Let "Freedomphobia" be the counter-word of "Islamophobia" in our struggle against Islamists to preserve our freedom....

freedomphobia to fight for freedom

I have coined the word "Freedomphobia" (adj) to mean the following: 1) A fear of all forms of freedom; 2) An extreme fear of a free society or civilization; derive. Freedomphobiac (n), A group or culture that rejects freedom of choice, free speech, freethinking and most of all freewill.

Aspiration for freedom is integral to human instincts and fundamental to living a fruitful and happy life. So, I feel that it is time for all freedom-loving people of worldwide to stand up for their rights, and push back those, who want to take freedom away from us. It is not enough to just say we believe in freedom and it’s our right, but it’s also time to band together and push back the enemies of freedom. It’s time to start using this word to label the opponents of freedom, and drive the point back to those, who seek to destroy our very existence.

It is important psychology to feel good about ourselves and our overall well being. We cannot let Islamists to continue bashing us with their mind-game and irrational and hateful labels such as "Islamophobia", which they have coined to mean a hatred or fear of Muslims – a fear of Muslim culture. This word has been around since the 1980s, but has been used extensively after the 9-11 terror attacks against critics of the Islamic religion. Islamists use this word to bash us relentlessly anytime someone speaks up about Islamic irrationality or Muslim excesses or violence. It is their “defence word” to shield the weaknesses or atrocious aspects of Islam as well as to shield their hideous crimes. “Islamophobia” has become their “oppressed victim” or “oppressed race” card to make us feel guilty and ashamed of ourselves in order to force us to turn a blind eye to irrational beliefs and hideous actions.

This psychological “war of words” of Muslims must be turned around. There comes in the word “Freedomphobia”, because it smacks them right back in their face. What is the one thing that evil hates most? Being exposed for what it does to others. A lot of people already know that when Islamists in the past took over a country, they destroyed the churches, religions, culture, and, most of all, the people. I cannot think of any other religion or culture that does this in modern times. What is the great fear of these people that they need to destroy every religion, culture and freedoms that people have and enjoy around the world? This act of destruction on such a grand scale has to be met with and confronted head on. The Freedomphobiacs act as if they have narrow minds of the ancient Troglodytes. If they don't like, understand, or know new concepts, they destroy them. This is the act of Freedomphobiacs worldwide. So, let us not back down or sit back as our freedom and way of life face assaults from Islamic extremists and start fighting back with our heart-n-soul, and, most importantly, our mind.

Ancient Chinese general Sun Tzu wrote: "Know your enemy, know yourself and you can fight a hundred battles without disaster…" So, there are three things that we all can do to start knowing our enemy, and they are: 1) READ, 2) READ, & 3) READ – read about their religion, their history. The more we know about them the harder it will become for them to fool us and take away our freedom. Remember that most Freedomphobiacs are uneducated, and depend on their Imams and mullahs to tell them what the Quran says. So let us remember this new word “Freedomphobia”, which, I hope, will become part of the English language. Let us spread it far and wide. The dictionaries have to hear a word twenty five times in usage or conversations for it to be added to the English language. I hope to write more on the Freedomphobiacs in the future in order to keep this word alive and moving around the world. Let’s hope this word will contribute to our struggle for preserving our freedom, under attack from people of the Islamic faith and culture.

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