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We scream and scream to them, the British, “Watch out for Islam!! Don’t let Islam take root in your land!! Don’t open your door to invite Islam!”

We know better because we have already EXPERIENCED it in our homelands.

But they don’t believe us. They act like they know better about Islam just by looking at the smiley faces of Muslims.

Watch out!!

islamic rape

Then thousands of their daughters are raped daily by Muslims over the years!

They are confused, flabbergusted, dumbfounded, astonished, bamboozled, bewildered, blown away, staggered, startled, shocked, thunderstruck.

They say: “How come the Muslims can be so cruel to our little daughters? We accept them in our land, we let them marry our daughters, we let them worship Islam in our land, we let them have their own Sharia, we let them keep breeding like rabbits. We even feed them and give them shelter. But now look at what they did to our daughters! Why? Oh why?!

We try to explain, show, clarify, define, describe that they are dealing within Islam, the main moral guidance of Muslims.

We scream to them, it is Islam that turns the Muslims into extremely immoral without the feeling of remorse and guilt, but they don’t believe it!

Instead, they accuse us to be Islamophobic, racist, prejudiced, bigot, misjudging, narrow minded, one sided, unfair.

But one thing is for sure: The long they don't listen, this will only continue to their daughters and intensify. Just look at they have done and continue doing to non-Muslims in Islamic countries. Days ago Christian women were gang-raped on the streets of Egypt to the shouts of "Allahu Akbar".



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