Mumbai-based Bollywood Film industry, hijacked by Islamic mafia headed by terrorist financier Dawood Ibrahim, is slated to make a movie glorifying Hitler...

Bollywood (Mumbai) produces more movies than any other parts of the world.

Movies are the main communication channel in India.

It is now being reported that Bollywood has been taken over an Islamic Mafia, headed by the notorious Jihadi terrorist, Dawood Ibrahim. Dawood Ibrahim is the most wanted man in India for perpetration of terrorist acts in Mumbai and in other parts of India. He now lives in Pakistan, protected by the Pakistan Intelligence agency ISI. He has business connections in Mumbai, Dubai and Pakistan, and is the leading financier of the Bollywood movie industry. It's no wonder that Bollywood is increasing tilting toward Islamic extremism, with leading actors coming increasing from radical Islamic backgrounds. Islamic Mafia decide the story, and select actors, song writers and directors and production workers.

It is now reported that Bollywood has decided to make a movie glorifying Hitler and his evil deeds. The story reminds the fact once again how Islamized Bollywood has become. A non-Muslim is simply not allowed to invest money in Bollywood; non-Muslim players are being increasingly marginalized.

Why is Bollywood so Islamized? It's because the movie moguls are the real power-players and are unmistakably anti-Hindu, anti-Jewish and anti-social cohesion.

The Islamic movie mafia has now decided to make a movie on Hitler glorifying his evil deeds. What is really going on in Bollywood? What are we to make of the calculated move on the part of the Islamic movie mafia? Can Islamic Movie mafia believe in morality? Hitler was evil. How could Bollywood make a story out of an ultimate evil? Nazi death camps were hell. Why do Bollywod movie moguls want to make profit by glorifying Hitler and his evil deeds? Hollywood has made several movies depicting the evil, immoral and cruel acts of Hitler and his Nazi death squads. But Islamic money mafia wants to make a movie on Hitler glorifying his evil deeds. The intended film, the movie mogul claim, can depict Hitler's good deeds. What good deeds? May be the Bollywood Islamic mafia wants to please their Jihadi masters from Pakistan and Arabia.

To be frank, a movie glorifying Hitler will be maddeningly smug and dangerously out of touch with human conscience. It is irresponsible. Can Islamic movie producers can be without any sense and decency? Is it an insidious way of persuading the mind of innocent movie goers that Hitler was not evil?

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