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Punishment in Islam for Not Going to Jihad and Killing Kuffar is Hellfire

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Most Muslims think that if they pray five times daily, fast, give zakat and do haj, they will avoid hell. Not so fast. They miss the most important duty and requirement of being a Muslim, which is going to jihad and killing kafirs.

Muslims are ordered to carry out Jihad and kill infidels:

Quran 2.216:

Fighting jihad (and killing kuffar) for Allah is ordained for you. It is in your best interest even if you hate it.

Quran 9.5:

Kill the infidels wherever you find them.

Any muslim who ignores this supreme commandment of Allah to kill will be punishment severely (in grave and in hell fire).

Quran 9.38:

You who believe! What is the matter with you, that when you are asked to march forth for jihad for Allah, you cling heavily to the earth?

Quran 9.39:

If you will not go forth to fight in the cause of ALLAH, HE will punish you with a painful punishment.

All Muslims Other Than Jihadis Have to Do Time in Hell

Quran 119.71:

There is not one of you who will not go to hell; this is with your Lord; a Decree which must be accomplished. [trs. Hilali & Khan]

Only Way to Avoid Hell and Go Straight to Paradise is to Kill and Get Killed in while doing Jihad.

The only guarantee for avoiding hell and going to paradise instantly and copulate with virgins is to carryout jihad, kill and get killed.

Quran 9.111:

Paradise is guaranteed for those who kill and get killed for Allah. It is a binding on Allah.

Quran 3.169:

Those who are killed in Allah’s way are not dead but they are alive and are enjoying bounties provided by the lord.

Punishments and Rewards in Islam

  1. Infidels will suffer grave torture and will be in hell forever.
  2. Bad/non practising/heretic Muslims will suffer grave torture and long hell time. Whether they will be put in paradise eventually, will be decided on Judgement day.
  3. Muslims, who prayed, fasted, gave zakat and did haj but did not participate in Jihad and killed kuffar, will suffer torture in grave and will do some time in hell before being sent to paradise. Their hell-time will be decided on Judgement day.
  4. Those Muslims who participated in violent Jihad will not suffer any grave torture nor will they do any hell time. They will proceed to paradise after judgement day.
  5. Those muslims who killed and got killed for Allah will avoid grave and hell-time altogether. They will instantly go to paradise and start copulating with virgins. They will also be allowed to nominate 70 of their near and dear ones for paradise.
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There it is....
written by Kohi , January 06, 2010
So what part of THIS is taken out of context?
It is written and these losers are out there DOING what there qeeran says to do. religion of peace my foot!
To the so called "Ayesha"
written by Nader , January 06, 2010
This is the same Hindu pagan witch that called herself the same name as the name of the prophet Muhammad May peace and blessing Be on him accusing him of pedophilia and other sort of things that flourish in the west and the so called “Civilized” world.

I do not see where the problem is Ayesha. Think about it if the Muslims were actually united like they should and they had one army. Do you think a cowboy like George Bush would even dare to think of attacking Iraq and Afghanistan. I have not motioned Palestine and the peace lovers who have enjoyed unconditional support from the west to simply kill and confiscate land That MA Khan started defending recently. What about Blackwater execution style and other nice things that are being done here and there all under the name of democracy. Maybe you should tell us about those things too.

written by Demsci , January 06, 2010
This article was very informative. But, the more I learn about Islam, it's teachings, it's followers, the more I see how complex it has, it is still hard for me to figure everything about Islam and Muslims and their role and influence out.

In this article the rewards for certain ordainments for Muslims are purely about the afterlife, so not rewards or benefits in this life, for a person or for society as a whole. If we try to separate rewards and benefits between those of the afterlife and those in this life, for both persons and society, then I think we see that without rewards in the afterlife Islam does not benefit persons or society much. And certainly almost nothing that cannot be provided by following other religions or being atheist. This means that Islam's big trumpcard is the rewards in the afterlife and if they are totally taken out of the equation, Islam only is a pathetic competition to other ways of organising society. At best in the past it did some good, but now it is hopelessly obsolete, even more than nazism and communism are.

So this makes it crucial to think hard about the afterlife-rewards; will they really be given to anybody after death or are they just myth? Are there not other possibilities than following Islam to have a great afterlife? Is perhaps reincarnation true?

If only we could convince Muslims, as we are convinced, that their whole concept of the afterlife is fake, no matter what people do or not do, what is haram, halal, forbidden, ordained. Then we could talk with Muslims about the benefits of Islam or lack thereof in this life, this world. And the benefits of the competitor religions and atheism in this life, this world.

But as long as Muslims deeply count on an afterlife and take Pascal's wager, in order to make sure of heaven avoidance hell, it is such an unequal contest between Islam, promising heaven and avoiding hell and all other life-convictions which cannot promise heaven and which are considered to lead to hell.

And in reaction to articles like this Muslims often tell us that: Yes, Islam promises them heaven and avoidance of hell, at least eternal hell, but that the mentioned verses were meant for the time of Muhammed only, or maybe only for wartime in general, but not for peacetime. Of course it is Muslims that decide when it is peacetime or wartime, and they are likely to conceal that they consider it wartime all the time.
written by Mar , January 06, 2010
I think you listed the verse as 119:71. It is 19:71
written by Sisha , January 07, 2010
Is this why Asif Ali Zardari has called for a "Thousand year war of IDEOLOGY" against India.[according to a news report : "Pak vows to wage 'thousand-year ideological war' with India" .Is he simply trying to do what the Quran asks him to do?
my hot houries i am coming to u,pls be ready
written by LASHKAR EI TOIBA , January 07, 2010

my hot houries,i am coming to u,i will do suicide bombing
and meet u direct for eternal fun.

down with infidels.

long live pigpisslamm

no one can stop me.

al ham dull ill aaahhhh
better to bow to mud/stone idol than imaginary allah
written by LASHKAR EI TOIBA , January 07, 2010

stone idol and mud etc exist,so bow to tem means something.
even muslims bow to a stone in kaba.

but allah is imaginary and non existant,so better to worship a stone
idol which can be used to kill muslims if pagans r attacked rather than imaginary allah who does nto exist.
written by thinker23 , January 07, 2010
if there is no jihad or hatred toward the non muslims there will be no reason or excuse for the west to invade the islamic lands. the biggest mistake the west ever done was the colonial era.
written by Mo-Suck , January 07, 2010
how do expect the mussies to all get together and form an army if even different variants of the same religion in separate parts of a city/town can't even work things out?
how do you expect countries to get along, even long enough to destroy *the Great Satan* when they're so backward, they worship a figment of a loons imagination?
Go Figure
to nader
written by vbv , January 07, 2010
You talk of muslim unity,heh? You are blood-thirsty vampires ,highly canibalistic, killing your own fellow culty-followers for the most inane reasons ,such as "blasphemy,not fasting during the 'ramazan month', not going for the friday mosque 'ass-ups', killing women/girls for 'honor', murdering for having to various war-lords,mafia-gangsters,etc." Even if you fart on your quran! Hahahahahaha! Moreover, islam is an arab cult and arabs are very high in the heirarchy ,the rest are just converted kaffirs. No wonder , muslim labourers who go to work in the arab countries are treated like "shity" sold to slavery with their passports confiscated, the non-arab muslim women used as sex-slaves, .... The whole thing is stinking with the stench of arab immorality which is the hallmark of islam ,the immoral mafia cult.
written by LASHKAR EI TOIBA , January 07, 2010


the imaginary jannat and 72 virgins and unlimited wine given by imaginary allah is the uniting factor for us all.

all muslims r united to loot pillage kill infidels and take their
women so dont u dare say anything against pisslam.

al ham dull illll ahhhhhh
why west is invading muslim lands
written by LASHKAR EI TOIBA , January 07, 2010

why west is invading muslim lands ???

first muslims killed jews and pagans in arabia and stuff.

then they invaded spain etc and this is how crusades started.

so the fault lies with muslims who first invaded europe
and not with west.

same way muslims invaded india,i hope india drops a
nuke on kaba for 1400 yrs of jihad and pillage as a
payment in blood.
Cow worshipers
written by Sumia , January 07, 2010
The pagan Indian got upset. I am sorry I offended your holy cows. India cannot even get pass Pakistan let alone attack the rest of the Muslim land. Yeah they abuse the Muslims in their land because they are still minority.

The poor pagan Indians you feel sorry for are very soon will be minority. You cannot even reproduce yourselves any more.

to : sumia pls google the atrocities muslims did for 1400 yrs on india
written by LASHKAR EI TOIBA , January 07, 2010

to : sumia

pls google the atrocities muslims did on india for last 1400 yrs.

u will be shocked to know over 10 million indians
were slaughtered by muslim in india,and indians have
not paid back with same coin and i wud as an
ex-muslim like to start the payment.

also cow is better than imaginary allah.

cow is real,it eats grass and gives milk,urine,dung all useful
for humanity and after it dies its body is used as fertilizer.

as against this imaginary allah does not exists muhamed
created imaginary allah and this imaginary deity tells
people to kill in his name else he puts them in imaginary hell.

this is gangster mentality.

so anyday cow is better than imaginary allah.

atleast it exists and is useful to humanity.

i am ex-muslim from india,and i say hindus r stupid that they
allow muslims to live in india,islam shud be eliminated from india
and world,along with christianity.

my forefathers were slaughterd and killed and some of the
survivers were forced to convert to pisslam by aurangzeb
300 yrs ago.if i cud lay my hands on aurangzeb today i
wud kill him and his entire family with my bare hands.

anyway i dont believe in any religion in believe in truth.

religion especially judeo-christianity/islam is a disease and truth
is the only cure.

al ham dull ill aaahhhh

hindu r coward so i urge the cowards to strike pisslam
written by LASHKAR EI TOIBA , January 07, 2010

hindus r coward and i hope they overcome their cowardise
and take revenge for 1400 yr jihad on india and also
help to eliminate islam,and bring humanity to world.

start with muslims in india.just tell them convert to paganism
worship cow or die,just do what muhamed ghazni,aurangzeb etc
did to yr forefathers.

islam will be dead in no time in india.
To Nader
written by Truth Detector , January 07, 2010
Nader, you must be a very stubborn Muslim. Why do you come to the defense of Islamic criminal activity? Take Female Genital Mutilation and torture of little girls for example. Why do you, Nader, defend the torture of little girls and the mutilation of their bodies?

Indirectly you claim that Allah, actually Satan, wants to torture little girls and cut off their clitoris. If the true God, the God of the Ten Commandments, endowed little girls with a clitoris, why do you suppose your god Allah, actually Satan, wants the clitoris cut off with a Muslim dull knife? Didn't you know that Satan is the god of death and destruction? The torture of little girls and the destruction of their clitoris is one more proof that your god Allah, actually Satan, wants the destruction of human life. So don't try to convince me that your god Allah, actually Satan, is merciful and compassionate. Only stupid Muslims will fall for that.

Nader, you rebuke M.A. Khan and Ali Sina because they have taken it upon themselves to fight against Islamic criminal activity. I commend these men because I can see that they, too, like myself, are trying to put a stop to Islamic criminal activity, especially the unfairness toward women. It's truly unfair to be so harsh against your neighbors, especially women, without just cause.

Nader, why do you agree that women should be relegated to second class status or worse? Why? My God, the God of the Ten commandments, teaches us to "honor" our parents, father and mother. Does your god Allah, actually Satan, want equal treatment and honor for mothers? Absolutely not. Why do you, Nader, want mothers to be relegated to second class status or worse?

Mothers carried many of these filthy, chauvinistic Muslim males, in their wombs for nine months, and what thanks do filthy, chauvinistic Muslim males give to these mothers? Well, Muslim males thank them by relegating them to second class or worse. You, Nader, are flesh of your mother's flesh, but in your own twisted Muslim mind, you and other stupid Muslims think you are better than your own mothers. Shame on you and on other screwed up Muslim males.

And that's not all; you blaspheme the True God, the God of the Ten Commandments, by claiming that your stupid twisted religion comes from Him. The True God does not command you to dishonor your mother. That's what you Muslim males, with your screwed up minds, do to your mothers when you see them as second class. Let's see if you can improve, Nader.

Of course, there are many more injustices committed by Islamic criminal activity. I'll touch on these criminal Islamic crimes in due course.

written by duh_swami , January 07, 2010
Eat this one Nader...

Noble Qur'an:2:190 Footnote: "Jihad is holy fighting in Allah's Cause with full force of numbers and weaponry. It is given the utmost importance in Islam and is one of its pillars. By Jihad Islam is established, Allah's Word is made superior (which means only Allah has the right to be worshiped), and Islam is propagated. By abandoning Jihad Islam is destroyed and Muslims fall into an inferior position; their honor is lost, their lands are stolen, their rule and authority vanish. Jihad is an obligatory duty in Islam on every Muslim. He who tries to escape from this duty, or does not fulfill this duty, dies as a hypocrite."

Note the last two lines...jihad is 'obligatory' and those who refuse die as hypocrites......There are no hypocrites in Allah's paradise.....Got it?
Nader: What has Ayesha Ahamed the author of this article quated out of context?
written by Clement , January 07, 2010
Are you not ashame that such scriptures are what 1.4bill people are putting their destiny to? If war is ordained for you, then why are you not fighting the infidel? Some of you commenting on this web site against terrorism are not really Muslim including Nader,LASHKAR EI TOIBA, and co. These worshipper of Mohammed cannot not be more religious than Mohammed himself for he was a terrorist,an assassin, a warmonger as Allah has ordained. Those who think Islam is a religion should ponder on those verses. Those who think you can be a true muslim without being a terrorist should look at those verses that form the core teachings of Islam.Can people see why it is only islam that inspired more than 99% of world terrrism. How can you belief in the quran and yet you are not a terrorist or in lesser degree a potential terrorist? When will the West and the civilised world learn to put Islam in the class of Nazism,communism,etc, an evil political system that needed to be eliminated among the community of civilised nations. Well,it is a matter of time, evil must give way for the good. It is obvious that darkness cannot overcome light. We are watching?
written by balam , January 07, 2010
i would like to ask Nader,if a 53 years old man has sex with your 9 years old sister or daughter,would you call him :HOLY PROPHET:P.B.U.Hand take him as a perfect human being or PERFECT BEAST WITH LOWEST MORALS?NO further questions.
Quoting the Qur'an is so unfair...........
written by tanstaafl (JW) , January 07, 2010
........... and the only thing Muslims can do is insult poor Ayesha and make fun of cows. Pretty sad when you think about it.
written by Kohi , January 07, 2010
Sumia and Nader are trying to defend the UNDEFENDABLE! your PROPHET was a PEDOPHILE!

would you leave a child with a man who thinks its ok to rape little girls? I guess you so here's hoping Mohumper is in hell!
written by Ayesha , January 07, 2010
Mar, Thanks for pointing out. The aya 119.71 is a typo. It should be 19.71
To Nader,or Saladin who is more Paganistic? Islam or Hinduism?
written by Clement , January 07, 2010
Nader called Ayesha a hindu pagan.Which one is better a cow worshiper or stone worshipper? a living thing and none living thing. To me there is rationality in worshipping a living thing than a none living thing even though they all paganism in the sight of the almighty God.It is unfortunate that with all the paganism in Islam muslim are blind to the fact that there is just no one precept in Islam that is not rooted in the paganism of the pre-islamic perion.They want us to believe that the 5 times daily ass ups facing the blackstone of kaaba called prayers is not idolatry.That was exactly how the pagans worshipp their stone idol before Islam. what Mohammed did was to reduce the number of idols housed in kaaba to one, the blackstone which he wrapped in the image of the Jewish God as monotheism. Does it really matter whether many idols or one? an idol is an idol a mere stone cannot anwswer prayer nomatter what . Which of the pillars of Islam that was not paganism? Is it Ramandan fast? Remember Mohammed the pagan was fasting in the month of pagan holy month of Ramadan when the demon visisted him with the first satanic verses i a cave of hira .Ramadan was not new to the pagan Arabia. Is it the zakat that was the tax system of financing his jihads borrowed from Pagans administration of kaaba Pentheon as commercialised by his tribe for keeping the kaaba a pagan house of Idols. The shaadah was simply coined to make Mohammed the partner of allah in itself Idolatry.What of the pilgrimages itself, a pagan rituals, the running between two hills, the circumbulation of kaaba, the kissing of the blackstone where all pagan rituals before Mohammed sanctified them as act of worshipp of the God of Israel. This was the hight of human deprevity to associate Yahweh with all these. Read Exodus 20:1-8 to beable to appreciate how God detaste the act of bowing down to an image whether stone or anything or holding anything in reverence like the blackstone than the Almighty God. When Nader and his friends ass up daily facing kaaba what do they think they are doing? If the prayers is adressing the omnpresence and omniscience God why facing only one direction. It is because the Idol the blackstone is not everywhere and cannot hear from anydirection other than where he lives.Unfortunately the stone god is importent to perform any miracle to the faithfull not even Mohammed the chairman any speciall previllege of getting his attention. He could not even save his prophet from poison administered by a Jewesh untill he died. A sign that he could't be Yahweh who inspired the pirate of Medina.So Nader, and co if you are ignorant that Islam is the mother of all paganisms and more vicious than Hinduism please be informed.

To Nader
written by Vijay , January 07, 2010
Nader , I bet Ayesha is not hindu but an ex-muslim scholar like MA Khan , Tslima Nasreen, Ibn Warraq , Salman Rushdie , Anwar Shaikh etc But remember you all are are decendants of the hindu women whom the arab followers of the pedophile prophet came and raped. But they are intelligent people who saw the evil, but your brain is in your ass, you still follow blood thirsty man whose cronies raped robbed and killed your ancestors..
Imaginary gods
written by atheist reader , January 07, 2010
Clement, you hold your god out as the only real god. In reality, your god is no less imaginary than allah.
To clement and other pagans
written by Nader , January 07, 2010
Which one is more Paganistic? Cross worshiping or cow worshipping.

Can you tell us more about your trinity and where Jesses fits in? Or your altered man Bible? Which version do you follow? Is it the Catholic with its 73 books or the King James with its 66?

The trouble with the so called Christians (although Muslims are closer to Christ that you) is that you like to ignore some basic facts.

The Pagan Arabs of Mecca used to follow the Ibrahim faith until they went astray and started worshiping stones kind similar to what the Christians and the Jews have done with the alteration of the word of God. Muhammad may peace and blessing be on him corrected this.
right back at you..
written by Mo-Suck , January 07, 2010
You are so full of it nader, you reek.
What then is the most cruel ideology on the face of the earth, not 3-4-500 years ago, but today?
Which ideology treats their women like dirt, just a sex object and (like a cow) to have their babies?
What does it matter who you worship as long as you "do unto others as you would have them do unto you"?
Why do you circumambulate a black rock...call that advanced do you?
Who makes all the things you use in your day to day life?
I'm sure pig allah has nothing to do with your ability to invent and produce all kinds of things like the wheel for instance.
Steal the flowery verses of the koran from the Jews and Christians, the 0 in math from your friends the Hindus,
and make crap guns in rural villages from AK-47's, but they're not as good as the Chinese make.
Steal your bomb making material from anyone you can, what a loser you are.
I figure your from saudi, am I wrong?
Don't you wear a shit towel of black and white on your tiny little head?

Drop the Bomb screw collateral damage
to the sal called "Mo-Suck "
written by Nader , January 07, 2010
Thanks for the inspiring message.
I do not know of anybody treating women like dirt worse than the so called “civilized” world. Are they more than a sex object? I could easily make that accusation.
In any case I have seen your blogs and you are one of the most ignorant blogger but just if you care to get your head out of your ass you can go to this website and just read what rights women in Islam have. If you did not want to then just remember that there are many Muslim countries who had women in senior role, sometimes even as the head of the state where a country like the US have yet to vote a woman for president.
On the scientific discoveries you made fool out of yourself again. Although the facts that I am about to enlist here are irrelevant because it is all based on history and really what matters is today. I could not agree that the Muslim today are weak and not until they wake up and start competing in every front and make their glorious past a present reality then history does not matter. It might serve as a reminder that yes we can re-awake.

Now and again you are not one of the most brightest bloggers but just for the record and for those who might believe the lies Khan and others want to spread, Islam had a great history and has contributed more to science than again the so called “civilized “world like to admit.
The whole science of trigonometry is Islamic contribution.
I challenge you and challenge anybody to proof that the word ‘alcohol’ is not an Arabic word. That is because the Arabs were the first to introduce ‘alcohol’ into medicine. Can you believe it, there Arabs were the first to discover the circulation of blood.

One more for you before you go. What you drink every morning ‘coffee’ was discovered by a Muslim. Again it is all past and in my opinion it is irrelevant but we just have to be fair with who gets the credit. The Muslims were not alone in their contribution and just like today you have a country that produces and make things yet their knowledge was not all theirs.


And finally why does it matter what I wear on my head or what I dress like. At least I do not walk around naked.
written by duh_swami , January 07, 2010
Islams just swell, ain't it Nader...Peaceful, scientific, wonderful.....What a load that is...
The Prophet Isa once said, 'You can't get good fruit from a bad tree'...He was referring to Islam. Isa was right...There is no good fruit falling, or ripe for picking, on the tree of Islam...All Islamic fruit is eaten by worms...and is full of holes like Swiss cheese...Islam is the Swiss cheese religion...My apologies to the Swiss...
Trig my ass
written by Mo-Suck , January 07, 2010
The sine function( of trig) in its modern form was first defined in the Surya Siddhanta and its properties were further documented by the 5th century Indian mathematician and astronomer Aryabhata.That's your Indian friends again goober.
Taqiyya, that's your only defense.
Again, what are you TODAY adding to the academic wealth of the world?
Come on now, you've got some more taqiyya up your robed sleeve.
Bleat it out like the goat you are, your mo was a pedophile, a murderer, a rapist, a slaver and a bastard to boot.
Tell us all about ayatollah khomeini's "little green book" since your so well versed in your pigallah ideology?
And I think that the sura is koran 2:223 "your wives are a tilth (the condition of tilled soil, esp. in respect to suitability for sowing seeds)unto you; so approach your tilth when or how ye will" get the picture, like land to you dogs.

Drop the bomb let pigallah sort it out
yeah swami
written by Mo-Suck , January 07, 2010
The Swiss banned the minarets, and that's a good start.
Most all of Europe will follow suit when the liberal polly's are voted out.
The French have put a 750 euro fine on women in burkas and men who make their wives wear them are fined 375 euros.
Germany is about to vote the liberal government out.
And England won't be far behind them , as their nationalism demands it and they are getting pissed.
Search English Defence League, they are doing good work.
But you can't argue with idiots, Dave said it, I believe it.
I guess I musta got to 'ol nadine, since he is hopeless to argue any facts.
"do unto others as you would have them do unto you" get it nadine?
You suck and Duh_Swami
written by Nader , January 07, 2010
Thanks for your clear ignorance.

The verse does not say the stuff you have made up, I bet you been reading a lot Mr. Khan’s garbage.
The verse says” 002.223 Your wives are as a tilth unto you; so approach your tilth when or how ye will; but do some good act for your souls beforehand; and fear God. And know that ye are to meet Him (in the Hereafter), and give (these) good tidings to those who believe. “
There is no sexual connotation in this. Even if there was it is your wife you should seek pleasure from. Only in the so called “civilized” world a woman can accuse her husband of rape.
What bomb are you talking about? Very soon there will be a second Islamic bomb after Pakistan and then Iran. The strategic advantage the so called “civilized” world have enjoyed will cease.


I do not know where you get Issa from? The Quran… that is right, because that is the only source where you can trust even the biblical accounts. The bible won’t do it.

say what you will...
written by Mo-Suck , January 07, 2010
but the word tilth means tilled soil!
How bout some more to keep you hopping...
queer'an 4:3"marry women of your choice two three or four.

queer'an 4:24 and 33:52 "A man is permitted to take women as sex slaves outside of marriage"

from hadith

Buk 6:301 "mo said is it not evidence of two women equal to the witness of one man" then he added "this is the
deficiency in her intelligence"

muslim 4:1039 "a'isha said to mo, you have made us equal to the dogs and asses"
I can keep going for hours but this shit is soooooooo boring
And you didn't answer any of my questions nadine, like khomeini's "little green book"
or defend your preposterous statement about Trig?
But I'll give you coffee, big whoop.
Wtf are you doing in our modern world but murdering innocents and your own kind, now that's stupidity in it's purest form.
respond please?
Oh I forgot the Bomb
written by Mo-Suck , January 08, 2010
Yeah pakis have some and iran is making one, but they are all the old type, like the one dropped on Hiroshima.
Do you have any knowledge of thermo hydro bombs?
Do a search on Ivy Mike and see what a 10 megaton hydrogen device looks like.
Then realize that we have 100 megaton bombs just like that, you're pitiful.
still waiting
Don't you just love it when...
written by Mo-Suck , January 08, 2010
all they can do is make slanderous remarks?
I feel really special that I've put a bug in his bonnet :)
Like NSC London said "it's tantamount to a compliment."
In Your Face sucker
written by Nader , January 08, 2010
One by one sir, let’s do the science first. Again unfortunately those are part of history. But they will be revived. Here is something not so boring…enjoy

The Miracle of Islamic Science The concept that the sciences are exclusively the products of Western minds remains unquestioned by most individuals. A review of any of the standard texts or encyclopedias regarding the history of science would support this view. As these books are perused, it becomes evident that the only contributors given significant mention are Europeans and/or Americans. It is hardly necessary to repeat the oft-mentioned names: Galileo, Copernicus, Kepler, Bacon, Newton, Da Vinci, Benjamin Franklin, etc. The unavoidable conclusion is that major contributions to the development of the modern sciences by other cultures is minimal. Most texts give little or no mention of the advancements made by ancient Indian, Chinese or, particularly, Muslim scholars. Western civilization has made invaluable contributions to the development of the sciences. However, so have numerous other cultures. Unfortunately, Westerners have long been credited with discoveries made many centuries before by Islamic scholars. Thus, many of the basic sciences were invented by non-Europeans. For instance, George Sarton states that modern Western medicine did not originate from Europe and that it actually arose from the (Islamic) orient. The data in this section concerning dates, names and topics of Western advances has been derived from three main sources: World Book Encyclopedia, Encyclopedia Britannica and Isaac Asimov's 700 page book, Chronology of Science and Discovery. Supportive data for the accomplishments of Islamic scholars is derived from the miscellaneous references listed in the bibliography of this book. What is Taught: The first mention of man in flight was by Roger Bacon, who drew a flying apparatus. ....

In Your Face sucker - Part 2
written by Nader , January 08, 2010
What about those verses:

"O mankind! Be dutiful to your Lord, Who created you from a single person (Adam), and from him (Adam) He created his wife (Eve), and from them both He created many men and women and fear Allah through Whom you demand your mutual (rights), and (do not cut the relations of) the wombs (kinship). Surely, Allah is Ever and All-Watcher over you." (Al-Nisa 4:1)

Assuredly, women are the twin halves of men." (Sahih reported by Abu-Dawud (RA)

There is no compulsion in religion. Verily, the Right Path has become distinct from the wrong path. Whoever disbelieves in Taghut [anything worshipped other then the Real God (Allah)] and believes in Allah, then he has grasped the most trustworthy handhold that will never break. And Allah is All-Hearer, All-Knower."
(Al-Baqarah 2:256)

yadda yadda yadda
written by Mo-Suck , January 08, 2010
The prophet mo said that men have their semen stored in their spine, (of course stolen from the Greeks) mo was credited with splitting the moon in half and then restoring it, but his *followers* said it was magic lol.
You are such a talented group, really you are.
But you still haven't answered my questions, khomeini's book "little green book" or where you got the trig stuff from?
And I see you quote from the World Book and Britannica, why not from some arabic source, oh that's right, there is no arabic source, leave it to the kufr's.
Would you leave your child (when you grow up and have one) with mo when you know he'd screw her, and then say pigallah said it was alright?
Search for the truth and when you find it, it'll bite you in the ass, and you'll have to decide, do I really want to promote this kind of s*it?
Did you look at the hydrogen bomb vid?
That's your future dude.
didn't I just post...
written by Mo-Suck , January 08, 2010
where trigonometry was developed by the Indians, you need to quit jacking off so you can remember things.
the no compulsion...
written by Mo-Suck , January 08, 2010
in religion came from when the mussies were outnumbered by the Jews and to save themselves, this was stated.
Still no answer?
Do you deny komeini's book or what it says?
Do you deny that the suras in the queer'an are like those posted?Well you can't argue with idiots.
nuff said for now, maybe someone else can shut you up. You just look like a fool to me.
I know it's hard to admit to how you've lived is bogus, the queer'an is bogus, mo is bogus and pigallah spoke from the back of a dark cave, come on.
written by Nader , January 08, 2010
On women rights in Islam you did not respond to the verses above, here some more for you to shut you mouth:

Quran says:
“And among His Signs is this, that He created for you mates from among yourselves, that ye may dwell in tranquility with them, and He has put love and mercy between your (hearts): verily in that are Signs for those who reflect.”(Quran 30: 21)”
" live with them ( wife or wives) on a footing of kindness and equity” (Quran 4:19)
“And women (wives) shall have rights similar to the rights against them, according to what is equitable; but men have a degree (of advantage) over them. And Allah is Exalted in Power, Wise.” (Quran 2:28)

Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) said:
"The best man among you is the best with his wife".

”The best of your women are those: Who are loving and kindly; who look after their chastity; Who are not arrogant or disobedient to their husbands; Who are faithful to their husband in their absence.”

Imam Ali (A.S.) said:
"By your chastity protect your wife from casting an evil eye on others stealthily and entertaining an idea of sin".
"Be kind to your wife and treat her well. Kindness will change her for the better, will keep her satisfied and will preserve her health and beauty".

written by Nader , January 08, 2010
You did not respond to the Alcohol and medicine reference I made above either.
Read the links I listed above and they will tell you, unless you cannot read because you need glasses from all the jacking off you been doing. Why do you have to, women in your country are cheaper than dirt.
Another one stupid, you got your facts wrong; the green book has nothing to do with Khomini. I will help you out since you are just repeating stuff you have not validated and it is getting confusing for your primitive brain to comprehend.
The green book is written by Moamar AlGadafi the president of Libya. Has nothing to do with Khomini.
written by Nader , January 08, 2010
I do not remember quoting the British Encyclopedia, I think you are confused and you do not know your ass from your brain.
On the trigonometry subject you go head and find your own answers. Start by typing stuff on yahoo or Google. Do not worry your evil soul will not haunt you if you did that. This has nothing to do with religion we just want to clarify some historic basic facts. Good night you must be tired from the jacking off. Like I said you do not have to.
to nader
written by vbv , January 08, 2010
Womens' rights in islam is a big joke - no wonder they are killed for the 'honor' of men, their witness is half of men, they are cooped up in an ugly black sack with just two peeping holes, they are bought and sold as slaves. What is the status of women in Saudi Arabia,Iraq,Iran,Pakistan,Afghanistan,etc??? It is pathetic , to say the least. In Saudi Arabia ,women cannot even venture out alone or drive a vehicle , they are thrashed in public should they even talk to another male except their father or husband. This is barbaric,oppressive,repressive despotic and verey humiliating to one half of humanity.
why do I bother
written by Mo-Suck , January 08, 2010
The Little Green Book is a collection of fatawah handed down by the most prominent and arguably one of the most influential Muslim clerics in modern history; the Grand Ayatollah Seyyed Ruhollah Mosavi Khomeini, commonly known as the Ayatollah Khomeini. Fatawah (the plural of fatwah) are Islamic religious decrees sent down by Muslim religious leaders. Since Islam demands that Muslims abide by Sharia - Islamic law as individuals and as a society, these fatawah are not simply religious insights or advice. They are legal pronouncements, and define the law of the land in an Islamic country. In his unrivaled role as Iran's Supreme Leader and the highest-ranking cleric for Shi'a Muslims, the Ayatollah Khomeini's fatawah guided the lives of more Shi'a Muslims than did any other Islamic leader throughout history. you're to easy.
written by Archpagan , January 08, 2010
I see a real life hourie in sumiya. The likes of sumiya should come together and make themselves over to our boys in droves of 72. That would the mother of all jehads, the vazinal jehad. Even, I may consider converting to islam then. Come on babies, pulling off bras and panties.
Pagan vbv
written by Nader , January 08, 2010
Dear Pagan vbv,

I wish you tell us where in the Quran it says women should be killed for honor, where does it say women cannot venture alone.

I will help you; you too got your brain up your ass. Those are cultural issues and have nothing to do with Islam. Muslim countries have various cultures and in some cases the culture supersedes the religion. The problem is not with Islam, it is with the people.
To Nader
written by BustedDivinity. , January 08, 2010
A position of total subjugation is a reality that every Muskim woman should endure, the Quran is only foolishly trying to appeare all-inclusive on man-woman equality, it is only contradictory and totally obscure when double standard is maintained, the Quran is replete with indecisions, you wrote:

Quran says:
“And among His Signs is this, that He created for you mates from among yourselves, that ye may dwell in tranquility with them, and He has put love and mercy between your (hearts): verily in that are Signs for those who reflect.”(Quran 30: 21)”
" live with them ( wife or wives) on a footing of kindness and equity” (Quran 4:19)
“And women (wives) shall have rights similar to the rights against them, according to what is equitable; but men have a degree (of advantage) over them. And Allah is Exalted in Power, Wise.” (Quran 2:28)

In Islam inverted wisdom, man is given the upper hand to the extent of marrying more than one wife but still the koran thinks that same man could be having more justice in his dealings, justice is monogamy, the pernicious and ever obfuscative words of the Koran are for the hopelessly deluded, what right is there to be had in a case of a girl of 9 marrying an old man?? How can that man ever show Justice, how can Allah the most compassionate recognize his servant as the best believer when that same man shares his bed with multiples and must naturally show affection to his sons or daughters from one woman while the other who happened to have no kids look on with envy.

4:34. ‘Men are in charge of (or overseers of - qawwamuna) women, as Allah has given them more (strength) than the other (sometimes translated as made them superior to the other), and because they spend of their wealth (to provide for them). Therefore women who are virtuous are obedient to God, and guard in (the husband’s) absence what God would have them guard. As for those women on whose part you fear rebellion (nushuz), admonish them and banish them to beds apart, (and last) beat (adribu) them. Then, if they obey you, seek not a way against them. For God is Most High, Great (above you all).

In this verse alone one sees total disseention from the human way of thinking, this verse clearly hampers any righteousness any man could deliver to women provided he carries the ordainment out, to Islam's convoluted thoughts, a man who beats his wife could still be righteous, the kind that nader wants us to believe, it is also a no-brainer to say men are superior because they are the ones providng, how about a rich women who inherited millions while the husband does the job of maintaining her wealth?? this calls for the reversal of that verse, since clearly the woman is the bread winner here, she should be in charge, Khadija and Mohammad come to mind.

Nader also said: show me the verse where women are not allowed to go out alone.

Allah says: "Men are the protectors and maintainers of women because of what Allah has preferred one with over the other and because of what they spend to support them from their wealth." [Sûrah al-Nisâ': 34]

Ths is why some sects in Islam do not even allow their women to go out, since men are the protectors how could women venture into the wilderness without some chaperone, a woman going to Hajj is mandated to have a Muharram with her, ths is in tandem with the injuction from the above verse, she needs protection.

The pavid sanctions and total Machismo shown in the Koran against women could only be accomodated by a bigot who wants to partake in the uniquely male sadism towards women, the above verse clearly stipulates the need for protection and maintaining, a woman that is out of the house will be hard to maintain or protect when out alone habitually, little wonder why women' education/career are next to non-existent in the badlands of Muslims.

I am yet to resolve the notion of equality in polygamy, all the zombie and somnambulistic attitude of Muslims is what got them thrown into this garbage they call their life, how could it ever be justified when a husband got a sick wife and decided to bring a new wife to satisfy his needs?? wll that other woman not be neglected if her condition is persistent or recurrent?

Your god's definition of 'Justice' and 'right' is nothing but an empty combination of alphabets, concience is from the actions, Mohammad displayed his libertine nature so also his blatant disregard for true human feelings, you can keep trying to weasel out of this conundrum but remember, the only foolish and gullible people around here are your ilk.

Nader...Cultural 'Honor killings'
written by duh_swami , January 08, 2010
Isn't it odd that 'honor killings' are prevalent in 'Islamic culture', no matter what the country or racial component...I don't think Allah bows to 'culture'...if he does, he's not Allah...There is no culture but Islamic culture...That's what Allah wills...Go against it, and you are dead...If you know sharia, then you know there is no Islamic penalty for even killing your children...

The manual of Islamic law certified as a reliable guide to Sunni orthodoxy by Al-Azhar University, the most respected authority in Sunni Islam, says that "retaliation is obligatory against anyone who kills a human being purely intentionally and without right." However, "not subject to retaliation" is "a father or mother (or their fathers or mothers) for killing their offspring, or offspring's offspring." ('Umdat al-Salik o1.1-2).

Women are stoned to death, and honor killed in the 'Islamic' culture', as a result of Sharia law...A woman who is unfaithful (or accused), or who takes up un Islamic practices is an apostate...She is warring with Allah...It is the duty of the father/husband/brother/uncle to kill or at least disfigure her. If they don't, they lose standing among their brothers and the ummah, and their honor is lost...
Allah frowns on those with no honor...

Did Allah instruct anyone 'not to honor kill'? Why is it that few, if any, leading Islamic clerics don't come out against it? If it is only cultural, then 'Islamic culture' has a huge internal problem...but what's new about that...
written by The Grand Kaffir of Infidelistan , January 08, 2010
You would have to be about the most brainwashed islomotard that's been on here for a while.
There is no science in the koran. There are no women's rights in islam.
Your continued assertions are like pushing poo uphill with a pointy stick: Fun to watch but ultimately pointless.
To Duh_swami
written by Nader , January 08, 2010

Honor killing is different from stoning to death which is a punishment carried by the state for committing adultery for both men and women. (Unfortunately people in the west purposely try to lie about this always and only mention women that are stoned and in the case of Duh_swami he mixes the two)The condition when it becomes applicable is that the man or the woman involved must be married when they committed the adultery and the crime must be established with eye witnesses.
Honor killing has nothing to do with Islam, it is a cultural practice more than anything else. Jordan for example has prosecuted many cases where honor killing took place. You are free to do your own research sir.

You quoted the Reliance of the Traveler or 'Umdat al-Salik, this book is controversial among many Muslim scholar because any laws in Islam must be established from the Quran and the Haddeeth/ Sunna. This is exactly the point, there are no source from the Quran or the Hadeeth/Sunna as you have demonstrated
To BustedDivinity
written by Nader , January 08, 2010
You did not mention the verse that instructs the man to apply justice when they take on multiple wives.

Even if we took your argument that a man can marry in case his wife is unable to have kids and then the first wife or second wife can look at the other one who had kids with envy. Why can not the man have a second wife without having to divorce his first wife especially if she is depended on him. Why cannot she enjoy the kids he has with another woman.

I know you westerners like to be so rational and you will say what if they cannot have kids because of him, valid question but in that case a woman can seek divorce, she can’t have a second husband like you wish.

On venturing out you only made a reference to Hajj. That is true but that is not what we were talking about in the first place. Hajj is different since it involves travel and staying away for days.

By the way even Saudi Arabia women go out alone all the time.

Womens' rights in Islam
written by lw1 , January 08, 2010
If a woman was raped in a country where sharia law is applied and there are only a few women witnesses what would the outcome be?
written by The Grand Kaffir of Infidelistan , January 08, 2010
She'd be stoned for adultery. You know how these throwbacks work.
Recently...in Dubai
written by duh_swami , January 08, 2010
A Muslim woman from Britain, a British citizen, and a tourist, was celebrating her engagement, she got drunk and passed out in the bathroom where she was raped...When she reported it to the police, she was arrested and charged with illegal sexual intercourse, and drinking alcohol...Islamic justice at work...
Islam and Muslims
written by COMMON SENCE , January 09, 2010
Nader (muslims) would say "there is nothing wrong with Islam" actually muslims are wrong they do not follow islam.

Question is

1. why allah revealed islam to such humans who would not follow it.

2. Since muslims are not following islam from the very first day (muslims divided on the day prophet died), what is allah waiting for since 1400 years. i mean when islam is not working from the first day why allah send it at the first place and what are the measures allah has taken to put it back on track.

3. Allah didnt succeed to islamisize half the world population even after 1400 years.

4. What is allah planning now for the future of islam?

written by Anushirvan , January 09, 2010
Basically, we know the drill because we have heard it all before from the mouth of these so-called moderates:"there's no place for violence and hatred in Islam,when practiced in the right way".

However, the Quran could have been retitled more accurately as "Mohammed: Biography of a Totalitarian Megalomaniac", because in essence, it doesn't contain any spiritual values at all.

Although many Muslims probably have better things to do than to take up arms against the West (like providing for their families day in day out), it can not be denied that practicing Islam in itself can't be subjected to any other way of interpreting what the Quran says.

An average Muslim is very well aware of this. Being a 'moderate' by NOT resorting to fanaticism is all very fine, but they can't deny the basic fact: the Quran is a manual of Total War, on par with Mein Kampf.

And again, that just about explains why Muslim on Muslim violence is the rule rather than the exception. Jihadis consider themselves as true believers who literally carry out the words of the Quran. So therefore, they consider all other Muslims to be non-believers in a sense: you can't moderately adhere to an ideology which is inherently fanatical and mobilises people for war. A Muslim knows via the Quran what he HAS to do.

A Muslim can't really abstain from waging Jihad. Doing so singles him out for violence directed against HIM by the "genuine" believers. Outing yourself as a 'moderate' is a potentially very dangerous exercise for a Muslim, all in all. Which might explain why we don't often hear from them. Scaredy cats ! :-)

Having said that, of course there are still those who deliberately want to disperse the image of being moderate, in order to go waging stealth Jihad behind our backs. But that would be perfectly justified by the practice of taqqiya contained in the Quran, evidently.

You have to hand it to Mohammed: he really thought things through.

little green book
written by Mo-Suck , January 09, 2010
This is a link to khomeini's book. It's a short read, but enlightening for us kufr's to know what we're missing.
Of special interest will be Chap.10 toward the bottom of the page.
Also Chap.19 is a real riot,*dilemma* who to f*ck!! who to f*ck!!, well your aunts ,but then you can't marry her daughters.
This is so backwards, it's quite funny in places.


NOT "out of context" Muslim fool
written by Stephanie , January 09, 2010



Quran a Book out of Context

"clear book" (5:15)
"easy to understand" (44:58, 54:22, 54:32, 54:40)
"explained in detail" (6:114) "conveyed clearly" (5:16, 10:15)
... and with "no doubt" in it (2:2)

The apologists do not realize that what they say is apostasy!
Claiming that the Quran CANNOT be understood is NOT CLEAR and needs is disbelieving in the Quran ITSELF.

"... and the best of planners (i.e. deceiver) is Allah." (Q.3:54, Q.8:30)
written by Mo-Suck , January 09, 2010
that is a very good site, so encompassing.
TO NADIR , Desciple of a Rapist
written by MJ KHAN , January 11, 2010
Nader:Quran says Mohammed is a role model for all humans(33.21). So let us see how he respected women. He killed men and raped their women the same night. Examples are Safia, Juavaria, Rehana, and hundereds of captured women he got as his 20% of share in the booty from raids. Is that women's rights in islam to f-ck widows after killing their husbands like your beloved prophet did? He thighed 6year old Ayesha and f--cked her when she was hardly 9, Are those rights islam give to under age girls , to thigh them and f-ck them in their tender age? Why am I asking it to a brain dead zombie who consider a rapist robber,killer and pedophile a prophet of God and the stories told by a sick man as words of god via Gibraeel without a single witness Nadir do you know how Mo raised himsel from a slave to the rank above Allah? Read this article:

I bet It will strengthen your iman.
written by A dude. , January 11, 2010
Islam condemns suicide as much as it condemns oppression and aggression against others. While the Muslims are commanded to stand for their rights and defend themselves, their properties and their freedom they are told to first resort to peace advocate tolerance and disregard the ignorant. The following verses from the Quran show how the Quran describes suicide, such an important issue in our life that was made the center of the conflict in the Middle East lately.

[2:195] You shall spend in the cause of GOD; do not throw yourselves with your own hands into destruction. You shall be charitable; GOD loves the charitable.

[ 4:29] O you who believe, do not consume each others' properties illicitly - only mutually acceptable transactions are permitted. You shall not kill yourselves. GOD is Merciful towards you.

[ 4:30] Anyone who commits these transgressions, maliciously and deliberately, we will condemn him to Hell. This is easy for GOD to do.

Suicide bombing by young uninformed Muslim youths has been carried out almost routinely as a mean of revenge in the Middle East conflict. It is mainly done to avenge their oppression, occupation and loss of freedom they have been experiencing all their life. It is carried out by the youth who lost all the hope to a peaceful settlement as they witnessed their families, loved ones, neighbors, and the innocent bystanders die or tortured at the hand of a merciless occupying force. Despite these intolerable situation no permission can be found in Islam to avenge by suicide bombing or by targeting the innocent civilians. These young desperate Muslim youth have been taught what is NOT in the Quran, and what was never promised by God in the Holy book.

As the verses quoted above show, suicide in any form is condemned by God, no excuse given under any circumstances. The Quran does not promise Heaven (Paradise) to those who commit suicide but rather warn of condemnation to Hell. The promise of paradise or of virgin wives in Heaven for those suicide bombers and those who kill the innocent civilians has no basis in Islam and cannot be found anywhere in the Quran. These fabrications taught to these poor desperate Muslim youths originated probably from the man made books of Hadiths and Sunna that were condemned by God and by the prophet Muhammad himself who told his followers to follow ONLY the Quran.

Suicide is a state of disbelief and loss of faith that is condemned by God throughout the Quran. In the Quran, God commands the believers never to despair or lose hope and instead work for a brighter future.

[12:87] "....................... None despairs of GOD's grace except the disbelieving people."

We do understand the dire situation in which these youth live and we do have the full sympathy to their suffering and oppression , but we cannot agree with breaking God's commandment. Oppression is not a reason to break God's law, on the contrary oppression is a good reason to hold tight to these commandments and to show the world the true and peaceful face of Islam (Submission). If we break God's law we move ourselves away from His mercy and lose His support. We should know that it is by following God's law in the Quran we will gain dignity and sovereignty on our land while achieving peace, tolerance and love to the whole world around us. We have to believe that two wrongs will not make one right. Now after thousands of wrongs carried out by both sides in the conflict, no right emerged and will never emerge. Unless we go back to God's commandments in the scriptures, the Torah, Gospel and/or the Quran, there will be no success and no victory for any group. . All the scriptures call on the people to live in peace and harmony and to advocate tolerance. Victory as far as God is concerned is achieved by the guarantee of freedom and justice for all and not by the domination of one group or nation above another..

Quran urges the followers of Islam (Submission) to resort to peace first and whenever possible but they may fight the oppressors if peaceful means failed. Fighting does not include killing the innocent civilians and the least expecting people as this reflects the meanest kind of character and does not reflect the spirit and/or teachings of Islam (Submission.) These suicide bombers can contribute more and better for the society if they direct their efforts into teaching the world about their cause and work with their neighbors to strengthen their stand against oppression, or be a part of the peaceful solution of the problem they have been facing instead of being a reason for its failure.

The blame can be equally thrown at the oppressors who gave these youths no chance or HOPE to live in dignity and freedom. The world has to speak up against the oppression and occupation of the land and life of these people as well. No where in any divine or human law is a place for a group of people to live at the expense of oppressing others or occupying their homes, land, and life. Peace can only be achieved when mutual respect of human life and properties are achieved.

We should make every effort to educate our young and youth of the Quranic commandments and it is as important for the free world to make every effort to stop this aggression and oppression against a whole nation under occupation that find no exit from this desperate situation except by death or dying.

(8:61) "If they resort to peace, so shall you, and put your trust in GOD. He is the Hearer, the Omniscient."

(7:199) You shall resort to pardon, advocate tolerance, and disregard the ignorant.

(16:90) GOD advocates justice, charity, and regarding the relatives. And He forbids evil, vice, and transgression. He enlightens you, that you may take heed.

(49:13) O people, we created you from the same male and female, and rendered you distinct peoples and tribes, that you may recognize one another. The best among you in the sight of GOD is the most righteous. GOD is Omniscient, Cognizant.
well then
written by Mo-Suck , January 11, 2010
What is this supposed to mean?

8:39 "and fight with them until there is no more persecution and religion should be only for allah"

I don't get why y'all try to defend what is written in your queer'an.
It's open and shut, full stop.
And maybe you can shed some light on khomeini's little green book since nadine punked out?
written by A dude. , January 12, 2010
You have to look into the context. The Qur'an was revealed at a time when the idol worshippers were persecuting the Muslims because of their faith. They wouldn't listen and they were killing Muslims. Were they just stay still and let themselves be killed? No. They had to fight back. That is what defending yourself is called.

By the way, what's the point of hating on Islam? If you don't like it, then leave it alone. Wow, what is the point of wasting your time on something you hate.
written by Mo-Suck , January 12, 2010
What does .."and religion should be only for allah" amount to?
and do you know what the little green book teaches eh?
I won't leave it alone because I want to fight it with all of my being, it is a primitive ideology hurting many daily around the world.
What would the world be like now if Hitler had of won the 2nd world war?...the reason being that everyone just thought he wouldn't bother them, so they kept quiet?
I tell everyone I know and meet what it is all about.
So if you want to defend it, your in the wrong place here bud.
And to quote you, what are we supposed to do just wait to be killed?
Reason I'm writing (wasting my time ha ) is to help people who come here and don't know what islam is, to tell the world.
To Mo-Suck
written by A dude. , January 12, 2010
Yeah you're right. I shouldn't try to defend it at a website full of hate and bigotry. Explain to me why over a billion Muslims haven't strapped bombs to their chests to kill the disbelievers. It's wrong to kill innocent people. Don't group the shitty terrorists with us. We don't even consider them Muslims and what they're doing is absolutely wrong. It was said in the Qur'an that if you kill someone (an innocent), then it is as if you have killed all of mankind and if you save someone, it is as if you have saved all of mankind.
answer please?
written by Mo-Suck , January 12, 2010
What does .."and religion should be only for allah" amount to?
written by A dude. , January 13, 2010
Everyone who resisted the initial Islamic crusades in the early days of Mohammad's regime, which imposed an oppressive tax (jizya) upon those who chose to retain their religious beliefs, were seen as people who cause "fitnah" (which was one of the Arabic words from the verse). That word can have many meanings. One of them is "argument". When bands of Islamic soldiers fanned out in all directions from Mecca to spread Islam, they certainly met resistance. Sura 109 was completely ignored by the crusaders. Their mission was to "bring" all people to Islam, and if the people resisted, they were to be charged money via the Jizya. That money was used to further fund the Islamic crusades. That's called EXTORTION in any century.

When someone moves into your community without invitation, and is determined to convert your family and friends to their religious views, they are causing FITNAH with you and your people. Then when they say "if you don't convert, you must give us money to protect you", they are the oppressors. The very concept you've conveyed completely negates the better parts of the Holy Qur'an, which promote tolerance. Many verses refer to back in the past when Islam was first being introduced. Some of them don't apply to the present.
By the way...
written by A dude. , January 13, 2010
The translation you used is very bad. This is a better translation: 8:39 And fight them on until there is no more Fitnah, and there prevail justice and faith in Allah altogether and everywhere; but if they cease, verily Allah doth see all that they do.
what else could you say
written by Mo-Suck , January 13, 2010
Everywhere around the world mussies are slaughtering everyone that doesn't bow down to the pedophile mo.
So since your such an expert in mo's lies...have you read the little green book?
It was written by the head authority of shit-ite mussies, khomeini.
It is taken as literal by all of his followers.
What you say about fitna is correct, as is being practiced by mussies world wide.
You mussies always like to go back hundreds of years to defend your ways.
There are more than 100 suras in the koran alone that call for the death or forced payment of jizya (which is practiced today in many countries) of free men, and the forced conversion need not to be even mentioned, as it is prevalent in your backwards ideology.
If you leave the ideology (read apostate), it is your families DUTY to track you down and kill or mutilate you.
This is so backwards even animals don't do things of this sort.
What are you mussies afraid of?
My God is loving and merciful and allows mistakes without the death penalty being put on me.
I will never bow ass up to a murderer, pedophile, rapist, slaver like mo.
Seems like women, if they pass men during prayers, are the same as dogs or asses.
muslim 4:1039 says "a'isha said to mo:'you have made us equal to the dogs and the asses'"
And this for you, maybe to inspire you to the battle...
queer'an 4:95 "not equal are those that sit (at home) and receive no hurt, and those who strive and fight in the cause of allah with their goods and their persons. allah hath granted a grade higher to those who strive and fight with their goods and persons than those who sit (at home). Unto all (in faith) hath allah promised good: but those who strive and fight hath he distinguished ABOVE those who sit (at home) by a *special* reward"
Is this not telling you to join in the murder and violence, and your future if you don't.
This was a response to a blind man's protest that he was unable to join in jihad!
SO get a ticket, fly to AF and join in, you *may* live , but I doubt it.
written by ABC , January 14, 2010
ur a fake.... ur just trying to get the people hate ISLAN ur not a muslim... and seriously guy ur the most retarted terrorist ever.... like cmon guy ur telling us that ur gona blow up some shit
dont u get this that ur gona get tracked by CIA or something
and you people should actually read the whole story rather than picking up sentences that make no sense....
like once u read the QURAN ull know that what this phrase meant in real
and yo did u ever actually meet a true muslim.... like u guys just believe what u see oon TV... try opening ur eyes.... and youll know....
im a muslim and im pround of being one.. but what i am taught about islam by my muslim parents is nothing like what u guys think about islam...
written by A dude. , January 14, 2010
First of all, we don't bow down to Muhammed(saw). What are you talking about that verse with Ai'sha? I've never seen it before. Many Muslims have left the religion and guess what? They're still alive! From what you're writing I can tell you aren't very smart. Everywhere around the world? I'm sorry where did you get that information from? Yes, you're God is merciful and so is mine. Why do you think he's given the name "Most Merciful?" Anyways Islam taught us to be tolerant with other religions and respect them. Why hasn't Christianity done the same? You just insult by saying "queer'an" and the like. You act as if there are no violent verses in the Bible, assuming you're Christian.


This website has many verses promoting violence. By the way, I'm done with you. We'll see whose right and whose wrong on the Day of Judgment.

Good day.
I can't help you don't know...
written by Mo-Suck , January 14, 2010
your koran.The a'isha text is in muslim which is in haddith.
Well I don't have to go back 1000 years to show that there are books in the Bible that show cruelty as your pig ideology is doing it daily.
I have NO RESPECT for the nasty koran or the pedophile mo, none at all.
And since I'm not a Christain, I don't give a rats ass what you read into my posts.
And btw you little neanderthal, you can't answer about khomeini's book, thought not.
So you just punk out like the rest, you won't see me where your going anyway.
And when you grow up and have something new to say, you're welcome, but to just make the same apologist statements that we've all heard so many times before, just ain't kosher.
Did ya get your plane ticket to AF yet punk?
The real divide in this world; democracy versus Allah's way
written by Demsci , January 16, 2010
A Dude, you seem to be a Quran-Only-Muslim. You talk about teachings in the Quran. And you argue against supposed other teachings of the Quran, that aim to let Islam dominate the world and to fight for that purpose against the rest of the world. But:

1. The Quran itself is so vague and ambiguous, and even many Muslims and apologists of Islam tell people that it is a very complicated book, which just can’t be explained by everybody. So there are many different interpretations of Islam and you need to recognize that, instead of stating categorically that only your interpretation is the right one. And telling that to the wrong people too, namely the ones that point out what the violent Muslims are interpreting from the Quran and Hadiths and how they are acting upon that interpretation in a violent and deceitful way. Instead of to these interpreters and perpetrators of violent actions.

2. So if many Muslims, in past and present, had goals of conquering the world for Islam, with violent means, and they found their motivation for this in the Quran and Hadith, but Muslims like you interpreted the Quran very differently and even rejected all or most Hadiths, then Muslims should SPLIT. Muslims like you should understand websites like Islam Watch, Jihad Watch, at least in their feelings of alarm about these, in your own view, “misunderstanders of Islam”. You should side with many Westerners/ Indians at these websites against these “Misunderstanders”.

The real divide should not be between all Muslims and all Kuffars, but between Democratically and Theocratically minded people. If you are one of those who seek “Allah’s rule” over “Man-made laws", even if they are democratic, then in the end you will still side with those Islamic supremacists, those violent interpretators of that vaque Quran and manmade Hadiths.

Please act upon what you yourself said:
“Victory as far as God is concerned is achieved by the guarantee of freedom and justice for all and not by the domination of one group or nation above another..”
There you have it, not one Kuffar-visitor of Islam Watch or Jihad Watch etc wants his/ her own group or nation dominate above another, not even the Americans want that, but we know of many Muslims who right now want Islam to dominate over other groups, who practice and hold on to Islam-supremacy most unjustly in Islamic nations. Who advocate that conversion into Islam is great but out of Islam punishable by death.

That should give you the answer to your question why so many Kuffars are dealing with what they hate so much. They hate Islam for the possible dominant and violent interpretation and it’s influence by which since 9/11 15.000 terror-actions were committed in the name of Islam. And that is very different from liberation from oppression, because the perpetrators themselves always show their Islamic motivation first and foremost.
To Demsci
written by A dude. , January 16, 2010
I think you are absolutely right. Although I'm not a Quran-only Muslim. I read and follow the Hadiths as well.

I know my translation isn't the only right one but Arabic is a difficult language to translate. That's why there are so many different interpretations.

We Muslims should be telling that to the interpretors and I understand why some Westerners hate Islam so much. I myself do not believe that people who leave Islam should be punishable by death. What right do we have to judge on people's beliefs. We are taught that the only Judge is God himself. I also noticed not many Muslims are speaking out against the fundamentalists and we should. I completely understand your point.
Thank you, (a) dude
written by Demsci , January 17, 2010
(A) Dude, you should know that I am impressed and grateful for your response. And that I see in your kind of interpreters of Islam some hope for the future.

Because we can and don't have to hope that all Muslims forego their faith, just that Muslims see the fairness of democracy, imperfect as it is, being preferable over dictatorships, even theocratic ones.

I am sure you see that racism is NOT a major motivation of most concerned Western citizens. Instead the biggest concern in my view is or should be the threat to our freedom, therefore also our development, by those who would rule and dictate to the masses; dictators, those who say Allah should be supreme, but in reality meaning they should be supreme.

I hope you are and stay well, and that you can endorse in politics equal rights and opportunities for all life-convictions and supremacy of none. And ultimately also in Islamic countries.

Thank you for restoring a bit my confidence that Muslims also can be part of the great free future of mankind!!!
Your welcome, Demsci
written by A dude. , January 17, 2010
Yes, I do believe democracy is more preferable than the dicatorships being used in Islamic countries, myself currently living in America. I also agree with you about the dictators. They can be hypocrites most of the times. I am strongly for equal rights. Back in the 7th century, Muslim women were given equal rights as the men. Now, Muslims in Islamic countries abuse and kill them. That is definitely not right! We're all equal regardless of race, looks, gender and all else!

I, as well, hope you stay well and I am glad that I was able to restore your confidence in the Muslims.
I agree Demsci, but
written by Mo-Suck , January 18, 2010
what's gonna happen when dude tells his opinion to someone in islam that REALLY disagrees?
Will he lose his head for being a hypocrite?
There are so many imans and such that would put a fatwa on him, get my drift?
That's true, Mo-Suck
written by A dude. , January 18, 2010
People have lost their lives for telling their opinion to the extremists. I think the extremists are a bunch of brainwashed idiots. They are willing to kill people of their own religion and they think that they will go to Heaven. LOL
written by Demsci , January 18, 2010
Hello Mo-suck,

I follow Daniel Pipes in his assessment and strategy that there MUST be a part of the 1,57 billion adherents of Islam that must be susceptible to reason.

And I am flabbergasted that we seem to have found one of them in A Dude. It gave me pleasure all day thinking about what he said about his Islam-interpretation and choices. I also know several very nice people who are Muslims, who assure me they are democrats. 2 of them are Turks, and as you know, Turkey is democratic.

But I cannot answer your question; if A Dude discusses this opinion with other Muslims and what would happen then? I do remember what Ayesha Ahmed wrote concerning this, according to HER interpretation of Islam (which is also the interpretation of many Muslims):

# Bad/non practising/heretic Muslims will suffer grave torture and long hell time. Whether they will be put in paradise eventually, will be decided on Judgement day.
# Muslims, who prayed, fasted, gave zakat and did haj but did not participate in Jihad and killed kuffar, will suffer torture in grave and will do some time in hell before being sent to paradise. Their hell-time will be decided on Judgement day.

But hopefully, more democratic interpretations of Islam ARE possible!
written by A dude. , January 18, 2010
I don't believe that you will be punished in the grave and Hell for not participating in Jihad or killing kuffar. If they were obligatory, then they would have been included in the Five Pillars of Islam, but they are not, so it's not necessary. Besides I don't even agree with the killing of kuffar. That was back at the time of the pagan Arabs that didn't listen and were persecuting the Muslims and that doesn't apply now. Muslims are supposed to convince people to convert not kill them.

PS: There is a huge misconception about the term "jihad" and I would like to touch up on it a bit. It does not mean "holy war" as many Westerners think. It means "to stru*gle." It can also refer to war because war is a stru*gle. But jihad itself does not translate to holy war. "Qudus" means holy and "qitaal" means fighting in Arabic. Jihad is a more general term than qitaal. It can refer to the tongue (by speaking out), qitaal, and money. Even those categories include many subcategories. But now, extremists have exceeded them and have given people a twisted view of Islam. The most useful is a personal stru*gle. You are "stru*gling" against the influences of Satan.
written by markk , October 20, 2010
Google 'zero & invention & indus valley & harappan civilization'

Then Google 'decimal & chinese inscription'

Then Google 'plane geometry & ancient Greeks & Euclid's Elements'

Then Google 'history of geometry' and look at the Wiki entry; note how many civilizations have contributed to its development - not just the Arabs, whose contributions were far later and also comparatively minor compared to the total of all ancient civilizations.

Then stop banging on about your precious Islamic civilization and claiming it invented the entire modern world!

Oh, and BTW, I don't need to use Google for these things, because I have bookshelves at home that are groaning under the weight of books on mathematics and its history, both of which I have studied for over THIRTY YEARS! As the old addage goes, don't try to teach your grandmother how to suck eggs (i.e. don't presume to lecture people on things they know more about than you do)!

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