It’s very easy to understand Islam and Muhammad. Read the following 20 points. That is the whole Islam.

  1. Muhammad's father died before his birth
  2. Muhammad's mother died when he was child
  3. Muhammad's nurse, who gave her milk, died after giving him milk
  4. His grandfather Abdul Muttalib took care of him, but he also died not long after
  5. Then his uncle Abu Taleb took care of him, whom he employed for tending the cattle and also often joined his trade-trips.
  6. He started a job under Khadija, a wealthy businesswomen
  7. Muhammad married with Khadija not because she was a widow or old, but because she was rich.
  8. Why nobody in Mecca gave their girl to him, even when old men easily married young girls? For example, Muhammad’s father Abdullah and Grandfather Abdul Muttalib married on the same day. Then why nobody would give their daughters to Muhammad till the age of 25, which was very late age for marriage in those days.
  9. After few years of marriage Khadija's business failed, and they become poor. Why??
  10. It is because Muhammad had observed the leaders of Mecca used to earn handsomely from the offering given to deities of the Temple Kaba. Muhammad and Khadija thought: Why not we do something similar so that we make a living from offerings of the people given to our temple. So, Muhammad tried to prove that he was a prophet, so that everyone starts worshiping his God and give money to his temple. But when the Meccans showed reluctance to join his cult, he started abusing the Meccans’ Gods, religion and customs in trying to establish his deity is only true god worth worshipping. Fed up, the Meccans started creating obstacles to preaching Muhammad’s religion. So, seeing no hope in Mecca, he had to find a greener pasture elsewhere. (So, from the age of 25 when Muhammad married Khadija to age of 52 when he moved to Medina, Muhammad had not paid attention to making a living working hard on Khadija’s business. So, her business failed and they became rather poor.)
  11. At this time, Medina offered Muhammad a greener pasture where people started joining his religion. So, he shifted to Medina with all his followers, and allied with the local converts (ansars). He formed a criminal raiding band of trade-caravans.
  12. He himself was a merchant. So he knows well where merchants used to commute. So it was easy to prey upon and loot them.
  13. By looting, he started earning money and gradually he made a powerful army of criminals
  14. After getting power by crime, he started killing his enemies, and those who did not believe in his message and refused to worship his deity.
  15. When he got power and money, he started other communities of around Medina. And when his power grew further, he planned to attack Mecca in 628, but failed. And 2 years later in 630, he attacked Mecca again and broke all the idols of Temple Kaba, keeping only its Black Stone.
  16. He made Kaba as center so that every one gives money to their temple, so he can earn money.
  17. After becoming prophet he only searched women for sex. He did sex with more then 62 females including kids. One, who, for 25 years, didn’t get any woman, and over the next 27 years, got only Khadija, 3 times widowed and 15 years older than him, now start snatching young girls and having sex with them. A prophet now thought only of sex. He never made any female his sister or daughter but only wife and sex-slave. He even did not spare girls as young as 6 years of age from his lust for sex.
  18. Curses of his criminality fell upon his offspring as none of sons survived their infancy, while all his daughters died early deaths.
  19. He eventually died by poison, which was given by his own wife (see Why Aisha Likely Poisoned Muhammad, Not a Jewish Woman: Part 1, Part 2)
  20. See the lust of so-called prophet. He died while having sex with his child-bride Aisha.

So this is roughly the whole story of Muhammad and Islam…

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