Why Islam prohibits other religions to be propagated in Muslim world? This question always been pinching many Muslims, including self-claimed scholars of Islam, such as Dr. Zakir Naik, Jamal Badawi and so on. And they try their best to give a proper answer, but interestingly, their explanation is so poor and childish that they don’t know what they are explaining.

It is true that, in history, we find evidence that religions, either monotheism or polytheism, had shown varying degrees of fanaticism in one way or another. For example, if someone would say anything against God or Goddess, they would be persecuted by their priests and rulers. But those are bygone days, the days were of ignorance. Today everywhere in Europe and America, this kind of barbarism is condemned in Christianity, Judaism, or any other religion, except Islam.

Islam is a unique and the only religion, not only prohibits other religions to be propagated in Muslim territories, but also allows killing of those, who try to convert Muslims to their own faith and those, who leave Islam.

It is said that Saudi Arabia is the only Muslim country, where propagation of other religions is prohibited, but the truth is otherwise; not only Saudi Arabia but also Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Sudan, along with all Muslim countries, even proverbially moderate Malaysia, prohibit the propagation of religions other than Islam.

Here we will see a video of Mr. Zakir Naik (an Indian Muslim scholar), the self-proclaimed champion of debates, who has, interestingly, been banned by his own Muslims from talking rubbish and nonsense in his speeches. Fatwas have been levied on him and he has been attributed as a Kaffir and non-Muslim. In this video, a questioner asked him about the propagation of other religions in Muslim countries and how he stupidly answer the question that 2 + 2 = 4, that is Islam and other religions are false because they teach 2 + 2 = 5 or 3 or 6 etc…

All religious people will always defend their religion. A Christian thinks his religion is the best, others are wrong; Jews will also think in the same way, and it is natural. But the answer of Zakir Naik is so hilarious that really made me astonished and shocked; I couldn’t expect such a stupid answer from a child.

The Situation in Pakistan

As a Pakistani born Ex-Muslim, I can say with certainty that I have seen Hindus not more than 3 or 4 in 36 years. I might have met just 10-15 Christians in my life. I never met a Jew in Pakistan.

On Pakistani passports, it is categorically mentioned that this passport is valid anywhere in the world but Israel. It means that a Pakistani can’t go to Israel directly from Pakistan. The same is true for almost all Muslim countries. Islamic hatred of the Jewish state is that high.

97% of the population in Pakistan are Muslims that include Shia, Wahabis, Ahle Hadees, and such sects. Qadianis were considered a Muslim community but Supreme Court of Pakistan declared them non-Muslims in 1973 and were thus expelled from Islam. Interesting point is that Qadianis still call themselves Muslim and reject the Supreme Court ruling. If we put Qadianis into the Muslim list, the Pakistani population will be 99% Muslim.

In Pakistan, Muslims severely condemn a Muslim if found reading the Bible. Hence, a big mass of Muslim community don’t know at all about Hinduism, Christianity, Judaism and Buddhism. The sorry thing is that they even don’t understand the Arabic language, said to be their pious language.

Causes of Spreading of Islam

One may, quite reasonably, wonder: why Islam is still alive even after knowing the truth about its founder and his followers and successors, who were very bad people and wrong-doers, and adopted evil way of life. Their best weapon to keep Islam alive and well was kill anyone who comes in their way and not give a single chance, to others, even to think logically and wisely, but to follow as they were told.

If a religion prohibits other religions in their territories, it would definitely overcome any adversity and maintain and propagate it followers. Harassment or threat of killing of apostates would ensure that nobody can leave the religion.

On the other hand, polygamy, which snatched the rights of women away helped produce Muslim children in large number, thereby, rapidly increasing the Muslim population.

Islam would have died even long ago, if the intrusion of other religions in Islamic territories was possible. It would have enabled Muslims -- who interacted with Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists and so on -- would think wisely and their aptitude towards Islam would be quite different from what it is today.


We have come to know that Islam prohibits the propagation of other religions in Muslim countries. For that reason, non-Muslims are harassed if they propagate their religions in Islamic countries;  they might even get killed.

When this is the case: why non-Muslim countries, especially the Western World, allow propagation of Islam in their countries? It is only logical that non-Muslim countries should also prohibit the preaching of Islam, so long Muslim countries maintain a ban on the propagation of other religions. If non-Muslim countries, like the Muslim one, prohibit the promulgation of Islam, I can say with certainty that Islam, an incendiary religion, will be eliminated from the face of earth sooner.

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