Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, the man behind the resolute campaign for building a mosque at the 9/11 Ground Zero, is only following the footsteps of Muhammad, the Prophet of Islam. Find out why?

The construction of the Islamic Center on the Ground Zero is making headlines these days in USA. Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf did not find any other place but Ground Zero for building a mosque. The choice of the place clearly shows his ulterior motive to create clash and chaos now and once it is built then continue the chaos and fight over the land in Ground Zero until the earth stops orbiting around the Sun. Dear readers, judge the acts of Imam Rauf by comparing with Prophet Muhammad and his companions. It is in the history that Muhammad and his companions claimed many holy and sensitive places of others as their own. The Kaaba in Mecca was a holy place of the idol worshiper Quraish. After the victory of Mecca, Muhammad made it the place of worship for Muslims. In his exile with his disciples, followers and many wives in Medina, he ordered his followers to pray facing Jerusalem. To establish a claim on Jerusalem, he made a story that included his prayer in a mosque during his stop over while he was flying to meet God with a God given space craft. Were there Muslims living in Jerusalem at that time? Albeit, no. Then how come there was a Mosque there for Muhammad to pray? If King David or King Solomon built a prayer place there, then it was a temple not a mosque because none of them were Muslims.

Actually, Caliph Omar built the Mosque there after conquering Jerusalem where the Jews have their holy place called Temple Mount. Creating chaos, irritating other religious people's feelings and sentiment and gradually claiming and capturing other religious places were the regular practices of the early Muslim invaders. There were no mosque in Jerusalem but Muhammad claimed praying there, later Caliph Omar built a mosque called Al Aqsa just right on a holy place of the Jews. Omar did not find any other place in the whole territory captured by him to build the Al Aqsa Mosque. See what Imam Feisal wants to do. In Ground Zero, the Islamic terrorists recited Koran while they attacked twin towers and killed thousands of people. Now, the Mosque has to be built here in Ground Zero and the Muslims will recite Koran and who knows with time they will claim the whole Ground Zero as their own.

Those who watched Imam Rauf’s interview in the recent interview with CNN's Soledad O'Brien, definitely observed about his innocent appeal for interfaith dialog and healing. Imam Rauf does not need to promote interfaith dialog here in United States. The opportunities are here to have open interfaith dialog. It would be wise for him to build Islamic Centers in Mecca and Medina for interfaith dialog because there are no such things there. There will be healing if Imam Rauf declares Bin Laden and his companions as apostates (kaffirs) for killing innocent people without raising questions on American foreign policies.  Muhammad used to like interfaith dialog and discussions with Jews after he migrated to Medina to save his life from the Quraish. Medina charter, Hudaibia pacts are a few that Muhammad did but readers see what happened in Medina. There is not a single Jew left there. Other than Muslims no one can even enter into these cities. Such is the final outcome of medina charter! If one reads about Albert Einstein and follows him, then albeit he will gain some of his characteristics.

Imam Rauf is a true follower of Muhammad. No doubt, he is following the footsteps of Muhammad.

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