In traditional Islamic dream interpretation, a Muslim woman's vagina is understood to be the doorway, through which Allah has commanded all Muslims to pass, as verse 2:189 of the Qur’an says: "So come to the houses by their doors".

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"Why do people have different religions?" I was asked. "It seems like the best one would win, eventually, and we’d all believe the same thing...?"

Write comment (42 Comments) is reporting that "The Council of Islamic Ideology met last night as scheduled in light of the protests held last month by JUI and other religious parties against the increasing import and eventual use of padded and colorful bras. The Council also invited shop owners who were in the business of importing and selling female underwear. The Council advised the shop owners to bring lingerie samples, so that the council could see about what the protesters were angry."

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Roving mobs of Muslims on Tuesday attacked and vandalized five buildings, including two churches, in the small Central Java town of Temanggung following the sentencing of a man on trial for contempt of Islam.

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Messages from Allah, and that too in a tomato?

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