Mohammad A. Khan

The misconception that has grown firmly in the Muslim mind that Islam is the only salvation and the best religion on earth. All other religions, including Judaism and Christianity, do not meet the paramount excellence of Islam. According to them, all other religions are either false or corrupted, and Allah has abolished them all to be replaced by the sublime Islam.

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Half of the members of Islamic Pakistan's National and Provincial Assembly hold fake degrees, and they are not ashamed of it...

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While the world's greatest sport and entertainment even, the Soccer World Cup, was going on, Pakistan quietly achieved a 'World Champion' title---it is in watching porn on the internet.

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Why the story contained in Sura al-Fil of the Qura could not be historically true, which Muhammad likely copied from pagan poetry, and why this story turns Allah into a supporter of idolatry...

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Allah threw open challenges to man as well as Jinn to create a book like the Quran or at least a chapter of it and that he would keep the Quran unchanged for eternity. He failed in both challenges. Find out why?

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