Just why I left Islam and why the Pakistani state should be dismantled...

Pakistan came into existence in 1947 on the basis of Islam and for Muslims. That was a wrong start, because a country should not be for any religion; it should be for the people living in it. It was also wrong in the sense that it is much better to live in a secular and democratic country like India than founding a country only for Muslims. Result of that foundation is clearly visible today—human sufferings, no democracy, no respect for human rights and so on.

Looking back to history, we know that Islam was spread using jihad and sword, and killing humans. As a result of Islamic jihad, the killings continue. Muslims, dreaming of reaching their fantasy paradise, continue trying to make this world hell. Such dreams are outcome of Muhammad and its followers. Pakistan, proudly claimed to be the only Muslim country founded in the name of Islam, has become a special attraction to jihadists of the world.

During the 1980s, Sharia laws were imposed in Pakistan. And at the receiving end of these laws were non-Muslims and non-believers, and even some Islamic sects. Thousands of people, who dared to think and criticize Islam, have been charged under this law. Every year many disappear even without any so-called trial.

After the temporary and semi fall of the Taliban in Afghanistan, Talibans have been very active in Pakistan, especially in northern areas like NWFP and Baluchistan. Present government of Pakistan is playing double: on one hand, under the pressure of the West, particularly the USA, the army is fighting the Talibans; at the same time, the same government has been and is providing free hands to them. As a result, the Talibans in the Swat Valley not only killed, slaughtered and hanged people, but also burned all Girls Schools. According to sharia law, woman were totally forbidden to leave homes alone and uncovered.

Today in Pakistan, there are thousands of Quran schools, the madrasas, which have been playing the key role in preparing suicide bombers and the Talibans. Links of these Quran schools have been identified to attacks in different parts of the world.

Women in Pakistan still lack the basic human rights. They are considered to be property of men, and reproduction machines.

In Pakistan, those like me, who don't believe in Islam, are not only are forbidden to think, speak and do different, but also live under constant threat of sharia law and death penalty. There is a total lack of freedom of expression in this country. Instead, there are inhuman laws like sharia to control people's thinking.

There are so-called 'modern Muslims' in Pakistan, but when it comes to the point of taking the side of freedom of speech, critical thought, human rights and secularism, they fail miserably and become tools to crack on those, who don't believe in Islam, think different and do different.

Today Pakistan has nuclear bombs; Pakistanis call them Islamic bombs. At the same time, the country is one of the lowest ranked in the World Development Reports, where people lack food, education, healthcare, justice and so on.

Because of such reasons, I not only left Islam, but also see it as part of the problem and is the cause of human sufferings in the country. Because of the very same reason, am against the Ideology of Pakistan. In the first place, it was wrong to divide India and establish a country only for Muslims, when India is a secular and democratic state, offering space for people of all faith.

I not only hate Islam but also believe that Pakistan, as a nation, should be dismantled, simply because a country should be for humans, for its citizenry, not for a religion and not especially for a barbaric religion like Islam.

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