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While keeping fast, kissing, sucking tongues, having sex -- all was OK for the Prophet and the Sahaaba. But will we modern Muslims dare do likewise?

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Dear Muslim sisters! In Part 1 of this article, we have come across many ‘golden sayings’ of our noble prophet about Muslim women. Those sayings make it crystal clear that your status in Islam is not only lower than men, but also as low as or even lower than domestic animals. The troublesome issue of women in Islam is endless. We can’t cover it all in a few short articles. So, I will keep this discussion brief touching only a few points and complete it in three parts, leaving an earnest request to my Muslim sisters to spend some of your time to study Islamic scriptures on your own in order to know your real status in Islam.


Muhammad’s imaginary brainchild Allah the most Gracious has allowed Muslim men to marry up to four wives. If they desire for the pleasure of new flesh even after having four wives, they can just dismiss one by uttering ‘talaq’ three times and bring in a new one. In addition, Muslim men can have slave-girls as many as they want to spice up their sex life.

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This title would have shocked both the Muslims and ‘infidels’. But it is true as per recorded Islamic sources. I dedicate this multi-part article to the liberation of all women, of my Muslim sisters in particular.

Dear Muslim Sisters! Allah specifically says that the observance of fasting by Muslims is entirely for Him and He will give rewards directly without the interventions of any one (!) (Sahih Al-Bukhari 3:128).

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In this article, I will discuss how vigorously Muhammad tried to project himself as someone similar to Jesus by pretending to fast continuously like did Jesus, and how ‘Allah’ fed him during his continuous fasting. Muhammad’s inability to fast while traveling for Jihad expeditions and the reason for his abolishing fasting while traveling in two steps will also be discussed.

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As human beings, we imagine the ‘Supreme Force’, if exists, as kind and invisible, and the heaven as unimaginably full of peace and spiritual joy. But Muhammad made our Islamic Heaven very much earthly, having walls, gates and gate-keepers. It is also very materialistic in earthly sense with the promise of unbounded supply of fruits, milk, honey, and sealed wine with Allah’s tag on it, golden cots decorated with pearls and specially created sex machines, the houris or eternal virgins etc. It is nothing but stupendous teaching suitable for the stupid. Not even uncivilized tribes will accept such childish ideas of the Divine Abode today. The following hadiths speak about such stupendous teachings of the gates of heaven.

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