Ali Khalaf

There are at least four types of Muslims: 1) Real Muslims, 2) Wishy-Washy Muslims, 3) Secular Muslims, 3) Secular Muslims, 4) Honorary Muslims

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The signature campaign of Obama’s presidency was to re-set American relationship with the Muslim world and with Muslims at home. As the first term near completion, it is time to take stock of the president's Muslim out project. It has attained phenomenal success to say the least. With the second term almost in his pocket, Obama is set to leave office with a revolutionized new relationship between Islam and America in place.

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Selling Islam and Muhammad is like selling snake oil. But thanks to "Taqiyya" we have done such a wonderful job that the western idiots who mostly hate their own religions of birth are now in love with Islam and Muhammad. Here is a demonstration tape in which our top religious authority Dr Mahirul Qadri lies through his teeth to the kuffar of Denmark in English that he had no role to play in instituting the blasphemy law in Pakistan. Later see what he says about the same things in Urdu to momins of Pakistan, i.e. it only trough my efforts the blasphemy law was established.

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Allah has ordered Muslim husbands to beat the crap out of his wives (word used is “scourge”, meaning “whip”) for insubordination or disobedience. Thus when a kinky husband demands sex from his wife on a camel’s back and she refuses it, it is insubordination on her part, and the husband is permitted by Allah to flog her like a slave... (Quran 4:34)

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Religious freedom in the U.S.? When a Muslim is imprisoned in the USA for beating his wife to pulps, which is commanded in the Quran, how could there be religious freedom? There is certainly none for Muslims. But good news. The American kuffars have started learning...

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