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It is common to find instances of a Muslim proclaiming either in person or on the internet that he is "Proud to be a Muslim". Every time I hear this statement, I never fail to wonder: What exactly are Muslims are so proud of?

Their women are enslaved and treated like children, their countries are third-world backwaters stagnated by an obviously out-dated religion, their youth is constantly angry, they are lacking in all fields of studies whether it be science, literature or discovery, illiteracy is extremely high, they have failed to reform Islam to make it a more acceptable religion  in a world much different from the 7th century, their countries have no freedom of speech or expression…

I can go on at length and possibly write a whole book on pervasive and serious problems, many of which are unique to Muslim communities and caused by Islam. Islamic countries’ crimes and problems are ignored and hidden, not dealt with because problems are not suppose to exist in an Islamic society. Muslims have developed a fetish for finding faults with the West as if that makes their own faults disappear.

Again, What is it that Muslims are so proud of?

Muslims follow a dead Arab who could not resist his sexual attraction to a child and ended up having sex with a 9 year old baby girl called Ayesha, as admitted by Ayesha herself in countless hadith. They follow a dead Arab who ordered people to be stoned to death, who ordered people’s hands and feet to be cut off over petty theft, who is responsible for the murder of thousands of non-Muslims. Muslims follow a complete fraud who taught hate and a divisive religion.

Again, What is it that Muslims are so proud of?

Give this madness up. Allah does not exist… Muhammad lied… everything is explained when you recognize that simple historical fact. All the countless failures of Islam start making sense. Islam is the noose that strangles the Muslims and prevents them from producing a modern country.

This article is not to ridicule or insult Muslims but to make them think about their circumstances and face reality. How long will Muslims live in denial and say these problems somehow do not exist. To improve, the first step is to acknowledge that there is a problem. This is why this article was written, so the Muslim reading it can acknowledge that there is a problem and start doing something about it. Instead of wasting time bowing down to the wall in their rooms, Muslims need to spend it solving the problems facing Muslim majority countries. Sorry Muslims, but following a dead warlord who had sex with a child is not something to be proud of, but something to be ashamed of.