The beloved Prophet of Allah narrated his heavenly visit to the Seventh Heaven. Here the Majestic Allah gave Mohammad a rousing tour of His majestic abode, where the Angels welcomed Mohammad, gave prestige and honour to him...


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Is Allah 'loving'? Does He love? Seems not; if at all, very little. But He surely wants to be loved intensely...


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Allah, in His Own words, isn't commited to true justice and is majestic in deceiving, misleading, lying---a degree higher than even the so-called Satan, the allegedly supreme master of deception.


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Just when I thought this problem was beginning to be licked, I remembered that Christians aren't the only ones that believe in "Intelligent Design" and creationism. The Jews regard Jesus as a false prophet; Christians over-praise him as the “Son of God”, yet the Islamic version of Jesus lays between these two extremes - Jesus the son of Mary and an erstwhile Prophet.


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A list of similarities between Muhammad and Mormon prophet Joseph Smith, and their religious doctrines... Quite striking...


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