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Review of Dr Alrabaa's Book, “Karin in Saudi Arabia

Dr Sami Alrabaa's book, “Karin in Saudi Arabia”, is about released. It is a book that tells the story of a German woman who was severely ill-treated in Saudi Arabia. She was raped by the Mutawas (Morality Police), her son was taken away, and Karin was finally deported. The book also tells the story of Muna who was married to Prince Sultan for one single night. These real stories and others were collected and verified in Saudi Arabia. The book can already be ordered online from or through your nearby bookstore.

Dr Ali Sina's review:

The stories in Sami Alrabaa's book are captivating, but at the same time harrowing, chilling, tormenting and distressing. When I picked the book I did not want to put it down, but there were moments that I just could not read further. I had to stop, go out for a walk, breathe and clear my mind. The horrendous stories of violence, of human rights abuses, of inhumanity and of sheer evil in this book are simply unbearable. It is unbelievable that a place such as Saudi Arabia could exist.

This book must be compulsory reading for anyone who wants to travel to Saudi Arabia for any reason. If you know anyone thinking of going there, give them this book. It can save their.

The problem with Saudi Arabia, as well as other Muslim countries, is not just the governments that are all corrupt, but also the people. People commit unthinkable atrocities to each other with clarity of conscience and gleefully. Muslims are not underdeveloped technologically, but morally, ethically and spiritually. What is wrong with them is their ethos, their mindset, the way they think and perceive the world. They have values that are inconceivable in civilized societies. The problem with them is their religion. People are born innocent everywhere; it is the way they are raised and educated that makes them different. Islamic teachings reduce humans into beasts. In the name of Islam, Muslims commit atrocities that curl the blood. The stories narrated by Alrabaa are factual. They are real stories that happened to real people. And yet they are more incredible than fiction.

Islamic societies are ruled by insanity. There is no polite way to describe it. Islam is insanity. The more a country follows Islam the more draconian become its laws, the more tyrannous become its rulers and the more barbarous become its people. Saudi Arabia, being the heart of Islamic faith, is also the most evil country in the world.

Only one thing can help these people and that is to help them get rid of Islam. It is Islam that is the cause of their incivility, wickedness and intellectual torpor. People are the same everywhere. It is their beliefs that make them act differently. Islam cannot be reformed, but it can be demolished. Once it is demolished, civility will be restored in Islamic countries and terrifying stories such as these will be history.

We owe it to them; we owe it to their children and to mankind to rescue Muslims from the yoke of Islam and set them free. This is doable if people talk, if they tell the truth and let the world know what is happening in the name of Islam in Muslim countries. Truth will set them free. Alrabaa has done his part in spreading the truth; the rest is up to us. Within these stories lies the horrifying truth about Islam.


Editorial Review (

"Karin" is a real story of a German woman, who lived in Saudi Arabia for a while and fell in love with a Saudi. Later, this love turned into a devastating nightmare. The Saudi "Morality Police", notorious for their bestial brutality, raped Karin and threw her in prison. Her crime was, she was driven alone downtown by a taxi-driver. Her German-Saudi baby son was taken away and she was deported to Cyprus without passport and money. Muna, a young Moroccan woman was luckier. She managed to smuggle herself and baby after one-night marriage with Sultan, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia.

In Saudi Arabia, you can marry and divorce a woman in her absence. All you need is a religious man and two male witnesses. This is exactly what happened to Karin; she was married in her absence. Muna never saw any marriage or divorce papers.

Mimi and Najat were brutally stoned to death. Najat, a deaf-dumb was caught by the "Morality Police", suspected of being a prostitute. In reality she was waiting for her brother to pick her up in front of shop window.

The Morality Police Chief quickly passed sentence on Najat. He wrote, among other things: "Najat was working as a prostitute and was caught in the very act of picking up a client. We advise that she be stoned to death..." Two muttawas (Marality Police) delivered the document to Prince Salman, the governor of Riyadh. He jotted down a verdict to match the suggestion, then signed it. Najat was to be publicly stoned to death the following Friday.

Mimi, a house-maid from the Philippines, was denounced by the wife of Karin's lover. She was picked up by the "Morality Police" and also stoned to death. These stories happen very often, and people are defenseless towards them. There are no courts in Saudi Arabia, and the princes there possess absolute power.

Nisrin, a Bangladeshi woman, who married a Saudi, was deported and the marriage was annulled. Before that she was raped by one of those "Morality Police". A Saudi who belongs to an important tribe, cannot just marry anyone.

Mohammed, a Syrian truck-driver had both hands amputated for allegedly stealing the truck he was driving.

Very few atrocities like the ones I'm reporting reach the international media. In March, 2002, the Saudi Morality Police prevented school girls from leaving a blazing building because they were not wearing the correct Islamic dress. As a result 15 girls were burned alive." My stories are a pattern that happen day in day out.

When you study Islam; the Quran and Shari'a, and live in Saudi Arabia for a while, you find out that the Saudis are in fact applying the Islamic law. "The woman who commits adultery must be stoned to death."(Quran, 36:18). "And (as for) the man who steals and the woman who steals, cut off their hands as a punishment for what they have earned, an exemplary punishment from Allah; and Allah is Mighty, Wise." (Quran 5:38). For more details, check out this link and "Understanding Muhammad" by Ali Sina.

The book also shows that not only the Saudi regime and its religious fanatic establishment are oppressive, but also other groups in society: Saudi men oppress and ill-treat women, and Saudi men and women oppress abuse foreigners.

When I delivered the manuscript of this book to friends outside of Saudi Arabia, asking them to read it over, their response was uniform: they shook their heads in disbelief. Nobody in the civilized world seemed able to fathom the extent of the arbitrariness and atrocities to which victims in Saudi Arabia are subjected. To them, it was incredible. Some remarked that I was telling stories about the actions of monsters from another planet. They could not believe that any human could act as a Saudi corrupted by power does.

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Ali Sina is the editor of He is has contributed in 'Beyond Jihad - Critical Voices from Inside Islam'.  His latest book is Understanding Muhammad: The Psychobiography of Allah’s Prophet.

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Name: jenn
Date: Tuesday January 06, 2009
Time: 16:25:10 -0500


This world will be a better place if this filthy cult islam is eradicated

Name: continuum
Date: Tuesday January 06, 2009
Time: 22:21:34 -0500


"Muslims are not underdeveloped technologically, but morally, ethically and spiritually." Ali Sina, you are very correct in this point. I have always said, Muslims and in many cases fundamentalist Semitic religion followers have a crude and under-developed sense of justice. This carries on for some time even after they leave their religions. This is just like the fear of hell some of the atheists have after leaving their religion. Dr. Richard Dawkins interviewed a lady who was brought up in a Christian environment from childhood. The fear of hell lingers in her mind even after she adopted atheism after she reached an age over 50 years. This is a sad reflection on what certain harmful religious teachings can do to a child who is constantly bombarded with brainwashing material. What Semitic religion followers do is pure child abuse. No wonder the society is also sick.

Name: continuum
Date: Tuesday January 06, 2009
Time: 22:29:26 -0500


I have heard of hell from religious texts, but after reading this article, I know hell exists. All Muslims must be forced to stay in Saudi Arabia and there is NO greater solution to this Islamic problem than this.

Name: continuum
Date: Tuesday January 06, 2009
Time: 23:07:58 -0500


I apologize for posting many times. But I thought this is relevant. I have given some videos to show what luxury these Arabs enjoy, while the rest of the world is in turmoil and people have to work so hard to just keep going on life. Please watch the videos and see how undeserving people enjoy so much wealth at the expense of so many people, some of them dying like dogs working for these Saudis. ALso waatch this is important...Americans Trapped in Saudi Arabia: Who Will Move a Mountain?

Name: Satan's Morality Police
Date: Tuesday January 06, 2009
Time: 23:17:21 -0500


Satan's Morality Police is the proper name for Saudi's Morality Police.

Name: bobby
Date: Tuesday January 06, 2009
Time: 23:26:09 -0500


the biggest evil facing the world is islam. everyone who do not believe in islam should do their best to oppose it. not oppose any other religion other than islam. be united against islam. the civilized world should ban islam. it can be done.

Name: every muslims girls must read that book
Date: Wednesday January 07, 2009
Time: 01:39:00 -0500


every muslims girls must read that book. Islam makes humans sex maniacs and worse than animals. I pity muslims women who were treated like animlas and thibgs of sex alone.

Name: vbv
Date: Wednesday January 07, 2009
Time: 02:57:39 -0500


It is barbaric beyond words how Saudi Arabia practices islam in its pristine form - that is how Muhamad the lecherous ,psychopathic madcap would have lived. What does Zakir Naik has to say about the doings of "mutawa' the so-called 'moral police ' in that barbaric country? He waxes eloquent about islam being a religion of peace and a solution for all "humanity" and all that crap in his Peace TV.It is the worst nightmare that can happen for any civilized human being. It is a revelation about how barbaric islam can be . Indian ,Pakistani and Bangladeshi muslims should wake up and leave this barbaric cult . Islam is nothing but a barbaric racist cult aimed at promoting the arabs a race above all others in this world. The other muslims are just arab arse-lickers,slaves to these arabs with no self-respect!

Name: Galileo the Father of Modern Science
Date: Wednesday January 07, 2009
Time: 05:34:35 -0500


Galileo once said, "Mathematics is the language with which God has written the Universe."

Date: Wednesday January 07, 2009
Time: 13:52:53 -0500


still i'd rather live among some christian nuts than live in Saudi Arabia, no moral relativism.

Name: Philip Saenz
Date: Wednesday January 07, 2009
Time: 14:19:43 -0500


Of course I can believe the atrocities committed in Saudi Arabia because these people and their religion comes from a perverted entity called Satan, the father of lies and horrendous atrocities. Allah is Satan. That is the reason I usually conjoin the two names like this: Allah/Satan or Satan/Allah. Only a few years ago, I and my army destroyed a huge Satanic empire, about 6,000 of them, composed of individuals that behaved very much like the satanic Muslims. These individuals robbed, raped and murdered. They kidnapped children every day, little girls and little boys, but mostly little girls, robbed them of their innocence, murdered them and then sucked their blood from an artery of their necks. Very strange things would sometimes happen when these satanic individuals died. Whirlwinds would emanate from their bodies, winds so strong that they would knock down coconuts from the trees. Sometimes it was hard killing these individuals. One especially was very hard to kill. After absorbing many large caliber bullets, he still wouldn't die. So one of my soldiers cut his head off with a machete. After the head hit the ground, it would roll one way about four feet, and then the other way about four feet, while all along its tongue would stretch to about 10 inches as it licked its face in quivering motion. Do I believe in the supernatural? Of course I do. Do I believe in demons? Yes, I do. I and others, especially, many of my soldiers have had many experiences about these things. Am I asking you to believe? No. But I am asking you to be very humble and patient. Most of you don't know what we're against. We're not only against satanic and possessed human beings. We're also against Satan. So we're fighting Satan, demons from hell and demon possessed agents, who usually are the very evil Muslims, but not the nice Muslims. We don't have to worry about them too much. However, we do have to worry about the very possessed Satanic agents who usually come from the Satanic religion of Islam. Islam is pure evil, and it was initiated for the express purpose to destroy human beings, all human beings, even Muslims. Thank you for reading this. Again, I'm asking you to be very humble and patient. Notice that I'm not asking you to believe my story. May God bless you.

Name: lw1
Date: Wednesday January 07, 2009
Time: 17:04:37 -0500


Muslims want the sharia law applied in the whole world.All the Muslims who have lived in non-Muslim countries and enjoyed fairly free life would be the first to realise the evil of Islam, when they will have a restricted life. Their silent support for all the atrocities by Muslims will come to bite them.

Name: Allat
Date: Thursday January 08, 2009
Time: 15:39:05 -0500


"To Pat Condell II. What was my former religion?" Why? What difference does it make? I;ve moved from the single narrow world view of religion, to the all inclusive that "We Are all ONE." Allat P.S. Olout of Topic, but relevant. Check out the following: Isn't it interesting. eh? It's a heads up, to illustrate that We, The People, should really be loyal to each other, NOT religion or State.

Name: re allat
Date: Friday January 09, 2009
Time: 00:33:57 -0500


The problem with Saudi Arabia, as well as other Muslim countries, is not just the governments that are all corrupt, but also the people. People commit unthinkable atrocities to each other with clarity of conscience and gleefully. Muslims are not underdeveloped technologically, but morally, ethically and spiritually. What is wrong with them is their ethos, their mindset, the way they think and perceive the world. They have values that are inconceivable in civilized societies. The problem with them is they do not follow Islam which is supposed to be their religion. We look at the people and condemn the religion which is not fair. Our foreign policy is to keep powerful Israel’s and the surrounding countries quit so that we can steal their resources. If we have so much of resources why the hell are we dependent on their oil? Enough is enough, we should ban all weapons of mass destruction that we sold to the Middle East, and this will make Iran stop its nuclear weapons program. We should leave them to follow their religion then we will be left alone. First let’s start dealing with our issues before we meddle with others.

Name: Iraq Democracy
Date: Sunday January 11, 2009
Time: 08:58:53 -0500


The US had established democracy in Iraq. It is up to the Iraqi people to choose their destiny. Whether they succeed or fail in a democratic government is their sole responsibility.

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