Muhammad was the man who said my food is better than others food so all should eat my food, and he slaughtered people who did not agree with him.

Most religions have their share of evil and have produced a lot of trouble on earth and towards mankind. Evil divided mankind into many religions. This was so they would kill each other, and that is what man is doing. People say religions teach peace; but it is hard to find peace between Israel and Palestine, even though the people on each side are very religious. We can see the same hatred between India and Pakistan.

Around sixty three years ago, Muslims divided India and made a separate Muslim country. They did it because Muslims hate Hindus; they hate Hindus because Islamic Allah hates Hindus and all other non-Muslims. Pakistan is a country born of religious hatred. Islamic Allah order Muslims to divide Earth and to make a separate Islamic country; soon Muslims will make a new Pakistan out of the United Kingdom, and another one out of Canada; more Pakistans will come out from Australia, China, America, France, Holland, Philippines and many other parts of the world.

"Islam is not only a religion, but also a fully-developed political system, like a monarchy, communism or it can be called the dictatorship of Muhammad. This system has its laws and punishments, tax system and everything to run a nation according to Muhammad’s will, and Muhammad’s will is against the freedom of mankind, women’s rights, non-Muslim rights. In short, Muhammad’s will is against democracy and human rights. In democratic countries, like America, Britain and India, Muslims call themselves American-Muslim, British-Muslim and Indian-Muslim, but the truth is: they lie to others as they lie to themselves. Democracy means freedom in good sense, and Islam mean slavery to Muhammad. A true follower of Muhammad can never accept the idea of democracy and a true American, British, Indian or any citizen of democratic country cannot accept the idea of Islam. The word American-Muslim does not make sense. You can be American or you can be Muslim, but you never can be American Muslim. As we all know, a true Nazi cannot be a true Jew and a true Jew cannot be a Nazi. I have never heard of a ‘Nazi Jew’ or ‘Jewish Nazi’. It does not make sense at all; the same way words like American-Muslim, British-Muslim, Canadian-Muslim, Ozzy-Muslim and Indian-Muslim do not make sense. Every country faces division or fights for Islamic freedom wherever Muslim minorities exist. Soon America, Britain and many more countries will face the same trouble, which was faced by India in 1947."

"Once, Issa warned to all mankind, “Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inside they are evil’s wolves. You will recognise them by their fruit. Every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. Good trees cannot bear bad fruit and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit. Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire of Hell.”

The fruit of Islam is terrorism. Muslims all around the world fight with all non-Muslims... Yes, Muslims are doing good for their Islamic Allah, but at the same time Muslims are destroying lives made by God.

  • In India, Muslims fight with the Hindus.
  • In Thailand, Muslims fight with the Buddhists.
  • In the Philippines, Muslims fight with the Catholics.
  • In the Middle East, Muslims fight with the Jews.
  • In Europe, Muslims fight with the Christians.
  • In China, Muslims fight with the communists.
  • In Germany, Muslims fight with the Germans.
  • In Malaysia, Muslims fight with the Chinese and Indians.
  • In France, Muslims fight with the secularists and Catholics.
  • In Russia, Muslims fight with the non-Muslim Russians.
  • In the United States, Muslims fight with the ‘black workers’, Latino workers, blind people, with a dog, cab passengers, with alcohol.
  • In Denmark, Muslims fight with the cartoons.
  • In Sudan, Muslims fight with a teddy bear named Muhammad, rape women who are compliant to police and kill innocent civilians.
  • In Indonesia, they fight with other Muslims.

They fight with everybody. Why is that? Is it a peaceful religion? Muslims destroy temples and churches... Muslims destroy status and burn books belonging to other faiths... think what will happen to Muslims when the same things happen to them? What if someone destroys their Makka kaba and gives back what Muslims have given to non-Muslims...? As it is the law of God. You do good and good will happen to you, and if you do bad worse will happen to you. I do not see anything good ever done by Islam or by Muslims to this world. No doubt Muslims have done a lot for their Islamic Allah. They have fought and killed many non-Muslims for Islamic Allah, but to tell you the truth, it is God who gives you paradise, and Islamic Allah shows you the way to Hell."

"Muhammad was not a messenger, but still he received one message from God. The only message, which came to Muhammad was: ‘there is no other God, but one’. This message was only for Muhammad. Muhammad was unable to understand why people were praying to statues. Why people were praying in different churches or in temples?

Muhammad sunk himself to solve the mystery of God. At that time he received the message: “There is no other God but one.”

In this message, God said to Muhammad: “Oh Muhammad, let the people pray wherever they pray; whether they pray in church or Jewish temple or in Hindu temple. Oh Muhammad, let the people pray to whomever they pray; don’t worry if they pray to the moon, sun or the wind or to any book or any statue. Oh Muhammad, let the people pray however they pray; whether they pray in Hebrew, Arabic, English or Hindi; whether they pray in light or in the dark. All the prayers come to me because there is no other God, but one and only one: Me.” Muhammad had no wisdom to understand the words of God; that is why he produced a new religion and a new nation to fight with others. Take the example of the ocean. God is like an ocean; there is only one ocean all around Earth; geographically we divide it into seven oceans. Still, it is one water all around Earth. There are many rivers on Earth, and every river comes to its end in the ocean. All rivers mix in the same ocean. The ocean welcomes the water that comes from any river. The ocean accepts rivers from west to east. The ocean never says ‘I do not like rivers coming from the west’. The ocean welcomes every river with the same love; all rivers are equal for the ocean. It is the same with God; for God, it is not an issue if you pray in the mosque, church or temple; for God it is not an issue if you pray in front of any book or in front of any statue; or in what position you pray; whether you are standing, kneeling or sitting on a chair. The only thing that matters is what you are praying about, and what you ask in your prayers, and if you are praying from your heart or if you are praying to show off to others.

I would like to write another example.

People eat different kind of foods in different parts of the world, but all eat for the same reason; the reason to live. People in China eat differently to what people in Italy eat.

Arabian food is different from Mexican food, but still all people eat for the same reason.

Just imagine if Chinese people started to believe all those who do not eat Chinese food are foolish, and we are wise because we eat Chinese food. I do not know what Muslims will think about them, some might start eating Chinese food, but wise men will laugh at them, because they do not know the truth.

Prayers are food for your soul and different people pray in different ways; still all pray for the same reasons. You do not eat food because food wishes to be eaten by you. You eat because you need food to live. The same way, you do not pray because it is favour on God. You pray because your soul needs strength to stand against evil and by praying, you receive wisdom, and your soul becomes connected to God, and God accepts all the prayers. God never says I do not accept those who pray in temples or in churches, God accepts all the prayers from all mankind.

Muhammad was the man who said my food is better than others food so all should eat my food, and he slaughtered people who did not agree with him. Muslims accept Muhammad as a prophet, and at the same time they believe God is all-wise. If you believe God is all-wise then Muhammad can never be His messenger."

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