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Trailer of "Innocence of Islamic Jihad"

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“The Innocence of Islamic Jihad”

The upcoming movie by Imran Firasat


Bombings at a Marathon event in Boston that killed 3 and injured hundreds!

A failed Al-Qaeda linked terror plot to blow up trains in Toronto, Canada!

Two Al-Qaeda Jihadists caught in Spain!

A British soldier publicly butchered by Jihadists with meat cleavers on a London street!

A French soldier attacked with a knife in Paris!

A Spanish politician’s security guard attacked by a Muslim chanting “Allah hu Akbar”!

All this happened in the western world during last 2 months. Islamic Jihadists remain relentless and are intensifying their mission to destroy peace in the world. If they won’t relent from Jihadi violence, what they believe is their sacred religious mission to subjugate the world to Islamic domination, then it is perfectly justified for us to investigate the source of their motivation and analyze the rights and wrongs of their mission. It is not only our constitutionally protected free speech right, but also the only way to cure the Jihadi menace that terrorizes the world today—East and West, North and South.

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The Spanish government approves Imran Firasat’s extradition to Indonesia.

It seems all set that I will suffer death or severe punishment for exposing the truth about Islam. And it is not fanatic Muslims coming to get me and claim my life, say, like the murder of a British soldier on a London street on 23 May 2013. Instead, the stage for my sufferance of death or severe punishment for criticizing Islam has been set by the Spanish government’s Ministry of Interior, which has decided to extradite me to Indonesia for serving punishment for alleged murder charges.

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Hello friends! You may be aware that the Spanish government had revoked my refugee status a few months ago for producing a movie on Prophet Muhammad’s life.

To continue my persecution, Muslims in Spain launched criminal law suits against me accusing me of hate crime for hurting their religious sentiments. And the court readily initiated my prosecution. There was a huge pressure on me to leave Spain or to be prepared for deportation or detention. But I decided to stay here and fight for my right to freedom of expression through legal means.

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While I am writing this letter today, I don’t know how to describe my feelings. I do not know if I am sad, afraid, surprised, shocked or confused.

As you all know that because of producing a movie, “The Innocent Prophet”, on what I thought was the reality of Prophet Muhammad’s life, I was deemed a threat to the national security of Spain. As a result, the Spanish government revoked my refugee status, and currently I am on the risk of being deported to an Islamic country, where I will definitely be killed for blaspheming Islam and Prophet Muhammad.

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