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The likely untold truth about Muhammad's childhood and the curse he brought upon humanity....

Islamic historians claim that Muhammad was born to a rich family; his grandfather Abdul Muttalib was head of his tribe and guardian of the temple of Kaba. Now the question is:

Why was Muhammad completely illiterate?

Why did his mother Amina or his grandfather Abdul Muttalib never send him to school for an education?

At Muhammad's time, many people in Arabia, particularly at his birthplace Mecca, were educated; the best poets of the world were Arab. Although their civilization was embryonic, the Arabs had eagerness for learning, particularly Arabic, Persian and other Middle Eastern languages. Women had freedom, respect and even power in society; even some tribes were headed by women, as there were also prostitutes and tawaifs (woman who danced to entertain). Arabian hospitality was well-known all around the world. Elders were respected in every family. Hindus, Christians, and Jews were living together in peace.

Yet Muhammad, grandson of a well-educated and respected head of a tribe, was completely uneducated! Why? Different Islamic historians write different stories about Muhammad’s childhood, and all of them write to hide the truth.

The truth about Muhammad’s early age is not written anywhere. The things I am about to tell you, unknown to the world, probably were roughly the truth about Muhammad's childhood. It is true that Muhammad was born in a rich family; but in his childhood, he was considered a bad luck.

Muhammad’s father died when he was still in his mother’s womb, and after this misfortune Amina lost her love for the child she was carrying in her womb. She considered it to be the indication of bad luck. She feared many more mishaps would befall her after she gave birth to the ill-fated baby. In the middle of July 571 CE, Amina gave birth to a baby boy, and she named him Kuthan, but his grandfather Abdul Muttalib changed the baby’s name to Muhammad after a few years.

Amina never breastfed Muhammad, and she always ignored him, even when, she knew, he was crying because of hunger. Amina had a slave-girl named Barakat and Barakat had a friend named Haleema, who had also given birth to a baby boy a week earlier than Amina. Amina hired Haleema to look after Muhammad as her own son. Even Haleema knew about the ill-fate of Muhammad. She refused at first, but when Amina offered her a good sum of money, she accepted.

Haleema looked after Muhammad and breastfed him. When Muhammad was only six years old his Mother died, and Haleema left him under the care of his grandfather, Abdul Muttalib. Abdul Muttalib was a very noble, God-fearing and kind-hearted man; he enrolled Muhammad in school of the tribe where children from rich families went to study.

The whole tribe considered Muhammad to be ill-fated, but no one talked openly because of Abdul Muttalib. Muhammad was not liked by anyone; no parents wanted Muhammad around their kids. Muhammad was only eight years old when Abdul Muttalib died. Abdul Muttalib had ten sons, but none of them accept Abu Talib, also a very noble and kind-hearted man, was ready to look after Muhammad, because they all considered him accursed. Despite taking the responsibility of looking after Muhammad, he still kept him away from his house and gave him place to live outside away from family. And he was never sent to school again.

 In history, what you read about Muhammad is written mostly by his Muslim followers, so it's not necessarily true. All around the world people hate Hitler, but if you read his history written by one of his followers, I am sure the picture would be different. We read American history written mostly by white Americans, but if you read American history written by a Native American, you will find Americans and Nazis to be close to each other. If you read books about George Bush written by one of his supporters, I am sure it will be different to the one written by any Iraqi sufferer whose family was killed by the American army.

Muhammad made an army and fought with non-Muslims, and he killed many non-Muslims, and until now his true followers are fighting and killing non-Muslims; that is the truth about Muhammad. Muslims and non-Muslims both accept it. Muhammad spent the critical years of his prophetic life in warring against non-Muslims. And if there was a history written about him by one of those non-Muslims whose tribes he attacked, you will see a different picture of Muhammad. This world is a market, and all are selling their different views about history. One has to use his/her reason and wisdom to choose what might be true, what mightn't.

Muhammad made a new religion because he wanted power; he wanted to rule over the people. For the first three years of his prophethood, he secured his words with caution amd made people follow him. And when he had attracted a good number of people to his cult, he formed an armed gang to fight those who were against him as well as to plunder and loot. But if there's a God, He would never approve of His chosen men to create an army to fight against his own creation, for his religion or whatsoever. If at all, men of God would walk from city to city, from village to village, from door to door, to give the message of peace. If you compare Muhammad with Guru Nanak or Buddha, you will find the truth. Nanak walked from one place to another, and spread the words of God with wisdom; he never made an army. When Muslims were in power, they horribly brutalized the Hindus, Sikh and other non-Muslims of India. In this age, you see that Muslims are living freely in Hindustan. This is because the Sikh and Hindu religion never preach to their followers to fight with Muslims or people of any other faith. On the other hand, where Muhammad was born, it has been completely cleansed of the infidels.

In Saudi Arabia, those non-Muslims allowed to come in to work (because without them Saudi Arab would become dysfunctional), they live as second-class citizens; they are not allowed to worship their God, not even allowed to carry the holy book or religious symbol. Muhammad’s followers believe that only Muslims obey ‘The God’; but, in truth, ‘Muslim’ stands for the ‘one who rejects God and follows Muhammad’s commands’. Muslim means the slave of Muhammad.

God never asks any human to fight for Him. God is all powerful. God never created mankind to fight with each other. Humans even sacrifice their own life to save others, but Muhammad’s ideology turned the God's best creation into cruel beings. Muslims blow themselves up not to save, but to kill others; because they think, Islamic Allah will reward them with a ticket to paradise for doing this.

Muhammad and his Islamic Allah divided mankind to fight and kill each other. Muhammad used the name of God to misled mankind. Muhammad said to his followers: Whoever will fight and die in the battlefield, Islamic Allah will give him 72 virgins in Heaven. I would like to ask Muslims: What reward your women will get for fighting for their Islamic Allah? Muhammad lures men to fight for him with his enemies. Muhammad brainwashed people, and made them fight for him, and until now his true followers are fighting with non-Muslims. It's the same as tactic which Hitler used to brainwash Germans, and turned them into cruel Nazis.

If at all, Men of God come to bring peace upon mankind, but the war, started by Muhammad, is still happening. Muslims continue to hate non-Muslims in the same way Muhammad taught his followers in the early days of Islam. This hatred is eternal in nature; it will not end until Islam is vanished.