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In his book “The 100”, which lists history’s top-100 most influential people, author Michael Hart declared Prophet Muhammad to be No. 1, while Genghis Khan came 21st, Hitler 35th and Stalin 63rd. Why was Prophet Muhammad given the top position, although he only mass murdered thousands while the other three had killed in millions. Because Muhammad’s was way smarter and his cult and memory flourished, but the other three are forgotten along with their cult. Today, even after 1,400 years of his passing, his cultists continue to love and   adore him and passionately, would kill any one who insults Muhammad or draws his cartoon.

How Muhammad did it was truly genius. He devised a “Carrot and Stick” scheme to fool his fool hardy cultists to gain wealth, women and power. His plan worked beyond his wildest imagination. Through this scheme, Prophet Muhammad soon became the ruler of whole Arabia, gathered immense wealth, and slept with more women than he had dreamt.

Here is his Carrot-and-Stick Scheme:

1. God guarantees paradise only to those, who kill, or get killed by, infidels (9.111).

2. God wants Muslims to attack, rob and kill the infidels and capture their goods and women as booty. God gets 20% of this booty, which Muhammad collects and enjoys on His behalf. The remaining 80% are distributed among Muhammad’s looters. Sex with captured women is considered halal and clean by God (8.41, 4.3, 4.24, 23.6, 33.50. 70.30). If any one dies in this attack, God rewards him with paradise (many ayas). If the infidels surrendered without fighting, God got 100% of the booty, collected by Muhammad.

3. If any one refuses to go, tries to leave the cult, criticizes or even expresses doubts on what Muhammad says, he is to be immediately killed by the next person. The killed one heads to perpetual hell and the killer is guaranteed paradise with virgins with swelling breasts. (4.89, others)

It is 3rd last clause of blasphemy/apostasy, which has kept Islam alive and kicking till today. Had he not incorporated his third rule, Muhammad’s cult would have vanished after him like all other cults. That is exactly what today’s leading Islamic authority, Imam Al Qardawi, acknowledges: