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The Triple Border region between Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay, visited by bin Laden in 1995, has become the first frontier of Islamic jihad in the Americas, where Muslims are heavily involved in organized crime syndicates, money-laundering and drug-trafficking, generating billions of dollars, part of which is spent on supporting Jihadist operations around the world...

In our first article, we described how Muslims first came to Latin America and how they organized the first Islamic jihad in the Americas, known as the Malé Insurrection in Brazil.

Muslims came to Latin America in multiples waves, pushed by wars of economic crisis in their countries: 1860-1900, 1900-1914, 1918-1938, 1945-1955, 1956-1970 and 1971-1984.

Latin Americans considered naïve when we talk about Islam. They are not aware of the supremacist and war-like ideology of this religion, which violently obliterates any pluralist thinking and democratic freedom, wherever it takes root. We should not blame them for this naivety. Even Europeans today have forgotten the big 1,000-year Muslim drive into the heart of that Continent, from 711 (invasion of Spain) until the decisive Muslim defeat at the gates of Vienna in 1683. Even respected historians like Sir Steven Runciman depicted the Crusades in the 1950s as unjustified Christian attacks against the refined and pacific Muslims, while they were, in fact, a Christian reaction to nearly 400-year Muslim invasions, plunder and organized slavery upon millions of Christians of the Middle East, North Africa and Europe.

So, let’s not blame the naïve Latin Americans.

The First Front: Bin Laden in Brazil at the Triple Frontier

triple frontier region in latin america
Triple Frontier region in Latin America

The renowned Brazilian weekly “Veja” published in 2003 that Bin Laden visited the city of Foz do Iguazú in Brazil in 1995. This city sits exactly on the so-called “Triple Frontier” between Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay. There is a 28-minute video on his visit that is kept with the ABIN (the Brazilian CIA).

At that time in 1995, bin Laden was not as big and widely known as he is today. The ABIN people just filed the video and forgot about it.

One may assume: maybe Bin Laden came all the way from Afghanistan to relax and visit the wonderful Iguaçu Falls. No, this was not the case.

True to their ideological roots based on caravan robbery and unlawful behavior as set forth by Prophet Muhammad and sanctioned by Allah in the Quran, many radical Muslims reportedly started settling in this “Triple Frontier” since end 1990s. Known for its lawless history of contraband drug trafficking and money laundering, Muslim settlers navigate the region with familiarity. If Brazilian cops go after them, they just cross the river Paraná to the neighboring Paraguayan city of Ciudad del Este and they are safe. And vice-versa.

That’s most probably the reason why bin Laden visited the area back in 1995: he was setting up a new avenue to raise funds for his terrorist operations.

Who could have informed bin Laden, sitting far away in Afghanistan and the Middle-East, that the region offered potential for illegal “businesses”?

Undoubtedly, someone from the “peaceful” Muslim immigrant community there!

Indeed, Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah has set up a drug-trafficking and illegal business network there. Hezbollah’s military commander Imad Mugniyah heads the operation in this region. He sits on the lists of most-wanted terrorists of both the FBI and the European Union, and is believed to work frequently out of Ciudad del Este (Paraguay).

Large sums of money generated from money laundering and contraband drug trafficking in the region are also funneled to finance terrorist activities of the al-Qaeda and Hezbollah in other parts of the world. US agencies estimate that smuggling accounts for US$12–13 billion revenues per year. Estimates tell us that from US$300–500 million is sent every year to finance terrorist infrastructure and operations in sensitive areas like Afghanistan and Iraq.

It was the Hezbollah operatives in this region that supported the logistics for the 1992 and 1994 terrorist attacks against the Israeli Embassy (29 dead) and the Israelite Mutual Association (85 dead) in Argentine.

The US worries do not stop there. Many of those radical Muslims acquired local citizenship in one of those three countries. Muslim proselytism among natives is highly active and successful. The native converts are providing sources of terrorist operatives from the local community. As they do not look like Arabs and can easily go to the US as tourists, the US is also highly worried about this.

Connection between Triple Border region and Kabul

Iguazú Falls picture found at al-qaeda HQ in kabul
Iguazú Falls picture found at al-qaeda HQ in kabul

"What the heck is this!" This is probably what the NATO soldiers exclaimed when they entered in the al-Qaeda headquarters in Kabul in 2001. According to a report from ABKnet News, the soldiers entered one room to find lots of papers from the terrorist organization scattered on the floor. They were astonished when they spotted a poster of a big scenic waterfall on the wall. Now, that was not the office of some tourist agency. Al-Qaeda people are not known for their love of Mother Nature or other gentle feelings like this.

The soldiers did not know where those waterfalls are located. The poster was sent to Germany, where intelligence officers identified as the Iguazú Falls, close to the city of Foz do Iguazú, at the Triple Border region.

What this poster was doing there in Kabul, only Allah knew… and now you know it too.

Now, everybody knows who the major sponsor and protector of Hezbollah is: Iran.

Continues in third article of this series, Islamic Menace in the Americas: Hitting the US from South, the Second Front.

Hezbollah Jihadist arrested at the Triple Frontier between Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina

Readers, who may think that these articles are just talking about some potential or imagined Islamist threat in Latin America, should know that the region is teeming with Muslim outlaws. Hardly have I finished this article that there appeared a hot news of arrest of a Hezbollah Jihadi operative in the Triple Frontier region (also known as Tri-Border region), as reported by the Italian news agency ANSA and the Brazilian newspaper, O Globo.

CIUDAD DEL ESTE, Paraguay, 16 June 2010 (ANSA, O Globo) - It is known to all the dangerous situation of triple border, the region is dominated by traffickers, members of the Colombian guerrillas FARC's, Brazilian and Paraguayan criminals. The arrest of Ali Moussa Hamdan, shows that international criminal gangs are working hard on this region that is fertile for criminal actions.

ASUNCION - A Lebanese citizen suspected member of the Shiite movement Hezbollah was arrested in Ciudad del Este, in the Triple Frontier region, and deported from Paraguay to Brazil, said on Thursday the Anti-drug Enforcement Agency of Paraguay (SENAD).

Mustapha Ahmad Abu Hamdan, 39 years, has against him an international order for his capture issued by the Brazilian tribunals for drug trafficking.

According to SENAD, he is also reported to be a member of a local cell of Hezbollah.

*The Lebanese Moussa Ali Hamdan was in Paraguay to reorganize the Muslim group's activities in that region*

According to the authorities, the Lebanese would be in Paraguay to "reorganizing the Islamist group in the country.

To do this, he acted under the false name of Carlos Kassen Daher, with fake Brazilian citizenship papers.

After being expelled from Paraguay, since he was there ilegally, Hamdan was handed over to Brazilian Federal Police.

According to the Paraguayan newspaper ABC Color, the arrest was a result from the Special Forces operation, named Spectro.

ANSA, O Globo

As readers can see, Muslims adhere strictly to their historic behavior since the times they used to loot trade-caravans in Arabia. Here in Latin America, they are heavily engaged in organized crime syndicates, drug trafficking, smuggling and related activities.