Islam Under Scrutiny by Ex-Muslims

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Dear Ali Sina,

I was inspired to write my brief testimony after reading the testimony written by my brother Sahid. I left Islam quite instinctively without reading any books or articles on Islam. Islam hindered me and prevented me from achieving my full potential. I had no choice but to leave Islam.

Your reply to my brother inspired me to create a slogan. It goes like this “Leave Islam and come back to your roots and your culture”. Before Islam, Arabia was full of Jews, Christians and pagans. Life was not easy and wars were often fought. But it was something usual at that time. Islam destroyed that balance in Arabia .

Today non-Muslims are not allowed into certain religious parts of Mecca but it is not an Arab character. Arabs used to be good hosts but Islam brainwashed them and took away their hospitality. Without Islam Arab countries could become multicultural and modern societies. But Islam changed our history.

When I was 22 I told my father that I didn’t want to stay in Saudi Arabia . He was angry but I had already got into many problems and I really had to leave SA. He gave his permission and today I am in Sweden .

I didn’t have higher education and I couldn’t find a job but with the assistance of human rights organizations I became a translator from Arabic into Swedish. Now I have my own translation agency.

I am not a Muslim woman but I am an Arab woman. I came back to the culture of my forefathers. I hope Arabs will become Arabs again and all people will be able to enjoy Arabic architecture in Mecca (Arabic, not Muslim architecture).

Thank you for enlightening my brother!

Best wishes,


The real name is changed to Munira because I thought she may want to visit S.A. one day and this testimony may cause her problems. I chose the pen name Munira for her because she was born enlightened.

Used with permission from Faith Freedom