The case of Faisal Shehzad, the Time Square bomb plotter, demonstrates how false the promises and oaths of Muslims can be and how difficult it is to trust them...

 Faisal Shehzad, Time Square bombing

Faisal Shehzad is the accused mastermind of the failed attempt to kill large number of people at the Time Square in New York. A Pakistani of elite family, he came to the USA as a student in 1998. Here he got married in 2008 and started a happy family. He is said to have gotten a good job after completing his MBA in 2005 and lived in a mortgaged house, priced at around two hundred thousand dollars. In 2009, he became a naturalized US citizen. But suddenly financial problem hit him and he fell behind in paying the mortgage for his house. As a result, his house was confiscated by the authority.

Soon he moved back to Pakistan with his family and after living there fir several months, he came back to USA and got arrest on 3rd May, 2010.

US Citizenship

To obtain US citizenship, one has to meet certain criteria and regulations. One has to hold the Green Card or Permanent Residency before obtaining American Citizenship. If an immigrant is involved in any criminal activity, he/she cannot get US Citizenship regardless of whether he/she is an immigrant and currently living in the United States. Their immigration status is generally terminated by the Homeland Security department and they get deported from the United States.

The fastest way of getting the US citizenship is marrying a US citizen. Through this route, one can get the citizenship in 3 to 4 years. Before obtaining citizenship, a person has to go through an exam or some questions about the history of the United States, he/she must give proper answer to the questions. Then he/she take the oath, in which he/she must swear to defend and respect the adopted country (i.e. USA) in anyway, whatsoever. They will abide by the laws of US constitution and have respect for every American individual.

Muslims in America

Over recent years and decades, a large number of immigrants migrated to the United States from the Muslim world. Most of them entered the USA through illegal process; some entered as students; some came on visit visas and never returned. Visit visas or non-immigrant entries are temporary visas issued by US embassies to non-Americans for visiting the USA for 6 months, a year and so, depending on the class of visas. In the last three decades, most of the people who got visit visas, after entering the United States, never returned. After expiration of their visas, they hid themselves in the United States. They, thus, became illegal immigrants in the United States and got deported, which happened rarely until recently, when they got caught by the FBI or police departments.

Most Muslims in America are still illegal and they are hiding from the eyes of homeland security department. Not only Muslim men but also Muslim women are involved in this kind of improper way to get into the USA. Illegal Pakistanis have been caught in thousands in recent years and deported. Amongst such deportees were my relatives, a couple, deported 4-5 years ago. They entered the US with visit visa, but didn’t return to Pakistan upon expiry of the visa. Thus they became illegal immigrants in the United States until got caught by police and deported.

Faisal Shehzad's treacherous oath

As I have stated above, to obtain the US citizenship, one has to go through legal process, some questions, and must take an oath by his/her faith or religion as the final step. Shehzad went through the same process. He also took the oath in his full consciousness with the depth of his heart and by putting his hand on the Quran that he will serve the United States, work for the best of its interest, and will defend and respect every individual American.

To her astonishment and shock, when Federal District Judge Miriam Cedarbaum asked Faisal Shehzad if he had sworn allegiance to the United States, he replied: “I did swear but I did not mean it.” Upon this, the judge told him that he took a false oath (The news can be read here

Faisal Shehzad came to USA solely for a better life, and we see how treacherously he took oath with his hands on his holy book, the Quran, and then proved himself to be the most untrustworthy. The reason for his grotesque treachery, according to him, is that the USA is killing innocent Muslims in Afghanistan and Pakistan. For him, they are innocent Muslims, although for the rest of world and for most Muslims, America, in reality, is fighting terrorists and militants.

If this was his justification, i.e. America kills innocent Muslims, why did he even bother to get the US citizenship in the first place?

The answer is very simple. With economic crises hit him, causing him lose his expensive house and forcing him to move his family back to Pakistan, his religious fanaticism came to the fore amidst frustration in his life. He joined the Al-Qaeda to devise a devilish plan to kill those Americans, whom he once swore to protect and respect.


The case of Faisal Shehzad, a person of high education and from high-class family in Pakistan, tells us how untrustworthy and unfaithful a Muslim can be and how difficult is it to trust them. Their actions are heinous and atrocious like those of their master, Muhammad, an evil-minded monster of goliath proportion, but is revered as a holy prophet by a billion-plus Muslims, and considered the greatest man ever to be born.

For the well-being and safety of ordinary Americans, my strong advice to the US Department of Homeland Security and law-enforcement agencies to take strong decisive actions against those Muslims, who treacherously want to harm the United States of America. First of all, entry of Muslims into the United States should be strongly scrutinized. Stricter laws should be enacted so to warn those Muslim Americans that if they want to bring their blood-relatives or fiancés to the U.S. as naturalized U.S. citizens, if they person, thus brought or helped get citizenship, engage in such heinous acts, like the attempted bombing in Square Time, 9/11 and so on, their own citizenship could terminated and they could be deported from America. This, to me, is the best solution for America, and all Western nations for that matter, so as to deal with the scourge of ever-increasing Muslim hatred of the infidels, of America in particular.

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