A Muslim driver drove a Christian man to a Muslim brothel, then went out to call a Muslim mob that broke into the brothel, dragged out the Christian and stabbed 16 times after pouring acid over him. As the victim was rushed to hospital in critical condition, the mob started attacking and looting Christian properties....

(AINA) -- Muslim mob attacked Christians of the Upper Egypt town of Mallawi, while trying to kill a Christian man for visiting a Muslim-run brothel. The Christian community remains in a state of fear. They have closed their businesses, locked themselves indoors and are keeping their children, especially girls, out of schools. The situation remains tense; they anticipate that Muslims may commit large-scale violence against the Christian community, as occurred to Christians in Dairout on October 24, 2009 over an intimate photo of Christian man and a Muslim girl.

Egypt: Muslims burn down a Christian
Egypt: A Christian man set aflame by Muslims.
Attacks on Christians are common in Egypt.

On November 10, 2009, Mohamad, a Muslim driver, took Mina Emad Shoyeb (23), a Coptic Christian man, to a brothel run by a Muslim widow, Ragaa Mosaad Ismail, with two Muslim prostitutes, Eyman Ismail Abdelmalik (23) and Maha Kamel Aly (25). According to Copts United, Mina had promised Mohamed a fee of 200 Egyptian Pounds for the services of prostitute Maha, but later wanted to pay only half of that amount, which Maha refused. Thereupon, Mina settled the dispute, paying the full fee. Meanwhile, Mohamad had left the brothel to entice the neighborhood Muslims to avenge the dishonor of a Christian visiting a Muslim prostitute.

A Muslim mob gathered and broke into the brothel, dragging the Christian man out into the streets and stabbing him 16 times.

"Acid was poured over him, before being stabbed. He was rushed to Minya General Hospital where his condition remains very critical," said Wagih Yacoub of the Middle East Christian Association.

Since November 10 evening, Muslim mobs took to the streets of Mallawi, vandalizing and looting Christian properties. State Security forces had to be called in to contain the violence.

According to Yacoub, business life in Mallawi has come to a stand still, while Bishop Dimitrious of the Diocese of Mallawi Ansena and Ashmonein, fearing Muslim attacks, advised Christian students of the region to avoid schools.

The Egyptian Newspaper elYom reported that the Christian man was conspired into the trap so as to use the incident as a pretext to vandalise and plunder the property of Copts, while creating animosity among Muslims and Copts of Mallawi.

Copts in Upper Egypt have demanded resignation of the radical Islamic Governor of Minya, “who has turned Minya into Minyastan”. They blame his fanaticism for the escalation of persecution and violence against the Copts of Minya. Governor Dia-uddin, formerly a top State Security official, also taught law at a Saudi university for ten years, before taking office in Minya.

Dr. Naguib Gobrial, President of the Egyptian Union of Human Rights, in a press release addressed to the Minister of Interior, strongly condemned the vandalism and looting of Christian properties, and criticized the prevailing state of fear and insecurity, under which the Christian Copts live. He also attacked the inaction of the Governor of Minya and the failure of the security agencies to ensure peace and stability.

Editing by M. A. Khan

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