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It is our sincere belief that after reading Part 1 of this article, unclean Kafers will rethink about mocking Muslims on the subject of homosexuality in Islam. Indeed, no further discussion is needed when Allah (swt) Himself will supply pearl-like prepubescent boys in abundance for us in His Paradise. The Kafers need not get astonished by this action of Allah. The secrets of Heaven and wisdom of Allah are beyond the intellect of humans. Ignorant Kafers certainly can't comprehend all that.

In Part 1, we have seen that Muhammad equated Muslim women with domestic animals (Tabari IX:113). Let us continue our discussion with some more findings on our holy prophet's comparison of Muslim women with animals.

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Recently, I noticed most western social media making fun about a Saudi Sheikh, who was killed years ago by a donkey while he allegedly tried to sodomize the poor animal.

Never criticize Islam without knowing its noble teachings fully

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Zakat, the fourth pillar of Islam, deals exclusively with wealth. What were the reasons that motivated Muhammad to copy this pagan practice, and impose it on Muslims as well as on non-Muslims. The Quran and hadiths reveal Allah's true intentions behind the imposing of Zakat. There are hundreds of hadiths that reveal the greed of Muhammad (behind the mask of his imaginary Allah), and his bandit Sahaba towards wealth and power. Muhammad accumulated wealth and annexed the neighboring territories by all kinds of crooked means. It is impossible to archive them all in an article. Evidences documenting Muhammad’s evil actions for obtaining wealth and power will requires volumes of books. This part of the series deals with how Muhammad obtained power, and how even the ruler of Rome, the superpower of his time, was afraid of this notorious mafia gang. Most of us don’t pay attention to the fact that our so-called ‘prophet’ was simply a king of Arabia. In this article, I will also list a few hadiths to reveal how a neglected shepherd boy became the king of Arabia.

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My dear fellow Muslim brethren! I was writing a series of articles on the five pillars of Islam last year. Then I intentionally stopped it ahead of continuing on the fourth pillar, namely ‘Zakat’, because I wanted to do it in the ‘holy’ month of Ramadan, on which we Muslims spend whole heartedly on charity. We spend more on Zakat and Sadaqa in the month of Ramadan because, according to our prophet, we get 700 times more reward if we spend in charity in the holy month of Ramadan. In my previous articles of this series, we have learnt what holy the month of Ramadan is all about. We Muslims feel proud of our sense of being charitable as compared to other communities, thanks to paying Zakat as a religious duty. Non-Muslims also appreciate our being charitable in paying Zakat.

But what ‘Zakat’ is all about? We have seen in my previous articles how our holy prophet had copied Islamic prayers and fasting from other religious communities. Was the Zakat charity also copied from other religious communities? Let us ponder over the facts about the origin of the practice of Zakat.

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Recently a Christian father in Egypt was murdered in broad daylight on the street in front of his son by the followers of the ‘religion of peace’. The killing itself didn’t become big news for the world community, as if it is the right of Muslims to oppress and kill non-Muslims in Muslim-majority countries. However, the incident became a news only after the Muslim barbarians did the unimaginable: They dug out the corpse of the murdered Christian father from his grave, dragged it through the streets, and mutilated it.

This incident will certainly be shocking to non-Muslims. It will also be shocking to most of the ignorant Muslims, who bang their heads five times a day, without ever knowing much about their ‘religion’. But had they known Islam, the ‘Religion of peace’, well enough, this incident would not have been shocking or unusual to them. It is indeed a Sunnah, the holy tradition of Prophet Muhammad, left to his followers to emulate for the eternity to come. There are many incidents during the prophet’s time recorded in Sahih Hadiths, wherein Muslims dug out the corpse of non-Muslims from graves as a vengeance or for looting.

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