B. Kisan

Because it is justified, indeed commanded, by Allah in the Quran...

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Leaders of a barbaric Muslim terror-mob that invaded an Ahmadiyya complex and hacked 3 Ahmadiyyas to death were given 3-6-month jail-terms, while a guard was given a 6-month jail-term for trying to defend the complex against the attack (that's his job).

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Muslims in Pakistan stoned a woman to death on charges of adultery by following the Prophet's command 100%.

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Another headline grabs top spot on the BBC News website. However, this one I had a premonition of a couple of days ago, or you could say access into some insider insight about.

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Habib Peer, an Ahmadiyya Muslim and U.S. citizen, who returned to Pakistan after his brother was murdered by Muslim assailants, also had to embrace his brother's fate as he was shot dead by masked Muslim terrorists---all because of his faith, deemed heretical in Islam...

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