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About the horrific public beheading of a British soldier on a London Street to the shouts of “Allahu Akbar” by 2 Muslim men, Ahmed Jama (26), a Muslim, said: "Screaming ‘Allah-hu-Akbar’ and killing innocent people is nothing to do with Islam." Similarly, the Muslim Council of Britain that represents Britain’s 2.5 million Muslims, said in a statement that it was “a barbaric act that has no basis in Islam.” So said David Cameron, Britain’s Prime Minister: “There is nothing in Islam that justifies this truly dreadful act.”

But if Islam’s sacred scriptures and its 1400-year-old history are to be given any credence, then the religion of Islam has everything to do with this horrific murder.

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Recently, the Canadian Supreme Court ruled that the Biblical Speech Opposing Homosexual Behavior is a ‘Hate Crime’.

Hate is demeaning to human dignity – for both the hater and the hated. Yet, abhorrent as it is, hate speech is not necessarily a criminal act. Hate speech that calls for violence, murdering, terrorizing, enslaving or torturing of any individual or groups is criminal.

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The recent Pew poll on the attitudes of Muslims worldwide is not worth the paper it is written on. Most of the questions were designed to present Islam as normal and Muslims as no different from average Americans. Indeed, the conclusion of the Pew Poll (discussed below) is: Muslims in their belief are little different from Protestants.

When you read the outcomes of Pew Polls on Islam, you need to understand that there is no multiplicity of Islam—no moderate or radical Islam, no Western version, Indonesian or Saudi Islam. Islam is an evil religious creed—one and only one—which is founded exclusively on the Quran and Sunnah. The difference between Islam practiced in different Muslims countries lies only in the degree real Islam is applied.

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Nazi Lidice and Ležáky Massacres versus Islamic Banu Quraiza and Boston Massacres

Lidice Massacre: 173 men executed by Nazis Germans, plus 82 children gassed at the Chelmno Extermination Camp

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boston-bombersAfter the mainstream media’s and the Obama Administration’s much hope of finding a White Supremacist of the Timothy McVeigh brand as perpetrator of the Boston Marathon bombing, we get to know about the perpetrators. Whether or not they could be called White supremacist, one thing is for sure: They are of the Islamic brand, the same brand that perpetrated America’s first 9/11 12 years ago. Here they succeed doing it for a second time.

Let us take a look at what might have motivated them:

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