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The month of Ramadan fasting for Muslims – An occasion for savoring varieties of delicious food than remember Allah:

Until the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in the US by Muslim extremists, non-Muslims around the world used to think Islam as a peaceful religion like any other – still many do although many non-Muslims and even Muslims have changed their mind since. Yet, Muslims have been committing such crimes around the world from the founding days of Islam under Prophet Muhammad to the present day. The explosion of heinous crimes and barbarisms that Muslim extremists have perpetrated against non-Muslims in recent years are awakening people about the dangers of Islam and are starting to see Muslims in increasingly suspicious light. They have been starting to study Islam's sacred texts and historical literature, and exposing the massive cruelties and barbarisms hidden in those documents. The majority Muslims, both the non-practicing moderates and the radicals, instead of looking into their scriptures, charge this critical scrutiny of Islam by non-Muslims as evil Islamophobia.

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Muslims say that the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, called Ramadan, is the most sacred for them, especially because of its being the occasion of the month-long fasting in Islam. Many well-meaning and good-hearted non-Muslims too regarded this month with respect as a sign of their respect toward Muslim beliefs. We read stories of how some unaware non-Muslims even keep fast alongside their Muslim neighbors to show their deep respect to the Muslim holy month of fasting. Such instances represent the extent of success Muslims have been able to achieve in fooling well-meaning non-Muslims about their religion. Yet, we must agree that in several aspects, the month of Ramadan is certainly something out of the ordinary – or we must say Muslims have turned it to be so.

In reality, through the month of Ramadan, Muslims have degraded the sacred ancient ritual of ‘Fasting’ by turning it into a child’s play that allows Muslims to fast all day long with a sound sleep, and to feast throughout the night in a festive mood. I was shocked to witness this in Saudi Arabia during my stay there, although the same may not be true for the non-Arab Muslim countries. Please read my previous articles about Ramadan to know the about the entire scenario of the month Ramadan starting from the period of Muhammad until now (see links at the end of this essay). I was astonished to know about the statements of Aisha (Muhammad’s favorite wife) that she never fasted during Ramadan. Likewise, there are a number of shocking information in the hadith about the ‘sacred’ month Ramadan.

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This article will shed light on the 'various modes’ of receiving revelation by our prophet for our holy book, “The Quran”. It will reveal to the reader about the extent to which our holy prophet played with the innocence of his disciples and subsequent generations of Muslims.

While growing up, we the Muslim kids in our locality used to feel crazy about the month of Ramadan because of its attraction of fasting. Being a young child, aged below ten years, my mom did not like her beloved son to go through the pains of fasting. So she would avoid waking me up for the pre-sunrise meal (suhur) before we start fasting. But I was very adamant about fasting, and one day I kept my fast even without the ‘Suhur’ meal. My mother understood my religious zeal for fasting and gave in, allowing me to fast from the next day. Youngsters like me in the community liked to fast, because it was a matter of high status amongst the peers and also to share the table with the elders during the evening ‘Fatoor’ or ‘Iftaar’ for breaking fast was a matter of pride. My mother never cooked that much varieties of delicacies in the whole year that she used to cook during the fasting month. The same was true for every Muslim family in our community – as if it was more of an occasion of feasting than fasting. Whenever we friends met up during this month, we took pride in discussing about the numerous varieties of delicious foods our moms cooked for the 'suhur' and 'iftaar' parties.

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As stated earlier, gullible Muslims around the world celebrates Muhammad as the liberator of women. The most important propaganda in this regard is that he rescued female babies from being buried alive by their parents.

While there is some truth in this propaganda, but Muslims blow it out of all proportions.

In the distant past, some societies (India, China etc.) used to practise infanticide as a means of population control. Female infanticide was more common especially in male-dominant societies, because women did not participate in economic activities and were considered an economic burden. Unfortunately, even today, female infanticide exist in some countries albeit at much less frequencies.

The pre-Islamic society of the Arab desert too practiced infanticide due to famine. There are multiple references in Islamic scriptures, referring to the Arabs' practice of infanticide that included both male and female infanticide. In pre-Islamic Arabia, women were not absolutely equal to men, but were relatively free and independent. They used to participate in business, ride camels, travel alone without any male escort, were allowed to buy slaves and were free to choose their life-partners without the help of a male guardians. It is Muhammad who snatched their freedoms from the Arab women and enslaved them under the male dominance. Muhammad brought their social status down to the level of domesticated animals.

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Islamic propaganda machine succeeded largely in its mission of shadowing the evils of Islam and its prophet. This has unfortunately continued for the past fourteen hundred years. It got a bit of hammering since the invention of the internet. Thanks to our scientists, internet has provided us the opportunity to understand the deceptive political ideology of Islam hiding behind the religious mask.

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