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It is sometimes said that female genital mutilation (FGM), widely practised by Muslims, has nothing to do with Islam, and that it is a custom which predates Islam. While FGM certainly is a custom that does predate at least Christianity and Islam, and possibly Judaism, it was made a part of one Sunni schools of Sharia law – namely the Shafi'i School. FGM is, thus, very much a part of Islam, because the Shafi'i is the dominant school of Sharia in a number of mostly Muslim countries, and is the second most popular Sunni school overall after the Hanafi.

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Chapter 4, verse 34 of the Koran reveals that Mohammed believed that husbands should be in charge of women, and should hit them if they refuse to do as told by their husbands.

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Probably not... So long extremist Islamic groups target infidels exclusively, there will still be support for those groups amongst majority of Muslims.

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Criticizing critics -- who satirize or criticize Islamists, the man who founded their religion, and Islam itself -- is as bad as criticizing people, who satirize or criticize fascism and communism, both responsible for tens of millions of human deaths.

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The Dutch animal protection party, Party for the Animals, introduced a bill into the Dutch Parliament in June, which will ban halal slaughter, a cornerstone of Sharia law. This Islamic ritual involves slaughtering animals by slowly slitting their throats without pre-stunning, and then letting them slowly bleed to death. The bill will also ban kosher slaughter, which uses the same, extremely cruel, way of killing animals.

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