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While the world's greatest sport and entertainment even, the Soccer World Cup, was going on, Pakistan quietly achieved a 'World Champion' title---it is in watching porn on the internet.

A report from informs us that residents of Pakistan lead the world in searching for pornographic websites. They are the top users of pornographic sites on internet, with both men and women pass their time watching porn.

Because of the high rate of illiteracy and lack of employment, most Pakistanis are unable to keep themselves busy in productive works. As a result, they are mostly free with lots of time to be leisured away.

Since Pakistan is an agricultural country, most of its population live in rural areas. There is lack of amusement parks and disports. So, their major enjoyment has to pass their time leisurely at home. As a result, they get a lot of time to engage in reproductive activities. Accordingly, most families have from 7 to 10 or more children.

Their children are most of the time free, because most of them aren’t interested to studies; they don’t like to attend schools. The main reason for their lack of interest in education is that are told from childhood that as Muslims, their focus is mostly on the next life, not on the present. Most of Pakistani villagers are very punctual to pray 5 times in a day.

Computers are very cheap in Pakistan; for only a few hundred Rupees (Pakistani currency), one can buy a second-hand Pentium III computer. What happens when a person is mostly free, has nothing to do, and wants some entertainment. Those without internet access pass their time watching Indian movies and songs on computer through pirated/illegal DVDs and CDs. But a different situation emerges when they get access to internet to kill their time. As they have lots of free time at hand, they start watching some porno sites and get addicted to it; they spend hours after hours of their free time, some pass the entire day, in watching porn. They often get so addicted and absorbed that they even miss their mandatory prayers frequently.

In Islam, especially during fasting, husbands and wives are forbidden to have sexual contact between them. Moreover, even the normally busy Muslims do very little work during Ramadan. Thus, some fasting Muslims during the month of Ramadan, because they can’t eat or drink anything until the sun sets, enjoy the porn sites to kill their time.

The Fox report has also included the different categories of porno sites Pakistanis view, and they include animal sex, rape and child sex sites.

Viewing porn sites is no big deal; it is in human nature to be curious about seeing others engaged in sex. The core of this article is to prove the hypocrisy of Muslims, who think that Islam is the best religion and Muslims are saintly in sexual behavior, and yet they are the craziest about watching porn, and spend a lot of their time on it.

The Quran is, in fact, wrong in asserting that Jews and Christians are hypocrites. A thief never calls himself a thief. A crazy person always thinks others are crazy and wrongdoers, and shouts at others. However, he doesn’t know that he himself is crazy and in need of help.

Likewise, the prophet of Islam always pointed his fingers at others; he claimed Muslims the 'righteous' while called 'hypocrite'. But, in fact, he himself was a big hypocrite and we see his characteristics are reflected in his followers today.

We recently saw the so-called blasphemous websites—sites that the tell truth about Muhammad and Islam—being banned in Pakistan. Muslims also claim that sexually explicit contents, such as porn, are abhorrent to Islam, probably more abhorrent than those blasphemous sites. But all pornographic sites are easily accessible to all Pakistanis. Do you see the level of hypocrisy in Muhammad followers?

In fine, I congratulate all Pakistanis for achieving the great feat of becoming the world-champion in watching the hardcore pornographic sites, especially when becoming the world-champion in any event is a rare honor for Pakistan. May Pakistan attain the title of Pornistan!