Freedom of speech cannot be granted. It can only be taken. Take it now!

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Today we will be talking about the Islamic punishment for adultery, which is stoning. Is it barbaric as some people claim it to be? Quite the contrary, we will see the mercy of Islam in it, as the divine culmination of Judaism and Christianity. So claim Muslims!

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In justifying the assassination of Governor Salman Taseer, 500 Islamic clerics and religious scholars in Pakistan issue a statement: 'Prophet [Muhammad] had Ordered the Killing of An Apostate for Committing Blasphemy Right Inside Masjid Al-Haram [i.e. Ka'ba]'.

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A peep into Jannat al-Firdous, the finest of Allah's seven heavens...

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An account of bounties in Paradise and of Muslims religious activities, prayers, fasting etc.


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