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In May, 2012, Imam Faisal Rauf, the one-time champion of the Ground Zero Mosque, allowed himself to be interviewed by Sean Hannity on Fox Television so he could promote his new book, Moving the Mountain. Not only was he thoroughly humiliated by Hannity, but he was forced to apologize for some of his signature “sound bites,” including the statements that Americans were accessories to the crime of 9/11 and that Americans had more blood on their hands than Al Qaeda.

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In February, 2012, CAIR produced a 38-page legislative lobbying kit to help Muslims lobby against "American Laws for American Courts" legislation that is being considered in 22 states. It can be downloaded from the Internet at:  http://www.cair.com/portals/0/pdf/CAIR-Securing-Religious-Liberty-Handbook.pdf

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The last thing Islamists would want you to know is that the practice of Sharia Law is actually outlawed in many countries, and it is opposed by Muslims themselves where they have a voice in the matter.  Even among Muslim-majority countries, there are very few that actually invoke the draconian hudud penalties prescribed in the Quran.  So while the debate over Sharia Law continues in state legislatures in the United States, it is informative to examine its acceptance or lack of acceptance in different parts of the world.

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Amongst them was his "permanent post-mortem erection"?

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C. H. Martel's new must-read book, "Satan’s Trinity - Hitler, Stalin and Muhammad", has a simple premise – compare the lives of the three most evil persons in history.

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