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Islam, under the guise of a religion, is a political tool for making the Kafir race become history, leaving the Muslim race to inherit the earth exclusively. And the Kafir race walking the same path rather willingly.


Allah, the Muslim God, has divided the human species into two races: Muslim and Kafir.

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On March 30th 2013, the New York Times ran an article asking the question: How can reflective and honest intellectuals actually believe this stuff, referring to the Catholic Church?

The piece instigated no riots by Catholics. No cars were fire bombed, and no fatwa was issued by Bishops calling for the destruction of the New York Times offices or for murdering their employees.

That’s their right to free speech, but the more pressing question that must be asked are as follows:

1) How any reflective, honest intellectuals or anyone can believe in Islam?

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Egypt warns giving women some rights could destroy society

UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - Egypt's ruling Muslim Brotherhood warns that a U.N. declaration on women's rights could destroy society by allowing a woman to travel, work and use contraception without her husband's approval and letting her control family spending.

The Islamist party of President Mohamed Mursi outlined 10 reasons why Muslim countries should "reject and condemn" the declaration. The Brotherhood, which was elected to power in June, posted the statement on its website, http://www.ikhwanweb.com/

The Muslim Brotherhood said the declaration would give "wives full rights to file legal complaints against husbands accusing them of rape or sexual harassment, obliging competent authorities to deal husbands punishments similar to those prescribed for raping or sexually harassing a stranger, give girls sexual freedom, legalize abortion, provide teenagers with contraceptives, give equality to women in marriage and require men and women to share duties such as child care and chores, equal rights to homosexuals, and provide protection and respect for prostitutes" and "equal rights to adulterous wives and illegitimate sons resulting from adulterous relationships."

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In a panel discussion at the German Ecumenical gathering (Church Day) on 2 June 2012, former German President Christian Wulff said, Islam is part of a modern, changing Germany and necessary to develop a vibrant society.

Finance minister of the state of Bavaria, Markus Söder, supported Wulff by saying that Islam is an "integral part of Bavaria”, while new President Joachim Gauck said, Muslims living in Germany are more definitively a part of the country than the religion of Islam.

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The Daily Mail reported that on January 25 that Adil Rashid, a Muslim child molester and rapist was spared of punishment by UK court, because of his Muslim upbringing. According to the newspaper:

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