to spread blood libels against jews as a matter of daily practice ...in FACT , just about the ONLY thing you muslims can ever agree on without killing each other is , that you hate jews , and jews are the sons of monkeys and pigs ....hmmm , now there's some serious bigotry , and what about your Q'uran condemning all else EXCEPT MUSLIMS .


I'm here to expose you ....CHUMP . And you assist , as your words , illuminate the workings of your mind , and its total inability to defend your lieing cult .

You have no idea whether I'm black or white , christian or jew , male or female , yet you flail out with your juvenile remarks .

All you need to KNOW CHUMP , is that I have a working mind , fully able to discern you and your B.S. , which you and your cult churn out and expectorate across the globe .

So save your dumb remarks , like the one above , and spit them out at one of your cult's sermons .

AND you are a cult , for your members leave only under THE PRESCRIBED PAIN OF DEATH .....yea that's in your Q'uran ...or haven't you read it ?
You know your a redkneck white supremacist,admit i
written by Saladin , September 07, 2009
Listen chump,I don`t have to refute any of your racist,Islamophobic gibberish here.

The proof of the pudding,is in the eating!

If any of what you say is true,why has`nt Islam,the Holy Q'uran and muslims been banned outright across the USA/Europe?

Surely,if the religion of Islam was as dangerous as you are your ilk claim,action would have been taken long ago to eradicate such a scourge among the people.

But no,nothing,why is that Earl?

I`ll tell you why.Your disgusting and perverse sentiments is a tiny minority fringe view.Far outside the accepted norms of political discussion,somewhere between KKK and hitlerism.

These are incontravertible facts,can you dispute them chump?
written by Excalibur , September 07, 2009
Is that supposed to be "your rebuttal " ? Did it trake you a full day to come up with such a paltry and pathetic "refutation " of the FACTS I enumerated ?

Are you serious ?

You mean to say that because no one has out and out expelled you from their country , that this is proof that the facts I stated about your cult are not true ?

Ooops , I forgot ! Taqiyya !

Funny , you have not denied those items regarding the behavior of your cult , nor the heart of the issue : whether or not thyey are in fact , behavioral characteristics of your cult .
The abuse of women , and their subsequent mutilation of their genitals , practiced in a number of muslim nation , which by the way is something peculiar to your cult alone . OR Honor killing which is now becoming a serious problem in the civilized nations that you muslims have immigrated to ?

Or that the penalty for apostacy or leaving the faitrh is DEATH , and do you deny that penalty is contained in your own Q'uran , indeed those words spoken by the prophet himself ?
That they are also reiterated in the Sunna and hadith , and found in the writings of Bukari and Musilima? The compaqnions of the prophet ?

Do you deny this ?

Do you deny "the goal of the prophet " which is encumbent upon ALL muslims to "struggle for " [jihad ] is WORLD SUBJUGATION to islam ? And THAT by any means necessary ?
Do you deny this ?

And what of your cults estimation that all others besides muslims themselves are "kuffar " ..."infidels " and are INFERIOR to muslims ? Statements found in your own Q'uran CONFIRM this ....have you not read your own Q'uran?? And if this not the dogma of your cult , then WHY is it repeated in your sermons ?

Does yopur Q'uran not refer to jews as the somns of monkeys and pigs , and is that not repeated over and over by your fellow cult members ?

Yoiu say what you blurted out are WHAT ? Incontravertible facts ??? What RUBBISH ?

You muslims have immigrated to FREE societies , with FREEDOM OF RELIGION AND SPEECH , you are allowed to vet your poisons , but are required to follow the laws of said societies , and when you break them , you are thrown in jail .

So it is YOUR ESTIMATION , that because you have not been banned , nor your Q'uran , that is because the facts I stated about your cult are not true ?

How silly and childish a response !!....but alas it is PURPOSED DECEPTION ON YOUR PART saladin .
So because civilsed society in the West and Europe do not behave like you and resort to persecution and murder , bigotry and genocide [Sudan] , then that proves ...WHAT ? It proves nothing oh deceptive and deluded man, other than the gift of such freedoms granted you in the host countries you infest , are abused and sneered upon by muslims who

seek only to change or destroy those societies and not to integrate and coexist .

This is typical of muslims no matter where they live , there follows strife , and that is INCONTRAVERTIBLE Fact . You prove it everyday around the globe .

So recognizing the nature of your cult , and exposing the TRUE facts about your cult is what ? KKK? hitlerism ??? Islamophobic ??

Not at all CHUMP ...its called ISLAM-AWARENESS .

You have proved NOTHING , you have refuted NOTHING , and that nonsense you put forward does not come close to an intelligent or honest reply .

But honest is not your goal , now is it ? Nor does intelligence rate as anything usefull in your cult , as that would lead to some serious questioning amongst your lot ....and we can't have any of that , now can we ?
Oh foolish man , when will you learn that you can not defend the indefensible ?

You had better educate yourself and get a handle on what is and what is not "outside the norm " , because you seem ignorant of reality .

Who are you kidding man ?
Islamic nonsense!
written by LordWilson , September 07, 2009
How is this racist? It seems that no one here is interested in your islamic bullshit! Do everyone a favour and stick to the the main subject, oh wait you can't, because you don't know true history, only islamic propaganda!
written by Excalibur , September 08, 2009
Conservative and religious groups in Afghanistan reacted with fury yesterday to the news that Sayed Pervez Kambaksh, who was sentenced to death for promoting women's rights, has been freed.
After President Hamid Karzai secretly pardoned the 24-year-old student, hardliners called for an urgent ulama, a meeting of Islamic scholars, to organise protests against the decision.
Mr Kambaksh's brother, Sayed Yaqub Ibrahimi, said he was "very glad, very happy" at what had happened, and human rights organisations and a number of liberal parliamentarians welcomed the news.
The fate of Mr Kambaksh became a cause célèbre after his plight was revealed by The Independent. A petition to secure justice secured more than 100,000 signatures and the Afghan government came under pressure from Western leaders to free him.
Mr Kambaksh's original death sentence was set aside by Afghanistan's Supreme Court. But the judges ruled that he must serve at least 20 years in prison. Following the presidential amnesty he is now starting a life with a new identity in another country after 20 months of incarceration.
Mr Ibrahimi said: "We are all very happy that so much progress has been made with Pervez and I want to thank all the people who have helped in this. I have to be careful about what I say but, of course, Pervez should never have been put in that position, it was wrong. The family is very glad he is out."
But yesterday in Kabul, Maulavi Hanif Shah Hosseini, a prominent mullah, declared: "Kambaksh committed a crime against the Koran and the people who conspired so that he escaped the law have also committed a crime.
"All the decisions to help this man who disrespected Islam are coming from the foreigners. But the decision to follow along with this came from Karzai and the Afghan government and we disown them. We are going to call for a gathering of the ulama to decide what to do. We are not going to make a big stand against this and any trouble will be the fault of people who helped Kambaksh."
Qari Rahmatullah, MP for Kunduz, said: "This just shows that our country is not independent. Our policies are dictated by outsiders. Why should a man be allowed to insult Islam and then just walk away?" And he added: "Good Muslim people will be unhappy about this and Mr Karzai will have difficulties if the voting [in the election] goes to the second round."

Indeed ! A death penalty for upholding [or trying ] womens rights .And punishment for those who support the decision to free the "condemned ".

What say you saladin ? Should the death penalty apply ?
Whose listening,who cares you silly evangelical fo
written by Saladin , September 08, 2009
Another long winded monologue,more hot air and worthless bluster.

I say again,chump,who takes you and your kind seriously,who?

There are numerous laws in the West regarding incitement,racial/religious hatred etc.If any of the nonsense you claim about Islam is true,I would expect the holy Q,uran to be banned and mosques boarded up.But the reality is that churchs are being converted into mosques and the holy Q,uran is worldwide best seller.
written by Excalibur , September 08, 2009
Oh it is enforced , when you step over the line , and you either get booted out or jailed .And when you get violent , like the plots recently broken up with muslims plotting to blow up airliners or bomb buildings such as in Canad , the US , and the UK ....you get jailed with hard time .

LOL...longwinded " you say ? Indeed , I merely recounhjted the bissue that you can not or will not address .

Churches are not turned into mosques , at leaat in the west , whereas in Egypt they are burned ,or desecrated by muslims and new construction of churches banned , in Saudi Arabia , there are no churches , they are forbidden ...PERIOD , in Turkey chuches have been confiscated and "turned into moisques " with judges always invariably ruling in favor of muslims in disputes where muslims takeover church propert , in fact the largest masjid in Turkey was in fact a Christian church ...in Pakistan churches are burned as we speak ,AS WELL AS CHRISTIANS THEMSELVES ....do you deny this ?

Yea we allow your masjid in the west to stand , inspite of the hate that is preached from them , we allow you freedom of speech and religion , UNLIKE YOU . The London Bombings and several realted terorist acts and plots , are ALL TRACED BACK TO PARTICULAR MASJID IN THE UK AND CANADA - care to deny that also ?

So far besides namecalling , you have not refuted one single statement I have made , and that is because you can't , you know its all TRUE .

Who do you think nyou're talking to ? sala-ah-hadeen ? One of your fellow deluded cult members ?
written by Excalibur , September 10, 2009
JAISALMER: In the past four years, some 5,000 Hindus may have crossed over from Pakistan, never to return. It has not been easy abandoning their homes, sometimes even their families, but they say they had no choice: they had to flee the Taliban.
It started as a trickle in 2006, the year the Thar Express was flagged off. The weekly train starts from Karachi, enters India at Munabao, a border town in Barmer, and runs up to Jodhpur. In the first year, 392 Hindus crossed over.

This grew to 880 in 2007. The next year, the number was 1,240, and this year, till August, over 1,000 have crossed over. They just keep extending their visas and hope to become Indian citizens.

Incidentally, these are official figures. Sources say there are many more who cross over and melt in the local milieu. And officials have a soft corner for these people, most of whom have harrowing stories to tell.

Ranaram, who used to live in the Rahimyar district of Pakistan’s Punjab, says he fell prey to the Taliban. His wife was kidnapped, raped and forcibly converted to Islam. His two daughters were also forcibly converted. Ranaram, too, had to accept Islam for fear of his life. He thought it best to flee with his two daughters; his wife was untraceable.

Dungaram, another migrant, says atrocities against Hindus in Pakistan have increased in the past two years after the ouster of Musharraf. "We won't get permanent jobs unless we convert to Islam."

Hindu Singh Sodha, president of Seemant Lok Sangathan, a group working for the refugees in Barmer and Jaisalmer, says there's unfortunately no proper refugee policy in India even though people from Pakistan reach here in large numbers.

He said in 2004-05, over 135 families were given Indian citizenship but the rest are still living illegally in the country and are often tortured by police because they don't have proper citizenship certificates. "In December 2008, over 200 Hindus were converted to Islam in Mirpur Khas town of Pakistan. But there are several others who want to stick to their religion but there’s no safety for them in Pakistan."

Immigration officer at Munabao railway station, Hetudan Charan, says the arrival of Hindu migrants had suddenly increased as over 15 to 16 families were reaching India every week. “None of them admit they are to settle here but seeing their baggage, we easily understand,’’ he said....

So sala-hadeen , I guess you guys love Hindus too eh ?
written by Excalibur , September 10, 2009
oh ...and did I leave out Buddhists ?

YALA: Suspected Islamic insurgents in Thailand's troubled south shot and killed three Buddhist men, setting the body of one of the victims on fire, police said Thursday.
In the capital town of Pattani province, gunmen shot dead a Buddhist security guard working at an office for military veterans as he rode his motorcycle to a market late Wednesday, police said.

The attackers then torched the 42-year-old's body and his motorcycle in the middle of the road in front of terrified onlookers, they said. Gunmen shot dead a deputy village chief on the same day, also in Pattani province, police said....

yea , religion of peace my arse !
I say again,what can you fools do to halt the spre
written by Saladin , September 10, 2009
Sorry,I fell asleep while listening to another megamouth preacher.

Hey chump,forget about all the rambling nonsense,just tell me what you and your megachurch is gonna do about the spread of Islam?

Try to be constructive,eh chump.
written by Excalibur , September 10, 2009
That will happen when you stop up your ears , as I know the truth must be boring for those obsessed with superstition , and stooped in primitive ignorance ,denial and lies are your freind and truth and reality your mortal enemy .
But since when has that affected your umma ? you haven't changed since 561 C.E.

So let's see...what to do about the spread of your cult ?

Hmmmm....Nothing . Just leave you muslims to your own devices , killing each other over sectarianism , Muslims make the headlines everyday , over people you blow up ,rape , burn or slaughter , lol...I don't have to generate any bad press for you .....you do it all yourselves .

And as for 'apolgists " like yourself ? LOL....you're all alike , no matter the degree of education , it's the same old denial , propaganda , and obsession with fantasy.
And as soon as your nose is put into the truth , the reaction is always the same , name calling and veiled threats .
Parasites have their brief moment , causing pain , discomfort , and eventually kill their host , then they themselves in effect cause their own end - take a lesson sala-ah-hadeen .

The Brits will eventually wake up , as the French already are beginning , the Dutch and Germans ,are just about fed up with your threats , violence and bombing plots , the Aussies will soon be feeding you to their salt water crocs , the Spaniards got your number and thye more your over-zealous clerics keep mentioning "Al Andalusia " - see how fast you get shown the door .

The Thais are reaching their limit with your killing of Buddhists , and that muslim general who took over is about to get kicked out .
the Phillippines are a christian nation , and when they tire of your endless murders and kidnapping , you'll see why they were such good allies of the U S in WW2 .
For all the help the U S gave you in the Balkans , you are now pushing the Serbs to the limit , and there wont be a Clinton around to stop them this time .

And the Russians ? LOL....the Russians will always be the Russians , and remember - Belsan is BURNED into their collective memory .

As for the US , you go pulling the bullsheet your pulling in the UK , France , Netherlands and Germany , and you'll see how fast you get swatted like flies . Get violent here ? Let me remind you , there are 95 million gunowners in the US , it wont be like killing christian villagers in Pakistan , or Indonesia , nor will it be as easy as slaughtereing Buddhists in Thailand or blowing up ferry boats in the Phillippines or tourist hotels in Bali .

You WILL watch your step in the US . So you'll just have to settle for the only conversions you can get over here , CRIMINALS in prison , and as I said before , you can have'em all and take them with you when you get the boot .

Yea CHUMP , I'll watch as your cult tries to spread , and destroys itself in the process .

Your only hope ? A complete Epiphany of thought , and nothing less , learn to live with the other 5.5 BILLION on this planet with out attempting forced conversion , as is your way , be tolerant of others not muslim , and learn you are not God's little executioners and enforcers .

and P.S. learn how to treat your women , as one day you muslim men may find yourselves without them , left to yourselves as it were .

Good luck muslim , there are no "epiphanies " on the horizon , or in your immediate future .

Get smart Sal-ah-Hadeen , its much later than you think .
written by Excalibur , September 10, 2009
'Al-Sharq Al-Awsat' Columnist on Arab 9/11 Conspiracy Theories: 'They Feed Our Illusions'

In a September 9, 2009 op-ed in the London daily Al-Sharq Al-Awsat, titled "They Feed Our Illusions," Mshari Al-Zaydi offered his thoughts on Arab 9/11 conspiracy theories and the reasoning behind the phenomenon of these theories .

Following is the op-ed, in the original Englishsmilies/sad.gif1)

"The Reality... Is That Those Who Carried Out the September 11 Attacks Were Muslim Youths"

"Those who carried out the 11 September 2001 attacks – were they extremist Serbian nationalists? No it was the Israeli Mossad – no, pardon me, it was a U.S. group of Seventh Day Adventists! Not at all, the one who carried out the terrible attacks was the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency [CIA]!

"The suggestions and imaginary illusions continue to pour in the direction of evading the real consequences of the reality – which is that those who carried out the September 11 attacks were Muslim youths who believed in a hard-line interpretation of Islam, who are led by Osama bin Laden, and who are encouraged, and were then encouraged, by millions of Muslims.

"The idea that the Serbs were the ones who carried out the September 11 attacks in revenge for U.S. interference in the Serbs' war against Bosnia and the Croats was pronounced by Hasanayn Haykal, the symbol of Arab political journalists who follow the pan-Arab direction. He said this days after the explosions took place (in the Lebanese Al-Safir newspaper, October 1, 2001).

"The idea that the attacks were carried out by the Israeli Mossad (the source of all evils and of mysterious events that some do not have the stamina to investigate and scrutinize) was suggested by Islamist writer Fahmi Huwaydi, who believed that Al-Qaeda could not carry out such an operation, but that the Mossad could (Kuwaiti Al-Watan newspaper, September 25, 2001).

"As for the idea that the explosions were carried out by a U.S. group called the Seventh Day Adventists, this was pronounced by Mustafa Mahmud, host of the 'Science and Belief' program (Al-Ahram, Egypt, September 22, 2001).

"All these suggestions and scenarios indicate the extent of the control that wishful thinking has over us. This is because the common factor among all these ideas is to put the responsibility on the shoulders of a party other than the Arab and Muslim party – i.e., a party that is not us. I remember that there were some who spoke of the involvement of the Colombian drug cartels in these attacks. What is important is that the involved side is someone other than us, even if it's a blue jinn. Those who make these suggestions do not burden themselves with thinking about and analyzing the events in order to reach the closest possible point to the truth – as researcher Saqr Abu-Fakhr says in his book 'Religion and the Mob.'

"From this, we can understand the enthusiastic celebrations with which our Arab media, and our semi- and even quarter-intellectuals greeted the delusions of the French journalist Thierry Meyssan – that what took place on September 11 was merely a 'terrifying deception' carried out by the United States itself, and hence it killed 5,000 people, and bombed the Defense Department building and the World Trade Center's twin towers!"

"The Main Purpose of All These Contorted Ideas Is to Kill the Questions and to Exonerate the Cultural Self from Responsibility"

"The main purpose of all these contorted ideas is to kill the questions and to exonerate the cultural self from responsibility. If the ones who carried out these explosions were Serbs, the Mossad, Seventh Day Adventists, Colombian gangs, or the CIA, it would be meaningless to question us about extremism, the culture of fanaticism and religious excess, the need to revise the concepts that establish religious violence, and all this continuous headache of questions that keep hammering at the mind of the society. The matter is easy with these conspiratorial illusions, and presenting critical questions becomes meaningless 'intellectual luxury' and verbosity.

"With these images, the entire issue is reduced to saying that there are conspiracies that no one knows about except those in the know – but we [ourselves] are a perfect nation with a healthy society, culture, and civilization (where are all these now?!). But we are targeted and warred upon. We are the main preoccupation of the world. The world wants to oppress us, prevent us from rising, and rob us of our wealth.

"Conspiracy is neither an illusion nor an abstract idea; it is part of the world of politics, and it has happened, and still is happening. The aim is not to deny its existence or to ridicule the fact that it takes place at certain periods and in specific cases, and that it will take place again – because conspiracy is a part of the practice of political war. Many people in the world are obsessed with conspiracy theories, and there are films and novels about these people, who cannot see anything in front of them besides conspiracy or potential conspiracy."

"Societies Free of Injured Pride, Historic-Role Complex, And Regrets... Do Not Allow [Conspiracy Theorists] to Make Decisions on Important and Sensitive Issues... [But] We Continuously Enable These People "

"However, societies that are free of injured pride, historic-role complex, and regrets of being backward in civilization do not allow such people to make decisions on important and sensitive issues. In these societies, such issues are studied with complete, or as close as possible to complete, objectivity – so as to protect the state and decision-making from the impact of fleeting emotional. Even if some hysterical people, such as the journalist Thierry Meyssan, were to emerge at certain times, as a fleeting fit of hysteria, they soon would fade away in the sea of the ruling rationalism.

"But our situation is the opposite of their situation. We continuously enable these people, listen to them, and rely on anything anyone says that will tickle our sentiments and inflame our imagination with sensational conspiracies. The defeat of 1967 was a foreign conspiracy; so were the 1956 aggression and the 1948 catastrophe. The appointment of Anwar al-Sadat as president of Egypt was a conspiracy. Saddam's invasion of Kuwait was a conspiracy, and the west deliberately enticed Saddam into it. Osama bin Laden is a conspiracy. All the religious fanaticism, and the dozens, even hundreds, of suicide bombers who flood our land with blood and torn bodies are nothing but tools of a conspiracy that is managed from abroad (the nature and type of this abroad vary according to the prevailing circumstances and enemies).

"This type of thinking reflects a deep-rooted perplexity, and a continuous fear of facing up to the naked truth. While facing up to the truth is bitter and painful, it is temporary bitterness and pain that will soon go away – and putting up with that is better and more beneficial than resorting to intellectual drugs and evasion tricks."

"If Our Problem with Our Prevailing Way of Thinking Were Restricted to the September 11 Explosions – The Situation Would Be Easy"

"Does [facing up to the truth] mean self-hatred and shedding one's identity and culture? This question is meaningless, because man cannot shed his skin; if he did he would turn into an appalling freak, or perhaps he would die, because the skin is what protects the body, and hence the soul that uses the parts of the body."

"Therefore, this question, which is presented always whenever the idea of self-criticism is put forward, is meaningless. If our problem with our prevailing way of thinking were restricted to the September 11 explosions, the situation would be easy, and we would believe the conspiracy theories, be they the Serbian scenario, the Mossad scenario, the Colombian scenario, or even the blue jinn scenario.

"But our problem is not limited to the story of September 11. Prior to, and following, the September 11 events, we went through dozens of crises that have led us to this reality, which I do not think pleases any rational Muslim or Arab."

"If We Do Not Change Our Way of Thinking – We Wil Continue To Repeat These Saddening Distractions

"In a nutshell: The solution, before we go through any talk or sidelines, is that if we do not change our way of thinking, we will continue to repeat these saddening distractions in an absurd and tragic way. We repeat the same words at every problem. It is said that you will not get a different result if you are using the same method!

"I say these words as in a few days we will mark the eighth anniversary of September 11, 2001. We will remember that many of us celebrated it and its deeds, while at the same time the ideas of the conspiracy and the foreign side became widespread. I do not know how we can take pride in a deed – yet at the same time be pleased when someone tells us that foreign elements carried out that deed, and that [the perpetrator] was not us!

"[The famous Arab poet] Abu-Al-Ala Al-Maarri (973-1057) was right when he said: 'In every generation, there are falsehoods to condemn it; has any generation ever been uniquely well-guided?'"

(1) Al-Sharq Al-Awsat (London), September 9, 2009.

Sala-ah-Hadeen , you see there are in fact 'some ' who can use the brain God gave them .
Only when you reach the level of honest and intellect as the above author , can you debate me on an equal level . Until then you are no match for me .
written by Excalibur , September 12, 2009
you getting that ..Sala-Ha -Hadeen ?


Oh yea chump,you and whoose army?
written by Saladin , September 15, 2009
Again your just making idle threats,while I`m building mosques,as great and mighty citidels,all over your nations(mostly with taxpayers money).

We don`t threaten violence,we peacefully convert the heathen among you.That is why we cannot be stopped,Islam will and is prevailing.You know it too.

ps chump,you still don`t know where i am,hahahha!
written by Excalibur , September 15, 2009
who cares where you are ? You think it matters ?

WE WILL NEVER FORGET ...and if you're living here , then that means the message is right in your face .

YOU MUSLIMS DO NOTHING PEACEFULLY ....any idiot can see that , all one need do is pick up a newspaper , watch tv or listen to the radio .

And what ? You're building masjid with taxpayers money ? I doubt it ...more like money you extort from kidnapping , selling drugs , or your oil rich backwards cousins in Saudi Arabia .

You wont prevail here in the US CHUMP .

You'll scrape the bottoms of prison cesspools for your "converts " but that's all you'll get , for those are the usefull idiots , too dumb to realize the cult they're joining .

btw , be sure to tell them that the penalty for leaving is ...DEATH .

Oh ..and you will be stopped , you will go too far just as in the past , and be crushed , thrown back into your primitive past ,left with only yourselves , to kill one another , as you've done down through the millenia .

Go for it CHUMP ...and see what happens .
written by Excalibur , September 16, 2009
People get EDUCATED by observation :

(AGI) - Rome, 16 Sep. "A horrible crime, inhuman, unthinkable, the result of an absurd war of religion that has got inside our home. For this reason I will ask the state prosecutor to allow us to sue for damages, as soon as it begins." This is how the Equal Opportunities minister, Mara Carfagna, has commented on the murder of Sanaa, the 18-year-old Moroccan girl from Pordenone who wanted to live with her Christian boyfriend. "Terrible cases such as this one encourage us to take the path of the 'Italian model' in integrating immigrants. Everyone in Italy must have the right to practice their own faith, but this country can only accept this if it respects human rights, including women's rights, and the laws of the state."
written by Excalibur , September 16, 2009
The Italians get smart ....and sop do the Dutch . And how is this ? They simply observe you and your ways Sala-ah-Hadeen.

Dutch court blocks "football chant" of "Hamas, Hamas, Jews to the gas"
Because the chant is "insulting to Jews." No kidding, really? Even the fact that this had to be discussed is bad enough. Europe is veering close once again to tolerating the intolerable.

"Anti-Jewish football chants are illegal," from Dutch News, September 16 (thanks to C. Cantoni):

The Dutch High Court ruled on Tuesday that the chant 'Hamas, Hamas, Jews to the gas' is punishable by law because it is insulting to Jews, reports broadcaster Nos.

The case was brought before the High Court by a football supporter who had been sentenced to 80 hours community service and probation of two years by the lower court.

The man refused to accept the judgement saying the chant forms part of the culture surrounding football. 'It is not used with the intention of insulting Jews but to provoke other supporters,' he said in his defence...

Yeah, sure, that's it.

written by a guest , September 16, 2009
" peacefull muslims " ? just ask the christians in Pakistan :

Pakistan: Police use tear gas and charge mourners at funeral of Christian murdered for "blasphemy"
Adding insult to injury. An update on this story. "Sialkot: police charges crowd at funeral for young man killed in prison for blasphemy," by Fareed Khan in AsiaNews, September 16 (thanks to C. Cantoni):

Lahore (AsiaNews) - Police used tear gas and charged mourners who had gathered for the funeral of Fanish Masih, the 20-year-old Christian man who was killed in prison during the night of 14 and 15 September. Police justified their action by saying that they wanted to prevent further disturbances during the burial of the young man who died in jail from injuries caused by his jailers.

Nadeem Anthony, a member of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP), told AsiaNews that Fanish was buried today in a Catholic cemetery in Sialkot. Hundreds of mourners took part in the ceremony.

Using tear gas, police attacked people present and arrested a number of Christians, the activist said. Many were injured and that the situation went from bad to worse. After news channels began reporting what was happening, several civil society groups staged protests in Lahore.

Tensions remained high throughout yesterday. The young man's family protested; they placed his body in a central street of the town, and demanded that the police officers responsible for his death be arrested.

Local sources report that 13 stores and a number of cars were damaged during the protest, which ended only when senior police officers assured the demonstrators that justice would be done.

The National Commission for Justice and Peace (NCJP) of the Catholic Church of Pakistan has firmly condemned the "killing of Fanish in custody."

In a tough statement, Mgr Lawrence John Saldanha and Peter Jacob, respectively chairman and executive secretary of the NCJP, said they "refuse to accept the version of local authorities that he committed suicide spontaneously after he was shifted to jail from police lock up."

Sialkot's District Police Officer Waqar Ahmad Chohan had earlier stated that the deceased, who had been accused of insulting the Qur'an, had committed suicide in jail.

In reality, local Muslims did not like the idea that the young man could have a relationship with Hina Asghar, a young Muslim woman, whose mother is said to have witnessed the act of blasphemy....Yesterday, the Punjab Minority Affairs Minister Kamran Michael said that the police did not handle the case properly. "I have seen the body and there were torture marks on it," he said....

In their statement, Catholic leaders have called on all sections of Pakistani society to realise how dangerous the blasphemy laws are. "For religious minorities these laws have proven to be a catastrophe which can surface anytime, anywhere," Mgr Saldanha and Peter Jacob noted....
Yes, indeed.
written by Excalibur , September 17, 2009
more "peacefull muslims " in Pakistan :

Lahore (AsiaNews) - The Joint Action Committee for People's Rights (JAC), a group of Pakistan-based non-governmental organisations operating in the human rights field, has expressed concern over "increasing incidents of violence" that have taken in recent months against religious minorities, especially Christians. Their concern also includes the apparent "collusion" of some officials in the police and the prison system with "fanatics and extremists" in perpetrating crimes against members of religious minorities.

According to JAC activists, anti-Christian violence in Gojra in early August and the murder of a young Christian man in prison in Sialkot show that the "government's record of protecting religious minorities [. . .] is disappointing to say the least."

The death in the Sialkot District Jail of Robert Fanish Masih has raised strong suspicions that jail officials were involved in the crime.

Witnesses say they saw torture marks on the body of the 20-year-old man, something that if proven true would contradict jail officials' claim that he committed suicide.

In the meantime, Fanish's father (funerals pictured) filed a first information report against prison management, but police has yet to register it.

In any event, the killing of Fanish Masih in Sialkot Jail was not an isolated incident. Similar episodes have been recorded in the recent past. Other defendants facing blasphemy charges have allegedly committed suicide whilst in judicial custody even when circumstantial evidence suggested they were murdered by fanatics in collusion with jail officials.

For JAC the government is to blame for failing to carry out "fair, transparent and thorough investigations into earlier cases of deaths in judicial custody." Had it done so "it would have worked as a deterrent for the future."...
Whoose listening chump?
written by saladin , September 17, 2009
Does anyone read your drivel and bile?

Where doing just fine!

Whatcha gonna do chump?
written by Excalibur , September 17, 2009
Uh ....yea ....I can see that . "doing just fine " as far as muslims go . Standard operating proceedure eh saladin .

But then again , normal behavior for your cult , is called murder and mayhem anywhere else in the world .

You ask ,"what am I gonna do " ?

Nothing FOOL , just gonna sit back and watch your cult create it's own P.R. Disaster
You guys are good at that . '' In the meantime , the more you kill each other , the less of you the world has to deal with .

Carry on fool.

Youi do my teaching for me .

LOL...just keep trying to tell people that "you're peacefull " .

Does your cult really think the rest of the world is deaf , dumb ,and blind ????

Why do you think the only western reverts you get are morons in prisons , those who have a sword put
to their throats , and those who pop out of your womens bellies , who btw have no other choice other than death as apostates .

Keep up the good work fool , I couldn't do better myself .

So go read the reports from around the world , and see how many people your "peaceful bretheren " have blown up or slaughtered today ...then come back and tell me " you're peacefull " ....I could use a good laugh .

written by Excalibur , September 17, 2009
More "peacefull muslims " in Egypt :

Random jihad in Egypt: Muslim murders Christian shopkeeper, stabs two others
"There is anger among the Christians because they feel their blood has been made cheap." Their blood was already cheap. "The indemnity paid for a Jew or Christian is one-third the indemnity paid for a Muslim." -- 'Umdat al-Salik, o4.9

"Egyptian Christian's murder sparks sectarian tension," from Deutsche Presse Agentur, September 17 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

Cairo - A large crowd of angry Coptic Christians gathered in front of a church Wednesday in the Egyptian town of Bagur, following the murder of a Christian shopkeeper and the stabbings of two others, police said....

"There is anger among the Christians because they feel their blood has been made cheap," Archbishop Stefanos, head of the Mar Girgis (St George) Coptic Church in al-Bagur, told dpa.

He said that a man repeatedly stabbed local shopkeeper George Abdu, 63, in the abdomen and the neck, killing him, then fled on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle.
The archbishop said that the killer drove 4 kilometres to the village of Bamahai and repeatedly stabbed a cobbler, who suffered wounds to the head and lung.

The suspect then drove to another nearby village, Mit Afifi, and stabbed a third Christian man, Hani Barsum, in the neck. Barsum and the cobbler were hospitalized, Stefanos said....

Wednesday's attacks resembled a string of attacks in April 2006 in Alexandria that led to bloody street clashes between Muslims and Christians in the Mediterranean city.

In that incident, according to police accounts, a sole, "mentally deranged," Muslim man stabbed three parishioners in a church, then attacked worshippers at two other churches. One 78-year-old man died from his wounds....

"Mentally deranged" -- of course! We always hear this in connection with incidents like these. And certainly stabbing and attacking random people in churches is not what anyone would term "normal" behavior. But the possibility that such a man might be acting from a sense of outrage caused by Islamic teachings -- specifically the idea that these Christians are not submissive and hence have forfeited their right to live in rebelling against the rule of the Muslims -- is not even considered.

nothing like islamic jurisprudence
written by Excalibur , September 17, 2009
hey saladbowl this one's bound to win you some reverts [from prisons]

Saudi Arabia: Philippine Woman Imprisoned for Being Rape Victim “Under Shariah Law”
By R.E.A.L. Organization • on September 17, 2009
– GMA News: “Family of raped, jailed Pinay in KSA seeks help”
– GMA News reports:
– “The family of an overseas Filipino worker (OFW) who claimed to have been raped is asking for help after she was sent to jail by her employer in Dammam, Saudi Arabia.”
– “Dennis Neri, an OFW based in Doha, Qatar, told GMANews.TV that his 36-year-old sister Nerissa was raped last August by unknown men in Dammam where she works as a janitress.”
– “Under Sharia’h Law, unmarried women who engage in sexual acts or are impregnated are liable for the crime of fornication or adultery. Punishment for the two acts varies depending on the judges and whether the person is Muslim or not.”
– “Dennis said his sister has been in jail since September 11. Nerissa has since told him and their mother Deofila in the Philippines about what happened to her last August.”

written by Excalibur , September 17, 2009
hey saladin , this one's really gonna be a winner ....for reverts , you know ....especially any women contemplating reverting [and suicide]

Saudi judge sentences pregnant gang-rape victim to 100 lashes for committing adultery
By Liz Hazelton
Last updated at 11:01 AM on 11th February 2009

A Saudi judge has ordered a woman should be jailed for a year and receive 100 lashes after she was gang-raped, it was claimed last night.

The 23-year-old woman, who became pregnant after her ordeal, was reportedly assaulted after accepting a lift from a man.

He took her to a house to the east of the city of Jeddah where she was attacked by him and four of his friends throughout the night.
A judge in the Saudi city of Jeddah, pictured, ruled that the woman was guilty of adultery and should be jailed for a year
She later discovered she was pregnant and made a desperate attempt to get an abortion at the King Fahd Hospital for Armed Forces.

According to the Saudi Gazette, she eventually 'confessed' to having 'forced intercourse' with her attackers and was brought before a judge at the District Court in Jeddah.

He ruled she had committed adultery - despite not even being married - and handed down a year's prison sentence, which she will serve in a prison just outside the city.
She is still pregnant and will be flogged once she has had the child.
The Saudi Arabian legal system practices a strict form of medieval law. Women have very few rights and are not even allowed to drive.
They are also banned from going out in public in the company of men other than male relatives.

written by Excalibur , September 18, 2009
OK women ....how many of you wish to "revert " to isllam ?

Whaddya think saladeen? think they'll buy it ?
and if anyone\'s thinking of leaving -
written by Excalibur , September 18, 2009
Frontpage Interview’s guest today is Dave Gaubatz, the first U.S. civilian (1811) Federal Agent deployed to Iraq in 2003. He is the owner of DG Counter-terrorism Publishing. He is currently conducting a 50 State Counter-terrorism Research Tour (CTRT). He can be contacted at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it '> This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

FP: Dave Gaubatz, welcome to Frontpage Interview.

Although there is some media discussion about the 17-year-old Muslim girl, Fathima Rifqa Bary, who left Islam for Christianity and now faces a death sentence from her family, there is an overall silence throughout our culture about her case, and many cases like hers. What are your thoughts?

Gaubatz: Thank you Jamie.

Apostasy (Riddah) in Islam is a major ‘sin’ and numerous Islamic references call for the mandatory death of the person involved (regardless of where the crime/sin is committed). This Muslim child is in serious danger of losing her life for leaving Islam and bringing dishonor to her father and other relatives. It is imperative authorities begin taking the ‘word’ of Islamic scholars and Imams when they advocate killing innocent people for leaving and dishonoring Islam.

FP: Some apologists for Islam argue that the religion teaches to follow the laws of the country where Muslims live in. Therefore, a child in these circumstances ion our society is supposedly not in jeopardy.

Your thoughts?

Gaubatz: This is a misconception that organizations such as CAIR, ISNA, and their supporters would like naïve Americans, specifically our elected officials and law enforcement, to believe.

Islamic leaders talk out of both sides of their mouth, and when it is convenient or in their best interests they will use deception to mislead you. People need to fully understand that in Islam there is no country, government, or person more important than Allah.

There are no man-made laws that come before Allah. One need only review the video by a popular Islamic scholar in the U.S. (Ahmed Sakr) who informs young children to not follow the laws of the U.S., but to instead follow Sharia Law. Sakr informs the children they will all go to ‘hell’ if they follow laws set by Congressmen. Sakr says the Congressmen will all go to ‘hell’. Allegiance to America or our government does not exist if they contradict the teachings of Islam.

I have visited over 200 Islamic Centers throughout America. The vast majority teach the worshippers ‘Apostates should be killed’ because it is a major sign of disrespect to Allah, the family of the Apostate is dishonored, and it may lead others to leave Islam.

FP: Tell us about some evidence you have of Islamic leaders in America advocating killing Muslims who leave Islam?

Gaubatz: I have never written or verbally stated anything pertaining to Islam that I do not have first-hand evidence to substantiate. This is why I always challenge any Islamic leader to come forward and not simply ‘spout’ off that Dave Gaubatz is wrong, but instead to indicate the issue I discussed in a sworn affidavit and say what I have said is inaccurate and they would be willing to again swear under oath in a U.S. court of law my statements are incorrect.

Specifically in regards to Apostasy, I request any Islamic scholar or Imam in America to provide a sworn statement under risk of perjury that Rifqa Bary has not committed a major sin and is subject to the death penalty. The scholar should also include in the sworn statement that Rifqa should not have any concerns about other relatives or friends of her father who will seek justice for the father because his daughter dishonored Allah and him. Lastly, I ask any Islamic leader to include in a sworn statement (again under oath and with the penalty of perjury) that they are not aware of any materials used in any U.S. mosques that call for the death of any Muslims who leave Islam.

Jamie, there will be no Islamic leader who will take me up on this offer. Why? Because they would be lying. Not that lying and deception is not conducted on a regular basis by CAIR and ISNA executives, but they will hesitate to do so under the risk of perjury and imprisonment. I will be preparing a sworn affidavit with several references I have obtained from numerous mosques across America (to include Ohio) that clearly state Rifqa and any Muslim who leaves Islam is subject to death.

FP: What about social workers, law enforcement judicial persons, or elected officials who publically state there is no evidence suggesting Rifqa Bary is at risk?

Gaubatz: I will be the first to say the person/persons who state this are very incompetent and do not need to be in a position of authority in regards to protecting the interests of children in America. The person should resign, be fired, and/or be held legally accountable for their clear incompetence that puts a child at risk.

FP: Does CAIR or ISNA support the same ideology that advocates killing anyone who leaves, oppresses, or dishonors Islam? Again, do you have evidence supporting this?

Gaubatz: Not only do CAIR and ISNA executives condone and support this type action, but leaders from MANA (Siraj Wahhaj), and MSA do as well. Yes, there is an enormous amount of evidence to show these leaders who are supposed to be representative of Islam, do advocate killing Muslim like Rifqa Bary who have ultimately dishonored Islam. Possibly FP readers could respectfully and professionally ask CAIR’s Executive Director Nihad Awad if he is aware of any material distributed/used by CAIR or any U.S. Islamic Center that condones killing Rifqa Bary and people like her for their actions. Again he should do so in a sworn affidavit to law enforcement and the public as I will.

For several years I have informed the public there are Islamic leaders throughout America who advocate the death penalty for Apostates. The Islamic leaders will not stand at the podium during Friday Jummah (prayers/talk) and verbally tell their worshippers to kill their daughters if they leave Islam and convert to Christianity, but they will fill their libraries and bookstores with exactly this insutrction.

FP: You mentioned you will be providing on your website, daveg.us, several references from materials you have been provided and recommended to study by Islamic leaders from several U.S. mosques in regards to apostasy, but can you provide the readers one such reference now, and where you obtained it?

Gaubatz: Over the last three years I have conducted extensive research at Dar Al Hijrah Mosque in Falls Church, Va. Islamic leaders and some of their worshippers provided me materials to understand ‘Pure Islam’. One such manual is “The Hudud” (Mandatory Punishments for specific crimes). The Arabic word for Apostasy is ‘Riddah’. Below are a few quotes from the manual recommended to me to study Islam and how to be a good and pure Muslim. Note: In 2007, I went through a ‘pseudo’ conversion (revert) to Islam at Dar Al Hijrah in order to obtain more in depth first-hand intelligence. A popular Islamic leader Yusef Estes was visiting Dar Al Hijrah and was my witness to the conversion. My complete discussion with Estes will be made available on my site as well.

From the Hudud:

[1] “Death for hudd punishment for riddah (apostasy).

[2] “Whoever renounces his religion, kill him.”

[3] “The Muslim who converts his religion, kill him.”

Nowhere in the manual obtained in Virginia does it inform a Muslim father to not kill their daughter in America if she were to leave Islam (as Rifqa Bary did). No where does it inform the Muslim reader to not seek death for the Islamic sin of apostasy. Contrary, the manual does state there is no “obedience due to” any state or ruler who contradicts the laws of Allah.

FP: So what are we to make of all of this? What does it mean?

Gaubatz: What does it mean? I will leave with a few thoughts for the reader to ponder.

[1] Why are our elected officials not prosecuting Islamic leaders who advocate death in America for children who decide to change their religion? If a Christian minister were to distribute material calling for the death of an innocent child like Rifqa Bary for leaving Christianity, would not our authorities and liberal media be calling for the arrest and prosecution of the minister?

[2] When will non Muslims in America begin to understand Islamic Sharia law is violent and is a serious threat to innocent people and to our country? Note: Sharia law also covers ‘physical Jihad’ against our country.

TAQIYYA ...a way of life for you Sala-ah-Hadeen .

ZZZZzzzzzZZZZZzZZzzzzzZZZZ change the record chump
written by Saladin , September 18, 2009
Chump,tell me who is listening to your longwinded,overblown drivel?

Nobody in the mainstream gives a damn about your dire warnings and, the end of the world is nigh reports.

Yeah, we are doing just fine and dandy here in the "west"(guess where chump).We go about our business unmolested and are at ease with the great satan.

The ramblings of a demented megamouth redkneck aint about to change that.

Prehaps you can start to burn crosses on our lawns,you remember how to do that,don`t ya CHUMP!
written by Excalibur , September 18, 2009
Haven't heard any denials or rebuttals there salad-bowl.

Ramblings you say ?

No , juyst the daily world news which muslims make everday ....just as this day 16 blown up in Afghanistan , and about the same in Iraq ....WHO ? Why YOU of course , doing what you do best ....killing each other .

But your "peacefull "right ?

And some more self generated negative P.R. in NYC , what ! Another plot to bomb and kill , hmmm must be those Methodists again ...no wait ...it's YOU again .

LOL , the Great Satan is it ?

Well it's nop surprise that your cult is well acquainted with satan , you guys should know , just look at your behavior .
And yes you'll do well in thwest as long as you behave yourself and FOLLOW OUR LAWS ...otherwise jail time or SPLAT .

LOL....you maker your choice .
More peacefull muslims in Belgium
written by Excalibur , September 18, 2009
you make it easy salad bowl :

"Islamic youth" riot in Brussels
Ramadan: the month of jihad. "Islamic Youth Riot in Brussels," from The New Media Journal, September 18 (thanks to Pamela):

Nine law enforcement officers were injured Thursday night in Molenbeek, a suburb of Brussels, when they clashed with Islamic Moroccan youth after trying to detain a youth who had provoked police surveilling the community during Ramadan.

After several days of intentional provocation by the 14-year old youth, authorities went to his residence to detain him where they were met with loud protests by the boy's family. As they tried to remove the boy a mob of approximately twenty people circled the law enforcement officers and started to throw stones and other projectiles. Law enforcement officers had to employ pepper-spray in order to hold off the crowd as they took the boy into custody.

The family of the boy soon arrived at the police station with as many as sixty people in tow. In short order, the mob became unruly and began to throw stones, smash windows and damage police cars.

Police spokesman Johan Berckmans said the police had identified the 14-year old youth as the individual who harassed and threatened law enforcement officers during their routine patrols of Muslim neighborhoods during the annual Ramadan observance.

During the incident at the police station local law enforcement had requested reinforcements from the Brussels capitol. After the rioters were dispersed, Muslim rioters moved the anarchy to nearby locations...

The national police union has asked for urgent action by the national government regarding the continued unrest emanating from the Muslim community there. NSPV spokesman Philip Van Hamme said more law enforcement and security personnel should be immediately added to the permanent and preventive services and that preventive patrols should be significantly expanded.

You will teach the Belgians , won't you ?
did I leave out ignorance and revisionism
written by Excalibur , September 18, 2009
IRANIAN President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said the Holocaust was a "myth" as he addressed the annual Quds Day rally in Tehran today, reiterating comments that sparked outrage around the world.

"The very existence of this regime is an insult to the dignity of the people,'' the hardliner said referring to arch-foe Israel.

"They (Western powers) launched the myth of the Holocaust. They lied, they put on a show and then they support the Jews.

"If as you claim the Holocaust is true, why can a study not be allowed?'' the Iranian president said to chants of "Death to Israel'' from the crowd gathered for the annual display of solidarity with the Palestinians.

"The pretext for establishing the Zionist regime is a lie ... a lie which relies on an unreliable claim, a mythical claim, and the occupation of Palestine has nothing to do with the Holocaust,'' he said.
"This claim is corrupt and the pretext is corrupt.''

Dont worry salad-bowl ....I will NEVER accuse your cult of intelligence.
written by Excalibur , September 18, 2009
And this pervades throughout your cult , in all levels of academia , for in islam's most prestigious university in Cairo , the Protocols of the Elders of Zion , is standard reading and firmly believed . Even though it was proven to be a contrived, plaguerized hoax over 100 years ago , and that a position held by all intellectual and academics throught the world who have ever read or examioned it ....except of course not to members of your cult , who hold it up a sa truth and use it quite thoroughly , for the purpose of inciteing more hatred for those people ALL you muslims love to hgate ...the jews . It also serves as a basis for your rationale in killing them , even offering paradise to your children for killing a jew .

Great religion of peace ...my arse .
Auschwitz wasn`t in Eygpt!
written by Saladin , September 19, 2009
Chump,listen up,I know your thick between the ears.

Anti semitism is a european concept.Jews have been massacred,ghettoised,and expelled from europe for over a 1000 years.They have sought protection, from you anti semites in europe,with us muslims.

Why do you keep trying to link me with violence,it is you,with your appocalyptic gibberish,who is constantly threatening.

I have no need to resort to violence,like
I said chump,I`m at ease here in the west,fully contented.

You on the other hand,are in quite a state,aint ya redkneck,you see the muslim threat all around you,but are impotent.How does that make you feel?
Not well I guess,hahahhaha!
written by Excalibur , September 19, 2009
same old sorry muslim diversions from the truth .

Protection ???

Are you serious ????

You promise your childsren pareadise for killing a jew , you teach them jews are responsible for all that is wrong in your backwards little world .
Who are you trying to kid saladbowl ???
LOL...yourself ?

Jews have been dsriven out of Iraq , Iran , Lebanon , Jordan , Yemen ,Saudi Arabia , and where ther not yet driven out they are persecuted .


Most of you deny the holocaust even took place , most of you belief the Protocols to be fact , most of you attempt to delude yourselves into believing 9/11 was committed by Bush and ZIONISTS .

So you would blame Europeans for what YOU MUSLIMS are youselves doing today ?? Or is it just a matter of diverting attention away from your own hatred , which you know is absolutely TRUE .

You call them "sons of monkeys and pigs " ...what do you call that salad-bowl ?

You think everyone's as stupid as you ??

Think again salad bowl , remember Munich , Luxor , bombings of wedding halls and restaurants in Tel Aviv, Sharm-el-Shiek , and literal thousands of attack around the globe TARGETING JEWS, and all , all committed by muslims .

You say you are hear in the west " contented " ?

Yet you say you are living with "The Great Satan " ?

Like all muslims you speak out of both sides of your mouth .

You are no threat to me , or anyone else who knows you , you are a threat only to idiots and dhimmis .
The more people you "enlighten " with your behavior ,and that of your fellow cult members , the more people learn , and as far as a "threat " in the US , dont flatter yourself salad-bowl , you'll get nowhere here , and as long as you behave in a civilised manner , you will stay out of jail , and out of the gunsights of my fellow Americans .

So be a good boy salad bowl , keep your hatred to yourself , follow the laws of the land , not your own deranged cult rules , and you'll be all right ,

Behave like your fellows in the UK , France, Netherlands and Germany , and you'll find yourselves on the outside looking in .
written by Excaliber , September 19, 2009
....and what was that salad-bowl ? you're cult is gonna do what ? Rule the World ?

The Fruit of Islam
Saturday, 19 September 2009 14:11 Bill Warner The backwardness or failure of the Muslim world --- whether in knowledge and science, in politics and governance, or in development and human rights --- are nothing but the fruits of Islam.


The fruit never falls far from the tree. What are the practical results of Islam’s political and cultural ideology? What is the fruit on the tree? Islam is a complete civilization that rejects every aspect of kafir civilization as being inferior. Islam’s Golden Age claim is an assertion that Islam is the superior civilization. The Koran says that Muslims are the best of nations. [1] How does the best of nations compare at the level of politics, economics, and culture?

Islam claims that the Koran is the perfect book with the perfect political and social doctrine that will make Muslims intellectually superior to kafirs. Remember that the Koran is the perfect recording of the mind of infinitely intelligent god, Allah, so Muslims should be the absolute leader in knowledge and ideas. Islam is the finest, most perfect idea that can exist.


First, a personal question: what Muslim author have you read lately? That is a personal approach and since this book is about objective reasoning, we need objective data. The United Nations has put together a series of four books that measure Arab society. Now Arabs are a minority of Muslims, but there is little data about Islam as an entire civilization and so the Arabs have to represent all of Islam. The Arabs are the oldest Muslims and Saudi Arabia can make a claim to being the most perfect Islamic nation. Mohammed was from there, and the Koran makes special claims about the Quraysh tribe and Arabs in general. So the Arabs are not a perfect measure but they are the best measure.

The most popular way to move information today is the Internet. England has about 48% of its population connected to the Internet; while Saudi Arabia has 2% of its population connected to the Internet [2] . High-income nations have 380 computers per thousand people. Arab nations have 20 computers per thousand people. The world as a whole has 80 per thousand.

But there is not as much need for a Muslim to explore the information on the Internet. “Starting in early childhood, the [Arab] child becomes accustomed to suppressing her or his inquisitive and exploratory tendencies.” [3]

The education curricula “seem to encourage submission, obedience, subordination and compliance, rather than free critical thinking.” [4] This lack of critical thinking can be seen in patents. Over a 20-year period, Saudi Arabia got 171 patents, while South Korea to 16,328 patents. [5] This is a natural result from the research and development funding. Sweden spends 3.1% of its GNP on research, while the Arab states spend 0.2%. [6] Switzerland has 79.9 frequently cited scientific papers per million of citizens. Saudi Arabia has 0.07 frequently cited papers per million of citizens. [7] What that means is that Saudi Arabia published 1 paper that was frequently cited by others.

The thirst for knowledge can be seen in that in the five-year period from 1970-75 only 330 books were translated per year. There have been only 10,00 books translated into Arabic in the last 1200 years. [8] That is less than one book per year over the centuries. As a comparison, Spain translates 10,000 books per year into Spanish. In scientific publications the industrialized nations generate about 6 publications per ten million citizens, while the Arab countries create about 0.1 per ten million citizens. [9]

There is no known indicator that shows even an area of superiority to kafir culture, except one—books published on religion. The world as a whole devotes about 5% of its books to religion, but Arab countries devote 17% of its book publishing to religion. Islamic Arab countries publish 340% more books on religion than kafirs, while, in general, obtaining about 10% of the intellectual results in all other areas.

It is not that the kafir countries are that much better than Muslim countries, but that Islamic nations are so much worse. Islamic intellectual philosophy is to follow Mohammed in a rote, mechanical way and that practice makes for a substandard intellectual competitiveness. Even in religious matters, a Muslim is not supposed to ask difficult questions or challenge the imam.

Arab government effectiveness

The UN report includes a measurement called an “indicator of government effectiveness and corruption”. The indicator uses a few hundred variables that measure perception of governance derived from 25 sources provided by 18 different organizations.

One survey showed that 61% of respondents knew of favoritism and 50% knew of bribery that was used in government during the last year. In addition the leading way to avoid a penalty is favoritism and bribery. [10]

Voice and Accountability is a cluster of indicators measuring civil and political rights. For North America, the indicator is 1.3. The indicator for Arab governments is negative 1.2. [11] This is worse than Africa, usually the bottom of any list.

The Political Stability indicator measures the likelihood of the government being overthrown. The indicator for Europe is 0.7; the Arab states is minus 0.8. [12]

Government Effectiveness measures the quality of services. The index of Government Effectiveness is 1.7 for North America and negative 0.6 for Arab states. [13]

Rule of Law measure the extent to which legal provision enjoy confidence and are adhered to. The indicator for Rule of Law is 1.7 in North American and minus 0.4 for Arab governments. [14]

The Control of Corruption indicator measure the extent of corruption. For North American this indicator is 1.8; for Arab states it is negative 0.4. [15] Only Africa is worse.

None of this corruption and incompetence should be a surprise. Mohammed laid down the ethics and philosophy of government. He was a tribal chief who was an absolute tyrant. He advised others to kill, lie and deceive as a basis for establishment of government. Violence was used to bring others under control. Favors were dispensed for whatever his current needs were. There were complaints as to how he gave money to favorites, including his family. Anyone who opposed him was assassinated. Mohammed used to give money to those he thought would make them lean towards Islam. He used money to buy influence. Why is it surprising that Muslims would use bribery and favoritism as a method of government? Mohammed did it; bribery is Sunna. The fruit does not fall far from the tree.

Human Development

The UN defines human development as making the best use of capabilities and the economic, political and social opportunities that are available. It would make sense that the best of nations would have the greatest human development.

Sociologists use an index, Human Development Index, HDI that measures life expectancy, education, freedom and wealth. The best score is a zero and the lowest score is 100. North America has an HDI of 8 and the Arab states have an HDI of 75 [16] .

The UN also uses a Freedom Score to measure political freedom. A value of 1 is best and zero is the worst. North America has a Freedom Score of 0.9 and the Arabs states score is 0.15 [17] .


The Arab states have one of the world’s lowest rates of female education. In Arab states “half of the women are illiterate as compared to a third of the men.” [18] “The rate of illiteracy in the Arab world is higher than the world average and higher even than for developing nations.” [19]

The Arab nations have the world’s lowest rate of women earning money, 33%, even lower than Sub-Saharan Africa. [20]

In share of women in parliament, the Arab states are the world’s lower percentage. [21]

All of these results are from the theory of Islam. None are surprising. According to Islam, a woman only has worth in having children and pleasing her husband.


There is no known area of civilization that is measurable that Arabs do not finish either last or next to last. There is a good reason—Islam. Islam’s civilizational doctrine shapes everything. The educational system that creates ignorance, lack of creativity, narrowness, and prejudiced views is based upon Islam. Islamic religious doctrine teaches total submission to the doctrine. Total submission means rote learning. The Hadith forbids questioning. Doctrine teaches that not only is Islam right in all matters, but Islam is all that matters and the kafirs are always wrong and hated by Allah. Learning from kafirs is resisted and done primarily in technology.

Islamic political doctrine is based upon a mass of people who are slaves to the doctrine of political Islam. The slave is the ideal citizen. The Sunna is that Mohammed rose to power with the sword and was an absolute ruler. Out of thousands of pages of source doctrine that teach absolute obedience to the leader, Mohammed, less than a page shows an example of democracy by him consulting with others about decisions. Mohammed spoke and all obeyed.


[1] Koran 2:143 We have made you [Muslims] the best of nations so that you can be witnesses over the world and so that the messenger may be a witness for you.

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How you gonna do that saladbowl ????
written by a guest , September 20, 2009
Hey salad-bowl , you say you are content , does that mean "contented " like these guys . Ooops more bad press for muslims ...AGAIN :

Two more arrests are expected to occur in New York. An update on this story. "Alleged terror plot suspect arrested at Colorado home," from CNN, September 20:

(CNN) -- FBI agents late Saturday arrested Najibullah Zazi, a 24-year-old Colorado resident and Afghan national questioned in an alleged terrorist plot in the United States.
Zazi and his father, Muhammad Zazi, were handcuffed without incident as authorities raided Zazi's home in the Denver suburb of Aurora, CNN's Jim Spellman reported from the scene. There is no word on what charges both men face.
Two more arrests are expected in New York City, a source close to the investigation told CNN.
One of the individuals interviewed several times by authorities is cooperating, the source said.
Zazi's arrest comes after three days of questioning by the FBI. Zazi declined to attend a fourth day of interviews, his attorney's publicist said.
Zazi has admitted to having ties to al Qaeda, an administration official familiar with the matter told CNN on Friday.
Then he abruptly changed his mind and stopped cooperating.

The alleged terrorist plot, which came to light this week after raids in New York, may have been targeting a major transportation center, like a large railroad or subway station, sources close to the investigation told CNN on Thursday.
There were plans for an attack, presumably in the New York area, where crowds are large and security screening for nonairport travelers is lax, the sources said....
Youy say we deny the holocaust,I say you committed
written by Saladin , September 20, 2009
The anti semitism nonsense won`t stick,least of all because we both know what your fellow aryan brothers got up to with zyclon B nerve gas.

Why do you keep posting all those foreign propaganda pieces?Like I said before chump,we`re here,and we`re doing just fine and dandy thank you very much.

We don`t need to break the law,why would we do that?We have everything right here at our fingertips.1000s of mosques,millions of followers,billions of $$$$.We don`t need to live out in the woods like some redkneck militia,paranoid about the government and police.

Chump believe it or not,we actually support the police,they keep us,and our wives, safe in bed at night,from your friends.The many weirdos,perverts and islamophobes out there with a grudge.
written by Excalibur , September 20, 2009
Sure salad-bowl , it's all propaganda , the whole wide world is conspiring againbst "poor innocent muslims " .
The "anti-semitism " doesn't have to be made toi stick , it's built in to your cult , it's embedded in your Q'uran , and drips from the Sunna .
Who you kidding here salad-bowl ?

And if you have "billions " , how come most of you are on welfare ??

Your wives have nothing to fear except YOU , when you beat them or honor kill them . You know ...for breaking the rules .

Your big mistake CHUMP , is to think that the only Americans who are getting fed up with your bullshit are militia and rednecks , of which I am neither .

As I said dimbulb , you yourselves are providing the education for the uninformed , as every other week more of your fellow deluded cult members get busted plotting to blow someone or something up .

You think everyone buys your line of bullshit ? Not so salad-bowl .

Oh , and I can see the great love you have for police around the globe .....you literally blow up a police station or murder police personnel somewhere EACH AND EVERYDAY .

You dont do it in the US , because we actually have police that will arrest and jail you for your heinous deeds , unlike so many muslim nations .

Hey , and if you're so "happy and content " ...why the remark about living with The Great Satan ?

Care to explain that Salad-bowl ??

And those American who run around fearing their own government , are the USEFULL IDIOTS , I mentioned , the ones that are ripe for your sick ideology ...lol...you can hav'em all man , they 'd make good cult members , as most are intellectually inept , and gullible enough to recieve your cult's deranged message .

They are not the ones you'll face when you step over the line .
Some more \"contented \" cult members
written by Excalibur , September 21, 2009
Cult members living "happily " in NYC . FBI gets a hard lesson in TAQIYYA

The FBI arrested three men overnight on charges they lied to federal agents during an investigation of a terror plot against New York City that authorities say was "the real deal."

Authorities arrest three suspects in connection to an alleged terror plot. Agents in Denver arrested Najibullah Zazi, a 24-year old airport shuttle driver, who authorities say appears to be the ringleader of the alleged plot. Also charged with lying to the FBI was Zazi's father, Mohammed Zazi.


In New York, the FBI arrested the leader of a Queens mosque, Ahmad Afzali, who authorities allege had been a New York police department informant but "went bad" and tipped off Zazi, his father and others to the investigation.

Afzali's alleged double cross compromised the case and led the FBI to move in on the suspects much earlier than they had wanted and led to extreme tensions between the Denver office of the FBI and the NYPD. One law enforcement official said the NYPD had been specifically asked not to reveal the investigation to its informants, but went ahead anyway.

Click here to watch Zazi denying al Qaeda ties to television cameras.

You're "Happy " aint ya sald-bowl ??? See what I mean by muslims themselves ,teaching the ignorant .

Did the FBI really think that their informant was anything BUT another deranged muslim????

Well they do now .

written by Excalibur , September 21, 2009
Tell me salad-bowl , do you "love " the police in Belgium ?

Looks like they DON'T LOVE YOU .

Muslims don`t want sympathy,we demand respect!
written by Saladin , September 21, 2009
LOL chump,glad to see you`ve taken my helpful tip,to cut the longwinded drivel,and be more concise.

I got far to many things going on right now, to be reading some redkneck megachurch sermon.

Chump(and call you that,not to be rude,but to demonstrate your the loser here),I don`t go around town looking for sympathy,I demand respect for my beliefs.whether at work,school and play(football stadium),I am given dispensation to live out my faith.During ramadan,I finish work early(and still get paid),at school I am afforded the use of a quiet room for my prayers.Even at the football stadium,muslim wudu and toilets are provided for me.

Thats why I`m on top,and you "the end of the world is nigh" demented islamophobes are on the canvas.D`ya get me CHUMP?

A regular theme of your rants is,"people gonna wake up to the muslim menace".When will that be chump,Your president and comander in chief is one of us hahahahah.

Your the one who deserves sympathy,you poor little wretch hahahaha

Like Hussein Obama said,happy eid chump!
scientific ignorance and hatred of Copts = garbage
written by Excalibur , September 21, 2009
Well here's one for the "backfired in their faces " column .

Ignorant cult members in Egypt , upon hearing about the "swine flu virus " decided that they would kill two birds with one stone , they will kill all the pigs , especially since they are owned by the Copts .

Result ?

Mounds of garbage on Cairo Streets , because now that the pigs are gone , who or what will eat the garbage .
So now cult members are complaining about the stinking mess on their streets .

LOL....looks like "poetic justice " to me .
more content muslims in NYC bomb plot
written by Excalibur , September 21, 2009
Looks like there are 9-12 more "happy contented muslims " living peacefully in the U S ......on the run .

Seems they're not all that happy , in fact it's starting to look like their looking to enter "paradise " in the usual MUSLIM MANNER ......BY BLOWING UP NON-MUSLIMS .

Gee salad-bowl , didn't you say that you were contented living with The Great Satan ???

Question is , WHAT are YOU gonna do about it ?

And for all your blather , I haven't heard not one single word of criticism about your "not so contented " fellow cult members .....not a word .

And no salad-bowl , dont delude yourself , you're not on top , not by any means , you're actually on the bottom rungs of the species inhabiting this planet .

Funny how human beings can transform themselves , devolving into something that disqualifies them as normal humans , and into something worse than the most vicious of animals , for they are vicious due to evolution and natural instinct , whilst your cult has chosen to behave as animals and worse , due to a deranged ideology and cult .

Yea you're on top allright , on top of a dung heap . And Obama is no muslim , keep dreaming , he's already declared himself a christian , which if a muslim , would make him apostate and worthy of your usual remedy -you fanatics would demand his death .

So put that one up on the same shelf as zionists doing 9/11 . So save your sympathy salad bowl , I don't require it from you or anyone else , however any expressed emotion coming from a muslim , would be based in Taqiyya thereby making it as phony as your cult .

It's just too bad ignorance is not a painfull thing , you and your lot would be some real hurtin' cowboys .

Now go wash your face in the wudu ....or is it the toilet ..lololol.....
more contented cult members
written by Excalibur , September 21, 2009
And look at all those contented muslims in Lodon , so content that they bombed the underground and a bus killing 55 or so , and Madrid , such contentedness ! 300 or so innocents , slaughtered .

And look at the exposed pre-empted plots in Germany ....and the Mumbai slaughter .....such peacefull and contented muslims .

Man , how'd you get so "happy " ???

Don't forget Scotland sald-bowl ...happy muslim doctors too !! Hey man what about the hippocraitic oath ??

Keep up the good work man , make my task all the more EASIER .

And I'm pretty sure you're soon gonna have about 8 million pissed of New Yorkers in your "fan club " .

For whoever of them were not convinced by 9/11 , this new happy muslim plot , will make believers out of them .

Good show salad-bowl .
TAQIYYA silly !!!
written by Excalibur , September 21, 2009
FBI says their informant Ahmed Afzali turned into a double -agent and tipped suspects that they were being looked at .

This is another good development , FBI learns about Taqiyya ....the hard way , but learns nonetheless before anyone got killed .
Do muslims LIE ? Of course not -it\'s called Taqiy
written by Excalibur , September 21, 2009
You mean the Saudis lied when they said they would stop participating in the Arab League boycott of Israel? Shocka!
Leading Democratic and Republican congressmen expressed outrage following a report in Monday’s Jerusalem Post that Saudi Arabia has been violating its promise to Washington to stop enforcing the Arab League boycott of Israel.

Democrat Howard Berman of California, Chairman of the powerful House Foreign Affairs Committee, told the Post from Washington that he had read the report in Monday’s paper.

“This is a very disturbing report,” Berman said, “particularly in light of the fact that US officials assured us four years ago that Saudi Arabia would abandon the boycott as the condition for its entry into the World Trade Organization.”

Learn boys , the muslims are teaching you a lesson in TAQIYYA ....and its free .

And ...uh....YES they do LIE ...all the time .
written by Excalibur , September 21, 2009
Happy contented muslim ..."splains " how bomb-making instructions , accidentally got downloaded from a "religious website " , and those instructions in his own handwriting got stuck on his computer , you know , all religions add bomb making to their religious dogma .......lol....


Some of the evidence collected against Zazi was laid out in arresting documents. Officials say that they had Zazi on a wire tap and other electronic surveillance for some time. They said they have a taped conversation of Zazi speaking with a known al-Qaida operative in Afghanistan.

They found images of handwritten notes on his computer that laid out how to make a bomb and in particular how to put together fuses. Zazi said he downloaded that information by accident when he pulled a religious text off the internet. But law enforcement officials say the notes are in his handwriting....

islamophobia ? the reverse is true
written by Excalibur , September 22, 2009
Pakistani Columnist Irfan Husain on the Burning Alive of Seven Christians in Gojra Town: 'If Muslims in the West Were Treated as We Treat Non-Muslim Citizens of Pakistan, There Would be Loud Accusations of Islamophobia and Anti-Muslim Discrimination'

In a recent column, prominent Pakistani columnist Irfan Husain highlights the persecution of Christians, Hindus
To Mr. O\'Neal
written by AllanGreen , September 23, 2009
1) The Dark Ages are a fact. Since you are obsessed with Archeology, please find me any solid evidence that Classical civilization continued after the fifth century.

2) What about the Byzantines? You never mention them. Archeologically, we've just discovered the port of Constantinople. Previously, we could only go off hearsay, now we finally have proof. Should we have concluded previously, that no port existed?

3) I hope you realize that while the Biblical lands are the most excavated on earth, the last thing anyone was even remotely interested in, was post-Biblical archeology. So if there is little evidence, there has also been very little search for it. You are not an archeologist, and you have no idea how much effort and time even a simple dig can take.

4) Spain was significantly better off than most of Europe in the dark ages. The Golden Ages is a relative term.

5) You can rely on textual sources for the description of Mudahar cities. I fear you don't read Arabic or Spanish or Hebrew, or Ladino, or Visigothic, so you can't say ANYTHING about sources you cannot read. Why not visit a few libraries in Spain?
written by Excalibur , September 23, 2009
When are you muslims gonna wake from your deluded stupor . You never were civilised , from the inception of your cult which started with the slaughter of the Meccans, who btw , had not one good word to say abour Abu-al-Qasim ,to your brutal hegemony which spread to Africa ,and then to Spain .

YOU muslims are the ones who NEED TO READ .

"Better off " is a term ,you muslims are inclined to use whenever referring to peoples you conquered and converted by your swords .

If al-Andalusia was such a paradise why are there no remnants of your cult , other than the scars on the land you muslims caused , Why were you THROWN out of Spain . Indeed what was the REAL impetus for the Crusades .
Albeit , for whatever you choose to call the Crusades ,they were in fact a reaction to muslim hegemony spreading toAfrica , central and southern Europe .

Go and read your own cult members accounts of your "prophet " ,READ the WRITINGS of Bukari and Musilima .
Verily a horde of thieves and plunderers who penned a " religion " tailor made to accomodate and "legitimize " their own materialism and base behavior .

Taqiyya and Revisionism are your tools for upholding such a preposterous LIE and Fraud , and the penalty of DEATH for any apostate who DARES question anything of your cult .

Stop kidding yourselves , for the world can in fact READ , and the scars of your history DO in fact tell the story . And cannot be covered over by your pathetic REVISIONISM .

"Golden Age " simply means YOUR CULT'S absolute control over those you conquered , for you are no better than any of the nations or people whom you criticize , other than you have created a cult which you call a "religion " to rationalize your behavior , using God as your phony stamp of approval .
ust ask the hindus in India about their collective recollection of the Moguls , ask them how many of them you slaughtered under thye guise of your "religion " .

Wherever there are muslims THERE IS NO PEACE . Look at ANY muslim dominated society , they are ALL backwards , poor , tyrannical , under developed , and ignorant .
This is the "fruit " of islam .

And of course , you will repeat your mantra ....THAT it's all the fault of Dar-al-Harb .

Go get your head screwed on straight , you then may be able to think straight and with your own mind .

If there is a GOD , and there IS , then your cult and its members are the biggest BLASPHEMERS in the Universe .
\"Golden \" WHAT ?
written by Excalibur , September 23, 2009
...and "Mr.Green " ..."significantly better off " ?

As opposed to WHAT ?

Just like the German people were " significantly better off " under Hitlers rule , than they were before it ?
And WHAT was the fruit of that regime ?

Whether you are a cult member yourself , or merely an "apologist " for it , you are defending the un-defensible.

In fact you are either intellectually dishonest or intellectually lazy .

Which is it ?
The Romans conqered [almost ] the Brittani ,the Gauls , and the Barbari , did those peoples call it their "Golden Age " .
Muslims serene and contented in the \"west\"!
written by Saladin , September 23, 2009
Chump,Ihope your futile task,in exposing Islam is made easy for you.Since you surely have a handicapp in that respect.

It don`t matter none,that a few muslims here,a few muslims there,get busted.

We are here in our MILLIONS chump.

Everyday more muslims are born,converted and are granted green cards.Soon there will be more muslims in new york than jews,hahahah.

You see chump,we have nothing to fear from extreme right wing elements and megachurch fruitcakes like you.

What have you or any of your ilk done to halt our expansion in the west?
written by Excalibur , September 23, 2009
Hmmm.....lets see ...we got billions man , that what you say saladbowl ?

Well , it's more like 1.5 billion at the most ,and even though you're killing each other at a pretty good rate ,
-now the majority of that 1.5 billion live on backward islands in Indonesia and Malaysia , and could'nt figure out how to get off their islands anyway .
That leaves about 500 million in the rest of the world , mainly in the backwaters of Bangladesh , and Pakistan . There are those confined to their selfimposed hells in Iraq , Sudan , Nigeria and the cesspooll called Somalia .
You salad bowl fall into the category of freeloaders , who left their shithole countries to come to enjoy the civilasation and comforts of the west , and whine and piss about the great satan out of the other sides of your mouths.
LOL...and you what ? you think I'm worried about pissants like you ? You flatter yourself sa;ladbowl .

Now what are you gonna do about the other roughly 5.5 billion people on the planet who are fast getting fed up with your cult's bullshit ?
" Your expansion " as you call it is nothing more than your boisterous minorioty making noise.
As a concern , I liken you to fleas on a dog , and soon you will get a large dose of flea powder ...that is what is in your future saladbowl .

No , you don't have to fear the megachurches , they are CHRISTIAN , and as much as they despise you and all your phony doctrine , they will not cut your head off or burn you alive ,rape your daughters or force your conversion ....LIKE YOU MUSLIMS DO TO OTHERS IN MUSLIM DOMINATED COUNTRIES .

So barbarian , what in the hell do you got that I need to fear ?
You're legends in your own dimented minds , and nothing else .....so go ahead and make your move backward barbarian ....and see what happens .
written by Excalibur , September 23, 2009
....oh ...and there seems to be MORE "contended " muslims in the NY plot . They'll get their wish , they'll have plenty of FELONS to convert ...IN PRISON >

The only expansion you have in the west , is in PRISON POPULATIONS ..keep up the good work barbarian , you'll cross the line soon .

World gets smarter everyday even UNESCO
written by Excalibur , September 23, 2009
And the world learns and gets smarter everyday saladbowl .....even UNESCO .
The world's growing ability to parse the reality of your cult from it's B.S. , is a testament to your bad behavior in literally every aspect of human nature your cult touches .
Soon Taqiyya will only be effective amongst yourselves.

CAIRO -- Egyptian Culture Minister Faruq Hosni lashed out at the United Nations for being "politicised" on Wednesday after losing out in his bid to head UNESCO, as his country's press charged the vote was proof of a "clash of civilisations."

In his lengthy political career, Hosni has often been accused of promoting anti-Semitism, in particular in 2008 when he told the Egyptian parliament: "I'd burn Israeli books myself if I found any in libraries in Egypt."

Smarter everyday saladbowl .
written by Excalibur , September 23, 2009
saladbowl , I have read ALL the haddiths of Bukari ,Ishaq and Tabari , regarding Abu-al-Qasim and the first genocide committed by your cult .

Yes , infidels can read ....and learn.

Ishaq:463/Tabari VIII:34 "When Sa'd reached the Messenger of Allah and the Muslims, the Prophet said, 'Arise and go to your master and help him dismount.' Then Muhammad said, 'Pass judgment on them.' Sa'd replied, 'I pass judgment that their men shall be killed, their women and children made captives, and their property divided.' Allah’s Apostle proclaimed, 'You have passed judgment on the Jews with the judgment of Allah and the judgment of His Messenger.'"

And you have the unmitigated gall to point at the Europeans ?

Ahmadinejab clears the house
written by Excalibur , September 23, 2009
Today , Two members of "the enlightened cult of peace " made an appearence before the heads of all nations and the WORLD .

One babbled almost incoherently [Ghaddafi] and the other [Ahmadinejab] , when he began speaking , three quarters of the Assembly simply walked out .


The World is LEARNING .
\"peacefull Islam \" ?
written by Excalibur , September 23, 2009

Latest Offerings from the Religion of Peace
"He who fights that Islam should be superior fights in Allah's cause"
Muhammad, prophet of Islam

2009.09.23 (Kandahar, Afghanistan) - Three children and two women are among seven innocents wiped out by a Taliban roadside bomb.
2009.09.23 (Pattani, Thailand) - Two Buddhists, one a 19-year-old woman, are brutally murdered by Muslim gunmen.
2009.09.23 (Yala, Thailand) - A 16-year-old boy is shot to death by Muslim radicals in a drive-by attack.
2009.09.22 (Mogadishu, Somalia) - Eight civilians are killed during an attack by Islamic hardliners.
2009.09.22 (Baramulla, India) - A local soldier is gunned down in an ambush by Islamic militants.
2009.09.21 (Latifiya, Iraq) - Three people are incinerated by a Jihad bomb blast at a gas station.

It\'s Official-he\'s not contented
written by Excalibur , September 24, 2009
A grand jury indicted Zazi today . Conspiracy to use WMD ....on innocent infidels of course .

More "teaching " from muslims .

You ask "what am I doing to halt the spread " of your cult ?

LOL....question is , What are you muslims doing ?

PLENTY , just pick up a newspaper.....ANY newspaper .
Canada getting smart
written by Excalibur , September 24, 2009
Looks like the Canadiens are "learning " . The cult in fact OPPRESSES FREE SPEECH in the way of phony lawsuits ....which are now getting thrown out oif court:

EDMONTON -- Alberta's Human Rights and Citizenship Commission has dismissed nine complaints filed against the Edmonton Journal and the Calgary Herald in connection with a controversial editorial published seven years ago.

The complaints were lodged by Muslim and Palestinian organizations and their supporters, who argued the editorial was likely to incite hatred or contempt toward Palestinian Arabs and Muslims, contrary to Alberta's Human Rights, Citizenship and Multiculturalism Act.

In a seven-page decision dated Sept. 21, commission director Marie Riddle dismissed all the complaints.

"Although in my opinion statements made in the editorial . . . were offensive, based on the recent case law, I can find no basis to forward the complaint for a human-rights panel, and I hereby dismiss the complaint," Riddle wrote.

Journal lawyer Fred Kozak said the editorial expressed the opinion that delegates attending a meeting in Malaysia should condemn the use of suicide bombers as an inappropriate way of bringing about political change.

"Free expression must always include the right to criticize people, organizations and governments," Kozak said. "It should also include the right to publish a wide variety of views and opinions and perspectives, especially concerning political events in the international community.

"(This decision) recognizes that language is, and will always be, an imperfect way of communicating, and that the expression of opinion will always provoke other expressions of opinion -- but that is highly valued in a democracy."...

criticising barbarianism/murder
written by Excalibur , September 24, 2009
Journal lawyer Fred Kozak said the editorial expressed the opinion that delegates attending a meeting in Malaysia should condemn the use of suicide bombers as an inappropriate way of bringing about political change.

Take note , the above editorial content is what the cult determined to be offensive, and a violation of the cults human rights .
Same old,same old eh chump?
written by Saladin , September 24, 2009
Still you can`t demonstrate one instance where you loadmouths have stopped the spread of Islam westwards.

Who cares about about all the foreign places?Where here in the "west" in the millions ,among the heathen,and we are prospering greatly(thanks to allah swt).

Pakistan,Malaysia Somalia(loved blackhawk down lol),have no relevence to me,you may as well be talking about the moon chump.

Clearly your decrepid and loathsome mind cannot tolerate the fact,we are now "Americans,Brits,French etc(lol I have to pinch myself sometimes).Thats what really gets to you ,aint that right chump?

Like it or lump it,where here to stay.Pass me some of that good old apple pie.and make sure it`s halal,hahahhaha
written by Excalibur , September 24, 2009
Don't count on it salad bowl , if you dont get thrown out on your ear, then you will be forced to behave yourselves , according to OUR RULES , and not those of your deranged cult ...or you'll windup like your pal there Zazi ....making little rocks out of big ones .
Oh and by all means do "pinch yourself " the WEST IS GOOD , certainly by far , than the muslim nations anywhere in the world ../. Gee you guys DO have some brains dont ya ?

And if you want halal food ? No problem , I got no beef , nor does it bother me that those who are civilised among your cult are enjoying the fruits of a DEMOCRATIC /NON-MUSLIM Society .
That's what America's all about . Live long and prosper .
But when you fail to integrate and attempt to force your midevil values on a Fre e Society , that's whren you will run into trouble , when you start to attempt to change the US into the same primitive dysfunctional backwater where thse of such ethnic background have "escaped " from , then you will run into trouble . Or if you start teaching your intolerance , misogymy , or assorted hatreds that are peculiar to your cult , then , again , you will run into trouble .

So just behave yourself saladbowl , or you'll be winning convertts from your jail cell . Start behaving like you do in Europe , and your headed for a BIG SMACKDOWN .

BTW , you haven't refuted anything I have stated about your cult ....have you ?

Yea , I know , better to just skipover the truth huh saladbowl ?

Enjoy your apple pie
written by Excalibur , September 24, 2009
Enjoy your apple pie Saladbowl , but behave like your brothers in Afghanistan , and you'll get the prison version of halal .

By Atia Abawi

KABUL, Afghanistan (CNN) -- Shameen's brown eyes seem lost as she thinks about the one day she wants to forget, but it is all she can think about.

Nearly 90 percent of Afghan women suffer from domestic abuse, according to the U.N.

1 of 3 Still traumatized, she recounts the events that led her to a safe house in Kabul.

She was raped and nearly stabbed to death by her husband just seven days before we met her.

Her lips are quivering and her eyes full of fear.

"He forced himself on me," she said. "All I could do was scream."

She was married off 15 years ago when she was a teenager.

Throughout those years she was tortured and abused, suffering daily beatings with an electrical wire or the metal end of a hammer.

This was her normal life.

"He chased after me with a hammer. He said if I made any noise he would put holes through me," Shameen said.

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Shameen and her husband could not conceive a child. And in Afghan society, it seems, the blame always falls on the woman.

After one severe beating, she ran from her home and to the police station. Her husband promised the police he would not attack her anymore, so she gave in and agreed to go back home with him.

Days later, Shameen's husband took her on a trip to visit her sister's grave -- a 15-year-old sister who was burned to death for displeasing her husband.

Shameen says her younger sister was 11 years old when she was forced to marry an older man. He would beat and abuse her until one day he killed her.

As Shameen walked along the graveyard with her husband he took her near a shrine where he forced her to the ground, lifted her burqa and raped her. He then threatened her with a knife and asked her who was going to help her now. She was screaming as he slashed her throat and body.

A passerby saved her.

Now, she has no one to turn to -- not even her own parents. In their eyes, she has brought them shame, an offense punishable by death.

In Afghanistan, a woman is blamed for the injustices she must live through. Shameen says when her sister was killed, her parents turned a blind eye.

She misses her parents and siblings but knows she can never see them again.

"They'll kill me," she said without flinching.

She now hides in a safe house, isolated and alone. Like most Afghan women, she has lost all hope.

Afghanistan is a country where for centuries women have been considered property -- not equals, like the constitution states. They are often beaten, raped and even sold to the highest bidder. There are very few places women can turn to.

Authorities brought Shameen to a shelter run by Women for Afghan Women (WAW). The organization started in New York to provide humanitarian assistance to women who do not know they have rights. Watch Abawi's report from the shelter »

In this safe house, WAW is currently providing care, security and an education for 54 women and children.

Nearly 90 percent of Afghan women suffer from domestic abuse, according to the United Nations Development Fund for Women.

Despite that, there are less than a dozen shelters like this one in Afghanistan, usually run by non-governmental organizations.

Abusers are rarely prosecuted or convicted, and most women are afraid to say anything.

"Their mothers are beaten by their fathers. They're beaten by their fathers, by their brothers. It's a way of life," said Manizha Naderi, director of WAW.

Naderi is an Afghan-American who grew up in New York and has returned to Afghanistan to work with other women in hopes of bringing a change, although she said it will take generations.

"They see their mothers being beaten, they see their sisters their aunts, everybody," Naderi said. "So that's what they expect."

It is not just women who suffer.

Hosnia is a smiling eight year old who likes to play with her toys and other young girls at the shelter. She rocks her body on the mat where she sits, the rocking swaying her green plastic earrings as she talks with a muffled sweet voice.

"I have a difficulty," she said, when asked what she is doing at the shelter.

Her smile fades as she remembers the circumstances that brought her here.

Just three years ago when Hosnia was five, she was raped and left for dead outside her home in northern Afghanistan.

Her father found her bloody body floating in a creek. She spent a month in the hospital as her little body recovered from that brutal assault.

Out of love and fear for his daughter's life, Hosnia's dad brought her to this safe house.

According to WAW, her rapist was a young man from an affluent family and quickly released from jail because of bribes and family connections. The organization forced the authorities back on the case and he was then sentenced to six years in a Kabul juvenile prison.

He has three years left in his sentence, and Hosnia's parents fear for their daughter's life.

So the shelter is her home now and the women and children here, her family.

"We will take care of her through adulthood," Naderi said.

Hosnia's father, a poor farmer, knows the only chance for his girl to have a future in a country where rape victims are punished, is if she grows up here.

This shelter has dozens of heart-wrenching stories; it also houses dozens of women and girls who have the courage to live in a country where one of the biggest dangers is to be a woman.

90% of women saldbowl , tell your fellow cultists , that this don't make it in the west ....there are no sympathetic police , prosecutors or judges ....you get put in jail .
The Classic Prison Convert
written by Excalbur , September 24, 2009
A Decatur man was charged today with plotting to blow up the federal courthouse in Springfield, but the charges make it clear that authorities were on to him from the start and that he was dealing with an undercover federal agent posing as an Al Qaeda operative.

Michael Finton, also known as Talib Islam, was charged with attempting to murder federal employees and to use an explosive against the Paul Findley Federal Building, according to a federal complaint.

An affidavit filed in the case states that members of an FBI-led task force began investigating Finton, a restaurant worker who converted to Islam in prison, after hearing from his parole officer. A search of his vehicle after his arrest in 2007 on a parole violation allegedly turned up letters mentioning martyrdom and purported contact with John Walker Lindh, the so-called "American Taliban," who was captured in Afghanistan.

The FBI had a drug informant become friendly with Finton, according to the complaint. The informant told agents Finton had talked about wanting to get terror training and to fight in Gaza against the Israelis. Agents then worked to set up an "opportunity for action that we controlled," began recording contacts with him and put him in touch with an undercover agent who told Finton he was an al-Qaeda operative.

In a July conversation, Finton allegedly told the agent he was considering attacks on "government buildings, banks and police stations." His hope was that an attack would cause the U.S. military to withdraw from conflicts overseas.

"Finton said attacking the FBI office would be great, because he had no love for the police, so that would not bother him a bit," according to the affidavit. He allegedly proposed bombing the federal building in Springfield with a backpack bomb or an explosive in a vehicle in July.

In August, the agent allegedly told Finton the plan had been approved by his purported supervisors in al-Qaeda and had Finton make a videotaped message that supposedly was to be shown to organization leaders including Osama bin-Laden.

Finton, who made statements acknowledging he knew everyone in the Paul Findley Federal Building would be killed, allegedly met up with the agent on Wednesday, believing he would be carrying out a mass-casualty bomb attack against the building....

ahhh, yes , you think he likes apple -pie -halal style ? Maybe he'll get some in prison .
more disconted muslims in the US
written by Excalibur , September 24, 2009
here come another muslim "not contented " heading for prison .

DALLAS -- James T. Jacks, the U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Texas, and Robert E. Casey, Jr., Special Agent in Charge for the Dallas Office of the FBI, announced today that Hosam Maher Husein Smadi, 19, has been arrested anad charged in a federal criminal complaint with attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction. Smadi, who was under continuous surveillance by the FBI, was arrested today near Fountain Place, a 60-story glass office tower located at 1445 Ross Avenue in downtown Dallas, after he placed an inert/inactive car bomb at the location. Smadi, a Jordanian citizen in the U.S. illegally, lived and worked in Italy, Texas, (approximately 45 miles south of Dallas). He has repeatedly espoused his desire to commit violent Jihad and has been the focus of an undercover FBI investigation.
"The highest priority of the FBI and the Department of Justice remains the prevention of another terrorist attack within the United States," said U.S. Attorney Jacks. "In that effort, it is the job of the FBI to locate and identify individuals intent upon carrying out any type of attack upon this country and its citizens/residents. Whether as part of a group or acting alone, persons contemplating such acts need to know that all components of the government are working together to ferret out their activities and to insure that such individuals face the full measure of the law. The identification and apprehension of this defendant, who was acting alone, is a sobering reminder that there are people among us who want to do us grave harm," Jacks continued.
Special Agent in Charge Casey said, "Today's arrest of Hosam Maher Husein Smadi underscores the FBI's unwavering commitment to bring to justice persons who attempt to bring harm to citizens of this country and significant danger to this community. Smadi made a decision to act to commit a significant conspicuous act of violence under his banner of "self Jihad." He will now face justice. The many agents, detectives, analysts and prosecutors who helped to bring about Thursday's arrest deserve special thanks for their efforts. This case serves as a reminder of the continuing threats of terrorism we face as a nation and the FBI's resolve to meet those threats. The arrest of Smadi is not in any way related to the ongoing terror investigation in New York and Colorado."
"The criminal complaint alleges that Hosam Smadi sought and attempted to bomb the Fountain Place office tower, but a coordinated undercover law enforcement action was able to thwart his efforts and ensure no one was harmed," said David Kris, Assistant Attorney General for National Security.
Smadi will make his initial appearance tomorrow in U.S. District Court before U.S. Magistrate Judge Irma C. Ramirez, at 11:00 a.m.
According to affidavits filed today with the complaint and search warrants:
Smadi was discovered by the FBI espousing his desire to commit significant acts of violence. Smadi stood out because of his vehement intention to actually conduct terror attacks in the U.S.
The FBI developed an investigative plan to determine Smadi's true intent while also protecting the public's safety. Smadi made clear his intention to serve as a soldier for Usama Bin Laden and al-Qa'ida, and to conduct violent Jihad. Undercover FBI agents, posing as members of an al-Qa'ida "sleeper" cell, were introduced to Smadi, who repeatedly indicated to them that he came to the U.S. for the specific purpose of committing "Jihad for the sake of God." Smadi clarified that he was interested in "self-Jihad," because it was "the best type of Jiihad." Smadi was interested in violent Jihad against those he deemed to be enemies of Islam. The investigation determined Smadi was not associated with other terrorist organizations.
Throughout the investigation, undercover FBI agents repeatedly encouraged Smadi to reevaluate his interpretation of Jihad, counseling him that the obligations a Moslem has to perform Jihad can be satisfied in many ways. Every time this interaction occurred, Smadi aggressively responded that he was going to commit significant, conspicuous acts of violence as his Jihad.
In June 2009, Smadi identified potential targets in the Dallas area; but in mid-July, he notified an undercover FBI agent that he had changed his mind regarding the targets. On July 21, 2009, Smadi met with an undercover FBI agent and directed the agent to drive them to a Wells Fargo Bank in downtown Dallas. Smadi and the undercover FBI agent then drove to 1445 Ross Avenue where the Fountain Place office tower is located. A Wells Fargo Bank is located in that building. Smadi went into the building where he conducted his own reconnaissance.
In late August 2009, while meeting with one of the undercover FBI agents in Dallas, Smadi discussed the logistics and timing of the bombing, stating that he would have preferred to do the attack on "11 September," but decided to wait until after the month of Ramadan, which ended on September 20, 2009. At the conclusion of the meeting, Smadi decided that a vehicle borne improvised explosive device (VBIED) would be placed at the foundation of the Fountain Place office tower. Unbeknownst to Smadi, the FBI ensured the VBIED contained only an inert/inactive explosive device which contained no explosive materials.
written by Excalibur , September 24, 2009
See what I mean saldbowl - your own cultmembers are "spreading the word " ...and the US is learning more and more about you dimented barbarians day by day .....literally .
Got TWO MORE in North Carolina
written by Excalibur , September 25, 2009
Hey saladbowl , you think those two muslims in Carolina were "pinching themselves " ?

Think they like apple pie , you know halal style ?

Hey man , how'd you muslims get so " contented " ?

Salad-bowl , didn't I tell you , that you band your fellow cult members would do the task of spreading the word for me ?

And didn't I say , all anyone need do to learn about your cult , was to pick up a newspaper ....any day , anywhere ???

What an education!!! AND IT"S FREE !!

What better way to teach : That it's not just Al-Queda .........

And what better way to teach about TAQIYYA !!

Like the girl they interviewd in Springfield who worked with your fellow cult-member
.......she said , he was a "normal guy " ...."he joked around " ..."smiled alot " ...."I could never bthink that he would do somethiing like this "


How cult members could smile upon you, as you pass them on the street .....and all the while they are SEETHING AGAINST YOU IN THEIR HEARTS .

Literally smile upon those who they intend to slaughter .

THAT'S TAQIYYA ....and it's in your book .

Thanks for the lessons saladbowl , I couldn't have done it bette r myself .

Hahahah...I could inch myself man ....and the greatest part is , you guys didn't get the chance to kill any of my fellow AMERICANS , in any of these cases .

Keep the good work sald-bowl , after all what better teachers are there , to show what you people are really all about , than the words and actions of you yourselves .

And YOU accuse me of HATE ....you call me an ISLAMOPHOBE ?

What are you and your cult ?



You rant about "mega-churches " ?

LOL....I dont attend church , I am a non-religious monotheist ...how many of those "MEGA-CHURCH "members do you see going around blowing up masjid , or anything for that matter ?

That's right salad bowl ....NONE . As much as I'm NOT a fan of theirs , all they are really doing is pissing off you and your cult , by simply spealking the truth about you .

lol...they are IMMUNE to Taqiyya .and that's a good thing .
written by Excalibur , September 25, 2009
so have a great day sala-ah-hadeen , pinch youserlf again and cut yourself another big slice of "apple-pie " , for TRULY, our police ARE protecting you and your wives and children , not from islam-o-phobes .....BUT FROM YOUR FELLOW CULT MEMBERS .
For if you are Sunni , then Shia consider you apostate ...and you know what that will get you , and if your Shia , lol...the SAunni consider you apostate ......BUT NOT HERE IN THE WEST CHUMP ...just think of how your life would be if you were living where muslims dominate that country !

LOL....EVEN IN MECCA , Shia are second class citizens ......

yea "pinch yourself " again sala-ah -hadeen .
\"Contented \" in Australia
written by Excalibur , September 25, 2009
What's this , a contented baptist ? No wait !
A contented muslim in Australia -headed for jail and maybe some halal prison food .

Australia: Author of do-it-yourself jihad manual sentenced to 12 years in jail
Bela Khazaal Update. "Australia how-to jihadist jailed," from BBC News, September 25:

A man who produced a do-it-yourself jihad book has been sentenced to 12 years in prison in Australia.
Bela Khazaal was found guilty last September of producing a 110-page book, in Arabic, entitled Provisions Of The Rules of Jihad.
This advised about terrorist acts such as exploding bombs, shooting down planes and assassinating people such as former US President George W Bush.
And yet:

Khazaal had claimed his book was never intended to incite terrorist acts.
At his sentencing in Sydney, Justice Megan Latham said she found it "unsurprising" a jury had rejected his defence.
"It beggars belief that a person of average intelligence who has devoted themselves to the study of Islam over some years would fail to recognise the nature of the material," she said.
"The dissemination of extremist activity, connected or unconnected with a terrorist plot, is caught by the government's (anti-terror) scheme ... (because such material) is capable and is shown to foment terrorist activity."
Khazaal, a former Lebanon-born Qantas Airways baggage-handler, compiled the book from a range of Internet sources, his lawyer George Thomas told the court at an earlier sentencing hearing.
Its full title is Provisions Of The Rules of Jihad - Short Judicial Rulings And Organisational Instructions For Fighters And Mujahideen Against Infidels.
He is the first person to be convicted on the charge of making a document connected with assistance in a terrorist act, which carries a maximum jail term of 15 years....

Like I said sala-ah-hadeen , any newspaper , any day , anywhere there are muslims ...lol...there's "contented " muslims making the headlines .
Such \"peace and contededness \"
written by Excalibur , September 25, 2009
During Islam's holiest days of 2009, devout believers carried out
203 terror attacks in 16 countries, leaving at least 735 dead.

Latest Offerings from the Religion of Peace
"He who fights that Islam should be superior fights in Allah's cause"
Muhammad, prophet of Islam

2009.09.24 (Bannu, Pakistan) - Islamic radicals open fire on two cars carrying tribal elders. Nine victims are cut down.
2009.09.23 (Herat, Afghanistan) - A teenage boy is gunned down in his home by Islamic militants, who also injure his sister and mother.
2009.09.23 (Mosul, Iraq) - Four Iraqis are killed in two Jihad bombing attacks.
2009.09.23 (Kandahar, Afghanistan) - Three children and two women are among seven innocents wiped out by a Taliban roadside bomb.
2009.09.23 (Pattani, Thailand) - Two Buddhists, one a 19-year-old woman, are brutally murdered by Muslim gunmen.
2009.09.23 (Yala, Thailand) - A 16-year-old boy is shot to death by Muslim radicals in a drive-by attack.

No wonder you pinch yourself Sala-ah-Hadeen . Life is good here in the west , aint-it ?

...and you're criticizing what YOU call islamophobes , megachurches ....?

hahahahahahahahaha...........you got more to fear from your own , than anyone else CHUMP .
\"content muslims just all over the place \"
written by Excalibur , September 26, 2009

Latest Offerings from the Religion of Peace
"He who fights that Islam should be superior fights in Allah's cause"
Muhammad, prophet of Islam

2009.09.26 (Peshawar, Pakistan) - Ten people outside a bank are murdered by a Jihad car bomb.
2009.09.26 (Bannu, Pakistan) - A truck bomber detonates outside a police station, killing six people on the street.
2009.09.25 (Herat, Afghanistan) - The Taliban shoot three civilians and hang another.
2009.09.24 (Mogadishu, Somalia) - Five civilians die in an ambush claimed by Hizbul Islam.
2009.09.24 (Helmand, Afghanistan) - Taliban hardliners murder four police with a roadside bomb.
2009.09.24 (Mosul, Iraq) - Sunni gunmen take down two local cops at a checkpoint.

What's the matter with you people sala-ah -hadeen ?

Too much apple pie ?
the truth will shut your mouth
written by Excalibur , September 27, 2009
my ,my , the silence is deafening . any cult members care to dispute , refute or contradict one single word of what I posted ?

..that is ......besides mouthing your parroted "islamophobe " ...."mega-church " ....or "redneck " ?
you will know the tree by its fruit
written by Excalibur , September 28, 2009
Latest Offerings from the Religion of Peace
"He who fights that Islam should be superior fights in Allah's cause"
Muhammad, prophet of Islam

2009.09.27 (Yala, Thailand) - A man visiting his brother's grave is murdered by Muslim bombers.
2009.09.27 (Herat, Afghanistan) - Four civilians are blown to bits by a motorcycle suicide bomber.
2009.09.27 (Ramadi, Iraq) - A Shahid suicide bomber blasts four Iraqis to death outside a police station.
2009.09.26 (Narathiwat, Thailand) - A man and his wife are brutally gunned down by Islamic radicals.
2009.09.26 (Mosul, Iraq) - An off-duty policeman is shot to death by Sunni terrorists.
2009.09.26 (Peshawar, Pakistan) - Ten people outside a bank are murdered by a Jihad car bomb.
seems you missed me chump!
written by saladin , September 29, 2009
Well done Chump,you`ve broken the world record for verbal diarrehea.

Sorry I couldn`t reply to your regular rubbish,I was busy at a mosque opening see.

That is what really gets to you chump,we`re here and we`re flourishing,blooming marvellous don`t ya think chump?

Even if any of the vile drivel you post is true,it makes not a jot of difference,and you know it chump.

There are tens of millions of us here in the "west",our presence here is accepted and defended(have you heard of multiculturalism?).

Who cares about the wailing of a few redkneck loons?
just a few rednecks ? ..lol..you wish !
written by Excaliber , September 29, 2009
Even IF ??? LOLOL.......you've broken the record for failing to address any of the facts about your cult .

LOL...and you call blowing up people and getting busted in plots against the people of the country "you're so happy with " ...FLOURISHING ?

Your presence here for the moment is "tolerated " , no free man accepts the bullshit and baggage that comes along with your cult , especially your tendency for explosive s .

Dont kid yourself CHUMP , you're in no way accepted , and that tolerance is paper thin about now .

As far as all your little MURDERS and SLAUGHTERS taking place around the Globe EVERYDAY , I know it makes not "a jot of difference " to you and your cult , this is what you are brought up nin ....kill anyone who disagrees ....

Go investigate Abu-al-Qasim , dont take my word for it ....your own fellow cult members wrote the haddith , or are they liars too ?

LOL......you got the problem CHUMP not me , and after studying and knowing your Q'uran better than you yourself do , or want to , I can tell you this , your behavior worldwide doesn't surprise me at all . It's no wonder either ,that your cult had to develop a whole methodology and practice of deceipt and lies called Taqiyya , in order to hide your intentions and the reality of what your cult is really all about .

- better go read your own "holy books " little bboy , and learn from whence your beginnings came and why .

Enjoy it now CHUMP , my fellows in the west wont remain ignorant much longer , you and your lot are doing a real good job taking care of that .

In the meantime , you have refuted nothing of what I stated , it's ALL true . Nor can you deny it .

So carry on CHUMP , and watch the beginnings of your worn out welcome , just pick up the newspaper chump ....you're all doing it for me ./
know thine enemy
written by Excalibur , September 29, 2009
..and to my countrymen , and ALL westerners , I say READ THE QURAN , READ THE SUNNA , READ THE HADITHS ...and LEARN , the true nature of your enemy .
For you truly are their enemy , as you smile upon them as they pass you on the street , in your heart you are seething against them , shielding the heart as it were , the practice of tqiyya , as your Quran instructs .

Just as it instructs to do battle against Dar-al-Harb [the non muslim world ] with the ultimate purpose of subjugating all of the world to islamic law ...it teaches hatred of all non-muslims , especially the jews , whom your holybooks call "sons of apes and pigs " . This is why the Israeli/Palestinian conflict is so intractable , for there is no peace a muslim will make with a jew ,nor with any infidel for tha matter .
It is inconcievable to muslims that jews or any non-muslim should rule over anything , for your Quran calls you "the best of peoples " and all others are to be subserviant to muslims .
I have studied your Quran , the Sunna , the Haddiths , I have read them backwards and forwards , I have studied them for more years than you likely have been breathing air on this Earth , and I know more of your Quran ,and Abu al-Qasim [your prophet Mohammed } than you will ever know , Indeed , more than you will ever dare to know .
I know what you are thinking and why .And this because I know your doctrine and dogma .
Your "millions " do not concern me , in fact the more that live among the FREE western nations , the more are likely to dare question, and the more minds will be affected .

Yours is a cult of hatred and warfare , a cult of religious supremacy, of tyrannical theocratic absolutism .
And it will not prevail .
The TRUTH is the weapon you have no defence against . And you cannot hide the truth , as your actions around the globe will only drive more people to seek the truth , and THIS will be your downfall .
The internet exposes you , and it cannot be silenced , for the truth is available to all , and your lies will get washed away .
You're busted Sala-ah Hadeen , and by the hand of your own cult .

So , have a good time in the land of the FREE saladbowl , and remember , while you are here you will live by our law , not yours , and you are free to observe the rules of your cult , so long as you dont break our laws , else you'll have to get used to prison food ...know what I mean ?
every day ...everyday ......
written by Excalibur , September 30, 2009
Latest Offerings from the Religion of Peace
"He who fights that Islam should be superior fights in Allah's cause"
Muhammad, prophet of Islam

2009.09.28 (Pattani, Thailand) - Islamic separatists murder two civilians in their home.
2009.09.28 (Narathiwat, Thailand) - Two villagers are gunned down by Muslim militants.
2009.09.28 (Diwaniyah, Iraq) - Jihadis bomb a minibus, killing three passengers.
2009.09.28 (Ramadi, Iraq) - Seven people are murdered when a Fedayeen suicide bomber detonates along a city street.
2009.09.28 (Baghdad, Iraq) - Vicious back-to-back bombings leave five Iraqis dead.
2009.09.27 (Farah, Afghanistan) - Taliban bombers take out five civilians travelling in a car.

Muslim immigration into the UK has left a trail of rape victims, but
as long as the political elite place a higher value on multiculturalism,
Britain's women will just have to keep taking one for the team!

I think a bit of introspection and reflection is in order for YOU , sala-ah-hadeen .

bye bye , I think I've made my point ....CHUMP

\"dedicate his life to God \" ???
written by Excalibur , October 01, 2009
Federal officials announced charges against a Brooklyn man on Thursday, saying he traveled overseas intent on joining a terrorist group and fighting United States forces in Iraq, Afghanistan and the Balkans.

Authorities said the man, Betim Kaziu, 21, a former building porter who was born and raised in Brooklyn, flew from Kennedy International Airport to Cairo in February in the first leg of a journey he hoped would take him to Pakistan for militant training. Authorities said that while in Egypt he made repeated attempts to buy weapons and tried to join a terrorist group linked to Al Qaeda. In addition, authorities said, Mr. Kaziu made efforts to travel to Iraq, Afghanistan and the Balkans.

In a three-page indictment, unsealed Thursday in Federal District Court in Brooklyn, authorities said Mr. Kaziu eventually made it to Kosovo, where he was arrested by Kosovar law enforcement authorities in late August and returned to the United States.

He was charged with conspiracy to commit murder in a foreign country and conspiracy to provide material support to terrorists. If convicted, he could face life in prison....

The allegations shocked Mr. Kaziu's family in Brooklyn. "This is totally unlike him," said a sister, Sihana Kaziu, who added that he was never violent and had a "big heart." Ms. Kaziu said her brother, a Muslim, did not grow up particularly religious.

One of four siblings, he played football in high school before dropping out, she said. He later got his high school equivalency diploma and around age 18 became interested in the Koran and said he wanted to dedicate his life to God, a prospect that pleased his parents, she said. He told his family that he was going to Egypt to study Arabic, and kept in touch regularly by e-mail..


So you see salad-bowl , it makes no difference , ethnic origins are NOT , the reason for making cult members turn out like this .

It's islam itself , it's your Quran , your prophet , and ultimately your desire.

As I said , YOU will provide the lessons that need to be learned .
written by Excalibur , October 04, 2009
bye bye sala-ah-hadeen ....enjoys the fruits of freedom . that you love to hate .
Your countrymen and fellow westerners don`t give
written by saladin , October 07, 2009
Hey chump,still spouting your bile and filth eh?

The westerners and your fellow yanks,don`t care jack for your islamophobic warnings,hahhaha.

I know all to well what they`re fretting about,and it aint the new mosque,halal slaughter house,Islamic banks,shops,schools,going up all over the place...lol.

Nah chump,what the yanks are really scared of right now is keeping a roof over their heads and meals on the table,know what I mean chump..FORECLOSURE!

Nobody got time to worry about the dire threat of Islam in the west chump.Its the economy stupid hahahha.

This recession will last a long long time,then turn into a depression.USA will be bankrupt,no more money for foreign wars.They`ll have to bring them back to quell all those rioting tea party goers lol.

One more thing chump,the Arabs are about to dump the shitty and worthless $$$ soon,where will that leave you chump? In the brown stuff I guess hahhaha.

Sweet KKK dreams chump,you piece of redkneck filth!
written by Excalibur , October 07, 2009
LOL..."bile and filth " ....that what you call accurate information about your cult ?

You're right about one thing though, the behavior of your fellow cult members is indeed just like FILTHY BILE .

Oh and BTW salad-bowl , all the oil the arabs got in the ground , they need western technology to get it out of the ground , and guess what that's gonna take ? Dollars chump , it's still the currency of choice , because it is the currency of the most stable nation on earth , the most trechnologically advanced nation on earth , lol....its where the chips in your computer come from , and the cell phones you use to trigger suicide and roadside bombs ...lol.....dopnt count on your wish saladbowl , your little martyrs /serial killers of 9/11 , all told did about several trillions of dollars orth of damage on their way to your delusional paradise , and we recovered quite ell , just as we will recover from this economic downturn .

Switch to the Yen or Ruble and all that'll get ya , is more weapons to kill yourselves with ....for everything else ...lol...you 'll prefer the dollar .

BTW , two more Americans and an.... Ooops!! an Isreali Jew WON THE NOBEL PRIZE , how many of those have you arabs and muslims won ?

Just be glad the west doesn't decide to DUMP all you muslims with your oil , because after all , although muslim arab nations are DEVOLVING , progress is moving ahead , and soon oil dependency will be cut , then all you'll have to kill each other over is just what you had in the beginning of your cult ...SAND .

LOL....hey don't spend it all in one place chump .

And keep in mind saladbowl , in muslim nations , had this kind of recession taken place , there would be blood in the streets and you know it .

That's why all you muslims have moved to the west.

So hold on to your pipedreams saladbowl , and please DO , hold your breath waiting for your backwards delusional dreams to come to pass . Just remember , the other 5.5 billion people on the planet will indeed have something to say about you .
written by Excalibur , October 08, 2009
More of the learning process in America >

Hany Saqr is the head of the Noor Islamic Cultural Center in Columbus, Ohio, where Rifqa Bary's parents are members. Rifqa Bary is the teenager who converted from Islam to Christianity and fled from her home after her father, she says, threatened to kill her for her apostasy. The Jawa Report the details on Saqr.

The Muslim Brotherhood, you will recall, is dedicated in its own words in America to "a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and 'sabotaging' its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God's religion is made victorious over all other religions."

Boy , you are a great bunch huh ? Muslim Brotherhood - destroy America ? What happened to halal applie pie sald bowl ?

Go ahead make your move ....and "Make our day " lolololol.
written by Excalibur , October 08, 2009
oh ...and here's a good one , the Pakistani IS , is gonna release 60 captured taliban if they agree to go to Kashmir for JIhad .

Oh what a lot . Oh what a cult .

Yea , some more "filthy biler " eh saladeen ?
Economic downturn,you kill me chump!
written by saladin , October 08, 2009
Chump,your economic knowledge is similar to your religious knowledge,crap.

Even a redkneck wide eyed loon,such as you,should understand the U*SA is finished.

Maybe not today,or even tomorrow,but you can be sure ,Amerika is dead.

Food stamps,tent cities,prostitution,thats gonna be your growth industry of the future.

And you know what chump,I`m gonna fix me a ringside seat and watch it all unfold.

Pass me a slice of that good old apple pie kufr.
written by Excalibur , October 08, 2009
more contributions to the world from the "peacefull cult " :

THE Taliban have claimed responsibility for a massive suicide car bomb that targeted the Indian embassy in Kabul yesterday, killing 17 people and injuring another 63, most of them civilians.

A statement on the Islamist insurgent group's website said one of its ''martyrs'' had carried out the attack, and the Indian embassy in the heavily fortified central diplomatic area ''was the main target''.

Yea saladbowl , keep on praying to your god that America will go away , just like Israel ......then wake from your stupor and recognize reality ....backwards barbarians can only go in one direction - BACKWARDS .

No matter how much you delude yourselves into thinking that you are something positive as a force in the world ....your heinous acts of slaughter state otherwise ..

keep dreaming saladbowl , you can put a barbarian in a buisiness suit , but you still have a barbarian

Dont choke on that apple pie , barbarian .

And long after your cult has been destroyed by it's own bloody hand , America will still be THE place you literally die to get to .
written by Excalibur , October 08, 2009
In the meantime sally-boy , whilst TWO Americans and ONE Israeli JEW were winning the Nobel Prize , here's what YOUR LOT ws up to :

Weekly Jihad Report
Sep 19 - Sep 25 Jihad Attacks: 31

Dead Bodies: 146

Critically Injured: 135

Ramadan Roundup
2009 Jihad Attacks: 203

Countries: 16

Religions: 5

Dead Bodies: 735

Critically Injured: 1125

Quite a buisy time for your cult ,eh salad-bowl?

Aint you happy you're living SAFELY in the west??

LOL....after all, life in a muslim nation could be ...abit dangerous, dont you think?

EVEN if you're a cult member yourself . And when you do build a masjid anywhere in the west, you dont have to worry about any RELIGIOUS group, BLOWING IT UP ....life is good eh saladbowl? That is HERE IN THE WEST .

In fact, I listed just what your cult hgas done around the world, you know -killing other people [including your own cult members] but the Adminisrtrators here took it down .....I dont blame them, for the list was JUST TOO LONG,
But you already knew that, dintcha salad bowl?

And I was really touched by a French news article, there they were 50 or so muslims, all praying to Allah, that they [after entering France illegally] would be able to sneak into the UK , ya know that western country you muslims love to hate ...lol...and I'll bet that they would be willking to pay in DOLLARS to get there huh?

Such HYPOCRISY and DECIET. but that's part of your game aint it sal-ah-hadeen?

Back to that "ole' Taqiyya again eh?

No matter chump, they're all learning from you guys ...and FAST.
Islam\'s \"contribution to the world \" on this da
written by Excalibur , October 09, 2009
Today another lesson for the "kufr" as you call ALL others outside your cult -


how many dead /how many critically injured ?

In the name of WHAT ?

MUSLIMS KILLING MUSLIMS / and it makes no difference -innocents , women , children .......yes FILTHY BILE ,is the truth about your cult ..

enjoy your apple-pie saladbowl , and realize that at least today , there are 137 who will not .
written by Excalibur , October 09, 2009
...and WHERE is the OUTRAGE from the "Umma " ??

Burn a Q'uran , even "ALLEGE " that a Q'uran has been burned or abused , and your cult riots , burns buildings and KILLS "other people " .

So today ?

A deafening SILENCE , no protests , no demonstrations , no "fiery sermons " , no outright condemnation of the cult members who did this [ and continue to do so ]

Whaddya think saladbowl , is it a matter of a kufr bringing it to their attention ?

Or maybe most muslims dont have tv's or read newspapers ?

Or maybe their MUSLIM-DISH-STATIONS , are the same as its listeners ...having their heads in the sand ?

Do the KUFR have to kick you in the arse to get you to notice , the slaughter of MUSLIMS BY MUSLIMS ??


Is it them "rednecks " you whine and rant about ?

Or maybe its those Southern Baptist "Mega-Church members " ???

WHY is it that the " filthy kufr " are more concerned and outraged by the slaughter of muslims ......THAN MUSLIMS THEMSELVES ??


Your cult is WEIRD man .....pathetic !
written by Excalibur , October 09, 2009
It seems to me saladeen that you , rather than praying and wishing for the collapse of the dollar , you SHOULD be praying for the poor souls your cult is slaughtering every day ....you know ....fellow muslims ?

tsk ,tsk , tsk .

Maybe your cult , instead of praying for Allah to destroy the kufr , maybe you oughta pray for Allah to SAVE YOUR OWN FROM ......THEMSELVES !!
written by Excalibur , October 09, 2009
pray saldbowl , you are in the west , cursing the countries that feed you , provide you with shelter and safety [and WELFARE CHECKS ] ...and you ignore the death and suffering your cult causes ....as you pray for the downfall of the source of your "apple-pie " .

Enjoy the west saladbowl , for you are truly fortunate to be here .
Yep,life for muslims in the west is..
written by Saladin , October 10, 2009
Just fine and dandy.
How does that make you feel chump?

Clearly not good,seeing you spend every waking hour spewing forth vitriol and hatred(I thought you were a christian hahah).

We don`t have to pray for the downfall of the great satan,for by thyne own hand ye shall condem thyself to damnation,chump.

We will continue our contented and tranquill lives(in sha allah),quitely expanding in the heartland of the beast.No redkneck mega church preacher is gonna be able to dislodge us.The bridgehead was established long long ago.Muslims are into their 4th and 5th generations.Many with blond hair and blue eyes chump.

You know what chump,I never did like apple pie,pass me a kebab kufr.
written by Excalibur , October 10, 2009
Didn't think you did saladbowl , you probably choke on it , and that is no surprise .

All it takes is a little TRUTH , and to push your face down in it , till you smell the stink , to bring out the real you ....cult member and religious supremacist that you and your cult truly are .

You will meet your smackdown right here sals bowl , you and your perverted cult , so religious that you pray to your god to destroy people .

And dont worry about the rednecks and the mega church preachers , they are not the ones who will smack you down , their numbers are small , but bless their hearts , they recognize you for what you are-backwards barbarians , lieing through your teeth to fool the gullable ...there is nothing npeacefull about your cult , as you still have been unable to deny a single statement I have made .

Go learn about your prophet Abu-al-Qasim , and find out the way of his life , for you are ignorant of the MAN you worship .
You are afraid to investigate , afraid of what you may find ....afraid of your most potent enemy -THE TRUTH .
Your cult starts pulling the bullshit it doing in Europe and you'll find yourselves pitching tents in the sand of the third world countries your ancestors ran away from ..
You can't help showing your teeth saladbowl , that is an inherant characteristic of your lot , and that is good for the rest of the civilised world , to learn about the barbarians in their midst .

In THIS all you muslims are alike , opening with phony sweet words and as the questions come and the truth be seen , you anger rises and true color comes to the surface . You will be your own worst enemy , just as you muslimns are in all things throughout the Globe .

You have worn nout your welcome in Australia , Belgium , UK , Sweden , Norway , Denmark , France Germany , and virtually everplace you inhabit , for if you're not harrassing and killing non-muslims , you are killing yourselves .
All muslim nations are glaring examples of your cults way of life - Somalia , Sudan ,Thailand , Phillippines , Saudi Arabia , Yemen, Afgghanistan , Iraq , Iran ,Pakistan , Bangladesh , India , Kashmir , Chechnya , Lebanon , Syria ....where blood is cheap and killing the norm .

LOL...no , you will not prevail in the US , because there are already too many who know you .

LOL....but you can try ....go ahead "make our day " sala ah hadeen .

Already your sick brothers are filling the prisons as we breakup your plots , and they make the headlines as "The Lesson " continues . Haha , we've got plenty of room there for you . So go ahead ,start your jihad and see where it gets you , this aint the UK or France . And you'll learn why , as soon as you act up .

You say you are contented ? THAT'S A LIE , just like your bullshit apple pie . WE KNOW WHO YOU ARE , AND WHAT YOU ARE Taqiyya dont work over here ....CHUMP.

Go study your own cult - FOOL , I know it better than you .
more TRUTH about islam
written by Excalibur , October 10, 2009
Here's what your cult offers the world saladbowl - and a "peacefull lesson for the non-muslims of the world about the instinctual behavior of your cult .

Latest Offerings from the Religion of Peace
"He who fights that Islam should be superior fights in Allah's cause"
Muhammad, prophet of Islam

2009.10.09 (Peshawar, Pakistan) - Over fifty innocent civilians at a market are incinerated by a dedicated Sunni suicide car bomber.
2009.10.09 (Mogadishu, Somalia) - al-Shabaab militants shoot three rivals to death.
2009.10.09 (Paktia, Afghanistan) - A suicide bomber murders six guards at a road construction project.
2009.10.08 (Yusufiya, Iraq) - Suspected Islamists set off a bomb outside a shop, killing three civilians.
2009.10.08 (Jalawla, Iraq) - Two Iraqis are murdered by Jihadi bombers.
2009.10.08 (Kabul, Afghanistan) - A suicide bomber detonates outside the Indian embassy, ending the lives of seventeen innocents.
Muslims-\"fine & dandy \" in Canada
written by Excalibur , October 11, 2009
He wanted to "cripple the economy and unleash mass carnage, terror and destruction." He crowed, "It's gonna be kicking ass like never before." "Toronto 18 ringleader confesses to 9/11-style bomb plot," by Isabel Teotonio for the Toronto Star, October 9

Only one man knew all the details of a deadly explosives plot designed to cripple the economy and unleash mass carnage, terror and destruction in downtown Toronto.
That was Zakaria Amara.

On Thursday, the 24-year-old Mississauga man, regarded as one of the linchpins of the so-called Toronto 18, pleaded guilty in a Brampton court.

It was Amara who built the remote-controlled detonators by hand and made numerous treks to a local library to research ways to procure ammonium nitrate.

And he mustered $4,000 in cash to pay for three tonnes of the fertilizer, earmarked for truck bombs.

Members of the Toronto 18 planned to use three U-Haul vans filled with fertilizer bombs. One parked outside the Toronto Stock Exchange would carry at least two tonnes, enough to bring down the building and three surrounding blocks. Another truck would be parked near the Front St. offices of Canada's spy agency. Glass would shatter into the streets, cars would flip and roads would be torn apart.

And the third bomb would go off at a military base somewhere along Highway 401, between Toronto and Ottawa. To maximize the destruction, Amara wanted to place metal chips inside the bombs.

Amara bragged that just one of the three bombs would be comparable with the 2003 bombing in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, which killed 35 people and wounded more than 200.

And he was emphatic that the attack, which his right-hand man dubbed the Battle of Toronto, would be bigger than the London subway bombing of 2005, which killed 56 people and injured 700.

If they got their act together, maybe they could launch their attack on Sept. 11, 2006.

"It's gonna start kicking ass," Amara told his second in command, three weeks before his June 2006 arrest during a massive police sweep that netted 14 men and four youths. "It's gonna be kicking ass like never before."...

In December 2005, Amara helped organize a jihadi training camp in Washago, Ont., which was attended by police agent Mubin Shaikh.

Potential recruits, from Scarborough and Mississauga, played paintball games, ran obstacle courses and underwent firearms training.

Amara videotaped a co-accused delivering a speech urging attendees to wage war on the West....

After his arrest, police searched Amara's home and car. Among other things, they found jihadi documents, satellite photographs of the Parliament buildings and maps of roads around Parliament Hill, and a video of roadside bombings and the execution of western soldiers.

They also found a memory stick with a message by Amara for his co-accused.

"It seems like everything is going to happen near the end of September," Amara says in the message, which was played in court. "I don't think I have anything else to say except `God willing.'"...

Not this time.

written by Excalibur , October 11, 2009
"fine and dandy " ? ri i i i i i ght .
New Yorkers are not fooled
written by Excalbur , October 11, 2009
N.Y.C. Muslims complain of "racial profiling " in the wake of busted jihad bombing plot : this comment by Robert Spencer -

Think about what they could be doing in the aftermath of the revelation of the New York jihad plot. They could have demonstrated against those who supposedly "twist" and "hijack" Islam to find in it justification for terrorism. They could have offered full and open cooperation from law enforcement to root out the terrorists from their midst. They could have called for the institution of full-scale programs in mosques and Islamic schools to teach against the doctrines of jihad and Islamic supremacism that lead to such terror plots. Instead, here is more predictable victimhood-mongering and claims of "racial profiling." What race is Islam again?

Indeed .

today ...more of the same from the cult
written by Excalibur , October 12, 2009
Latest Offerings from the Religion of Peace
"He who fights that Islam should be superior fights in Allah's cause"
Muhammad, prophet of Islam

2009.10.11 (Ramadi, Iraq) - Three horrific bombings, one at a hospital, leave nineteen innocents dead.
2009.10.10 (Mogadishu, Somalia) - al-Shabaab militants shoot a man to death at a market.
2009.10.10 (Afgoye, Somalia) - A Hizbul Islam leader is gunned down by Islamic rivals.
2009.10.10 (Kunduz, Afghanistan) - A young policeman is murdered by Taliban bombers.
2009.10.10 (Khuzdar, Pakistan) - Suspected Islamists machine-gun two truck drivers to death.
2009.10.10 (Kismayo, Somalia) - Twenty-five people are killed when Hizbul Islam hard-liners attack their rivals.


Where's the outrage ? Where's the protests ? Where's the Fatwahs against muslim killing muslim ???

written by Excalibur , October 12, 2009
Milan, 12 October (AKI) - An Italian soldier was injured on Monday after a Libyan man exploded a bomb hidden inside a toolbox at the entrance of the 'Santa Barbara' military barracks in the northern Italian city of Milan.

The 35 year-old Libyan tried to enter to enter the barracks at the same time a military vehicle was entering the gate. However, his car was stopped by a military guard.

The man then detonated a bomb. Some reports said he shouted: "The army must leave Afghanistan!"

The toolbox where the man hid the explosive device contained two more kilogrammes of explosives, and according to reports, it only partially detonated.

The injured Italian soldier was hit by ricochet splinters and received medical treatment on-site. The attack took place at 7:45am local time. Following the attack, the Libyan was taken to the Fatebenefratelli hospital in Milan where he is in critical condition.

The Libyan man suffered severe injuries to his face and eyesight and his hand has been amputated, according to medical sources at Fatebenefratelli hospital....

The man has been living in Italy for many years and lives with an Italian woman with whom he has three children, sources said....
Who`ll listen to a redkneck loon?
written by Saladin , October 12, 2009
Nobody, thats who!

Chump, I was at a welcome to Amerika feast day for newly arrived muslims(mashallah),at a local mosque.

There were literally hundreds of Arab,African,Indian,chinese,Euro converts etc in attendance.Chump,it truly was a sight to behold,burkha clad women,robed men and boys,turban wearing elders.I swear chump,if you didn`t know this was small town Amerika,you could be forgiven for thinking this was the hindu kush hahahah.

Thats why we don`t fear folk like you.Your wailings on some obscure website,doesn`t threaten our muslim way of life.You see chump,in this godforsaken land there is something called the constitution.Have you read it chump?The part about religious freedom hahahha.It applies to Isalm as much as it does to christianity or judaism hahahha.

Chump,thats why we sleep safe and sound in our beds.We know there are plenty of filthy islamophobes in Amerika,but like you chump,their mostly harmless.

I`m not here to debate or even refute your demented claims,Im here to ridicule your impotence in the face of Islamic expansion in the west.

I come here to have a laugh at how pathetic you people are.Your worthless cause is futile chump,I`m living proof of that hahahah.
written by Excalibur , October 12, 2009
That's right saladbowl , YOU READ THE CONSTITUTION , next time you beat your women , or attempt an honor killing ..they've got rights here , just like all the non-muslims you curse and hate .
And yes , you do sleep safe in your beds , unlike the muslim dominated lands in the world , where yoiu have no rights .
So behave yourselves and you'll have no problems , you will go by OUR RULES AND LAWS , not your pathetically backwards and barbarians rules .

Act up like your fellow cult members in Europe , and you'll find we've got plenty of room in prisons for you , get violent against the citizenry , and you'll be quickly reminded that there are 92 million gunowners in the US .

The ongoing plots being broken up , regarding your fellow cult members make the headlines everyday , and that makes everyone else a bit wiser about your cult .

And it seems the only " filthy " people here , are those of your cult who would slaughter innocents in these plots , and it's real funny that you have nothing to say about them eh saladbowl ?

"godforsaken land " ? LOL...you sure seem to like it here , but you will not turn it into an islamic cesspool like the other places in the world your cult inhabits .
written by Excalibur , October 12, 2009
In the meantime Sala-ah-Hadeen, your cult has had a busy few days, doing what it does best:

Latest Offerings from the Religion of Peace
"He who fights that Islam should be superior fights in Allah's cause" Muhammad, prophet of Islam

2009.10.12 (Alpuri, Pakistan) - A 12-year-old suicide bomber slaughters forty-one people at a crowded market.
2009.10.11 (Narathiwat, Thailand) - Muslim militants murder a 37-year-old civilian sitting in a tea shop.
2009.10.11 (Pattani, Thailand) - A cattle rancher is shot to death in his field by Religion of Peace gunmen.
2009.10.11 (Yala, Thailand) - A butcher on his way home is gunned down by Islamists.
2009.10.11 (Mosul, Iraq) - A university student is among two civilians murdered by the terror group, Islamic State of Iraq.
2009.10.11 (Ramadi, Iraq) - Three horrific bombings, one at a hospital, leave nineteen innocents dead.

Oh and BTW salad-bowl, these are not "dimented claims' as you put it in the usual islamic lieing way, these are in the public domain, FREE information on the slaughter your cult perpetrates.
meaning of words
written by Excalibur , October 13, 2009







THE BIGGEST MISNOMER AND LIE OF THE LAST 1500 YEARS.[ only believed by muslims in denial and outright liars , and dumb dhimmi/converts] .



Amerikan muslims a plenty!
written by Saladin , October 13, 2009
Chump,there are at least 5 million muslims in Amerika,and growing everyday.Black,latinos,Asians,Caucasians etc,muslims a plenty, of every race imaginable.

We don`t need your approval to be Amerikans.For the overwhelming majority of us,it`s our birth right(protected in the constitution).

Staying within the law benefits us considerably,both economically and politically.I don`t understand your idiotic point,demanding we abide by the Amerikan law.How do you think we got here chump?Legally!

Keep waving your bullhorn,whose listening?hahaha!
written by Excalibur , October 13, 2009
Check your figures CHUMP . And what I'm saying is for NON-MUSLIM EARS ......MUSLIMS ARE IMPERVIOUS TO TRUTH .
And you an AMERICAN ?

Not quite saladbowl , anyone who spells America with a K , is not an American , but one of her enemies .

Your charade is transparent saladbowl .

And I'll bet if you ever got beyond your green card , you didn't call America a "godforsaken land " nor call her "great satan " ....you didn't spell it with a "k " either , you simply lied through your teeth like most of your cult does .

But I told you saladbowl , your Taqiyya dont work here , and your whole attitude towards the country your allegedly loyal to , is obviously sneering .
I can understand that attitude with me , I accept that comes with exposing your cult , but the sneering contemptuous words about America ? That proves where yuou're really at , and also proves another point ....that you muslims are simply too arrogant and stupid to know when to shut your mouth ....just like your brother Bin laden , couldn't help but to bragg about his heinous act he directed on 9/11 .

So keep talking CHUMP . You make my case for me .
written by Excalibur , October 13, 2009
oh , and saldbowl , if you have in fact managed to fool everyone and attain citizenship ...OR you're simply an AMERICAN FOOL who "reverted " ....well then , that makes you a TRAITOR .
the fallacy of \"moderate muslims \"
written by Excalibur , October 13, 2009
We all remember a fateful day of September 11, 2001, when 19 Muslim men, proclaiming the greatness of Allah, "Allahu Akbar", acted on the dictates of their faith.

But, do you ever recall loud denouncements from all Islamic institutions that soundly rebuked these hotheads? Do you remember if mosques, from Quetta to Cairo, repudiated Osama Bin Laden, and ever issued fatwas against Mullah Omar? Do you marvel at the facts that 99% of Muslims, who call themselves “moderates”, ever swiftly showed their solidarity with the western world, making the remaining 1% (”extremists”) outcaste and pariah of the society?

Hmmmmm… Me neither!

Nevertheless, I do remember bellicose statements, that could ever be called upon the discourse, to exempt Islam from all actions taken in its very name. I do remember a sizable population of Muslims calling it an inside job by the Bush Administration, or a Jewish plot --- a conspiracy theory still believed by large masses of Muslims. And of those Muslims, who believed it was a Muslim act, I do remember them telling that Islam is unquestionably a “Religion of Peace and universal-brotherhood”, and that some disgruntled youths, misguided by the mullahs, were exploited to inflict harm upon us, and bring dishonor upon the glorious name of Islam. Whatever we do, we ought not to hold Islam liable?

Moderate Muslims’ Silent as a tomb!

I did not see any of those good moderate Muslims, who are so touchy about an unkind word directed at Islam, were ever outraged at the fact that Muslim youths had besmirched Islam’s glory. I did not even see these same moderate Muslims being infuriated at Osama bin Laden for insinuating that bin Laden was driven by the true Islamic faith; they never called for Mullah Omar's expulsion from Pakistan. I also did not see these same moderate Muslims ever pressure the Pakistani establishments to expel the masterminds of the 1999 hijackings or even Dawood Ibrahim or the members of Lashkar-e-Tayyeba, who authored carnage in New Delhi and Mumbai. I did not see these moderate Muslims to pressure Saudi Arabia and the UAE to terminate their diplomatic relations with the Taliban and to their funding of Jihadi outfits in Pakistan. These moderate Muslims just stood by in pious silence!

All these actions are left to infidel governments to take up and pursue. These good Muslims just sit by passively, and they surely rose in vociferous or violent protests if Islam is ever implicated in the analysis of Islamic terrorism the world over. At that point, the fangs of moderate Muslims are bared and the quills are raised. They threaten to label us “Islamophobes” so stirringly that we, with our fetish for multiculturalism and the mazlooms [oppressed], just folded our tents and depart silently into the night. Consequently, all our analyses and actions are tempered by the desire not to inflame the "moderate Muslim Street".

j.leonard / jihad watch

cult of islam in action -look out christians
written by Excalibur , October 14, 2009

What would a world dominated by "the cult of peace " look like ?

No need to guess or wonder .....just look at Egypt .
Ever heard of Jeramiah wright chump?
written by saladin , October 15, 2009
Well he`s a christian preacher,Husein Obama`s ,no less.

I`d advise you to listen to his weekly sermons,"god damn Amerika",is his usual theme.

Ever heard of Martin Sheen?He doesn`t buy the official version of 9-11 either.What about the 9-11 truthers,or Alex jones etc?These folk represent millions of Amerikan views,and not a muslim in sight.

Thats why we don`t need to fret,there are many Amerikans fighting our corner.Thats why we mostly keep our heads down,get on with our Islamic lives right here in the good old usa chump.

Chump,I`m just about done with you.mocking the afflicted is only good for so long.Although it has been entertaing and informative(we need to know how islamophobes think,in order to better counter them),it has become a little boring.

Let me take this opportunity to wish you all the best,in your mission to warn Amerika,of the islamist threat hahahhaa.And remind you what the 4 congressmen said today,"muslims are invading and slowly Islamising Amerika."

Coming to a mosque near you soon...hahhahaa

Living the Amerikan dream.
written by Excalibur , October 15, 2009
martin sheens an asshole , and so are you , for you mean his son CHUMP . Look your cult doesn't have the inside corner on idiots , they're all around . And if you bthink anyone but 19 muslims did 9/11 then you're aloit dumber than I thought .

As fars as "amerikans " they're your kind CHUMP , you haven't seen AMERICANS pissed off yet , but somehow I guess your cult will keep on pushing until they do .

You're busted and exposed saldbowl , Cair and the lot of you have no one fooled , and as for me , you help me with my mission , evryday , another story in the news about muslims , nothing positive , only bopmb plots , slaughters here and there , fathers honor killing daughters , Taliban teaching 7 yr old kids to be suicide bombers , yea , keep up the good work CHUMP >

LOL....and look at you in the UK , marching on parliament and demanding sharia law ....you got the Brits at the end of their tether , and it wont be long before your sorry asses are kicked out of there .

And today ? MORE BOMBINGS -MUSLIMS BLOWING UP MUSLIMS ....what a pathetic lot !

I guess you're not very informed are you CHUMP ? Don't know about what your own lot is up to ...don't know anything about your own "prophet " neither .
Nor do you know what REAL AMERICANS are thinking .....been getting your head filled with your own propaganda ?

A big SMACK-DOWN is in your future saladbowl , Americans are on to you . But part of your cult's behavior , in addition to killing , intolerance , deception , lies ,and abusing women , is keeping it's members stupid , so if the shoe fits ...wear it CHUMP .
\"religion of peace \" ...my ass
written by Excalibur , October 15, 2009

LAHORE, Pakistan -- Militants unleashed coordinated attacks on Pakistani police in which 39 people died Thursday, storming offices in Lahore and bombing a northwest station to escalate 11 days of carnage.

The simultaneous assaults underscored the power of armed radicals to strike in the heart of Pakistan and the weakness of poorly equipped security forces, despite promises of a new offensive against the Taliban near the Afghan border.

Nuclear-armed Pakistan, which borders Afghanistan and is a key ally in the US-led fight against terror, is reeling from Taliban-linked attacks in which more than 160 people have died since October 5. Chronology: 11-days of bloodshed.

Minutes apart, between 9:00 am and 10:00 am, gunmen armed with suicide vests and grenades stormed the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) branch in Lahore, plus a police training school and a commando academy on the city's outskirts.

The training centre in suburb Manawan was previously attacked on March 30 in a militant raid that killed eight police recruits. And the FIA building in Lahore was bombed in March 2008, killing 16 people....

....such a "religion of peace " a.k.a.- CULT OF DEATH .
written by Excalibur , October 16, 2009
Adios saladin , or as we say in Brooklyn -AMF .
I got bigger fish to fry. It was fun rubbing your nose in the truth , but basically a waste of time , for my message is not meant for your deluded cult .
What can I say , you can put a barbarian in a buisiness suit , but you still will have a barbarian .Truth is your enemy saladbowl , no matter how much you try , truth will be your ultrimate undoing .
Oh your cult will cause pain , death and misery , but in the end , you will not prevail , for the human mind by its nature will revolt against such utter illogic , cruelty and backwardness .

American Dream ?? You have no such thing , you have islamic pipe dreams , and with your help , by your cults own hand , people ,that is UNDELUDED NORMAL PEOPLE , are becoming more aware everyday .

So sitback and watch , while your cult makes the world aware of the LIE OF ISLAM .....and todays news ? Three hikers AMERI-C-ANS are again in the forefront of world news , they made the mistake of hiking and crossing into "islamic territory " of Iran , and did the Iranians [SHIITE MUSLIMS ] react like normal human beings ?

No they behaved as muslims have since they left the Arabian Peninsula , thuggs , who rape , ransack and ransom their way across the globe .....and because these three hikjers are infidels , Ameri-C-ans , what does a muslim nation in the 21st century do ?

Holds them as if for RANSOM .

What a sorry lot ...but the world is learning .

So AMF saladbowl , I'll give you the luxury of having the last word , which I will not read , but you will read mine , as you keep coming back for another exposure to bTRUTH .
Why thats mighty kind of ya Excalibur!
written by Saladin , October 16, 2009
Deep down in that worm of a man,there may just be a human lurking somewhere.

Your life`s mission to "expose Islam",will last you the rest of your worthless kufr life.

We fear nobody save Allah(swt).So the demented rantings of a fruitcake cracker isn`t gonna cost us any sleep.

We are firmly ensconsed here in Amerika(I spell it that way,to represent my Muslim Amerikan life).Four generations deep,with many more to follow,in`shaallah.We are persuing a jihad,not of violence,but of example,to all the heathen Amerikans.

Time is on our side,as the old Arab proverb goes,"if you wait by the river long enough,you will see your enemies come floating by".

Salam chump,you worthless piece of ......
religion of peace in action
written by Excalibur , October 16, 2009
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Latest Offerings from the Religion of Peace
"He who fights that Islam should be superior fights in Allah's cause"
Muhammad, prophet of Islam

2009.10.15 (Lahore, Pakistan) - Shahid suicide attackers brutally assault two police academies, killing nearly thirty people.
2009.10.15 (Peshawar, Pakistan) - A 6-year-old child is blown apart by a remote-controlled car bomb along a city street.
2009.10.15 (Kohat, Pakistan) - Eleven people are murdered when a Fedayeen car bomber plows into a crowd.
2009.10.14 (Karbala, Iraq) - Sunni bombers strike three groups of praying Shias in separate attacks, leaving a half-dozen dead.
2009.10.14 (Zabul, Afghanistan) - Religious extremists kill two local soldiers with a roadside bomb.
2009.10.13 (Mogadishu, Somalia) - Four people are killed when Hizbul Islam terrorists ambush government troops.
written by Muslim , October 19, 2009
ur writing in a place where u no u will get no ansa. ur all men wen it comes to typing
written by Muslim , October 19, 2009
listen up, wen u speak of our prophet u speak with respect. nd btw
do u even no wat a jizya is?
written by Muslim , October 19, 2009
listen mate, islam may be going through a rough time. but there will come a day that we will emerge ones again and hopefully you will be alive to witness the greatness of it. cause i sure do hope i do.
written by Muslim , October 19, 2009
before islam came, people where killing their daughters. so get your facts right. islam stopped this non sense. i hope the lot of you can do better than prove to each other how " BAD " islam is when you have no expert to answer back to you. and i would like to say to you, that there hasnt been a single time that a muslim scholar debated with a priest or any of ur superiors excpet that islam had been victorious. and soon you would see islam victorious once again. your days are ending and our days are coming and im counting them down
written by Muslim , October 19, 2009
if 9 11 wasnt done by the jews then why would the leader of the jews say that it is the best thing that has happened to the jews.
written by Muslim , October 19, 2009
we are waiting for the after life. trust me. that is where we will be given our rights. there is no point in arguing with idiots over the internet when we can settle this with God
written by Muslim , October 19, 2009
idiot, taqqiya is part of the life of the shi'ites not the muslims in general. u are a bunch of ignorants fools.
I Lied about not coming back so sue me
written by Excalibur , October 21, 2009
aww cm'on saldbowl , you can say it , "worthless piece of SHIT , for THAT is EXACTLY what you and your lot truly are . But I did especially like your "muslim saying " about your enemies floating by ...HOW TRUE THAT IS , and it brings to mind the muslim on muslim/hindu SLAUGHTER that I witnessed in Chittagong East Pakistan in 1970.

The bodies did indeed come floating by , pink bloated balloons , in their thousands , evenh "little balloons " ....BABIES slaughtered by bayonnet by islams "warriors " the West pakistani SUNNI ..
But I guess in the backwater cesspools of the arab islamic nations , this is common place , so much so thyat statements of yours are naturally invoked .
more muslim behavior , more Americans learn
written by Excalibur , October 21, 2009
Faleh Hassan Almaleki is still at large. "Iraqi man runs down daughter for becoming too 'westernized,'" from Yourwestvalley.com, October 21 (thanks to Art):
Peoria police are searching for a man they say ran down his 20-year-old daughter in a parking lot for becoming "too 'westernized' and ... not living according to their traditional Iraq values."

Noor Faleh Almaleki of Surprise was taken to a local hospital with life-threatening injuries, police said. Another woman, Amal Edan Khalaf, 43, of Surprise also was struck and is in the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

The incident occurred Tuesday afternoon in Department of Economic Security parking lot at 8990 W. Peoria Ave....

Detectives from the Peoria Police Violent Crimes Unit, after talking with family and friends, learned Faleh Hassan Almaleki, 48, of Glendale was the driver, and that he is the father of Noor Faleh Almaleki.

Those interviewed also told police he was with her as she had become too "westernized" and had made threats toward her....
and the lessons keep coming
written by Excalibur , October 21, 2009
Honest Ibe Hooper and Brave Ahmed Rehab of CAIR are even now on their way to Boston to explain to Tarek Mehanna how he is getting the Religion of Peace wrong, wrong, wrong. Aren't you, Ibe? Ahmed? Anyone? Anyone?

More on the Boston jihad plot. "Massachusetts Man Accused of Plotting 'Violent Jihad' (Update2)," by Brian K. Sullivan for Bloomberg, October 21 (thanks to James):

Oct. 21 (Bloomberg) -- A Massachusetts man was charged with plotting terrorist attacks that included shooting up shopping malls and targeting two unidentified U.S. officials as part of a "violent jihad" against Americans.
Tarek Mehanna, 27, was arrested this morning at his home in Sudbury, about 17 miles (27 kilometers) west of Boston, Acting U.S. Attorney Michael K. Loucks said at a press conference. Mehanna had been out on bail on a charge of lying to authorities about the location of a man who trained with al-Qaeda members intent on overthrowing the Somali government, Loucks said.

Loucks said Mehanna, Ahmad Abousamra, who is currently in Syria, and a third man who is cooperating with authorities wanted to obtain automatic weapons and attack U.S. shopping malls. The trio abandoned the plans before 2006 because they couldn't get the weapons, Loucks said.

"The killing of civilians was considered OK because civilians are taxpayers and are non-believers," Loucks said. He wouldn't disclose where the attacks were supposed to take place....

The U.S. complaint alleges that "Mehanna and coconspirators discussed their desire to participate in violent jihad against American interests and that they would talk about fighting jihad and their desire to die on the battlefield," prosecutors said in today's statement.

The trio also wanted to assassinate two members of the U.S. Executive Branch who are no longer in office, Loucks said. He wouldn't identify the targets....
Canadiens getting smarter too
written by Excalibur , October 21, 2009
Now why is it that this imam, who has dedicated his life to understanding the Koran, misses its teachings of peace and tolerance? "Toronto imam preaching hate instead of harmony," by Charles Lewis for the National Post, October 21 (thanks to Kim):

A Toronto-area imam is under fire for using derogatory language against Jews and Christians, calling for Allah to "destroy" the enemies of Islam from within and calling on God to "damn" the "infidels."
The address, given last Friday by Imam Saed Rageah at the Abu Huraira Centre and then posted on YouTube (watch it above), is an attack on those who have been calling for a ban on the niqab and burka, both of which cover the faces of women.

"Allah protect us from the fitna [sedition] of these people; Allah protect us from the evil agenda of these people; Allah destroy them from within themselves, and do not allow them to raise their heads in destroying Islam." [...]

The Abu Huraira Centre attracts about 800 to 1,000 people to a typical Friday service. A man who worked at the centre said that many women who attend only wear the hijab, which covers the head, and do not wear any covering on their faces. [...]

Throughout the 35-minute speech he uses the word "kuffar" to describe non-Muslims.

In referring to those Muslims who would seek allies outside the Muslim community to bring about legislation that would ban face coverings, the imam said: "You will see a lot of them going to the kuffar, taking them as friends and allies. The wrath of Allah is upon them. If they were true believers they would never take them as allies."...

That accords with Koran 3:28 and 5:51, both of which tell Muslims not to take unbelievers as allies.
written by Excalibur , October 21, 2009
Hmmmm...I see many ONE WAY AIRLINE TICKETS , in the future for your cult members .
lest we frorget our daily lesson
written by Excalibur , October 22, 2009
Latest Offerings from the Religion of Peace
"He who fights that Islam should be superior fights in Allah's cause"
Muhammad, prophet of Islam

2009.10.20 (Orakzai, Pakistan) - Two young police recruits are abducted and shot to death in captivity by hardliners.
2009.10.20 (Saqlawiya, Iraq) - Four people are murdered when Mujahideen set off a car bomb at a gas station.
2009.10.20 (Mosul, Iraq) - Two men are kidnapped and murdered by Muslim terrorists.
2009.10.20 (Islamabad, Pakistan) - Two suicide bombers attack a women's university about a minute apart, leaving six students and staff dead.
2009.10.19 (Baghdad, Iraq) - Jihadis bomb a restaurant and a minibus, killing at least four innocents.
2009.10.19 (Yala, Thailand) - Islamic militants set off a bomb at a packed market, injuring over two dozen.
my mission made easy ......
written by Excalibur , October 22, 2009
TOLEDO -- A Toledo man has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for his part in a terrorist plot intending to target American soldiers.
Mohammad Amawi was sentenced Wednesday morning in federal court. He had faced up to life in prison. He is one of three defendants who were found guilty last year of plotting to recruit and train terrorists to kill U.S. troops in Iraq.
Another defendant, Marwan El-Hindi will begin his sentencing Wednesday. Wassim Mazloum was also found guilty of the terrorist plot.
U.S. District Judge James Carr told the courtroom that an undercover FBI informant was a key part in bringing the men to justice.

Oh yea salad bowl ...."time is on your side " .....PRISON TIME .
written by Excalibur , October 22, 2009
Listen up Sala-ah-hadeen , LISTEN WELL , the truth will burn a hole in your mind :


Your cult is EXPOSED.
It never ends , more \"bad pr for the CULT
written by Excalibur , October 24, 2009
Latest Offerings from the Religion of Peace
"He who fights that Islam should be superior fights in Allah's cause"
Muhammad, prophet of Islam

2009.10.23 (Yala, Thailand) - Two men are murdered by Mujahideen gunmen, one in his home.
2009.10.23 (Pattani, Thailand) - A 29-year-old villager is shot in the head by Muslim militants.
2009.10.23 (Abu Ghraib, Iraq) - Islamic radicals bomb a family in their vehicle, killing two members.
2009.10.23 (South Waziristan, Pakistan) - Eighteen people in a wedding party, mostly children, perish in a horrific bombing attack on a minibus.
2009.10.23 (Kamra, Pakistan) - A Fedayeen pedels to paradise, taking eight others with him in the suicide blast outside an aeronautical complex.
2009.10.23 (Peshawar, Pakistan) - Islamists car bomb a restaurant, injuring fifteen people.
\"Religion of Peace \" doing its thing
written by Excalibur , October 25, 2009
BAGHDAD, Iraq – Two powerful suicide car bombs blew up outside the Justice Ministry and city government offices in downtown Baghdad Sunday, killing at least 136 people in the deadliest attack in more than two years. Iraqi leaders said the attacks aimed to disrupt political progress in the months leading up to January's crucial elections.

"The perpetrators of these treacherous and despicable acts are no longer hiding their objective but to the contrary, they publicly declare that they are targeting the state ... and aiming at blocking the political process, halting it and destroying what we have achieved in the last six years," President Jalal Talabani said.

President Barack Obama condemned the "outrageous attacks," saying they "reveal the hateful and destructive agenda of those who would deny the Iraqi people the future that they deserve."

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said the "savage" suicide bombings attacks will not succeed in undermining Iraq's progress toward stability, self-reliance and justice based on the rule of law.

There have been no claims of responsibility so far, but massive car bombs have been the hallmark of the Sunni insurgents seeking to overthrow the country's Shiite-dominated government.

Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki blamed al-Qaida and members of deposed regime of Saddam Hussein for the blasts aiming to "block the political process and the elections."

"The cowardly terrorist acts will not break the will of the Iraqi people to continue the political process," al-Maliki said in a statement.

Black smoke billowed from the frantic scene, as emergency service vehicles sped to the area to treat the nearly 600 wounded. Even civilian cars were being commandeered to transport the wounded to hospitals.

At least 25 staff members of the Baghdad Provincial Council, which runs the city, were killed in the bombing, said council member Mohammed al-Rubaiey. Three American contractors were among the wounded.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon urged "all Iraqis to unite in the face of these deplorable acts and to work with heightened urgency to protect Iraq's political progress."

The explosive-laden vehicles were sitting in parking garages next to the two government building, police said.

"They are targeting the government and the political process in the country," Maj. Gen. Qassim al-Mousawi, spokesman for the city's operations command center, told The Associated Press.

The initial investigation suggests that the attackers "might have crossed some checkpoints and then detonated the bombs," al-Mussawi said.

A pickup truck that exploded near the Justice Ministry was carrying 1,000 kilograms (2,204 pounds) of explosives, the initial investigation found. The second pickup truck that went off near the Provincial Council, was carrying 700 kilograms (1,543 pounds) of explosives.

The explosives, attached to the vehicles and hidden bellow the seats, were the only load the suicide trucks were carrying, al-Mussawi said.

The coordinated bombings were the deadliest since a series of massive truck bombs in northern Iraq killed nearly 500 villagers from the minority Yazidi sect in August 2007. In Baghdad itself, however, it is the worst attack since a series of suicide bombings against Shiite neighborhoods in April 2007 killed 183 people.

Al-Maliki toured the blast sites later in the day.

Sunday's explosions also injured nearly 600 people who were taken to six area hospitals. Medical officials, speaking on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak to the media, gave the death toll.

Video images captured on a cell phone showed the second blast going off in a massive ball of flames, followed by a burst of machine gun fire.

"This is a political struggle, the price of which we are paying," said provincial council member al-Rubaiey. "Every politician is responsible and even the government is responsible, as well as security leaders."

Associated Press writer Rebecca Santana contributed to this story.
nothin\' like \"muslim reasoning \"
written by Excalibur , October 26, 2009
Following are excerpts from an interview with Saudi University professor Salman Al-Abdali, which aired on Iqra TV on October 1, 2009. [...]
Someone who blows himself up amidst the enemy is different from someone who blows himself up in a safe place. Blowing oneself up in Tel Aviv is not like blowing oneself up in Riyadh.

...now , ain't you glad , that the "good professor " cleared that up for all of us .
Pakistan Slaughter
written by Excalibur , October 28, 2009
Today , the religion of peace -buisiness as usual , 90 innocent souls ...ALL MUSLIMS , blown up by ....MUSLIMS .....in the name of allah .
Detroit Shootout
written by Excalibur , October 29, 2009
hey saladbowl , ya think that imam in Detroit liked "apple pie " ?

and he was the head of a masjid no less !

Gee sala-ah -hadeen , was he "happy and content " like you ?

no matter.....the FBI put him on the express train to paradise .

-more "good press " for your cult .
written by Excalibur , October 29, 2009
that's wrecked genius , and besides it's got nothing to do with all the killing your culot is doing , and all the plots your fellow muslims are getting busted in .

not to worry , we got plenty of room in jail , which is where your cult belongs anyway .

you ask " the best I can do " ??? question is , through all the bloodshed and bloodlust your cult is engaged in , in view of all the plots your cult is getting nailed in , day after day , is that infantile remark the best you can do ?

I told you saladbowl , your cult is the best weapon to use against itself ...and that is it's bloody behavior , making the headlines EVERYDAY , educating the non-muslim world about your perverted and murderous cult ....keep up the good work ...more explosions today , as your fellow muslims blow each other up ...makes no difference either , men , women , children , innocent or not , your cult could care less , as they in their delusion , think they're buying a ticket to paradise through MURDER .

Good luck with that CHUMP ...more people are getting wise to your TREACHEROUS , MURDEROUS cult EVERYDAY ...lol...makes my mission EASIER .
more muslim religious murder
written by Excalibur , October 29, 2009
MOGADISHU, SOMALIA (BosNewsLife)-- Islamic militants have shot and killed a Somali Christian woman because she declined to wear a veil as prescribed by Muslim custom, Christians said in comments monitored by BosNewsLife Wednesday, October 28.
Members of the Suna Waljameca group killed Amina Muse Ali, 45, on October 19 in her home in Galkayo, in Somalia's autonomous Puntland region, said Compass Direct News, a well-informed Christian news agency.

Ali had told Christian leaders that she had received several threats from members of Suna Waljameca for not wearing a veil, symbolic of adherence to Islam, Christians said. She had said members of the group had long monitored her movements because they suspected she was a Christian.

Ali, an orphan and unmarried, in 1997 joined the Somali Christian Brothers' Organization, a movement also known as the Somali Community-Based Organization. She had been an active member of the underground church in the Lower Juba region, Compass Direct News reported.

She earlier worked with the Belgian contingent of United Nations Operations in Somalia as a translator and played a key role as a translator during a peace conference aimed at bringing together warring clans in the lower Juba region.


Christians said Ali had warned in early October that her life was in danger. "My life is in danger. I am warned of dire consequences if I continue to live without putting on the veil. I need prayers from the fellowship," she reportedly said....

Christians-beware of the cult
\"the religion of peace \" in Thailand
written by Excalibur , October 31, 2009
Two killed, four wounded in Thai south," from Agence France-Presse, October 31 (thanks to Sr. Soph):

SUSPECTED Islamic insurgents shot and killed two people and wounded three others in a bomb blast in Thailand's troubled Muslim-majority south, police said.
Gunmen broke into a house in Yala province and shot dead a 16-year-old Buddhist girl, also wounding her 29-year-old husband, they said....

More than 3900 people have died in shootings, bomb blasts, beheadings and crucifixions since a separatist insurgency erupted in Thailand's southern provinces bordering Malaysia in January 2004.

-bloodlust cult continues in its ways .
just more \"freindly muslims\"
written by Excalibur , November 01, 2009

Egypt (AINA) -- Egyptian security forces have intensified their presence in the Upper Egyptian town of Dairout, in anticipation of a recurrence of Muslim violence against Christians. Copts expressed their fear over leaflets entitled "These have to Die!" which are being distributed to all Muslims in Dairout and neighborhoods, enticing them to "burn, vandalize and clean the country of these evil immoral infidels."
Reports from Dairout, 313 km south of Cairo, confirm that Christian Copts are afraid to leave their homes and have stayed indoors since violence against them erupted on October 24, 2009. This collective punishment of Copts was caused by an illicit sexual relationship between a Muslim girl, Hagger Hassouna, and the Christian Romany Farouk Attallah. It was rumored that he sent videos of them intimately together to cell phones in Dairout before fleeing. This prompted the Hassouna family to kill his father, Farouk Attallah, on October 19, 2009, in revenge. Four of the Hassouna killers were detained by prosecution, leading to Muslim riots against the Copts (AINA 10-27-2009) .

According to Wagih Yacoub of the Middle East Christian Assosiation (MECA), Muslim-owned businesses are now displaying stickers with 'Allah Akbar' (Allah is Great) to differentiate between them and Coptic-owned businesses, as a form of pre-planning for a forthcoming wave of Muslim violence.

Handwritten leaflets (Arabic) have been circulated among Muslims in Dairout for the last two days; they call on Muslims to unite to take revenge for their religion and honor, claiming that Hagger Hassouna is innocent and that she was forced into vice, and "all Jews and Christians should come to learn that Muslim honor is precious." The fliers state that Muslims are the masters of the world since beginning of times until the present day, and entices them to "burn and vandalize and clean the country of the evil immoral infidels."

It also calls on Muslims to take revenge for the "rings of prostitution" which are the churches and in particular the church in the village of Ezbet Hanna. Those specifically named to be killed are Reverend Pavlos of the Church of the Virgin Mary, Coptic lawyer Gamal Youssef, two brothers who own an optometry practice, and a Copt who owns a beauty saloon and photography shop.

Muslims are asked to die for their honor and they will be rewarded with eternal paradise. "Do not say it is a matter of just a girl, no, it is a public and a serious issue, it is the biggest issue, it is Islam's issue." A transcript of the the leaflet (in Arabic) is published on Copts United website....

hery sald-bowl , your cult is getting oiut of hand ...dont you think ?

OR , do you want to make another juvenile comment on the US economy....which on its worst day , is better than all of the muslim nations combined .
islamic supremacy and exclusivity
written by Excalubur , November 01, 2009
wake up saladbowl -your cult is nothing more than religious supremacists -

(CNN) -- Authorities in Malaysia have seized more than 20,000 Bibles in recent months because they refer to God as "Allah," Christian leaders said Thursday.
The seizures have fed fears among minority groups, which see signs of encroaching Islamic fundamentalism in the predominantly Muslim but multi-racial country.
"There is a growing sense of Islamic assertion, yes," said the Rev. Hermen Shastri, general-secretary of the Council of Churches of Malaysia. "There is some concern."
The Bibles were written in the country's official language, Malay -- in which the word for God is "Allah," as it is in Arabic.
However, Malaysia's government says the word is exclusive to Islam.
Its use in Christian publications is likely to confuse Muslims and draw them to Christianity, the government says. So it has banned use of the word in Christian literature.
"Malay has borrowed from Arabic, just as it has from Sanskrit and Portuguese," Shastri said. "We have maintained the community has the right to use the word.
"But I think this has ignited a cause in the Muslim communities, who are interpreting it as a siege on Islamic beliefs."
A Home Ministry official directed requests for comment to the ministry's Publications and Quran Text Control Department, which enforces the ban. An employee there redirected calls to a spokeswoman, who in turn asked CNN to call the Home Ministry back. Calls to other departments were similarly redirected.
A Roman Catholic weekly newspaper, The Herald, is challenging the ban in court after the government threatened to revoke its license for using the word in its Malay edition. Hearings on the case have gone on for two years.
"We quote it as it is. We cannot change the text of the Scripture," Herald editor Father Lawrence Andrew told CNN last year. "I cannot be the editor of the Bible."...
f**k Off you Jew bitches
written by Jesus was a faggot , November 02, 2009
Hahaha..now that you wreaked the financial system with your greed and treachery, this is the best you can do.
The cult that ISN\'T peacfull , ISN\'T happy eithe
written by Excalibur , November 04, 2009
NAIROBI (Reuters) - Sacdiyo Sheeq used to love listening to Bollywood movie songs on her mobile telephone.
But since hardline al Shabaab insurgents seized the southern Somali port of Kismayu, the 25-year-old's life has changed.

"Al Shabaab wants our ringtones to be only a Muslim cleric reading the Hadith or Koranic verse," she told Reuters.

"I used to listen to my favorite Indian songs on my cell phone, but now I have just thrown that memory away."...

"We do not tolerate anything that may corrupt the people," al Shabaab's spokesman in Kismayu, Sheikh Hassan Yaqub, told Reuters by telephone. "We don't allow anything that goes against our religion, especially music and sexy videos."

Ali Mahamud Yusuf, 19, fled his home in Kismayu after he was whipped in public last week by al Shabaab gunmen who had caught him listening to music and watching videos on his phone.

"I am still suffering from the 25 lashes," Yusuf said. "They accused me of rejecting religion. I don't want to tell you where I am now for security reasons. I am scared."...

But Kismayu residents said the rebel group's latest rules on mobile phone ringtones posed yet another dilemma -- since the faithful are not supposed to interrupt the Hadith (the word of the Prophet Mohammed), how are they supposed to answer calls?

There goes phone service in Kismayu!

did I mention > that the cult hates JEWS
written by Excalibur , November 04, 2009
By Aaron Klein
© 2009 WorldNetDaily

JERUSALEM – Trees, animals and non-Jewish athletes despise Jews, declared an Egyptian cleric on his country's television network.

"People hate (Jews). They don't like them. We are not talking only about people. [The same goes] even for trees and animals," stated Egyptian cleric Amin Al-Ansari on a program two weeks ago that aired on Egypt's Al-Rahma satellite network.

The program was translated from Arabic by the Middle East Media Research Institute.

"You know, there is rather peculiar footage, in which an Arab man who has a camel loves it and kisses it, and the camel kisses him back. Along comes a Jew and wants to kiss the camel, just like the Arab. What do you think the camel did? Let's watch," Al-Ansari said.

The network then cut to what appeared to be staged footage of a man dressed in Arab garb kissing a camel while another man wearing a white yarmulke attempts to kiss the camel, prompting the animal to try to bite the purported Jew.

"Animals can sense things," explained Al-Ansari.

He continued, "God has filled people's hearts with loathing for these [Jews]. Let's take a look at the field of sports. Let's see how the Jews are hated in the field of sports. They are abhorred. Let's take a look."

The Al-Rahma program cuts to footage of an English league soccer game showing a Chelsea player kicking the Israeli soccer player Yossi Benayoun, who plays for Liverpool.

"Look at this Jew being kicked. People hate them. They don't like them," explained Al-Ansari, laughing.

"The proof is that the Prophet Muhammad said that when Judgment Day draws near, the final war between the Muslims and the Jews will take place. The Prophet said that the Muslims would kill the Jews. 'Judgment Day will not come before the Muslims fight the Jews and kill them,'" declared Al-Ansari.

He added, citing from a hadith, a collection of the sayings of Muhammad: "The Muslims will kill the Jews. Be patient. All the trees and all the stones will say: 'Oh Muslim, oh servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him – except for the Gharqad tree.' Only one kind of tree will not call [the Muslims]. It is the Gharqad tree."

Egypt signed a peace treaty with Israel in 1979. The Egyptian news media, including government-run newspapers and television networks, routinely feature anti-Semitic and anti-Israel propaganda.

my , my , trees that talk and camels that bit !!
no cult member can be loyal to their country
written by Excalibur , November 05, 2009
more bad press , and more of the learning process for Americans ...that is TRUE AMERICANS , not muslims whose only allegiance is to jihad ...Fort Hood ....TODAY , an American military officer ...a Major [ but a cult member ]...and two coward accomplices . committed the act of MURDER today....atleast 9 killed 31 wounded .

I had to pay ya a visit today chump!
written by saladin , November 08, 2009
smilies/smiley.gif smilies/smiley.gifsmilies/smiley.gifsmilies/smiley.gif
written by Excalibur , November 08, 2009
speechless eh saldbowl ? I don't blame you .the behavior of your cult , no matter WHERE they may be ....is quite INDEFENSIBLE .

oh btw ...correction ...just ONE cowardly cult member , and it looks like he didn't quite make it to paradise . but we'll send him to hell soon ....,where he belongs .

in the meantime , an extremely valuable lesson about your cult .


and your fellow jihadis didn't waste any time praising this P.O.S.- did they ?
Brilliant !! 9/11 plotters to be tried in NYC
written by Excalibur , November 13, 2009
A brilliant move by AG Holder . Knowingly or not , this will do more to expose the cult of Islam than is imaginable . A veritable watershed of LEARNING for the American People -Islam will be exposed for what it is .....the ethos will be uncovered .
This will be the biggest trial since OJ Simpson , and I hope they allow it to be televised .

Hope you got a tv saladbowl .
Mumbai Slaughter
written by Excalibur , November 19, 2009
tonight on American TV , the cell phone conversations of the savages ....the cult members and their Pakistani controllers ..as they promised the savages heaven as they slaughtered strangers they did not know ....men , women and children ....made no difference as they prclaimed "praise to God " ..........and the prompting continued tyo kill and slaughter .."in God's name DO IT "!! ....and the shots rang out .

What a sickening pathetic sight to see , this savage cult , these barbarian serial killers . LASHKAR -al -Tabur ......"the righteous " .........170 DEAD...many muslims themselves ....in the name of God
the cult continues ....malignant -intolerant & destructive
written by Excalibur , November 22, 2009
christian stores in Egypt are destroyed ....and in Pakistan , Taliban are destroying ancient Buiddhist temples aad artifacts - rewriting history as it suites the "umma " ...buisiness as usual with the "cult " .
written by SCRUTINIZER , December 13, 2009
....and now , for the epitomy of Hypocrisy ...THe Saudis , who prohibit the open practice of any other religion than islam , prohibit the construction of churches , the open display of crosses of any kind , the open carrying of bibles , and yes , EVEN the erection of minarets insome of their own cities , are COMPLAINING about the Swiss minaret ban ----HYPOCRITES!!!

The Egyptians TOO , who persecute Copts , prevent construction of Copt Churches , aree whining and threatening over the Swiss ban .

written by SCRUTINIZER , December 17, 2009
wake up America . in their hearts , muslims hate you and everything you stand for . the muslim practice of Taqiyya , allows them to smile at you , whilst in their hearts they are seething with contempt against you .
Fort Hood should expose this quite clearly , as it exposes our ignorance to the aims and mechanisms of islam , and the resulting catastrophic consequenses .
written by SCRUTINIZER , December 27, 2009
wake up -WAKE UP -WAKE UP AMERICA , to islam you are nothing more than infidels , worthy of death by the hands of muslims .

written by peace , October 24, 2010
All the hatred you people have been spreading through out the thread against the muslims I demand who give you the right to change or alter the facts that history provides? If you are so much keen to know about muslims and their book respectively then you should read it before giving your comments. Hence, it is knowledge which is needed here. Educate your self with the wordly facts. Secondly, muslims are not bombers or terrorists. It is your media spreading all this, exaggerating the things rather, conspiracing against them. What would you like to call yourself? when your soldiers entering in the homes of those poor helpless people (in the name of humanitarian cause) and killing them brutally while crossing all the limits of human dignity and rights? In response if they retaliate you call them terrorists? I ask have you set limits to freedom of speech? Because if any reasonable person retaliating for his loss behaves in such a way then what do you call it.. terrorism? It should rather have been freedom of speeach. I am sorry, but you are killing thousands of innocent people in the name of human rights and therefore are committng the worst of humanitarian violnce than anyone else. THINK ABOUT IT! Islam is a religion of peace and even the Quran says that if you kill one person it is like as if you have killed the entire humanity and if you have saved one life it is equal to saving the entire humanity. It would be much better for you if you study the true nature of Islam. It respects all the religions and all the people and thus spreads the message of peace. HOPE YOU UNDERSTAND.

May He gives us the strength to walk on the right path.

Islam exists in a bizarro universe, where black is white, love is hate, peace is war.
written by tas , March 12, 2011
Islam exists in a bizarro universe, where black is white, love is hate, peace is war.

To Muslims, dhimmitude is the way non-Muslims should be treated.

To Muslims, women are the last problem for his believers that Muhammad left unsolved: "I have not left after me turmoil for the people but the harm done to men by women." (Sahih Muslim, 6604, as described by Ram Swarup in his "Understanding the Hadith", p. 200 (Prometheus).

To Muslims, the Qur'an has 'clear convincing arguments' and an apostate is an evil that must be eradicated.

To Muslims, the world is originally Muslim, and hence that which is not under Islamic control is an abomination (Qutb, Maududi).

To Muslims, the earlier prophets back to Adam and Eve were Muslim, and hence MUST have received the same revelation. Since the Hebrew and Christian Bibles do not have the Islamic revelation, Jews and Christians have lied and rewritten their own Holy Books.

Stare into the eyes of a knowledgeable, believing Muslim, and you will see pure hatred, since YOU are an abomination. Back any Muslim logically up against a wall, and they must lash out, or else lose their mind.

The question "Why is a Muslim here in the secular, non-believing, disgusting, immoral, decadent West?" must be asked again and again to each Muslim. The answer, after all of the lies are stripped away is simply, "To destroy you." We simply cannot trust any Muslim to be on the side of Western civilization.

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