Ali Khalaf

Our brave brother Abdullah Asiri had his rectum filled with explosives and went to kill the Saudi Prince Nayef, a declared infidel. Although Mujahid Asiri blew himself up and achieved martyrdom (and houries), his mission failed as he pushed the button too early.

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Islam's world of unfettered sex: sex with dead spouses and animals; anal sex with women, men and animals...

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obama_muslimObama turns out to be an "my Muslim faith" loving, azan loving (he said azan is the most melodious sound in the world), praying-to-Allah-in-the-White-House president of America, financed by Middle East oil money, who intended to bring millions of Muslims to the USA.

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That is what the great Attaturk, father of the Turkish republic had said about islam over 80 years ago. Although he had no training in Neurology but now the modern Neurologists agree with his diagnosis that  Mohammad  was  a sick arab and that his sickness resulted in islam.

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Muhammad violated too many of Allah's divine laws at whims to serve his interests, desires and lust. He was, thus, an apostate of Islam. He managed to avoid the punishment of apostasy -- death by beheading -- on earth. But what's happening to him in next life. Frolicking with 72 heavenly whores? The Quran may give an inkling (46.9): "I do not know what will be done to me"

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