Louis Palme

Whenever a new translation of the Quran is published, I obtain a copy of it hoping that, finally, someone has discovered that Islam’s sacred text was misunderstood, that it is really about equality, civil rights, and brotherly love. It was with this same anticipation that I opened the new English translation by Dr. Nazeer Ahmed, written “in easy American English.”

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The Muslim fasting month of Ramadan may begin on August 1 this year. Or perhaps it will not. The start of Ramadan must be determined by religious clerics observing the new moon with the naked eye. Also, Ramadan may begin in different countries on different days – because the new moon appears on different days as it orbits the earth. Islamic obsession with physically observing the new moon obscures the embarrassing truth that the accuracy of time doesn’t really matter much in Islam.

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As Sharia law creeps into the West, it's time to take a look at how a Sharia-compliant wedding would look like...

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