Imran Firasat

imran-firasatYou may be familiar with my recent situation and the persecution that I am facing from the Spanish authorities over my movie on Muhammad’s life, "The Innocent Prophet". I made the movie with the sole intention of showing what I believe is the truth about Muhammad. My hope was that Muslims will watch this movie and understand Muhammad for who he truly was. And I will continue my efforts to expose the darker side of Islam and Muhammad that are a mortal threat to this world which we are already experiencing. Neither threats from Muslims nor persecution from western authorities will deter me.

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Slight delay, but certainly coming...

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Once again black smoke in the sky (from burning U.S. embassies), another episode of loss of innocent human lives, and destruction of world peace. Caused by who? No doubt, and unsurprisingly, by Muslims.

A movie trailer was uploaded on Youtube from the U.S., which showed how Muhammad falsely created his religion, Islam, how he used to kill people in the name of his made-up God, and how he lusted for women and sex.

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There are way too many reason to nullify Muhammad's claim of being a prophet of God. Here are 10 reasons:

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Wherever terrorist attacks happens in the West -- Asia, Europe, America, Australia, or Africa -- all are linked to Pakistan in one way or another...

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