Dr. Zakir Naik claims that Islam is the superior religion, because it puts people on the right path, meaning it lead one to realize that 2+2 = 4, the right calculations, not otherwise. But Islam claims that Allah revealed 7 versions of the Quran and we have only one. So, Islam teaches 7 = 1, not quite the right calculation as Dr. Naik claims.

In one of his Urdu TV programs, Dr. Zakir Naik answers the question, asked by the anchor, as to why Islam claims superiority over all other religions. Dr Naik argued that Islam teaches him the right path, to get the correct answer as 2+2=4, whereas the other religions lead one to wrong calculations. In this way, he jokingly entertains the questions from gullible Muslims on his programs. In fact, he and his master Ahmad Deedat have made aware countess Muslims about the supremacist nature of Islam. They didn’t bother to know about their religion before. Thanks to Deedat and Zakir!


It may not be shocking to Muslims, but to non-Muslims, it will be shocking to know that the Quran was revealed to Muhammad in seven different modes – over the incredibly long period of twenty three years – and all the seven Qurans were compiled in book forms only after the death of Muhammad. After nearly 20 years of their compilations, Uthm’an, the third caliph, canonized the Quran into a singular codex out of 7 versions, and ordered the other six versions of the Quran be “BURNED” throughout the Islamic empire. So hundreds of Qurans of the 6 other versions were cremated without ceremony.

Do all Muslims know this fact?

How do Muslims react when they come to know that Allah’s books revealed to guide humankind – not one but six of them and each of them probably as important and “sacred” as the present Quran – were burned to ashes, leaving no trace of them?


The following ahadith are the evidence that the Quran was allegedly revealed to Muhammad in seven different versions and that it was not in a book form even after the death of Muhammad.

Sahih Al-bukhari Volume 3, Book 41, Number 601:

Narrated 'Umar bin Al-Khattab: ‘………….When he recited it, Allah’s Apostle said, “It was revealed in this way.” He then asked me to recite it. When I recited it, he said, “It was revealed in this way. The Quran has been revealed in seven different ways, so recite it in the way that is easier for you.”


The next hadith is a proof that the Muhammad did not bother to compile his Quran into a book form during his life and not a single one from ‘the great Sahaba’ knew the Quran by heart completely, as today’s many ordinary Muslims do. By compiling the Quran in the book form, Muhammad’s “Rightly guided Caliphs” abrogated Muhammad’s principle.

Sahih Al-Bukhari Vol 6:509:

Narrated by Zaid bin Thaabit:
Umar bin Khattab asked Abu Bakr to collect the Quran from different sources and compile it to a BOOK FORM. Then Abu Bakr replied to him, “How can you do something which Allah’s Messenger did not do?”……..


Whereas, Allah asserts at many instance in His Quran that He revealed the Quran to Muhammad in a BOOK form. Here are the two sample verses from the Quran.

  1. “Recite what is sent of the BOOK by inspiration to thee and establish Regular Prayer. (Quran Al Ankabut 29:45).
  2. “That which We have revealed to thee of the BOOK is the Truth confirming what was revealed before it. (Quran Al Fatir 35:31).


Quran burning

The following hadith narrates how Uthman burnt the 6 versions of the Quran allegedly given by Allah. It is very easy in Islam to abrogate Allah’s wish.

Sahih Al-Bukhari volume 6:510:

Narrated by Anas bin Malik: “…Uthman sent to every Muslim province one copy of what they had copied, and ordered that all other Quranic materials, whether written in fragmentary manuscripts or whole copies, be burnt…”

The readers, who are interested to know more references about the seven versions of the Quran may refer to these hadiths: Sahih Al Bukhari  Vol 4:442, Sahih Muslim 1787, Al-Tirmidhi 2215.

So, these hadiths confirm that Allah had revealed the Quran to Muhammad in 7 different modes; no Sahaba knew the Quran completely by heart; the Quran was not in the book form even after the death of Muhammad; and Uthman burnt the remaining 6 versions of the Quran after he, 20 years after the death of Muhammad, compiled a version of his own.


Allah on the other hand says in His Quran the following:

  1. We have sent it down as an Arabic Qur’an in order that ye may be learn wisdom. (Quran, Sura Yusuf 12:2).
  2. Thus we sent this down an Arabic Quran. (Quran, Sura Ta Ha 20:113).
  3. In the perspicuous Arabic tongue. (Quran, Sura Al Shu’ara 26:195)
  4. It is a Quran in Arabic without any crookedness therein: in order that they may guard against Evil. (Quran, Sura Al Zumar 39:28).
  5. A Book whereof the verses are explained in detail a Quran in Arabic for people who understand. (Quran, Sura Fussilat 41:3).

So, in these verses, Allah says that He revealed the Quran for guiding humanity in Arabic, because Arabic is a perspicuous and the best language for its easy and clear understanding.

If Allah’s Quranic Arabic language is so superior, then why did he borrow too many words from other languages into His Quran, such as Hebrew, Abyssinian, Persian, Syrian, Greek and so on?

Moreover, why did He send His Quran in 7 modes of Arabic language?

If Allah were bothered about the vast part of his creation living in other parts of world, then He would have sent the other 6 versions in their languages too.

How could Allah be so stupid to send seven versions of His Quran in the same language?

His followers are certainly not as stupid to follow His all 7 versions of the Quran. So, they, showing greater commonsense and intelligence, have selected just one Quran for themselves and burned the other 6 versions.

So, Dr. Zakir! 7=1 is what Islam truly teaches? Not quite the right calculations Islam teaches as you claim.

The Quranic inheritance law is another gross mathematical bungle of Allah (see videos). If a Muslim wants to follow the inheritance law mentioned in the Quran, he/she surely will go mad. Once again Muhammad, the author of the Quran – illiterate as he was – proved his idiocy by fabricating such stupid verses.

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