Roddy Newman

Ridiculous Fatwas of reputed Islamic scholars that can expose and damage Islam.

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It is well known that in recent years, the Arab Islamists ruled Northern Sudan has murdered possibly 400,000 Blacks in a racist genocide in Darfur, but such genocidal tendencies are nothing new about Islamism.

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When Islamists engage in terrorism, or use political power to introduce Sharia law, they do so because they have faith in Allah, allegedly the Omnipotent God. So, it is important to explain to them that Allah was originally a pre-Muslim Arabian “Moon god”. Modern Islamists, of course, have no idea that they worship a “Moon god”; instead they see Allah as a God, Who is the Creator of the universe. But their delusion does not alter the fact that Allah was originally a lunar deity as I will now explain.

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All signs point to its favor, especially when polygamy, legal under Sharia but banned under the British law, is already widespread amongst British Muslims.

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The Muslim Brotherhood, which is the springboard of militant al-Qaeda movement, was influenced by and had allied with the fascists of Europe in the Second World War era...

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